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Elite Season 6 Soundtrack

Songs:  78  | Scene descriptions: 77 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 18 November 2022

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The soundtrack to Elite Season 6 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 Netflix TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Season 6 • Episode 1: ‘Anxiety’ (S06E01)

18 November 2022
14 songs

1. playSun Skin Air – Sun Silva
[0:02′] Transition to the highschool; Virginia welcomes the students in a video played in the hallways.
2. playLike Whoa – Aly & Aj
[0:05′] Mencía scrolls on a social media platform and watches short videos.
3. playMy Friends Are Brutal – Paisley Pink
[0:05′] Mencía scrolls on a social media platform and watches short videos.
4. playTalking Dirty – Bonkers Beat Club
[0:05′] Mencía scrolls on a social media platform and watches short videos.
5. playDeadlines (Thoughtful) – Car Seat Headrest
[0:12′] People start coming to Isadora’s house party.
6. playPush – Alta
[0:13′] The music changes and a robotic voice presents the VIPS.
7. playSynrise – Goose
[0:15′] Isadora makes her appearance at the house party and starts mixing music.
8. play ‘Till The End – The Toxic Avenger
[0:17′] Raul and Mencia chat after Sara leaves to go to sleep.
9. playThe Witness – Âme, KÁRYYN
[0:18′] A montage with people at the party and Isadora mixing.
10. playJackie Junior (Junior Boys Remix) – Sally Shapiro
[0:22′] Patrick and Ivan have an argument after Ivan kissed Isadora.
11. playNaked City – Glass Candy
[0:26′] Raul suggests Mencia should go to Sara’s house and spend the rest of the night there.
12. playYou And I (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix) – Owl Eyes
[0:31′] Isadora walks into the house and has a panic attack.
13. playTolkin Yit – Taichu
[0:36′] Raul and Mencia kiss and get intimate in front of Sara.
14. playPleasant – SebastiAn, Charlotte Gainsbourg
[0:47′] Didac is fired after he refused to flirt back with Isadora.

Season 6 • Episode 2: ‘Selfies’ (S06E02)

18 November 2022
11 songs

1. playFemale Trouble – Paprika Kinski
[0:01′] Nico has some intimate moments with his girlfriend.
2. playHope – Robot Koch, Delhia De France
[0:02′] A montage of Ari getting in the car and hitting a boy.
3. playProfite – Moi Je (Capyac’s Magic Potion Remix)
[0:03′] Sara goes live and complains about people like Isadora, who fake incidents for attention.
4. playPop Panic – Lex Junior (feat. Just John)
[0:05′] A montage of students playing football and scoring.
5. playI Don’t Really Like It – Panic Shack
[0:06′] Raul and Sara talk while being live on a social media app.
6. playTabú, Tabú – Sola
[0:10′] Ari and Nico go out on a date at a fancy club.
7. playTen Girls – Circe
[0:21′] Hugo and Didac arrive at Isadora’s house but Bilal wants them to leave.
8. playLove In Motion – Sebastian (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
[0:21′] After reading all the hate messages, Isadora sees Didac inside her house.
9. playDios Mio – Pia Paez, Blk Deco
[0:26′] Ari takes Nico in a suite she rented where they start kissing.
10. playFloating – Lealani
[0:28′] Nico leaves angrily after Ari had some awkward moments with him.
11. playSmalltown Boy – Bronski Beat
[0:39′] Cruz admits in front of the press that he is homosexual.

