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The soundtrack from How I Fell in Love with a Gangster (Jak pokochalam gangstera), a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all the 48 full soundtrack songs, play 14 full OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 33 additional tunes playlist, score, and credits used in the movie. Read 36 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits – Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie.
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1. Autoportret Witkacego – Przemyslaw Gintrowski
[1:35′] After Nikos receives a visit from his brother in prison, he tries to commit suicide by cutting his veins. He has to see a psychiatrist.
2. Hurt – Zaloga G
[39′] Nikos and Marek are transporting tools and get stopped by the police at the german border. The song continues as their new business with stolen cars is starting.
3. One of These Mornings – Moby
[2:57′] The woman telling Nikos’s story finds his money hidden in the wall behind a painting.
4. Tonight – David Bowie, Tina Turner
[9′] After Inkblot breaks up with his girlfriend, Nikos loses his virginity to her on a beach.
5. Summer in the City- The Lovin’ Spoonful
[35′] Nikos and Halina opened a casino. He tells the captain he has to steal more money.
6. Far Far Away – Slade
[1:42′] Nikos loses weight to look like his brother and escapes prison. His friends are reading about him in the newspaper.
7. Golden Brown – The Strangers
[1:01′] Nikos and Marek try to figure out a way to move the newly stolen car so the police won’t catch them.
8. Iron Sky – Paulo Nutini
[2:41′] Nikos is in the bathroom doing drugs. The song continues as he tells Milena that his sister, mother, and brother died six years apart and now is his turn.
9. Una Bluna – Rampue
[47′] Nikos buys a soccer club and the team Lechia Gdansk.
[53′] Nikos is winning a fortune from the stolen cars business but invests a lot in the soccer club.
10. Big in Japan – Anne Brun
[0′] Milena commits suicide in the bathtub.
[2:55′] Karl comes to Milena’s house and breaks the floor searching for Nikos’s money. She tells him Nikos won’t return.
11. Big in Japan – Guano Apes
[18′] Nikos is meeting his first wife for the first time in a club. The song continues as a lunch scene with her parents is shown.
[31′] Nikos is in a club dancing with women and talking to his brother. He meets Halina.
12. Roads – Portishead
[45′] Halina tells Nikos she wants a divorce.
13.When the Smoke Is Going Down – Scorpions
[2:11′] While Nikos is trying to cut off his handcuffs, the police trace him back to his house. He spends two years in prison.
14. Urur – Wardruna
[2:27′] Nikos is playing poker while the police are interrogating Milena. Silvio is shot and killed.
15. Odal – Wardruna
[2:05′] Silvio is trying to persuade Nikos to sell drugs or alcohol.
[2:10′] Police find Nikos in a flower shop and arrest him but he escapes.
16. Ae Oh Aa Zara Mudke – Kishoe Kumar
[23′] Nikos forms a gang and sells his first stolen car.
17. Gyonngyhaju Lany – Omega
[15′] Nikos is traveling by bus to Budapest.
18. Never Believe You – Mavado
[1:26′] Nikos is being chased in his car by the police.
[2:15′] Nikos agrees to meet his daughter’s teacher. His visit to the school creates a fuss.
19. I Release Control – Alexa Sunshine Rose
[1:29′] Nikos has been arrested and he is sitting in the interrogation room. Karl doesn’t let him speak polish so he loses control and breaks the table.
20. Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival
[3′] Nikos’s childhood is presented.
21. Mere Gurudev – Krishna Das
[19′] Nikos’s wife dies.
22. Amore Impossibile – Marco Prati
23. Ostatni Raz – Ania Karwan, Kasta
24. Voglio L’Estate – Marco Prati
25. God Damn Better – The Dirty Diary
[12′] Nikos gets his first job from Inkblock.
26.Jezioro Szczescia – Bajm
[24′] Nikos meets Milena on the street for the first time and they have sex at his place.
[27′] Nikos tells Milena to quit smoking.
27. The La La Song – Jim Blake
[25′] Nikos is telling Milena a story about the time Marek went to a girl’s place and couldn’t get out of the room to go to the toilet so he used a mat and blamed a stuffed animal for it.
28. Razzle Dazzle – The Diamantinos
[30′] Before Milena and Nikos have a fight about him cheating on her.
29. Ride on Santa – Dave Antrell
[1:05′] Nikos dresses as Santa Claus for his children and gives them presents. The song continues as he meets Halina’s boyfriend.
30. Lakme, Act I: The Flower Duet – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
[1:07′] While Nikos is celebrating Christmas with his family, Karl eats alone.
31. Jesus Freak – The Other Way
[1:19′] Silvio introduces Nikos to Magdalena and Katarzyna. He receives a phone call and learns that Teresa has died.
32. Wax Lyrical – Rupert Pope
[1:48′] Nikos watches Milena perform ballet on a stage. One month later their daughter Martha is born.
33. Mro Ito (Second Variation) – Michal Lorenc
[1:58′] Nikos finds out his brother, mother, and first mother-in-law died in a car accident.

How I Fell in Love with a Gangster official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 12 January 2022
Original music composed by Matheo
1. Halina – Matheo, Grzech Piotrowski 2:55
2. Zrozumiałeś co powiedział – Matheo 1:39
3. Suita Nikosia – Aleksander Milwiw-Baron 3:11
4. Ty żółw, ja tygrys – Matheo 1:49
5. Interesy z Panem to przyjemność – Matheo, Grzech Piotrowski 1:49
6. Między młotem a kowadłem – Matheo, Grzech Piotrowski 4:28
7. 5 minute – Matheo, Aleksander Milwiw-Baron 2:04
8. Jak tylko będę chciał – Matheo, Grzech Piotrowski 3:43
9. Król bez królestwa – Matheo, Grzech Piotrowski, Marcin Bors 4:40
10. Dobrze powiedziane – Matheo 1:04
11. Piątek 13-ego – Matheo 1:57
12. Tracę blask – Matheo 3:28
13. Gdzie jest Nikoś – Matheo, Kamil Rogiński 3:16
14. Wrong Signs – Matheo, Shimz, Kasia Popowska
[1:52′] Nikos is trying drugs for the first time.
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How I Fell in Love with a Gangster Film information
Movie Genre: Crime,Drama
Release date (wide): 12 January 2022
Runtime: 2h 59m
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Trailer song (full track)
Wax Lyrical - Rupert Pope

Category: Crime Movie Soundtracks, Drama Movie Soundtracks

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  1. Dear Friends,
    The Song you are looking for is Polish! “JEZIORO SZCZESCIA” by ‘BAJM’….

    Your Welcome & Enjoy! I know how annoying it is when you just cannot find a song you love!

  2. I’ve been trying to find this song ever since the movie came out.

    The scene is where Nikos has first tried the drugs and a Lo-Fi music starts playing during the scene.

    The exact timeframe of this scene is 1:52:32.

    Ive found out some of the lyrics of the song which might help

    ” I traveled for so long to find my home”
    ” I drove away but, all the sings were wrong ”

    Hope someone can help!

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