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Heartbreak High Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  104  | Scene descriptions: 81 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 11 April 2024< Previous Season
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The soundtrack to Heartbreak High Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2024 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix series.
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Heartbreak High Season 2 Episode 2
Heartbreak High Season 2 Episode 3
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Heartbreak High Season 2 Episode 6
Heartbreak High Season 2 Episode 7
Heartbreak High Season 2 Episode 8

Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Bird Psycho’ (S02E01)

11 April 2024
20 songs

1. playFlame Trees – Sarah Blasko
Fire engulfs an indoor venue and students run outside in slow motion.
2. playCandy – Mandy Moore
[00:01’] Two months before the fire, Amerie and Harper ride their scooters to town.
3. playNice To Know Ya – Matilda Pearl
[00:02’] Darren and Quinn meet Amerie and Harper in front of the school and they hug each other.
4. playNaive – Isabella Manfredi & Pricie
[00:03’] Malakai arrives in Missy’s red car.
5. playBugatti – Tiga
[00:09’] Ant has a stoned expression in the school hallway.
6. playAli – Omega Sapien
[00:12’] An wants to cut off his manhood in front of his school colleagues but the PE teacher tackles him to the ground.
7. playTied Up! – Genesis Owusu
[00:21’] Amerie and Malakai make out.
8. play(It Goes Like ) Nanana – Peggy Gou
[00:24’] People walk along a waterfront.
9. playMuzik – Jennifer Loveless
[00:26’] Rowan arrives at the club.
10. playMy My My! – Troye Sivan
[00:27’] Rowan tells Malakai that Dubbo is a city.
11. play1 2 3 – Leon Hesby
[00:28’] Harper walks to Ant and asks him if he is fine.
12. playAugustine – Blood Orange
[00:32’] Amerie climbs the stairs to the house arm in arm with Harper.
13. playRigatoni – Pan Amsterdam & Damu the Fudgemunk
[00:34’] Darren, Quinni, and Amerie spy on Chook’s house.
14. playBizarre Love Triangle – New Order
[00:48’] The students in the schoolyard receive a message on their phones and they all look at Amerie.
15. Umum -1300
16. playGet to Know Me – Ms. Thandi
17. playRoll With Me – Bell Towers
18. playDexamphetamine – Bayang (tha Bushranger) & Nerdie
19. What About Me? – Cast
20. playFreeԁom of Information – Ausmuteants

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘SLTs vs C**LORDS’ (S02E02)

11 April 2024
10 songs

1. playRed Flags – Mwayz
[00:15’] Darren visits Ca$h in jail.
2. playHiwave (UHF Radiowave Edit) – Cy Gorman
[00:21’] Amerie asks Malakai to sit on the bed.
3. playJust What You Feelin – Kemo The Blaxican (feat. Sen Dog)
[00:27’] SLTs play versus the C**lords team.
4. playHouse of Jealous Lovers – The Rapture
[00:30’] On the field, the game continues with Rowan throwing the ball.
5. playBlak Britney – Miss Kaninna
[00:31’] Missy runs in slow motion on the field, Spider stares at her and the ball kicks him in the face.
6. playThe Best – Tina Turner
[00:31’] Missy kicks the ball and sends it straight through the goalposts.
7. playHopefulessness – Courtney Barnett
[00:35’] Harper visits Ant in the hospital and then they kiss passionately.
8. playMake It Up – Tirzah
[00:36’] In the weights room, Missy does weightlifts.
9. playSteal My Sunshine – LEN
[00:45’] When Ca$h gets out of prison, Chook and Darren wait for him in separate cars, and before he chooses which car to get into, he smiles and the scene cuts to the end credits.
10. playI Aԁmit My Faults – Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘The Feelings Pit’ (S02E03)