Season 6 • Episode 3: ‘Naked’ (S06E03)

18 November 2022
12 songs

1. playMulher Homem Bicho – Ana Frango Electrico
[0:13′] Patrick and Ivan swim and kiss in the pool.
2. playGet Up – Custom Model
[0:18′] Isadora lies in bed and surfs the internet on her phone when her friends visit her.
3. playClub Level – 79.5
[0:19′] Isadora smokes some weed with her friends.
4. playSpace Girl – Orión
[0:21′] Ari and Bilal drink and chat.
5. playMicrominiature Love – Damaged Bug
[0:24′] Patrick, Ivan, and Cruz drink and talk at Isadora’s club.
6. playBe Bold – Le Bon
[0:22′] Isadora lies in bed and talks about her anxiety in the last few days.
7. playBe With You – Minitel Rose
[0:28′] Isadora and her friends strip in their underwear to help Isadora regain her confidence.
8. play0594 Help – Haich Ber Na
[0:31′] Ari goes after Nico and talks with him.
9. playMystère (Misterio) – Ojos
[0:34′] Bilal cleans glasses and Ari enters the room and they start kissing.
10. playCloser (Doeld Remix) – Scratch Massive & Chloe (Thevenin)
[0:37′] Isadora decides to tell the truth regarding the boys that raped her.
11. playThrow It Down – Dominique Young Unique
[0:38′] Ivan starts fighting with Hugo and the bouncers take them outside.
12. playTake My Pain Away – Moullinex
[0:39′] Isadora, Rocio, and Mencia look for Ari and find her with Bilal.

Season 6 • Episode 4: ‘War’ (S06E04)

18 November 2022
6 songs

1. playNull – Operator Music Band
[0:06′] The video of Javi admitting to the rape goes viral and everyone in the school sees it.
2. playKith – Hilary Woods
[0:33′] Sara explains to Mencia her situation with Raul.
3. playDance and Hunt – Soledad Vélez
[0:39′] Ivan and Patrick go to Isadora’s club to drink and dance.
4. play27/7 – Sam Interface, Zed Bias, Fox
[0:40′] Ivan drinks a lot and Isadora asks him to leave.
5. playSong to the Siren – Amen Dunes
[0:45′] Raul arrives home and finds empty bottles of beer on the table but also doesn’t find Sara home.
6. playEstrellica – Maestro Escapada
[0:50′] Ivan finds his dead beaten to death in front of his house.

Season 6 • Episode 5: ‘Mourning’ (S06E05)

18 November 2022
13 songs

1. play 1982 – Vimala
Opening song / Starting song.
2. play Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki – Make the Girl Dance
[0:07’] The girls are on their way to class while talking about Ivan.
3. play Tomboy (20syl Remix) – Inuit
[0:09’] The principal asks Patrick if he knows anything about Ivan skipping school.
4. play Samt Und Stein – Velvet Condom
[0:11’] The guys are talking about Isadora’s behavior of superiority.
5. play Como un Dragon – Rita Indiana
[0:13’] Patrick confronts Isa about the fact that she didn’t go to see Ivan.
6. play Damelove – Girl Ultra feat. Cuco
[0:18’] Nico is trying to have sex with his girlfriend Sonia in a hotel room but fails.
7. play Half Alive – Amber Run
[0:25’] Ivan finally returns to school after his break.
8. play Dmgm – Slove
[0:36’] Isadora arrives at Ivan’s house trying to make amends and apologize for not being there for him.
9. play Heaven’s Nail and Hammer – M. Ward
[0:39’] Bilal tells Rocio that she’s not his type after hearing that she likes him.
10. play Volta – O Terno
[0:44’] Everyone is touched after Ivan’s speech at his father’s memorial.
11. play Butoh baby – Oliver Coates
[0:45’] Patrick gives Ari the address where Samuel is buried.
12. play Foolius Caesar – King Hannah
[0:48’] Ivan and Ari have sex.
13. play You Are the One – Adanowsky & Adan Jodorowsky
[0:53’] Nico apologizes to Sonia as he goes to comfort Ari.

