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Ted Lasso Season 3 Soundtrack

Songs:  128  | Scene descriptions: 108 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 12  |  Last episode: 31 May 2023
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The soundtrack to Ted Lasso Season 3 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Apple TV+ series.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 1
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 2
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 3
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 4
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 5
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 7
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 9
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 10
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11
Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 12

Ted Lasso Season 3 official OST album tracklist

Season 3 • Episode 1: ‘Smells Like Mean Spirit’ (S03E01)

15 March 2023
5 songs

1. playWigwam – Bob Dylan
[0:02′] Ted returns home after dropping off Henry at the airport and talks on the phone with Sharon.
2. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:05′] Intro song / Opening theme.
3. playFollow the Leader – Eric B. & Rakim
[0:10′] Coach Shelley parks the car in front of the stadium and heads to his office.
4. playIn Another Time – Sade
[0:40′] Roy and Phoebe get into the car after Roy reveals that he and his fiancée had broken up. Ted and Coach Beard chat as they walk down the street together. Later, Ted calls his son and shows him what changes he has made to the lego construction.
5. playRing The Alarm – Beyoncé
[0:42′] End credits song.

Season 3 • Episode 2 ‘(I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea’ (S03E02)

22 March 2023
5 songs

1. playLovely Day / Good as Hell Mashup – Pomplamoose
The song is heard during the episode’s opening montage.
2. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme.
3. playReady To Go – Republica
[0:13’] Music plays at the nightclub when they are shooting the video of the lamb.
4. playA Well Respected Man – The Kinks
[0:17’] Trent enters the locker room after walking down the hallway and saluting the guys.
[0:18’] The song continues as he exits the locker room and heads to the office.
5. playNight’s Falling – Andrew Bird
[0:45’] The song plays in the final scene of the episode when Roy and Trent say goodbye to Ted and leave the office.
End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 3: ‘4-5-1’ (S03E03)

29 March 2023
8 songs

1. playOut Of My Head – Fastball
Opening song. Colin wakes up in the morning and gets ready for the day.
2. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:02′] Intro song / Opening theme.
3. playPrisencolinensinainciusol – Adriano Celentano
[0:32′] The song plays during a montage of Zava scoring goal after goal in various matches.
4. playSuperstar (feat. The Trinidad Singers) – Andrew Lloyd Webber & Murray Head
[0:36′] Zava scores with a bicycle kick and the team wins the game. The players return to the lockers and celebrate.
5. playNo Wahala (feat. Kizz Daniel & Tiwa Savage) [Remix] – 1da Banton
[0:37′] The players cheer for Zava as he returns to the lockers. In the evening, they meet up at Sam’s restaurant to celebrate the victory.
6. playOzo – Ifé & Umu obiligbo
[0:39′] Coach Beard makes out with a woman in front of Ted. Roy goes to talk to Jamie who is sitting alone at a table. Roy offers to train him in order to become a better player than Zava.
7. playEssence (feat. Tems) – Wizkid
[0:41′] Rebecca and Keeley talk while Shandy goes to see Zava. Sam thanks Zava for coming to his restaurant, and Zava inquires about his avocado supplier. Ted meets Sassy at the party and they start talking. Sam provides green matchbooks to the guests as a memento of the evening.
8. playEverybody Knows – Leonard Cohen
[0:45′] Trent walks out of the restaurant and notices Colin kissing his boyfriend outside. End credits song.

Season 3 • Episode 4: ‘Big Week’ (S03E04)

5 April 2023
7 songs

1. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:05’] Intro song / Opening theme.
2. playTi Kinonia Ine Afti (feat. Giorgos Raptis) – Spanomarkou
[0:13’] Nathan enters the restaurant and starts a conversation with Jade before picking up his takeaway.
3. playRebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) – Digable Planets
[0:25’] The football players and the staff get off the bus and are welcomed by the fans.
4. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – Cast
[0:32’] The crowd sings the song as the teams prepare to take the field.
5. playFist Fight! – Crisis of Conformity
[0:38’] Richmond players start fighting in the second half, receiving many red cards.
6. playSinister Kid – The Black Keys
[0:44’] Everybody cheers for Nathan when he arrives at the restaurant. Rupert introduces him to Anastasia.
7. playDon’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Peter, Paul & Mary
[0:48’] The song starts playing in the final scene of the episode and continues as the credits roll.

