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Heartbreak High Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  140  | Scene descriptions: 101 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 14 September 2022Next Season >
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The soundtrack to Heartbreak High Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix series.

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Heartbreak High Season 1 Episode 2
Heartbreak High Season 1 Episode 3
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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Map B**tch’ (S01E01)

14 September 2022
23 songs

1. Final Form – Sampa The Great
The song plays right when the episode begins, and Amerie talks about her friendship with Harper.
2. Cherry Lips – Garbage
[0:03’] Amerie and her friends from school are listening to this song in the car.
3. Day Ones – JessB
[0:04’] Amerie and her friends arrive at school and start looking for Harper.
4. Tilted – Christine and the Queens
[0:12’] After the scene where Amerie gets hit and her nose starts bleeding.
5.Gasoline – Alpine
[0:24’] After someone calls her a ‘Psycho Map Bitch’, Amerie grabs a rock and breaks the window; the wall is being re-painted.
6. Raw Vision – NO ZU
[0:25’] The song plays after the scene where Darren has sex with his boyfriend.
7. A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton
[0:30’] Amerie goes to the beach and spends time by herself, crying her eyes out.
8. Ai-Ai Heyveh Heyveh – Hamlet Minassian
[0:32’] Quinni listens to this song on her headphones while browsing the internet, and misses Darren’s call.
9. La Receta – Kemo The Blaxican
[0:33’] Darren changes his clothes in a public bathroom; while having lunch with her mother, Amerie asks to be homeschooled.
10. Affection – Yune Pinku
[0:36’] Flashback of Amerie and Harper dancing in the club.
[0:45’] Amerie asks Harper what happened at the festival and why she is not talking to her anymore.
11. Must Be Love (Feat. Electric Fields) – Tseba
[0:39’] Amerie, Darren, and Quinni go to a party together and see Harper there as well.
12. D.Y.S (Defend Your Situation) – CLYPSO
[0:40’] Quinni goes to Spider and hands him a folder full of vagina photos.
15. Flex – Komang
[0:42’] At the party, Amerie has a conversation with Dusty.
16. Stranger Love – PNAU feat. Budjerah
[0:43’] Dusty asks Amerie why are they on the map together, she admits to liking him and they kiss for the first time.
17. Lung – Teether & Kuya Neil
[0:46’] Amerie leaves the party after talking to Harper.
18. Bye Bye – Genesis Ourness
[0:47’] Darren enters his father’s house through the window and scares him off.
19. Levitating – Dua Lipa
[0:48’] Harper leaves the party with Dusty; Amerie gets home and dances in the kitchen while eating some leftovers.
20. Capwa – Sampa The Great
21. Faux Freaks – R.M.F.C.
22. ECC – Jennifer Loveless
23. Christine – Christine and the Queens

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Renaissance Titties’ (S01E02)

