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Inventing Anna Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  72  | Scene descriptions: 53 timelines  |  Airing date: 11 February 2022  |  Episodes: 9  |  Last episode: 11 February 2022


The soundtrack to Inventing Anna Season 1, view and listen to all of the 72 songs from the 2022 Netflix tv show, listed by episode, with 53 scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 1
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 2
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 3
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 4
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 5
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 6
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 7
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 8
Inventing Anna Season 1 Episode 9

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Life of a VIP’ (S03E01)

11 February 2022
5 songs

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. Rich – Megan Thee Stallion
Opening song – Anna is presenting herself, while there are shown multiple allegations against her, as she is represented as a conwoman in the media.
3. Own It – Rico Nasty
[0:13′] After Vivian writes to Anna in prison, hoping she will get an answer in order to write her article, Anna calls from the prison and agrees to have an interview with Vivian.
4. FRANCHISE (feat. Young Thug & M.I.A.) – Travis Scott
[0:35′] Vivian talks to her boss who accepts her story about Anna, and then she starts investigating the life of Anna. She looks through her Instagram and starts contacting the people tagged in her photos.
5. New York New York (feat. Zech Biship & Amorie) – Daemon
[0:59′] While being proposed a plea from the judge, Anna tells her lawyer that she wants to reject it and have a trial.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘The Devil Wore Anna’ (S03E02)

11 February 2022
11 songs

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. More Life (feat. Tinie Tempah & L Devine) – Torren Foot
[0:02′] The episode starts with a photo session directed by one of Anna’s acquaintances, whom Vivian comes to interview.
3. Frida Kahlo – LION BABE
[0:03′] While talking about Anna, the man says that she was not thirsty for money in any way and that she was flawless. After that, he proceeds to talk about her taste in clothing and food.
4. Shook – Tkay Maidza
[0:09′] After doing some research on Anna’s and Chase’s Instagram accounts, Vivian and her colleagues found out that the two have slept together, and developed a relationship.
5. Love Em Leave Em (feat. Kari Faux) – Amindi
[0:17′] Vivian’s husband drives her to a mogul’s house in a very rich neighborhood. She is another acquaintance of Anna.
6. Up To No Good – BENNETT
[0:19′] This song plays in the background while Vivian arrives at the mogul’s house to find there is a party going on. She offers Vivian a caftan dress.
7. We On – Dumi Maraire & Raphael Lake
[0:21′] While talking to Vivian, the woman remembers how she met Anna, at an art gallery.
8. Me gusta – Anitta feat. Cardi B & Mike Towers
[0:26′] There is a throwback of Anna and her boyfriend at a yacht party in Ibiza
9. Party for Me (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Jhené Aiko
[0:31′] Anna and her boyfriend are happy to have made it in an influential circle of people, the ones they met on the yacht.
10. Sippin On Fame – Tai
[0:37′] Anna and Chase are fooling around the yacht, being in love. Talia says she was proud to see her grow like that.
11. You’re Gonna Make It – Dope Saint Jude
[0:56′] Vivian talks to Anna’s male friend again, asking why Ana turned on him, after he told her a story about Anna and Chase fighting in Paris.
[0:58′] Vivian is visiting Anna in prison.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Two Birds, One Throne’ (S03E03)

11 February 2022
5 songs

1. Main Title – – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. Google Me (feat. Alika & Ms Banks) – CLiQ
[0:09′] Anna and Chase are going to business meetings the next morning, for Anna’s foundation.
3. Ballgame – Daisha McBride
[0:09′] Anna and her friend are going to Bergdorf Goodman, a fashion house. There, Anna meets several women, very important in the business industry.
4. Do It on the Tip (feat. City Girls & Hot Girl Meg) – Megan Thee Stallion
[0:16′] While Anna is at a party with all of these influential women, one of them comes to tell her that one of her friends is interested in investing in Chase’s app. Anna goes to the bathroom to call Chase.
5. Faster Please – seeyousoon
[0:53′] After Nora and Anna get home, Nora gets a call from her accountant, who told her that there have been some big expenses on her card, mostly shoes and clothes, all bought by Anna.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘A Wolf in Chic Clothing’ (S03E04)

11 February 2022
5 songs

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. Talk About It – Jungle
Opening song – Anna is describing the building she chose for her foundation to a group of men.
3. Milk It (feat. Carla Monroe) – Rony Rex
[0:21′] Anna is hosting a party for ADF, which Alan Reed decides to attend. There, she convinces him to be her lawyer.
4. 100 Miles and Running (feat. Wale & John Lindahl) – Logic
[0:33′] Anna shows a painting of several nude people to Alan. Later, he is seen hanging it up in his office.
[0:40′] After Vivian finds out that Anna stole a plane, there is shown a backstory of how she managed to do it.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Check Out Time’ (S03E05)

11 February 2022
7 songs

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. Get Creative – lau.ra & Nova
Opening song – Anna’s former friend, Neff, is getting ready for work.
3. Harley Quinn – Princess Nokia
[0:17′] Anna comes to check-in at the hotel Neff works at and bribes her to put her in front of the queue.
4. She a Bad One – Robyn The Bank
[0:20′] There are a couple of scenes showing Anna tipping all the hotel staff that was helping her, including Neff, who has become an unofficial secretary for Anna.
5. Attitude – Lewis OfMan
[0:28′] Neff went to a dinner with Anna and her acquaintances, where they played credit card roulette. Neff was impressed with seeing this wealthy lifestyle.
6. WTF (Where They From) (feat. Pharrell Williams) – Missy Elliott
[0:38′] All the girls are out to party, they are doing shots and hanging out by the pool. The night ends with them chilling in the sauna.
7. Lean On (feat. MØ & DJ Snake) – Major Lazer
[0:39′] While they are in the sauna talking about a boy, Anna takes out a bottle of champagne for them to drink. After that, she is having a deep conversation with Neff.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Friends in Low Places’ (S03E06)