Season 3 • Episode 5: ‘Signs’ (S03E05)

12 April 2023
5 songs

1. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:02′] Intro song / Opening theme.
2. playYou Can Do It – Ice Cube, Mack 10, & Ms. Toi
[0:22′] Isaac tells the players at the gym to take a shower before leaving and to avoid playing video games before night.
[0:24′] The song repeats after Zava gives a speech in front of everyone in the locker room.
3. playOh What a Performance – Nirvana
[0:26′] The audience cheers for Zava right when Roy notices that he is missing.
4. playQuiet – Rechael Yamagata
[0:37′] Rebecca receives a phone call from the doctor’s office. After that, she calls Keeley who doesn’t hear the phone ringing as she is drinking with her new friend.
5. playCome Together – Spiritualized
[0:48′] The song plays in the final scene of the episode and continues as the credits roll.

Season 3 • Episode 6: ‘Sunflowers’ (S03E06)

19 April 2023
17 songs

1. playThree Little Birds – Bob Marley & The Wailers
[0:01′] The friendly match versus Ajax in Amsterdam concludes with Richmond being defeated 5-0.
[1:00′] Rebecca places her feet on the table and begins singing this song on the bus, then everybody joins her. End credits.
2. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:06′] Intro song / Opening theme.
3. playSmoorverliefd – Doe Maar
[0:07′] Rebecca is having a stroll in Amsterdam by herself while talking to Sassy on the phone.
4. playHet Werd Zomer – Rob de Nijs
[0:13′] Rebecca finds her clothes still in the dryer after taking a shower on the boat, and she begins wandering about.
5. playPastorale – Liesbeth List & Ramses Shaffy
[0:21′] The man returns to the boat and notices that Rebecca is bleeding so he offers to take care of her ankle.
6. playBoy (Extended Mix Version) – Book of Love
[0:26′] Colin walks inside the bar and orders a vanilla vodka, but is startled when Trent appears unexpectedly behind him and hurries out.
7. playSonny Side Up – Timothy Whitehead
[0:28′] Ted watches TV and sends a text to Rebecca to make sure that she is fine.
8. playVenus – Shocking Blue
[0:28′] Rebecca appears in a pink outfit borrowed from the man’s ex-girlfriend’s wardrobe.
9. playZij Gelooft In Mij – André Hazes
[0:29′] Rebecca agrees to have a drink with the man on the boat.
10. She Believes In Me (Kenny Rogers) – Cast
[0:31′] Rebecca sings the lyrics of this song while the man sings it in Dutch.
11. playRaindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head – B.J. Thomas
[0:33′] Roy tries to learn how to ride a bike but keeps falling.
12. playHappy Little Sunbeam – Chet Baker
[0:34′] Leslie and Will have a drink together at Jazz Cafe Alto.
13. playEmerald and Stone – Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams
[0:38′] Ted goes to a museum and admires Van Gogh’s paintings.
14. playWaiting In School – Ricky Nelson
[0:43′] After visiting the museum, Ted goes to an American bar.
15. playDu (Version 2010) – Peter Maffay
[0:44′] Rebecca has dinner on the boat with Dutchman, then hears the dryer buzzing and decides to throw more water on them so she can spend more time with him.
16. playLet’s Get Lost – Chet Baker
[0:51′] Leslie performs on stage with the band. The song continues to play during the following montage.
17. playMag Ik Dansen – Guus Meeuwis
[0:56′] The song plays when Coach Beard steps out of the van wearing a costume and a pig nose.

Season 3 • Episode 7: ‘The Strings That Bind Us’ (S03E07)

26 April 2023
13 songs

1. playDreams – The Cranberries
Opening song. Jamie continues to train under Roy’s supervision.
[0:02′] The song repeats after Jack gifts Keeley an expensive book signed by Jane Austen.
2. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:04′] Intro song / Opening theme.
3. playSometime In The Morning – The Monkees
[0:12′] Lasso and Coach continue to talk at the pub after the group of fans leaves. Nathan passes by the restaurant to check if Jade is there.
4. playRocks – Primal Scream
[0:17′] The players continue to run on the field until they start throwing up.
5. playWhat Would I Do Without You – Ray Charles
[0:23′] When Sam arrives at the restaurant, the staff is in the kitchen watching the news.
6. playShoegaze – Alabama Shakes
[0:31′] Jade exits the restaurant and looks out for Nathan but he doesn’t show up. Keeley finds the office filled with her favorite flowers.
7. playCenterfield – John Fogerty
[0:33′] Lasso forces the players to train while they are bound with strings.
8. playYou’ve Really Got a Hold On Me – The Miracles
[0:33′] Keeley is late for her meeting with Jack and refuses her gift before she even knows what it is.
9. playDoomed – Moses Sumney
[0:38′] When Sam arrives at the restaurant, he discovers that it has been completely destroyed.
[0:41′] Sam starts crying when his father shows up in the locker room.
10. playAlright – Supergrass
[0:43′] The stadium is prepared for the upcoming match between AFC Richmond and Arsenal.
11. playFootball Is Mostly Life – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:50′] Richmond performs a fantastic Total Football serve in the second half that ends in a spectacular goal.
12. playFind Someone Like You – Snoh Aalegra
[0:51′] Nathan texts his mother while waiting for Jade to arrive at the restaurant. Keeley and Jack also go out on a date.
13. playEnjoy – Tekno
[0:55′] The song plays at the end of the episode when the team celebrates at Sam’s restaurant.
End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 8: ‘We’ll Never Have Paris’ (S03E08)