14 September 2022
24 songs

1. So Cold – Tkay Maidza
The song starts playing right when the episode begins.
2. Another Night – Real McCoy
[0:03’] Dusty grabs Harper’s hand but she backs off as she doesn’t want to be seen with him by the others at school
3. Lay Me Down – Steve Lacy
[0:10’] Quinni shows Sasha her new drawings.
4. Pisces Problems – TYSON
[0:16’] Amerie helps Quinni with her make-up before her date with Sasha.
5. Crazy – Patsy Cline
[0:20’] Amerie browses through the photos of her and Harper and remembers the moments when they used to be best friends.
6. Everyday – Youngn Lipz
[0:21’] The next day at school, Harper gets a haircut from Spider.
7. Teenage Birdsong – Four Tet
[0:25’] The teacher explains to the class the exercise of the day, which will demonstrate how quickly their private images can spread to places they don’t want to.
8. Bubbles – Kalbells
[0:28’] Sasha arrives late at her date with Quinni, then they get a table at the restaurant.
9. Good Times – Genesis Owusu
[0:33’] Malakai helps Amerie climb the wall but she ends up falling into the pool.
10. H.G.S (feat. Ms. Thandi) – Arona Mane
[0:36’] After drying up her clothes, Amerie joins the party and meets up with Dusty.
11. Higher – Budjerah
[0:37’] Amerie and Dusty almost kiss, when someone starts yelling at Dusty and interrupts their moment.
12. My Life Is Nothing Without Your Warm Embrace (Renaissance Titties) – Cast
[0:40’] Dusty dedicates this song to Harper, leaving Amerie speechless.
13. The Ocean (feat. Bookend) – Anchorsong
[0:41’] Quinni and Darren sit together inside the empty bathtub.
14. Arc – Pretty Girl
[0:41’] After Quinni and Darren leave the bathroom and return to the party.
15. Be Sweet – Japanese Breakfast
[0:42’] Quinni explains to Sasha the reason why she was not paying attention to her during their date.
16. Every Hour – Kian
[0:46’] Malakai walks Amerie home after the party.
17. Scream – Grimes
[0:47’] The song plays in the final scene of the episode when Amerie goes to her room and rips off the photos of her and Harper.
18. Cards – Hancoq
19. Like People – DZ Deathrays
20. Out Of Athens – Bitumen
21. Monologue – Putrika
22. Dribble – Sycco
23. Self Care – Miiesha
24. Carafe – Teether & Kuya Neil

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Eetsway’ (S01E03)

14 September 2022
14 songs

1. Taka Dama – Qbik
Opening song / Jayden, Ca$h, and Chook break into a shop and start stealing the goods.
2. People, I’ve Been Sad – Christine and the Queens
[0:02’] Amerie burns all the items that remind her of her friendship with Harper.
3. The Topic – Delivery
[0:05’] Harper goes to school and talks to Dusty about what he did at the party; Dusty asks Harper out but she refuses.
4. Real Luv – Qendresa
[0:15’] Amerie starts daydreaming when the guys talk about their genitals, then slaps herself to wake up.
[0:21’] Repeats when Amerie watches Malakai playing basketball with Spider.
5. Broken Home – Youngn Lipz
[0:26’] Darren helps Ca$h hide the bag of stolen clothes.
6. Horseplay – The Living Eyes
[0:29’] At the gym, the guys talk about the video posted by Malakai on social media while working out.
7. 3am – Haim
[0:30’] Malakai throws up after working out too hard at the gym; Harper tries to talk to Amerie and sends her a note.
8. Wondering – Becky & The Birds
[0:31’] Amerie and Malakai play basketball together; later, Amerie keeps ignoring Harper.
9. The Way It Goes – MRCH
[0:36’] Ca$h asks Darren out on a date.
10. For You I Try – Acopia
[0:41’] The song plays when Ca$h gives Darren a tattoo; Harper goes crying to Dusty’s house, while Amerie pays Malakai a visit at his place.
[0:43’] Amerie and Malakai get intimate for the first time.
12.Basement Jack – Steve Lacy
[0:47’] The song plays in the last scene of the episode and continues during the end credits.
13. Eshay – Gucci Dassy
14. Aussie Raver – Kota

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Rack Off’ (S01E04)