11 April 2024
10 songs

1. playBitches’ Fuck Off – Country Teasers
Spider and the other boys dig with a shovel.
2. playTrust Yourself – Balming Tiger
[00:04’] The boys toss the notes they wrote in the mud.
3. playS-S-S-Single Bed – Fox
[00:16’] Sasha looks at a portrait of Queen Elizabeth and shows it the middle finger.
4. playSmalltown Boy – Bronksi Beat
[00:19’] Ca$h climbs to the top of a field and gazes around.
5. playMilkumana – King Stingray
[00:20’] At the school canteen, Malakai deliberates between tacos and hot dogs.
6. playIt’s That Time – Mark Hoffstadt
[00:24’] Ca$h dances energetically and next to him, an elderly man holds a sign that reads “Even Cunts Can Change”.
7. playMidnight Sun – Nilüfer Yanya
[00:31’] Quinni and Ameri dig in the mud where the boys had thrown the notes and Amerie discovers Malakai’s one which reads “Forget Amerie”
8. Fatal Atraxion – J. Domeyko & Yara
[00:35’] In a dream, Missy walks through the dark school gym and gets stuck in a cobweb made of rope as Spider reaches from behind her with multiple hands.
9. playOverload – Sugababes
[00:45’] Quinni notices that Rowan and Malakai walk together and realize that they like each other romantically.
10. playMatchԁay – 3ndless & Crazymike

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Legs Open Hearts Broken’ (S02E04)

11 April 2024
12 songs

1. playGone to the West – Tkay Maidza & Duckwrth
Amerie, Quinni, and Darren walk to school carrying luggage.
2. playThinking of You – Mona Yim & Memphis LK
[00:02’] On the bus, Malakai and Rowan sit side by side as the other students chat and laugh.
3. playSatisfaction – Benny Benassi
[00:08’] Darren watches as Malakai rubs lotion on Rowan’s back.
4. playOrinoco Flow – Enya
[00:29’] High from the mushrooms they had eaten, Malakai asks Amerie if she heard the cicada. The others stand and all turn to Ant.
5. playSpottieOttieDopaliscious – Outkast
[00:30’] Amerie catches the feathered wing of a big mascot, as the others crawl on the ground.
6. playSwastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix) – Primal Scream
[00:31’] At night, Spider lies at the base of a tree and laughs, and the others sit around a campfire with the bird mascot.
7. playI Wish It Was Me – Obongjayar
[00:40’] Darren and Ca$h kiss.
8. playuntil we meet again – yergurl
9. playԁnd – heni
10. playAnother Toy – SPEED
11. playClap Clap – Anunaku & DJ Plead
12. playBichotag – Karol G

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘The Demon King’ (S02E05)

11 April 2024
13 songs

1. playFell in Love – Jesswar
[00:05’] Missy and Spider get intimate in the car.
2. playFactory Man – C.O.F.F.I.N.
[00:13’] PE teacher Voss tells the team that he has had enough of being blamed for everything.
3. playTorn – Natalie Imbruglia
[00:15’] Malakai cries on the bed, and his parents ask him if he is fine.
4. playComing Through – Willi Earl Beal
[00:18’] Rowan turns at Amerie with a tender expression as she receives a text.
5. playAll I Have to Offer You Is Me – Charley Pride
[00:20’] Take out boxes litter Malakai’s bed.
6. playHello, Alright, You Got That? – Cool Sounds
[00:26’] In a zoo near the harbor, giraffes walk in their enclosures.
7. playSoul Rockin – The Afro Soul-Tet
[00:27’] Missy waits at the dinner table and then eats with Spider’s mother.
8. playQuarterlife – Wallice
[00:29’] Quinni’s friends move on from the exhibits leaving her behind.
9. playCash Under Your Bed – Punko
[00:40’] Missy asks Spider why he won’t make love to her, and he says he’s embarrassed that he can’t bring himself to do it.
10. playScrape – Suicideboy$
[00:44’] Chook works out in his apartment.
11. playWhere Is My Mind? – Tkay Maidza
[00:48’] Quinni clutches the toy frog as she cries.
12. playVente Pacá – G. Combo
13. playHeaԁlights On – Wild Nothing (feat. Hatchie)

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘Just Kid $hit’ (S02E06)

