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Liaison Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  44  | Scene descriptions: 36 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 31 March 2023
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The soundtrack to Liaison Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Apple TV+ series.

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Liaison Season 1 official OST album tracklist

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Storm Warning’ (S01E01)

24 February 2023
10 songs

1. playGroovejet (Vocal Remix) – Spiller
[0:01′] This song plays in the background at the party before Gabriel goes out on the balcony.
2. playVladimir Putin – Moudy Al Arabe
[0:02′] Samir listens to this song while working on the computer.
3. playYou Are the One – Plumm
[0:05′] Intro song.
4. playMawal Jamar – Omar Souleyman
[0:06′] While at a party, Gabriel receives a phone call from his boss regarding two hackers.
5. playDamascus – Walter Mair
[0:12′] Samir, Myriam, and Walid try to flee the country in a car after Samir and Walid hack Assad’s police files.
6. playSpotlight – Jessie Ware
[0:20′] This song plays in the background while Alison prepares dinner and Albert arrives home.
7. playRonde de nuit – Bastien Lallemant
[0:33′] This song plays at the bar in Paris when Gabrielle walks in.
8. playNew York City – Metro Verlaine
[0:34′] Gabriel dines with an old friend and talks about Russian hackers.
9. playTeardrop – Massive Attack
[0:51′] Alison cries in the car on the way home before discovering that Albert has received Jean Petit’s case.
10. playLiaison Theme – Walter Mair
[0:54′] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Chaos’ (S01E02)

3 March 2023
7 songs

1. play You are the one – Plumm
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme.
2. play Good day Mister President – Walter Mair
[0:05’] President of Frances’s staff is discussing cooperating with the British.
3. Why won’t you let me breathe– Lyrical Individual
[0:16’] Kids listening to it on the train.
4. play Why won’t you love me– 5 Seconds of Summer
[0:17’] Kids listening to it on the train.
5. play Liaison theme – Walter Mair
[0:24’] Alison finds Gabriel in room 314 of a hospital they hug but then the patient flatlines.
6. play No problem – Chase & Status feat. Takura
[0:34’] Agents discover Gabriel after being ordered to arrest him and a chase initiates.
7. play You’re freedom is the end of me – Melanie De Biasio
[0:50’] Linda tries to convince Kim to see a therapist because of the train collision.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Manipulations’ (S01E03)

10 March 2023
5 songs

1. Polaroïd – Metro Verlaine
Opening song. Gabriel and his boss have a conversation at a bar in Paris.
2. You Are The One – Plumm
[0:03’] Intro song.
3. Home Office – Walter Mair
[0:19’] Alison and Mark arrive at the European Commission in Brussels.
4. Liaison Theme – Walter Mair
[0:32’] In the bathroom, Alison takes care of Gabriel’s wounds.
5. Good Day Mister President – Walter Mair
[0:40’] Didier calls Bob after speaking with Sabine and insists that the agreement be signed that night.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Carnage’ (S01E04)

17 March 2023
5 songs

1. You Are The One – Plumm
[0:02′] Intro song.
2. playJour meilleur – OrelSan
[0:30′] The song plays over the radio as Gabriel rides with Alison and Myriam in the car.
3. La Marseillaise – Cast
[0:31′] Gabriel whistles this tune as he drives to the place where they’re going to meet up with Samir.
4. playTeardrop – Massive Attack
[0:40′] Alison looks at the old photos, then turns on the stereo and this song starts playing.
5. play Good day Mister President – Walter Mair
[0:51′] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Family Album’ (S01E05)

24 March 2023
3 songs

1. play You Are The One – Plumm
[0:07’] Intro song / Opening theme.
2. play Attack on Alison – Walter Mair
[0:43’] On the boat, Gabriel is told to play the video so they all watch the tape. After seeing it, Nathalie’s brother gets mad and attacks Alison.
3. play COPYCAT – Billie Eilish
[0:48’] The song plays in the final scene of the episode when the group heads to the shore in an inflatable boat.
End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘An Eye for an Eye’ (S01E06)

31 March 2023
4 songs

1. playLiaison Theme – Walter Mair
[0:02′] Music plays in the background when they talk in the car and Gabriel admits to Alison that he was not straight with her from the beginning.
[0:11′] Repeats when Alison begs Gabriel to leave the house because she is sick of him after all these years.
2. play You Are The One – Plumm
[0:03′] Intro song / Opening theme.
3. playTeardrop – Massive Attack
[0:10′] Alison plays with the baby when she hears this song and goes downstairs to turn it off.
[0:53′] The song repeats in the final scene of the episode when Alison searches the crowd, crying, seeking Gabriel. End credits.
4. playMoment of Truth – Walter Mair
[0:47′] Gabriel kisses Alison to distract her so he can lock her in the room to protect her, and then she hears gunshots.

Liaison Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 24 February 2023
Label: Lakeshore Records
Original music composed by Walter Mair
1. playLiaison Theme
2. playDGSE Headquarter
3. playDamascus
4. playAre You Using Me?
5. playHome Office
6. playDestroying the Setup
7. playSamir at Dunkirk
8. playAttack On Alison
9. playGood Day Mister President
10. playEmbrace
11. playAlison Meets Gabriel
12. playRefugee Camp

13. playEuropean Headquarters
14. playHobbs Questions Alison
15. playVideo Tape
16. playThe Bunker
17. playHitmen
18. playSleeping Beside Each Other
19. playStuck On Coast
20. playGo Home
21. playA Sacrifice
22. playMoment of Truth
23. playFind Him
24. playDeparture
25. playTake Over
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Liaison Season 1  TV information
Liaison Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Apple Studios, Léonis Productions, Ringside Studios
Distributor: Apple TV+
Director: Stephen Hopkins
Actors: Daniel Francis, Eva Green, Vincent Cassel

IMDB: Liaison

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