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Season 1 • Episode 1 (S01E01)

3 June 2022
6 songs

1. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
At the beginning of the episode, when Ari is heading to the beach on his bike and later starts surfing. /
Title card

2. The Mother We Share – The Chvrches
[0:05′] The family waits for Summer at the airport, then takes her to Shorehaven.
3. Push Up – Brother Leo
[0:11′] The surf contest continues and Summer goes to watch.
4. Couch Party – Skegss
[0:18′] Everybody dances at the party on the beach.
5. Cloud 9 – Baker Boy
[0:18′] Summer skates with two other guys at the party; Ari asks her to go home as he has finals in the morning.
6. Midnight City – M83
[0:22′] Summer walks down the street by herself; The surf finals day begins.

Season 1 • Episode 2 (S01E02)

3 June 2022
5 songs

1. Speed Of Sound – Children Collide
Starting song / People surfing.
2. In Control – Baker Boy
[0:02′] Sheridan drives over Summer’s skateboard, tearing it apart. /
Title card

3. Out Of Age – Angie
[0:06′] Poppy and Lily compete in the quarter-final.
4. We Are The Ones (Own The world) – Charles William
[0:10′] Summer goes jetskiing with Marlon; Ari goes swimming with Poppy.
5. I learnt 2 Swim – Wavevom
[0:20′] Summer takes revenge on Sheridan, pushing the car over her surfboard and breaking it into pieces.

Season 1 • Episode 3 (S01E03)

3 June 2022
5 songs

1. Spring Has Sprung – Skegss
[0:01′] Ari wakes up Summer early in the morning. /
Title card

2. Favourite People – Yukon Blonde
[0:03′] Ari rushes onto the beach with his surfboard, then crashes into the waves with the others.
3. Bring Me Home – G Flip
[0:08′] Poppy keeps training; Ari goes jogging; Summer is watching Poppy teach the children how to surf.
4. No More Worries (Oh Yeah) – Bones and Jones
[0:12′] Summer films Poppy while she is surfing.
5. Under The Sun – DIIV
[0:17′] Ari goes surfing with his father.

Season 1 • Episode 4 (S01E04)

3 June 2022
6 songs

1. Get Down – Jess Kent
[0:01′] The song plays in the girls’ van, as they pass by Ari and Marlon. /
Title card

2. Like That – Fleur East
[0:03′] The surfing competition starts and the girls get in the water.
3. Not About You – Haiku Hands
[0:05′] Summer takes her surfing board and gets in the water with the other girls.
4. Sambafunk – Drumagick
[0:08′] The under 16 boys competition starts and they align on the beach.
5. Start A Fire – Madison
[0:17′] Poppy starts the competition against the favorites, Tran and Morehouse, and wins.
6. Black Smoke – Emily Wurramara
[0:24′] After the competition ends, the girls leave in their van, and Ari leaves with Marlon.

Season 1 • Episode 5 (S01E05)

3 June 2022
7 songs

1. Alive – Empire of the Sun
Starting song / People surfing
Title card

2. Love Forever – The Babe Rainbow
[0:04′] Bodhi browses through the clothes on the rack when the sponsor arrives and talks to Summer.
3. Scared of Love – Fallulah
[0:05′] Bodhi does a photoshoot session with two other girls.
4. Girls Can Do Anything – Bleeding Knees Club
[0:15′] Poppy wins the competition of the day.
5. Space Song – Beach House
[0:18′] Ari cheers for Bodhi as she is taking the lead; Poppy fixes her appearance in the mirror while looking at a photo of her and Bodhi.
6. Pasta – Angie McMahon
[0:21′] Poppy congratulates Ari and tells him that they should stay friends.
7. Invincible ft. iDA Hawk – Big Wild
[0:23′] Poppy and Bodhi compete against each other in the women’s final.

Season 1 • Episode 6 (S01E06)

3 June 2022
5 songs

1. Through The Roof – Hermitude
Starting song / The contest Subtropix 360 begins.
2. Out The Window – Confidence Man
[0:02′] The male commentator talks about Jenna Brosa’s performance on the waves.
3. Paradise – Total Giovanni
[0:14′] Bodhi lays her head on Ari’s shoulder after talking.
4. Chameleon – Pnau
[0:15′] Ari, Bodhi, Summer, and their friends dance together.
5. Pizza Guy – Touch Sensitive
[0:23′] Ari decides to finish the competition and enjoy the last waves.
End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 7 (S01E07)

3 June 2022
5 songs

1. When The Party’s Over – Billie Eilish
Poppy is surfing.
2. Caminho Do Mar – Drumagick
[0:09′] Luciana’s waiting for her son in the car.
3. 24k – Tkay Maidza
[0:12′] Summer is skating when she hears Poppy screaming.
4. Life Goes On – E^ST
[0:13′] Summer and Poppy scream together to release some tension.
5. Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums
[0:17′] The female commentator talks about how Gibson and Ari are surfing.

Season 1 • Episode 8 (S01E08)

3 June 2022
4 songs

1. Strange Dreams – Nic Cester
Starting song / Ari runs into Marlon on his way back from Stairway. /
Title card

2. Move Up – Tasman Keith
[0:01′] Manu and the others are looking at videos from surfing the Stairway.
3. Shake the Fire – Sampson
[0:14′] After Summer argues with her mum over the phone.
4. Highlights – Shahrae
[0:25′] Abbie and Thommo tell Ari that he can’t compete anymore. /
End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 9 (S01E09)

3 June 2022
5 songs

1. Pow Pow – Coda Conduct
Starting song / Poppy and Bodhi talk about Marlon leaving the group. /
Title card

2. Groceries – Mallrat
[0:04′] Summer and Ari go to the island together without their parents knowing.
3. Honesty – Michele Wylen
[0:08′] Summer and Ari arrive in time for the ferry boarding and sneak on it without a ticket.
4. Front Row Hustle – DZ Deathrays & Briggs & Jesswar & Trials
[0:14′] Summer and Ari get a ride with Prawnie’s van.
5. High – Peking Duk feat. Nicole Millar
[0:20′] Ari wins the competition against Marlon.

Season 1 • Episode 10 (S01E10)

3 June 2022
5 songs

1. R U 4 Me? – Middle Kids
Starting song / Both Summer and Ari’s moms are mad at them for lying. /
Title card

2. Great Summer – Vance Joy
[0:04′] Everyone is cheering on Bodhi while she’s surfing.
3. Feels Right – Biig Piig
[0:12′] Margot wakes up and reads the message Summer left for her.
4. Yo Da Boss – Soulplusmind & Janae E.
[0:16′] Manu is cheering for Bodhi and Poppy at the competition.
5. Spend Your Life – ELKI
[0:23′] Ari and Summer say their goodbyes at the airport before she leaves.
End credits song

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Production: Werner Film Productions
Distributor: Netflix, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
Directors: Ben Chessell, Sian Davies, Charlotte George
Stars: Sky Katz, Kai Lewins, Savannah La Rain

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