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The soundtrack to Honeymoon with My Mother (Amor de Madre), a 2022 movie music , tracklist, listen to all of the 28 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 28 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 21 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. We Belong – Pat Benatar
[0:01′] Teresa prepares for the wedding; a man looks at the photos on his phone and decides to turn the car around and speeds so he can stop the wedding on time.
[1:34’] Jose Luis goes in search of her mother and he steals the golf cart.
2. El Venao – Pablito
[0:03′] After Teresa leaves Jose Luis at the altar.
3. Pavo Real – Jose Luis Rodriguez
[0:13′] Jose Luis arrives at the airport with his mother; on the plane, he sees Theresa’s face on every woman he looks at.
[1:40’] Jose Luis hugs his mother and they start dancing at the wedding ceremony after Armando leaves the island.
4. Still Got The Blues – Gary Moore
[0:19′] The hotel staff plays this song and throws rose petals around for the „couple”.
Repeats when Jose Luiz opens the door and sees the ocean.

[0:45’] The woman who works at reception asks Jose Luis if he wants a massage and he vomits on her.
[1:39’] Armando tries to convince the reception lady to run away with him.
5. Kaspake – Denis Claude Gaspard
[0:22′] When Mari Carmen goes to the bar to ask for a glass of sangria and meets Armando.
6. Banana Aka Papaya – Anouchka Massoudy, Fanio Guillaume, Jason Lily, Jean Ludovic Dusalanga, Joanna Gentil

7. Rumbera – Systema Solar
[0:27′] Mari Carmen and Jose Luis ride the quat along with the other couples.
Continues when Mari Carmen sprays Jose Luis for mosquitos before they continue the journey.

8. Madre Tierra (Oye) – Chayanne
[0:34′] The competition for the couples begins and Jose Luis wins the prize with his mother.
9. Mone Zeter – Denis Claude Gaspard
10. Dhobi de Classe – Denis Claude Gaspard
[0:47′] Mari Carmen gets high and dances at the party with Armando.
11. Carnavalera – Bomba Estereo & Systema Solar
[0:51′] The next morning, Jose Luis wakes up and doesn’t find his mother in their suite.
[1:43’] Jose Luis sees the painting with his mother’s face on it.
End credits

12. Yo Voy Ganao – Systema Solar
[0:53′] Jose Luis buys a new hat and goes to the market with his mother.
Repeats when they get arrested for buying drugs.

13. Crash (The ‚95 Mix) – The Primitives
[1:01′] After Sara helps them get out of prison, she takes them on a boat trip.
Repeats when Jose Luis gets to the shore and faints after he gets stung by a jellyfish; later Jose Luis goes to a dance class with his mother.

14. To My Love (Tainy Remix) – Bomba Estero
[1:10′] When Jose Luis and Sara go on a trip together.
Repeats when Jose Luis and Sara swim together.

[1:31’] After Jose Luis tells Sara the truth and they kiss.
15. Chaken So Gout – Denis Claude Gaspard
[1:28′] Jose Luis goes to the beach to look for Sara so he can apologize to her.
16. Mauritius Welcomes You – Denis Claude Gaspard
Second end credits song
17. Batchiara – Denis Claude Gaspard
18. Bol Renverser – Denis Claude Gaspard
19.Coconout Romance – Douieb Mercier, Gilles Douieb, Jacques Leon Mercier
20. Everybody – Denis Claude Gaspard
21. Maladie d’Amour – Anouchka Massoudy, Fanio Guillaume, Jason Lily, Jean Ludovic Dusalanga, Joanna Gentil
22. Matelassier – Denis Claude Gaspard
23. Mamzel Manon – Denis Claude Gaspard
24. Medley Ramanisum – Alain Ramanisum
25. Mellow Mood – Cyril John Payne
26. Pour The Bubbly – Matthew Mc K. Wilcox
27. Bhakti Yog – Dirk Campbell
28. Compo Alegre – Baxter Poe, Stan Hope, Thomas Michael Hirschmann

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Honeymoon with My Mother  Film information
Honeymoon with My Mother Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Comedy
Release date (wide): 29 April 2022
Runtime: 1h 50m

IMDB: Honeymoon with My Mother

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