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Elite Season 7 Soundtrack

Songs:  71  | Scene descriptions: 71 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 20 October 2023< Previous Season
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The soundtrack to Elite Season 7 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix series.
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Season 7 • Episode 1: ‘Las Encinas’ (S07E01)

20 October 2023
11 songs

1. play Ferryboat of the Mind – Clinic
[00:01’] Starting song.
2. play Se La Pasa Bien – Faire
[00:06’] As the song plays in the background, Carmen indulges in drinks and engages in playful banter with Jose.
3. play Lugar Seguro 3.0 – Rojuu & Carze
[00:17’] The teenagers order pizza and dance to this song. Isa opens the door and is surprised to see Didac standing there. To her astonishment, she discovers that Nico had invited Didac to her house.
4. play cuídate – Valeria Castro
[00:21’] Ivan listens to a voicemail from Patrick.
5. play Hello Kitty (feat. Leston) – OH!DULCEARI
[00:25’] Chloe arrives at the club.
[00:26’] The teenagers sit at the table in the club and talk about the police.
7. play LENTO – SIMONA & Six Sex
[00:27’] Chloe dances in the club to this song. Chloe tells Eric about the video of her and offers to show it to him.
8. play Swoosh (You Move Too Fast) – Dylan Sitts & Ooyy
[00:32’] Isa’s mother sees Didac sneaking into her daughter’s apartment.
9. play Fear of the Water – SYML
[00:33’] After Isa tells Didac that they can’t be together.
10. play Mcfly – Ca&riel
[00:37’] Eric invites Chloe on a date.
11. play Indigo Skies – Zola Blood
[00:45’] Ivan offers to give Joel a tour of the high school. Omar talks to the high school principal about a paid internship.

Season 7 • Episode 2: ‘Protocol’ (S07E02)

20 October 2023
5 songs

1. play Underneath the Sun – JFDR
[00:03’] Ivan gives a suit to Joel as a gift. Joel tries on the suit in front of Ivan.
2. play The Hills – Sol Oosel
[00:17’] This song plays during the horse race.
3. play Marie Antoinette (feat. Big Freedia) – Boyfriend
[00:30’] Eric comes to the race dressed in an extravagant outfit.
4. play No Cover – Catnapp
[00:36’] After Nico asks Sonia how he can make her feel better.
5. play Fixe – Ora Corgan
[00:41’] Sara and Ivan talk about the accident at the masked ball.

Season 7 • Episode 3: ‘Bling Bling’ (S07E03)

20 October 2023
13 songs

1. play La La La La La – Luwaks
[00:02’] This song plays in the video invitation to Sara’s party.
2. play I Know Now – Meggie Brown
[00:11’] Sonia listens to this song in headphones.
[00:45’] Joel arrives home and apologizes to Omar for arguing earlier.
3. play GREEKo FREAKo – Sophiya
[00:15’] Upon their arrival at the social center, Eric instructs both Nico and Rocio to stow away their phones in a designated box before the commencement of the meeting.
4. play Dirty Diabla – Lapili
[00:20’] Chloe becomes visibly upset upon encountering her mother at Sara’s party.
5. play Rrrrr – Matias Aguayo
[00:23’] Ivan invites Carmen to dance.
6. play One to the Other (Bumblebeez Remix) – Wolf & Cub
[00:25’] Ivan dances with Carmen when Joel arrives at Sara’s party. Isa makes a toast in Sara’s honor.
7. play Un día punk – Juana Molina
[00:29’] People from the social center are fighting the police.
8. play Ride – Johnny Mafia
[00:30’] Eric and Rocio are trying to get out of the social center.
9. play Ghost of Arms (feat. Terr) – Curses
[00:34’] Ivan dances with Joel at Sara’s party.
10. play No Stress – CMD/CtRL
[00:36’] Sonia advises Chloe to stop distracting herself from problems and to start making friends.
11. play BAWDY – Shygirl
[00:39’] Chloe kisses Nico after advising him to take his mind off Sonia.
[00:41’] Omar shows Sonia the messages he receives from an unknown number.
13. Driving – Die With You

Season 7 • Episode 4: ‘Semicolon’ (S07E04)

20 October 2023
10 songs

1. play Alala – CSS
[00:05’] Eric plays this song to Chloe during the soccer game.
2. play Mama Dey Party – BRYTE
[00:16’] After Isa invites Fikile to her club.
3. play Sheesh – Toya Delazy
[00:19’] Isa’s father returns home. After Luena searches for information about judge Catalina.
4. play Sohaa Gb3k3 – Onipa
[00:20’] Eric and Nico arrive at the club. Omar watches Joel’s story.
5. play Gimme Any Riddim (feat. NyNy) – Nan Kole & DJ Tess
[00:23’] Ivan and Chloe discuss about Eric. Eric and Chloe dance to this song in the club.
6. play Polo Muneni – KOKOKO!
[00:25’] After Chloe asks Chloe to kiss her better.
7. play Good One Deh (feat. The Busy Twist) – BRYTE
[00:27’] Ivan goes to comfort Chloe after seeing her coming out of the bathroom crying.
8. play Chamegei – Thornato
[00:30’] After Chloe tells her mother that Ivan wants to move to South Africa.
9. play Traaa – CRRDR
[00:32’] Rocio finds Eric immobilized by a security guard from the club.
10. play Suddenly – Anna Calvi
[00:41’] After Carmen tries to tell Ivan that she is his mother. Dalmar finds Omar unconscious on the floor. End credits.