Season 6 • Episode 6: ‘Tina’ (S06E06)

18 November 2022
12 songs

1. play Vanishing Act – The Serfs
[0:07’] Ivan has a breakdown and decides to do some drugs and get drunk.
2. play Greenarp – Maria Chiara Argiro
[0:11’] Ari is telling her friend about the fact that she’s not ready to see Samuel’s grave.
3. play 1987 – Ticon
[0:18’] Isadora gives her friends a first round of shots in the house.
4. play I Hid in Him – VOX
[0:22’] Sara offers to buy Mencia a drink to sort things out.
5. play Best Life – KOYOTIE
[0:23’] Mencia takes her dad’s car for a test drive with Sara.
6. play Trancesizer – EBONY
[0:24’] Patrick arrives at a gay house.
7. play Bananat – Akkan
[0:28’] Rocio is trying to hang out with Bilal’s friends but the vibes don’t match.
8. play Trancesizer (Franz Scala Remix) – EBONY
[0:30’] Patrick tries to kiss Ivan but he pushes him away.
9. play Lightblood – Alex Serra
[0:33’] Ari and Nico have sex.
10. play Give It Up – MOTHERMARY
[0:38’] Bilal and Rocio have sex in the pool.
11. play Jet In Jungle – Damaged Bug
[0:45’] End credits song.
12. play Inmortal – Choley

Season 6 • Episode 7: ‘Masks’ (S06E07)

18 November 2022
15 songs

1. play Cntrl Us – FATA BOOM
[0:02’] Ari turns on the music in her car as she announces to the girls it’s party time.
2. play Solferino – The Blisters Boyz
[0:04’] Ari starts crying in the club’s bathroom after taking her mask down.
3. play Orion – Arty Cooper
[0:07’] Patrick and Ivan stare at each other on the dance floor.
4. play Beginning – LA Priest
[0:10’] Sonia sees a positive pregnancy test thrown out in the bathroom after Ari gets out.
5. play Into the Night – Jagara
[0:13’] Raul arrives at the club looking for Sara.
6. play More – Jan Blomqvist
[0:15’] Raul finds a way to sneak into the club without permission.
7. play Carried by Invisibile Bodies – Lost Girls, Jenny Hval & Havard Volden
[0:17’] After Raul sees Sara and Mencia kiss.
8. play Losing Something – Lost Girls, Jenny Hval & Havard Volden
[0:19’] Isadora is spying on her mom while she’s talking with a boy.
9. play La Perla – Sofia Kourtesis
[0:20’] Ivan joins Patrick at the club after snorting a line of coke in the bathroom.
10. play Faceless – Obsimo
[0:21’] Ivan tells Ari that he doesn’t want to talk to her.
11. play All In Place – BLOODMOON
[0:24’] Mencia asks Sara if she’s ok while kissing her.
12. play Who We Are – You Man
[0:27’] Mencia starts feeling dizzy after Raul put a pill in her drink.
13. play Arena – SUUNS
[0:33’] Patrick leaves the club after arguing with Ivan.
14. play Baby Baby Baby – Make the Girl Dance
[0:35’] Rocio is trying to stop Ari from leaving with her car after drinking.
15. play Hard Billy – Leonie Pernet
[0:37’] Rocio asks Mencia if she’s feeling ok after seeing her lying down on the couch.

Season 6 • Episode 8: ‘Separation’ (S06E08)

18 November 2022
6 songs

1. play Until We’re Done – Jonathan Bree
[0:20’] Isadora is working her shift at her parents’ club.
2. play Permanent Vacation – Modern Ruin
[0:24’] Alex and his friend are trying to pick up on a drunk girl at the club.
3. play Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes After Sex
[0:39’] Patrick is crying on Ivan’s hospital bed waiting for him to wake up.
4. play Hard Billy – Leonie Pernet
[0:42’] Mencia steals Patrick’s car key from his jacket.
5. play Carry You – Novo Amor
[0:48’] Ivan starts waking up in the hospital room and calls Patrick’s name.
6. play Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
[0:52’] End credits song.

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Elite Season 6  TV information
Production: Zeta Ficción, Netflix, Producciones Zeta
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Directors: Darío Madrona, Carlos Montero, Dani de la Orden
Actors: Itzan Escamilla, Omar Ayuso, Miguel Bernardeau

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