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Killing Eve Season 4 Soundtrack

Songs:  86  | Scene descriptions: 107 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 10 April 2022
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The soundtrack to Killing Eve Season 4 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 tv show, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 1
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 2
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 3
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 4
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 5
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 6
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 7
Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 8

Season 4 • Episode 1: ‘Just Dunk Me’ (S04E01)

27 February 2022
13 songs

1. This Is The Time – Unloved
[0:01′] Eve is riding the motorcycle; she enters the city hall and shoots Konstantin.
2. Movin’ On Up – Primal Scream
[0:04′] Villanelle is singing in the church.
3. Anything To Be Cool – Unloved
[0:08′] Eve and Yusuf are taking their clothes off.
4. Two Minds – Unloved
[0:15′] Villanelle is listening to what the others are saying about her, after having dinner.
5. Pauline & Mickey – The League Of Gentlemen
[0:18′] Villanelle is looking in the mirror and then praying in the bathroom.
6. La La La – Unloved
[0:20′] Eve meets Carolyn, takes the file, and gets in the car.
7.Careful, Baby – Unloved
[0:24′] Eve goes to the funeral agency.
8.Without Love – Unloved
[0:26′] While at the funeral agency, Eve asks about Rhian Bevan. She looks at the corpse on the table, then leaves.
9.If – Unloved
10. Call Me When You Have A Clue – Unloved
[0:35′] Eve follows the lady from the funeral agency and gets attacked by her.
11. Jesus – The Velvet Underground
[0:38′] Villanelle drowns May after kissing her.
12. Mother’s Been A Bad Girl – Unloved
[0:41′] Villanelle sees Jesus on the couch eating popcorn.
Preview of the next episode / Ending credits song

13. Sombre (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Season 4 • Episode 2: ‘Don’t Get Eaten’ (S04E02)

27 February 2022
7 songs

1. Dare Or Truth – Unloved
[0:10′] Eve gets out of the hotel room and feeds the fish in the aquarium.
2. I Remember – Saint Saviour
[0:12′] Villanelle spins around and screams in the woods.
3. Unloved Heart – Unloved
[0:20′] Villanelle and the others are playing a game near the campfire.
4. Tel Tu Etais – Svetlana
[0:28′] Vlad and Carolyn are having dinner at the restaurant.
5. To The Day I Die – Unloved
[0:30′] Carolyn gets up from the table and goes to the bathroom. Eve goes to Helen’s house with groceries, to cook her dinner.
6. Valse A La Francaise – GeNIA
[0:32′] Eve puts the groceries on the kitchen table and starts cutting the vegetables. She cuts her finger with the knife.
7. Anyone Who Had A Heart – Cilla Black
[0:37′] Eve leaves Helen’s house; May talks with her father in the tent, Villanelle hears them and kills them both with the nail from the tent.

Season 4 • Episode 3: ‘A Rainbow in Beige Boots’ (S04E03)

6 March 2022
15 songs

1. Unloved Heart (Killing Eve) – Unloved
Starting song / Villanelle, disguised as a maid, enters a hotel room.
2. Walk On, Yeah (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:01′] Villanelle lays down on the bed while Eve is watching the fish swim in their aquarium.
3. Strange Effect – Unloved Feat. Raven Violet
[0:03′] Villanelle asks Eve to let her stay over the night and she accepts and tells Villanelle to be gone by the time she is back.
4. Sass Girl – Wargirl
[0:07′] Pam is preparing a body for a funeral while she listens to music.
5. Sombre (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:14′] Pam is locked up by Elliot, after having an argument with her.
[0:26′] Villanelle is having a therapy session with Martin.
6. Je Suis Venue Te Dire – Insolente
[0:15′] Eve and Fernanda are at a bar drinking and talking about their ex-girlfriends.
7.Sigh (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:18′] Eve describes her “ex-grilfriend” to Fernanda.
[0:41′] Villanelle is taken to her prison cell. The song continues through the preview of the upcoming episodes.
Ending credits song
8. It Won’t Be Long (Killing Eve)- Unloved
[0:20′] Catherine is staring at something in her apartment.
9. Call Me When You Have A Clue (Killing Eve) – Unloved Feat. Jon Spencer
[0:21′] After a short fight, Pam kills Elliot.
10. Sorry, Baby (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:23′] Eve takes a picture of Fernanda’s driving license.
11.Ting – Toung – Sacha Distel
[0:28′] Konstantin arrives at his office.
12. Cojele Bien El Com Pas – Fiesta Latina Series
[0:33′] Catherine decides to fly to Cuba.
13. Fail We Must Sail We Must (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:33′] Eve finds out where Villanelle left while she was away.
14. Accountable – Unloved
[0:36′] Eve and Villanelle have a discussion about Villanelle’s therapy.
15. We Are Unloved – Unloved
[0:39′] Eve calls the police to arrest Villanelle.

