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100 Foot Wave Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  40  | Scene descriptions: 41 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 21 May 2023
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The soundtrack to 100 Foot Wave Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 HBO Max TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Epsilon’ (S02E01)

16 April 2023
12 songs

1. playRepetition – Max Cooper
[0:01’] Starting song. Tony tells how he started surfing.
2. Mad Rush – Lisa Moore
[0:03’] Intro song.
3. The Civil Wars – Interlude No. 2 – Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra & Dennis Russell Davies
[0:09’] Cotty returns to Nazare for the surf season.
4. String Quartet No. 5:II. – Dublin Guitar Quartet
[0:11’] Tony tells at what age he started surfing.
5. String Quartet No. 3 „Mishima”: VI. Mishima, Closing – Dublin Guitar Quartet
[0:13’] Justine tells about how she met Fred.
6. Itaipu: to the Sea – Grant Gershon & Los Angeles Master Chorale
[0:16’] The TV news broadcasts information about Hurricane Epsilon.
7. Orion: I. Australia – Michael Riesman & The Philip Glass Ensemble
[0:31’] It is the morning of the swell.
8. playRunaway Horses ( „Poetry Written with a Splash of Blood”) – Kronos Quartet
[0:33’] Lucas is in the water and catches a huge wave.
9. Persephone: I. Family – Dennis Russell Davies, Relache Ensemble & Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
[0:39’] Kai catches a huge wave that throws him off the board.
10. Aguas da Amazonia:II. Japura River – Kristjan Jarvi, Charles Coleman, MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra & Absolute Ensemble
[0:45’] Garrett puts Justine on a huge wave.
11. Symphony No. 7 „Toltec”: III. „The Blue Deer” – Bruckner Orchester Linz & Dennis Russel Davies
[0:48′] Tony catches the biggest wave of his life.
12. playKnee Play 1 (From Einstein On the Beach) [feat. The Philip Gass Ensemble] – Philip Gass
[0:51’] End credits.

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘The Circus Is Burning’ (S02E02)

23 April 2023
2 songs

1. playThe Sighting – The Philip Glass Ensemble
[0:03’] Starting song.
2. playGlassworks: II. Floe – Signal
[0:46’] The squad is waiting for the big wave to show up in Nazare.

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘Jaws’ (S02E03)

30 April 2023
9 songs Piano Concerto No. 2, After Lewis and Clark: lll. The Land – Northwest Chamber Orchestra Seattle, Paul Barnes & Ralf Gothoni
[0:03’] Justine is put in an ambulance after a severe surfing accident.
[0:12’] Garrettt commends Justine for having surfed 12 days in a row, 6 hours every day . Three Songs: Piere de Soleil (Octavio Paz) – Grant Gershon & Los Angeles Master Chorale
[0:05’] Big waves are crashing onto a beach rock in Nazaré, Portugal. Secret Agent Ending – English Chamber Orchestra
[0:07’] Justine is happy her Covid-19 test is negative, so she can travel to Mavericks.
4.The Interview – Philip Glass
[0:10’] Many people are gathered to watch one of the biggest swells in California in decades.
5. Ossipon is Tempted – English Chamber Orchestra
[0:20’] C.J. and Garrett are on a jetski and are training. Aguas de Amazonia: 9 – Philip Glass
[0:26’] Garrett is shown riding Jaws in 2002. Jaws is a big wave surfing break in Hawaii.
[0:46’] Justine is shown surfing. November 25: Morning- Kronos Quarter
[0:32’] Garrett and the surfers meet on the beach and greet one another. Osamu’s Theme: Kyoko’s House – Kronos Quartet
[0:34’] C.J. and other surfers are out at the sea on boats. He is disheartened he cannot find his board.
[0:37’] Garrett says that C.J. did amazing and the latter is happy to have surfed.
9. The Light That Failed – Michael Riesman
[0:38’] Man is towed onto the wave and says that he is inflated with adrenaline.

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Partners’ (S02E04)

7 May 2023
2 songs

1. Symphony No. 5: I. Before the Creation – Denyce Graves, Michael Schade, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
[0:34′] The contestants are preparing for the big wave surfing competition.
2. Symphony No. 7 ‘’Toltec’’: II. ‘’The Hikuri’’ (Sacred Root) – Bruckner Orchestra Linz
[0:39′] Kai Lenny is doing his signature moves while on the wave.

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘Lost At Sea’ (S02E05)

14 May 2023
8 songs

1. play Piano Concerto No. 2, After Lewis and Clark: III. The Land – Northwest Chamber Orchestra Seattle, Paul Barnes & Ralf Gothoni
[0:1’] Intro song.
2. play Going Up The Country – Canned Heat
[0:4’] Tony and his friends go on a road trip to Madeira.
3. play Nazare – Pedro Paulo
[0:9’] CJ is sitting on a long chair, smoking.
4. In the Upper Room Dance VI – Philip Glass & Michael Riesman
[0:11’] Alemao is driving Cotty and then CJ in the water on a jet ski.
5. play Aguas da Amazonia: IX. Amazon River – Philip Glass
[0:27’] After Alemao says CJ may have a lot of things stuck in his head. They show CJ surfing.
6. play Aguas da Amazonia: X. Metamorphosis – Philip Glass
[0:33’] CJ is preparing to go surfing and Garrett asks him if he wants Alemao to drive him. CJ wants Garrett to do it.
7. play Aguas da Amazonia: VI. Tapajos River – Philip Glass
[0:38’] Tony and his father are in the water. Tony says this time he wants to risk more.
8. play Symphony No. 2: II – Dennis Russell Davies & Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra
[0:41’] Lucas offered to drive Justine. She gets on a big wave and falls down.

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘Force Majeure’ (S02E06)

21 May 2023
5 songs

1. play Invitation – Michael Riesman
[0:14’] Tony is happy to take part in his first contest.
2. play String Quarter No.5:IV – Dublin Guitar Quartet
[0:19’] Cotty wants to ride a swell in Mullaghmore, Ireland.
3. play In The Upper Room: Dance IX – Philip Glass & Michael Riesman
[0:41’] Tony wins the contest. His father is very proud.
4. play This Magic Moment – Lou Reed
[0:44’] Garrett’s son Barrel is surfing.
5. play Fourth Series, Part IV (Mad Rush) – Philip Glass
[0:48’] End credits song.

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100 Foot Wave Season 2  TV information
100 Foot Wave Season 2 Soundtrack
Production: Amplify Pictures, Library Films, Topic Studios
Distributor: HBO Max
Director: Chris Smith
Stars: Garrett McNamara, Nicole McNamara, Andrew Cotton

IMDB: 100 Foot Wave

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