14 September 2022
21 songs

1. Only One Man (with Melody’s Echo Chamber) – Moodoid
The song starts playing right at the beginning of the episode when Amerie swims with Malakai.
2. On The Move – Arno Faraji
[0:01’] Malakai listens to this song on his earphones after walking Amerie home.
3. We’ll Be Turned On – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
[0:02’] When she arrives at school, Amerie finds Malakai standing in the middle of the crowd with a heart-shaped balloon and flowers, asking if she wants to be his girlfriend.
4. R.I.P. (feat. JON Do£ and Jarulah) – JK-47
[0:20’] Ca$h looks in the mirror at his new bruise, then adds a pair of sunglasses to hide it.
5. All Over You – A.GIRL
[0:22’] Malakai arrives at Darren’s house and asks to talk privately with Amerie.
6. Black Love (feat. Teedra Moses and D-Nice) – Salaam Remi
[0:24’] The gang spends time together having drinks and trying on new clothes; Harper gets angry when she can’t find her shoes.
7. Work It (Soulwax Remix) – Marie Davidson
[0:26’] Amerie and her friends get in line to get into the club and bump into Dusty and Harper.
8. Just Like This – Jamaica Moana
[0:29’] Sasha leaves Quinni behind after she gets high in the bathroom and goes to the dancefloor with another girl.
9. Tear The House Up – Herve x Zebra Katz
[0:32’] Darren gets on stage and his friends cheer for him.
10. Double Dip – Anna Lunoe
[0:33’] Darren reunites with his friends after his performance on stage; Ca$h leaves the party after seeing Darren talking to another guy.
11. What You Like (feat. Yune pinku) – Logic1000
[0:34’] Darren explains to Ca$h that he is not involved with anyone and he will not be in the near future.
12. BIG – Boy Soda
[0:36’] Sasha and Quinni share their love for one another and kiss; Ca$h kisses Darren.
13. Sweat (SOPHIE Remix) – SONIKKU with LIZ
[0:38’] A montage of the couples dancing at the party.
14. Describe – Perfume Genius
[0:43’] The song plays in the final scene of the episode when Dusty, Harper, and Malakai get intimate.
15. The Shake Up (Feat. Tjaka) – Dameeeela
16. Dogfight – Sevy x Bayang
17. Exquisite Corpse – Puchi
18.Chargin – Mulalo
19. Rude Gyal – Mkada
20. Tasteflash – Strict Face
21. Stingray (feat. Oh Boy) – Ninajirachi

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Bin Chicken’ (S01E05)

14 September 2022
16 songs

1. I’m Not In Love – Kelsey Lu
Opening song / Malakai wakes up in the morning after spending the night with Harper and Dusty.

2. Ego – Strawbz
[0:01’] Ca$h and Darren passionately kiss on the sidewalk.
3. Wait – Ying Yang Twins
[0:14’] After the game, Malakai goes to the showers and imagines seeing Dusty there.
4. Love Whatcha’ Doin’ To Me – Robert Luke Harshman
[0:16’] Nan takes Ca$h and Darren to the game night and introduces them to her friends.
[0:17’] Malakai and Amerie talk about what tattoos they should get and their meaning.
6. Boogie Man – Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant
[0:18’] Darren plays cards with Nan and her friends.
7. No Effort – Princess Nokia
[0:25’] Sasha, Quinni, and Darren go to the dressing room to try on different dresses and take photos.
8. Working Out – Donny Benet
[0:33’] Ca$h tries to take some sensual photos that he could send back to Darren but fails.
9. You Make Me Feel- Sylvester
[0:39’] Darren plays a record with this song while spending time at Ca$h’s place, then they spend the night together.
10. #3allmyteam – Snoee Badman
11. Natural Beauty – L.J. Waiters
12. Bars From Unamii – Unamii
13. Show You – T Breezy
14. Bunyip Beat – Sleep D
15. Kong Foo Sing – Regurgitator
16. Shelf Life – Northeast Party House

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Angeline’ (S01E06)

14 September 2022
12 songs

1. Les Fleur – Minnie Riperton
The episode just began, Quinni is waking up.
2. SMITH an WESSON – Casper
[0:05’] Harper got out of the director’s office. She managed to not be suspended by accepting to do library duties every day after school.
3. Crowd Pleaza – The 046
[0:16’] Amerie is enjoying herself while making a shake and waiting for her friend to come over.
4. Walking Bum – Heavy Trash
[0:23’] Harper is preparing herself for telling the guy she slept with that she has chlamydia.
5. M31 (Racing down the Hume) – Mulalo
[0:32’] Harper realizes she should have been at the party, so she calls Amerie, but Amerie ignores her.
6. I Touch Myself – Divinyls
[0:35’] Dusty’s favorite song is playing, so he starts fake singing and dancing, then kisses Amerie.
7. These Days – Cub Sport
[0:40’] Amerie’s party ended on a sad note, so she is left alone, crying.
8. FEAST (feat.notsick) – Bludnymph
9. Our Love – cookie
10. Come On – ADA
11. Affection – yune pinku
12. Tiki – PANIA

