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1. Dooms Night – Azzido Da Bass
Intro song
[0:57′] Cappo decides to still get ready for the New Year party.
2. Cheque One Two – Sunship
[0:01′] Opening scene /A guy gets ready and empowers himself for his job.
3. Pistolwhip – Instinct
[0:03′] Cappo and Two meet at work.
4. Scrappy – Wookie
[0:04′] Two tries to explain Cappo why studies are not so important since their band took off.
5. My Desire – Amira
[0:05′] Two sees a girl he really likes. She comes to say hy to him and Cappo.
[0:53′] Two gets emotional and doesn’t manage to tell Sophie the truth about the New Years’ party.
6. Destiny – Dem 2
[0:09′] The three boys reunite in Cappo’s car.
7. International Bright Young Thing – Jesus Jones
[0:11′] Two realizes they have to get into tonight’s new year party, where everyone is going to be.
8. Summer Of Love – Lonyo
[0:15′] The other guys make Two go into his ex’s store. Kelly is upset with him, because he lied to her, telling her he is in a comma.
9. I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys) – Cast
[0:17′] Two recites lyrics from a popular song to Kelly, hoping she doesn’t know the song and he might fool her.
10. Try Me Out [Let Me Lick It] – Sunship feat. Anita Kelsey
[0:23′] Two tells the story of how he used to go clubbing in London.
11. Oh No – So Solid Crew
[0:24′] Two remembers how he lit someone’s jacket on fire and ruined his reputation.
12. Deep Inside – Hardrive
[0:28′] Two got punched in the face to pay for burning a singer’s jacket. The three boys hang out in the car.
13. Hyperfunk – Antonio
[0:32′] The guys plan their and Sophie’s entrance at the party. They try on new, cooler clothes.
14. Hyper! (Hype The Funk) – Reach & Spin & Specialist Moss
[0:33′] The guys make a plan to steal from a store and follow it.
15. Booo! – Simply Red
[0:34′] The boys celebrate: they got tickets and clothes for the party.
16. There’s Nothing Like This – Omar
[0:48′] Two and Cappo get in a fight. Kidd tries to reconcile their friendship.
17. Stars – Simply Red
[0:49′] Fighting, Two and Cappo break Cappo’s car radio, leaving them listening to this song. Two gets his things and leaves.
18. A Little Bit Of Luck – Dj Luck & Mc Neat
[0:50′] Two leaves the car and goes to a bus station. He starts talking to himself.
[0:55′] Two was still in the bus station when Cappo tries to call him to make things right.
19. Battle – Wookie & Lain
[1:03′] Cappo and Kidd manage to get their tickets back. They have fun on their way to the party.
20. Little Man – Sia
[1:05′] Two manages to infiltrate at the party. He gets through the people and starts partying.
21. 138 Trek – Dj Zinc
[1:06′] Two stops partying and starts thinking about his whole day, especially about Sophie.
22. Sorry (I Didn’t Know) – Cast
[1:13′] Two finds Sophie at midnight. He explains to her the whole situation and apologizes to her. Kidd and Cappo sing this song.
23. Gabriel – Peven Everett
[1:15′] Kidd, Two, Cappo, and Sophie spend their New Year together.
End credits

24. 1999 – Groove Chronicles
25. A London Thing – Scott Garcia

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Pirates Film information
Movie Genre: Comedy
Release date (wide): 11 March 2022
Runtime: 1h 20m

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Battle - Wookie & Lain

Category: Comedy Movie Soundtracks

IMDB: Pirates

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