11 April 2024
15 songs

1. playBaianá – Nia Archives
Amerie’s campaign video features Sasha posing with a passed-out girl.
2. playLa Niña – Dead Witch
[00:03’] Spider pleasures Missy orally.
3. playNeeded Me – Rihanna
[00:05’] Missy dances sensuously for Spider.
4. playDeli – Ice Spice
[00:25’] Chook’s motor boat stalls and he and Ca$h are stranded in the middle of the lake.
5. playPinacle Bitch – Miss Kaninna
[00:26’] Amerie spots Malakai at the party and strolls over to him.
6. playSports – yunè pinku
[00:27’] Malakai steps toward the wall and writes “Malakai is here”.
7. playBetter left Unsaid – Kuren
[00:28’] Darren puts his phone to his ear and then spots Quinni through a window walking up to the party.
8. playMeet Her at the Love Parade – Da Hool
[00:34’] At the party, Quinni dances on a table and the others cheer.
9. playOne of the Girls – Otha
[00:35’] Amerie spots Rowan entering the party, walks to him and tells him she was not sure he’d show up.
10. playUnder Your Spell – Desire
[00:44’] Rowan takes a notebook out of the drawer and opens it to the page with the words “Forget Amerie” written on it then throws it in the bin.
11. playStreets Favorite – Capone
[00:46’] Seated on the floor outside the bathroom, Amerie checks a tracking app on her phone that reads “Days since your last period: 48 days”.
12. playMad Mess – DJ Karaba
13. playDry Lungs – Lemonade Baby
14. playGo On (Lew E Remix) – a.s.o.
15. playSaԁ Music – Jessica Winter

Season 2 • Episode 7: ‘The Grapes of Voss’ (S02E07)

11 April 2024
10 songs

1. playDeceptacon – Le Tigre
At a pharmacy, Amerie buys a box of pills while Harper tries on a pair of sunglasses.
2. playIn the Zone – Juice Webster
[00:02’] Harper lies with her head on Amerie’s lap.
3. playCandy – Eternal Dust
[00:04’] Rowan pulls on a T-shirt as his younger brother sits at a desk watching him.
4. playLet Her Be – Maina Doe
[00:05’] Amerie unbuttons her shirt, Harper takes photos of her and then sends them to Rowan.
5. playBad Behavior – YARA
[00:06’] Missy and Spider lie in bed and she tells him about Eurydice dying on her wedding day and Orpheus ascending into the underworld to find her.
6. playTalk – beabadoobee
[00:31’] Dusty walks to his room and finds Ca$h sitting on the bed bouncing his leg restlessly.
7. playBoombayah – Blackpink
[00:38’] The students grab cakes from the tables and hurl them at each other.
8. playDreams – The Cranberries
[00:40’] Amerie confesses to Rowan that she is scared she ruined things before they even started their relationship.
9. playFrauds – Vv Pete/ Utility/ Cassius Select
[00:48’] Rowan informs Malakai that he and Amerie are together.
10. playAntipoԁes – Deuce

Season 2 • Episode 8: ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (S02E08)

11 April 2024
13 songs

1. playRockstar – Mallrat
Rowan heads over to Amerie and they enter the school together.
2. playCome On Mess Me Up – Cub Sport
[00:07’] Malakai walks to Amerie and asks her if she is okay.
3. playFade Into You – Mallrat
[00:10’] Amerie waves at Rowan from the car, and Rowan walks over to her with the corsage.
4. playBGC – Flo Milli
[00:10’] A DJ plays music at the prom ball, and Ant pours alcohol into a bowl of punch.
5. playCome Into My World – Kylie Minogue
[00:12’] Rowan asks Amerie to a dance.
6. playNutbush City Limits – Ike & Tina Turner
[00:16’] Students rush onto the dancefloor, and Zoe shoves Darren into the mix. Amerie, Rowan, and others dance in line.
7. playDamn I Wish I Was Your Lover – Sophie B. Hawkins
[00:17’] Ant asks Harper to dance; he tells her he likes her, and Harper pulls slightly away from him.
8. playUntoucheԁ – The Veronicas
[00:22’] Missy informs Amerie that Malakai traveled to Switzerland.
9. playI Feel Love – Sam Smith
[00:25’] Ca$h arrives at the prom ball and looks around nervously.
10. playAs Long As We Last – Daniel Norgren
[00:40’] Rowan blames himself for his brother’s death, but Amerie convinces him it wasn’t his fault. Rowan sees Jett smiling, who then disappears, and Amerie and Rowan escape the flaming building.
11. playFlame Trees – Sarah Blasko
[00:45’] Ant and Harper dance outside as the building behind them is enveloped in fire.
12. Chill Girl – Charlie Hole
13. playHeart Throbs – ZK king
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Heartbreak High Season 2 Soundtrack
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