Season 4 • Episode 4: ‘It’s Agony and I’m Ravenous’ (S04E04)

13 March 2022
16 songs

1. Her (Killing Eve) – Unloved
Starting song / Eve goes to meet someone while Villanelle is in prison.
2. Don’t Blow Your Cool – The Caravelles
[0:04′] Pam follows Konstantin and they go to the Nayland Rock Hotel.
3.When A Woman Is Around – Unloved
[0:08′] Helene gets Villanelle out of prison and gives her a job.
4. Calor – Conchita Velasco
[0:07′] Carolyn arrives at a safe house in Havana, Cuba.
5. La La La – Unloved
[0:10′] Konstantin demands Pam to kill a lady in front of him.
6. To The Day I Die (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:13′] Carolyn is kidnapped outside the safehouse.
7.Une Lune Étrange – L’Épée
[0:14′] Konstantin is blackmailed by Helene over the phone.
8. Tales of the Unexpected (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:17′] Pam is having fun on a carousel ride.
9.Je Suis Une Go-Go Girl – The Limiñanas
[0:21′] Eve visits a store owned by a lady who sells old things.
10.L’amour Est Bleu – Vicky Leandros
[0:28′] Villanelle obtains the information she needs and kills the man she got it from..
11.Call Me When You Have A Clue (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:20′] Pam throws Konstantin in the water.
12. El Son Que Me Mueve – Guy Barker & Bernardo Sassetti
[0:30′] Villanelle and Carolyn are looking for a man in a restaurant.
13. Babarabatiri – Beny Moré
[0:31′] Carolyn finds the man she was looking for and Villanelle starts chasing him..
14. Sombre (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:33′] Eve finds Helene in a bathtub and talks about Helene’s job.
15. It Won’t Be Long (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:38′] Carolyn’s phone starts ringing but she ignores it.
16. There’s No Way – Unloved
Ending credits song

Season 4 • Episode 5: ‘Don’t Get Attached’ (S04E05)

20 March 2022
16 songs

1. Tu Doch Nicht So – Carambolage
Starting song / Twelve people have a meeting where they decide that they should be called “The 12”.
2.City-Großmarkt – Carambolage
[0:02′] The leader of “The 12” (in 1979) and his girlfriend talk about two members.
3.Sleepwalker’s Timeless Bridge – Amon Düül II
[0:03′] Carolyn’s lover leaves and after that, a man enters to have a conversation with her.
4.Carnival (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:04′] Carolyn (in the present time) is in a taxi.
5. Vuélveme A Querer – Blanca Rosa Gil
[0:05′] Villanelle has breakfast at a safe house.
6. Sombre (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:07′] The safehouse’s maid tells Villanelle that she hopes her husband chokes to death.
7.Careful (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:08′] Pam tries on the clothes Konstantin has brought her.
8.Hero – Neu!
[0:14′] Carolyn from the past throws a party at her place.
9.Bravo – Celia Cruz
[0:17′] Villanelle returns to the maid to tell her the good news.
10.Tell Mama (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:22′] Eve attends a college class about a god; Hélène meets with Eve and reunites with her daughter.
11.Moogwalzer (Original Mix) – Der Räuber Und Der Prinz
[0:26′] A parallel between Carolyn from the present and the one from the past breaking into a house.
12. Walk On, Yeah (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:28′] Eve prepares a bedsheet to project a movie on it.
13.Colo – Les Yeux Noirs
[0:37′] Villanelle receives some help from Konstantin and they hug.
14. To the day I die (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:38′] Carolyn arrives at an old house in the woods.
15.Unloved Heart (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:39′] Eve watches how Villanelle gets shot in the back.
16. Accountable – Unloved
[0:40′] Eve goes out of the car to check on Villanelle.