11 February 2022
7 songs

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. New York, New York (Cover) – Bermuda Kills
[0:04′] After Kacy talked to Vivian about the footage she had seen, there is a cut-scene to a typical day of her life, where she gets to train several wealthy people.
3. Dark Side (feat. NAIIM) [Jon Pegnato Remix] – Wake the Wild
4. Look Whachu Done 2 Me – Mint Condition
[0:07′] Anna wants to book a trip to Morocco with Rachel and Kacy. Kacy is telling her boyfriend what she is up to.
5. 170 Kg – Don Bigg
[0:10′] The girls arrive in Morocco, at one of the most expensive mansions, who once belonged to a prince.
6. East West – Omer Agca
[0:11′] While touring the mansion, and after taking some selfies, the girls are served champagne. After that, Anna is shown having several problems with the payment.
7. Can’t Break My Vibe – Hot Kicks
[0:55′] After Vivian finished interviewing all of Anna’s friends, she finds out there are multiple opinions on how the Morocco vacation went on.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘Cash on Delivery’ (S03E07)

11 February 2022
1 song

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. Shimmy (feat. Doja Cat) – Lil Wayne
Opening song / Vivian is obsessed with finding Rachel.
3. No Sweat – Jessie Reyez
[0:04′] Vivian is trying to find Rachel, to find out what is her version of Anna, while she is writing her article.
4. 2X2 – Kiki Riggs
[0:05′] Rachel’s Instagram profile is presented, along with comments from her followers, and pictures from their vacation to Morocco.
5. First Class Bitch – Confidence Man
[0:10′] While Rachel is at her job at Vanity Fair, she is texting Anna about the money she should have received from her.
6. Queen – Stella Mwangi
[0:27′] While Kacy is training Nicole, Rachel walks in, looking worried.
7. Drinks – Cyn
[0:39′] After Anna finds out the building she wished to rent has already been rented by a Swedish Photography Company, she is crying in the park and calling somebody.
8. Sun Still Rises – Regina Price
[0:46′] After Rachel is suspended and investigated for not paying the debt on the company card. Vivian is working on the article.
9. The Sun Is Rising – Brit Nicole
10. I Think She’s A Conwoman – Kris Bowers, Pierre Charles

11. Sunrise – Demun Jones

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Too Rich for Her Blood’ (S03E08)

11 February 2022
8 songs

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. WOW (Look At Me) – CHAII
[0:01′] After giving birth to her daughter and finishing her article, Vivian is comforted by her husband.
3. What D’You Know About Me? – Jungle
[0:06′] After Vivian visits Anna Delvey in prison, to show her the article she managed to write about her life, Anna is telling her that she knows nothing about what happened.
4. The Pines – 070 Shake
[0:14′] Vivian is still trying to see the true face of Anna Delvey, so she goes to Germany, on the magazine’s expenses. Then, there is a cut-scene to Anna drinking wine and taking pills.
5. Timofey – Nik Kim Gruppa “Aramis”
[0:28′] When Vivian and her translator arrive at the mansion Anna is supposed to have grown up in, they realized it has been demolished. After that, they see Anna’s father, Vadim.
6. Lightswitch – CHAII
[0:38′] After running into one of Anna’s former classmates, who told Vivian that Anna made her life hell in high school, there is a cut scene to a high-school well-dressed Anna Sorokin.
7. Passcode – Jannine Weigel
[0:46′] After the doctor tells Anna she would need rehab from her abuse of Xanax, she is shown at a discreet resort in Malibu.
8. I’m Good – Dizzy Fae
[1:01′] Anna is shown handcuffed, in the plane, with a police officer near her. She has officially been arrested.

Season 1 • Episode 9: ‘Dangerously Close’ (S03E09)

11 February 2022
5 songs

1. Main Title – Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
Intro song
2. Best Friend – Saweetie, Doja Cat
[0:14′] Anna enters the courtroom in the clothes bought by Vivian, just as the judge finishes her coffee. Anna is imagining she has a big audience at the trial, but the room is empty.
3. Fight Like A Man – Angie Rose
[0:19′] After Anna has her first round of trial, Neff posts the photos on Anna’s Instagram and writes who took care of Anna’s look in court.
4. Worth It – Fifth Harmony
[0:24′] A song plays in the bar that Rachel and Kacy are at, Rachel is telling Kacy about the bullying she gets from Anna’s fans online.
5. YES! – KYLE Feat. K CAMP & Rich The Kid
[1:17′] After Anna gets sentenced to 12 years in prison, Vivian visits her. She promises to visit constantly, and Anna tells her for the first time that she looks good.

Inventing Anna Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 11 February 2022
Label: Maisie Music Publishing
Original music composed by Kris Bowers & Pierre Charles
1. Main Title
2. VIP’s Always Better
3. Vivian Connects the Dots
4. What Does Anna Want?
5. She’s Good / Get Off the Boat
6. Hotel Standoff
7. Who Are You?
8. Something That’s My Own / 281 Park
9. I Want 281 Park
10. The Answer Is Still No
11. I Like a Party / Squash Demotion
12. I Work For Everything / Do Something About It
13. What Happened in Morocco?
14. Rachel Packs and Leaves
15. Only Sent 5K
16. Something’s Happening / She’s My Friend
17. Looking for My Friend
18. I Am Not Special
19. I Think She’s a Conwoman
20. Arrive in Berlin
21. Going to See Vadim
22. You’re Crying
23. Always Beyond Us
24. Vivian Figures It Out
25. Ask For Themoon
26. Anna Breaks Down / Awaiting Sentencing
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