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Endeavour Season 9 Soundtrack

Songs:  21  | Scene descriptions: 10 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 3  |  Last episode: 12 March 2023


The soundtrack to Endeavour Season 9 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Endeavour Season 9 Episode 1
Endeavour Season 9 Episode 2
Endeavour Season 9 Episode 3

Endeavour Season 9 official OST album tracklist

Season 9 • Episode 1: ‘Prelude’ (S09E01)

26 February 2023
1 song

1. play Best Endeavours – Barrington Pheloung
[1:28’] End credits song.

Season 9 • Episode 2: ‘Uniform’ (S09E02)

5 March 2023
2 songs

1. play Begin The Beguine – Artie Shaw
[0:08’] Raph is sleeping with two girls by his side when his roommate wakes him up.
2. play Best Endeavours – Barrington Pheloung
[1:28’] End credits song.

Season 9 • Episode 3: ‘Exeunt’ (S09E03)

12 March 2023
7 songs

1. play Paranoid – Black Sabbath
[0:07’] Sam is sitting at the bar, smoking his cigarette when a man arrives asking for Tomahawk.
2. play Bloodsucker (1995 Remaster) – Deep Purple
[0:29’] The bartender is letting Sam know that the guy from the motorcycle club is back at the table.
3. play Rat Salad (Alternative Mix) – Black Sabbath
[0:30’] Sam is leaving the bar when a guy starts following him outside.
4. play Requiem In D Minor, K. 626: Sequence: III. – Matthias Holle, Ingrid Schmithusen
[1:10’] Inspector Morse is listening to classical music while on his way to church.
5. play Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones
[1:14’] Fred is dancing with his daughter when Morse arrives at the wedding.
6. play The Wonder of You – Elvis Presley
[1:15’] Morse is confessing his feelings for Joan.
7. play Rocket Man – Elton John
[1:17’] The bride and groom are leaving their wedding reception.

Endeavour Season 9 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 24 March 2023
Label: Redrocca
Original music composed by Matthew Slater
1. play Variation 1: I. The Weight of Responsibility
2. play Variation 1: II. Lover’s Dream
3. play Variation 1: III. Homes in the Sky
4. play Variation 1: IV. Becoming Morse
5. play Variation 2: I. The Beginning of the End
6. play Variation 2: II. Mind How You Go
7. play Variation 2: III. Dots and Dashes
8. play Variation 2: IV. A Series of Peculiar Incidents
9. play Variation 3: I. Andante Lunara
10. play Variation 3: II. The Bed and the Spy
11. play Variation 3: III. Marionettes
12. play Theme from Inspector Morse – Barrington Pheloung
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IMDB: Endeavour

Endeavour Season 9  TV information
Production: Mammoth Screen, Masterpiece, ITV Studios
Distributor: ITV - Independent Television, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Directors: Shaun Evans, Kate Saxon, Nirpal Bhogal
Stars: Shaun Evans, Roger Allam, James Bradshaw

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