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘The Sheriff’ (S01E07)

14 September 2022
8 songs

1. Gold Chains – Genesis Owusu
[0:05’] Malaki and his friend picked a food order from Darren’s work..

2. Evoke The Sleep – Nun
[0:06’] Amerie confronts Harper about the rumor she spread.
3. Make Me Feel – Janelle Monáe
[0:16’] Amerie tries to gather Miss JoJo’s students to make a protest against her leaving the school.
4. Teeth – Mallrat
[0:26’] The students are playing a game while waiting for their protest.
5. Downtown – Majical Cloudz
[0:30’] Darren and his lover decide to stay friends, after talking about their intimate life.
6. Centrefold – Genesis Owusu
[0:32’] Spider finds Amerie, and asks how she is. She remembers the time they almost made love after a concert.
7. Over You – Moonchild Sanelly
[0:40’] Ant tells Amerie the truth, that he and his friends spread the lie, not Harper.
8. Say Nothing – Flume
[0:44’] Amerie faced Dusty, then went to Harper’s house, realizing she misjudged her.

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Three of Swords’ (S01E08)

14 September 2022
24 songs

1. Ice – Magic Dirt
Starting song / Harper starts telling Amerie what happened with her father.
2. Break The Machine – Molotov Cocktail Rock N Roll
[0:02’] Amerie and Harper were having a great time at the concert, finding an adult’s bracelet.
3. Vyzee – Sophie
[0:07’] Harper tries to enjoy the concert without Amerie.
4. FOREVER – Flight Facilities
[0:08’] Someone drugged Harper at the concert. She wakes up in Chook’s car.
5. Sweet Sweet, So Sweet – Al Hazan
[0:10’] Some guys kidnapped Harper, then stopped at a gas station to get some drinks.
6. Basically – Tei Shi
[0:18’] Harper decided to cut her hair off after having a troubled night.
7. Thank You – Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul
[0:35’] Dusty apologized to Amerie and Harper.
8. Don’t Know How to Keep Loving You – Julia Jacklin
[0:37’] Darren confesses his love for Cash, but Cash rejects him.
9. Addy – Teether & Kuya Neil
[0:40’] Cash meets with his friends and decides to get one of their phones, helping Harper get justice.
10. Concerto No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 8, RV 297, “The Four Seasons – Winter”: I. Allegro non molto – Salzburg Chamber Orchestra, Alexander von Pitamic & Conrad V. D. Goltz
[0:42’] Harper receives the video that will get her justice while watching a movie with Amerie.
11. The Other Black Dog – Genesis Owusu
[0:43’] Cash found the police at his door, so he runs away.
12. Strawberry Kisses – Nikki Webster
[0:45’] Cash confessed his love for Darren before getting arrested.
13. Want You Back – HAIM
[0:46’] Darren convinces the group of friends to have a bath in the ocean.
14. Let It Happen – Tame Impala
[0:48’] Harper sees Chook’s car and decides to trash it. Amerie joins her.
15. The Shake Up (feat. Tjaka) – Dameeeela
16. Cards – Hancoq
17. Firefly – Johnny Kosmo
18. Trainspotting – Full Flower Moon Band
19. Bunyip Beat – Sleep D
20. Dancer Girl – Zoe Fox & the Rocket Clocks
21. Affection – yune pinku
22. Bussit – Vv Pete
23. The Other Black Dog – Genesis Owusu
24. Santa Lucía – Doctor Infierno

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Heartbreak High Season 1 Soundtrack
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