Season 7 • Episode 5: ‘The Family’ (S07E05)

20 October 2023
6 songs

1. play Too Much to Lose (The Synthwave Version) – Sun Glitters
[00:14’] Sara makes a live video with Raul. Sara sends Raul to buy wine.
2. play So So – Rusowsky
[00:17’] After Chloe arrives at Sara’s home.
3. play I Will Love Again – Bat for Lashes
[00:21’] After Ivan breaks up with Joel.
4. play Serpiente – Valley Latini & Avi Snow
[00:26’] After Isa sees her parents talking to Catalina.
5. play Baby – Caetano Emmanuel Viana Telles Veloso
[00:32’] Ivan plays this song on the guitar.
6. I’m So Bad – Chlobocop
[00:37’] Sara films Raul and Chloe.

Season 7 • Episode 6: ‘At Rock Bottom’ (S07E06)

20 October 2023
14 songs

1. I’m So Bad – Chlobocop
[00:01’] Starting song.
2. play Touch – Brigitte Laverne
[00:11’] Chloe is shopping with her mother.
3. play I’m a Dynamite – Harvio
[00:17’] Eric cooks naked and listens to this song.
4. play Satisfy Your Fantasy – Cinthie
[00:20’] Isa discovers that her friends live in the block that will be evicted at the request of her company.
5. play Work (feat. Dave Giles II, Cor. Ece & Mike Dunn) – Honey Dijon
[00:26’] Nico arrives at Isa’s club. After Carmen tells Ivan to stay away from her.
6. play I Don’t Care – Carnapp
[00:29’] Chloe confesses to Ivan that Carmen is his mother.
7. play NOCHE DE SATEO – Taichu
[00:32’] Chloe kisses several strangers in the club.
[00:33’] Raul and Chloe talk at the club about Sara and the video.
9. play No Veran – Ambar Luna & Aura BAE
[00:36’] Raul starts a live video in which he defends Chloe and talks about his relationship with Sara.
10. play Bwyrn – Fantasyluv
[00:38’] Chloe thanks Raul for defending her.
11. play Go Wild Go Crazy – Fresh Hex
[00:40’] Rocio meets her mother in Isa’s club after she discovers that her mother is taking bribes from Isa’s father.
12. play Trying My Best – GUM
[00:42’] Rocio tells Eric that he is lucky to have a cousin like Nico. Eric kisses Rocio.
13. playOi Mate – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murill, Tom Ford, James Carlo Giorgio Cocozza
14. Tenshun Seekin – Luke Strike, Massive Rusty, Max Power

Season 7 • Episode 7: ‘Just Hug Me’ (S07E07)

20 October 2023
8 songs

1. play Navy – gglum
[00:02’] Starting song. Omar and Joel kiss in the kitchen.
2. play Moon – Public Practice
[00:29’] Eric goes to a party after seeing a story. Eric throws his pills into the fire.
3. play Drive – Gretel Hanlyn
[00:32’] Raul takes a family picture with Chloe and Carmen.
4. play Shit (I’ve Done It Again) (Live In Seattle) – Gaz Coombes
[00:37’] After Dalmar makes Joel believe that Omar is manipulating him.
5. play Bottle Episode – mandy, Indiana
[00:39’] Eric dances to this song at the party. Chloe comes to meet Eric at the party.
6. play K TOWN – LANNDS
[00:43’] Joel talks to Ivan on video.
7. play Baby – Helena Deland
[00:45’] After Joel arrives at Ivan’s house.
8. play Work – Charlotte Day Wilson
[00:51’] After Dalmar advises Omar not to drag Joel down. Ivan offers Carmen money to stay away from him.

Season 7 • Episode 8: ‘I’m Gonna End This Forever’ (S07E08)

20 October 2023
6 songs

1. play Tired and Sick – Otha
[00:10’] Sara sends a message to Raul telling him to follow her.
2. play In a Manner of Speaking – Tuxedomoon
[00:26’] This song plays in the restaurant when Carmen receives the money from Ivan. Sara tells Carmen about Raul’s manipulative nature.
3. play Hazelnut Coffee – SadGirl
[00:28’] Chloe receives a video from Sara in which Raul cheats on her.
4. play Outro – M83
[00:46’] After Nico talks with Eric on the roof of the building. The police arrest Isa’s father and Catalina.
5. play Shake It Out (Acoustic) – Florence + the Machine
[00:53’] After Omar said goodbye to Dalmar and Joel. The police take statements from Carmen and Chloe.
6. playJewels – Bomull
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Elite Season 7 Soundtrack
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