Season 4 • Episode 6: ‘Oh Goodie, I’m The Winner’ (S04E06)

27 March 2022
12 songs

1. Cry Baby Cry – Unloved
[0:05′] Eve is watching Villanelle sleep on the bed.
[0:29′] Villanelle leaves after killing Hélène.
2.Bill (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:07′] Eve helps Villanelle get dressed.
3.Dare Or Truth – Unloved
[0:11′] Eve leaves Villanelle alone on the seafront.
4.Walk on, Yeah (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:12′] Villanelle talks with a stranger.
5. You Don’t Love Me – The Starlets
[0:20′] Pam fights with her target and manages to kill her.
6.Don’t You Want My Love – Debbie Jacobs
[0:23′] Konstantin and Pam are eating at “Roller Disco”.
7.Dr. Love – Tina Charles
[0:24′] Pam kisses the guy who invited her to dance.
[0:30′] Eve visits the headquarters of a taxi company.
9.Dir Spieler – Das Gebet
[0:31′] The man running the company shows to Eve some tricks with the nunchaku.
10.Unloved Heart (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:33′] Eve manages to find Carolyn.
11. There’s No Way – Unloved
[0:33′] Eve kills Lars and runs away.
12. Tzigane – Dalida
[0:39′] Villanelle fights with the woman she talked to earlier.

Season 4 • Episode 7: ‘Making Dead Things Look Nice’ (S04E07)

3 April 2022
11 songs

1. IDK – Phoebe Green
[0:03′] When Villanelle watches the woman filleting the dead man’s body.
Continues when Villanelle goes hunting with her.
Plays again during the opening credits when Eve carries the shopping bags to the car.

2. Got To Be Real – Cheryl Lynn
[0:06′] Villanelle follows the woman into the woods; Eve sings with Yusuf at the karaoke bar.
3. Chandelier (Sia) – Cast
[0:07′] Eve singing alone at the karaoke bar.
4. Wildfire – Sam Halliday
[0:14′] At the cafe, Konstantin puts cream on top of Pam’s hot chocolate while they are talking.
5. Walk on, Yeah (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:21′] Villanelle and the other woman sitting by the fire
6. No Friend Of Mine – Unloved
[0:23′] The woman offers Villanellee worms, then gives her a drink as they continue sitting by the fire.
7. La La La – Unloved
[0:28′] After Eve leaves Konstantin’s place
8. I Could Tell You But I’d Have To Kill – Unloved
[0:29′] Carolyn waits outside with her luggage; Eve looks at the departures board at the airport.
9. Мальчик на девятке – DEAD BLONDE
[0:30′] While sitting by the fire, Villanelle kisses the other woman; Konstantin drinks and dances in his room.
10. It’s Hard To Hold You Close (When The World Keeps Turning) – Unloved
[0:34′] Pam kills Konstantin; Eve on the lake in a pneumatic boat.
11. Don’t Take The Lovers From The World – Shirley Bassey
[0:40′] The woman catches Eve in the woods.

Season 4 • Episode 8: ‘Hello, Losers’ (S04E08)

10 April 2022
14 songs

1. Stop What You’re Doing Before It’s Too Late – Unloved
Starting song / Eve and Gunn are fighting. Eve hits her with a rock and runs away.
2. We Are Unloved – Unloved
[0:04′] Villanelle and Eve get on a boat, trying to run from Hélène
3. Behave Myself – She Drew The Gun
[0:06′] After the scene where Villanelle spins Eve around on the road.
4. To The Day I Die (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:14′] The girl they ran into on the road reads Eve’s future and it doesn’t look good.
5. Stranger – Anna Von Hausswolff
[0:15′] The next morning, Villanelle wakes up, lifts Eve’s blouse and caresses her scar.
6. Strut – Tom Bowler
[0:18′] Eve and Villanelle are in the car, eating snacks.
7. Don’t You Want Me – The Human League
[0:18′] After the scene where they found a truck stop online and ate snacks.
8. Until The War Is Won – Christopher Walters & Spencer Bensch
[0:19′] Eve and Villanelle arrive at the truck stop. Eve wants to order food and Villanelle asks a man if she could use his charger for her phone.
9. Solent – Neil Richardson
[0:23′] Carolyn and Pam jump into the water after they talk.
10. Bite Marks – The Mistys
[0:25′] Eve and Villanelle are kissing in the middle of the road.
11. Tell Mama (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:28′] Eve and Carolyn talk about Kenny’s death.
12. Tell Me – Johnny Jewel Feat. Saoirse Ronan
[0:35′] Eve talks about the hardships of a relationship and kintsugi, while officiating a wedding.
13. Candy – Cameo
[0:36′] Eve and the grooms start dancing;Villanelle is fighting people in a different room.
14. Thinkin’ about her (Killing Eve) – Unloved
[0:38′] Eve and Villanelle are hugging on deck when they get shot. They jump into the water, but only Eve survives.

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