3 May 2023
8 songs My Ever Changing Moods – The Style Council
Opening song. The music continues to play softly in the background when Ted meets up with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, Jake.
2.playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:03’] Intro song / Opening theme. Criminal – Fiona Apple
[0:08’] Jack shows Keeley a private film of her that was exposed on the internet.
4. play Strangers – The Kinks
[0:22’] The coach orders the players to immediately delete every single picture and video that they have ever sent after finding out that Keeley’s account was hacked.
5. play Mistakes – Sharon Van Etten
[0:28’] Jack arrives home and asks Keeley how she’s doing, after all that she has been through.
6. Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters
[0:40’] While a busker performs live to raise money, Mae brings drinks to Coach Beard and Ted’s table.
7. Hey Jude – The Beatles
[0:40’] When the busker starts singing this song, Henry recognizes the music. Ted receives a text message from Rebecca and walks away to call her. Everybody starts to sing along to the lyrics of this song.
8. play Tout Doux, Tout Doucement – Marcel Amont
[0:53’] Ted says goodbye to Henry and his ex-wife, not before asking her how was the trip to Paris, then watches them getting in the cab.
End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 9: ‘La Locker Room Aux Folles’ (S03E09)

10 May 2023
4 songs

1. play Prelude (From La Cage Aux Folles) – Original Broadway Cast
AFC Richmond are playing a match, the players seem to enjoy themselves. The coaches watch from the boundary line. Ted Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:02’] Intro song. All That You Are – Bear’s Den
[0:39’] Nathan goes to Jade’s house. They hug. I Am What I Am (From La Cage Aux Folles) – Donald Pippin & George Hearn
[0:41’] Isaac comes to Colin’s house. Isaac is hurt that Colin did not confide in him that he is gay.

Season 3 • Episode 10: ‘International Break’ (S03E10)

17 May 2023
8 songs

1. playTed Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:03’] Intro song / Theme song.
2. playWari – Ruth tafebe & the afrorockerz
[0:18’] Edwin is introducing Charles Siziba, food blogger for the Times, to Sam.
3. playElephino – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:24’] Rebecca goes into Leslie’s office to ask for advice because she doesn’t want to be part of the Akufo League.
4. playRed Right Hand (2011 Remastered Version) – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
[0:27’] Roy is wearing the t-shirt his sister gave him on his birthday.
5. playLight (Live) – Michael Kiwanuka
[0:39’] Nathan is at his parents’ house searching through the old album photos.
6. playGolden Star – Middle Kids
[0:55’] Nathan is spending quality time with his parents.
7. playDone Did Me No Good – Bahamas
[1:00’] The team prepares for training.
8. playUnion Jack – Big Audio Dynamite
[1:03’] End credits song.

Season 3 • Episode 11: ‘Mom City’ (S03E11)

24 May 2023
9 songs

1.playLong Road – The Tremeloes
Ted gets out of his house. People wish him good luck with the game. Ted Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme. The Puppy Song – Harry Nilsson
[0:24’] The team are watching a movie and this song is playing. Keeley sits next to Roy, he asks her how did it go with Jamie. She replies that she made it worse. Over the Rainbow – Harry Nilsson
[0:25’] Some players cry as they watch a scene from „You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Why Can’t I Touch It? – Buzzcocks
[0:27’] Jamie leaves the hotel, Roy and Keeley follow him. Football Is Mostly Life – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:53’] Pep Guardiola congratulates Ted for winning the match. He and coach Beard are starstruck. Fat Bottom Girls – Queen
[0:54’] The team gets off the bus. They are happy to have won the game and drink beer. Fought & Lost (feat. Brian May) – Sam Ryder
[1:05’] Ted and his mother have dinner. Bex and Rupert’s secretary go to Rebecca’s house and ask her if they can go in. Home – Brandi Carlile
[1:08’] End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 12: ‘So Long, Farewel’ (S03E12)

31 May 2023
8 songs

1. play Ted Lasso Theme – Marcus Mumford & Tom Howe
[0:03′] Intro song / Opening theme.
2. playSo Long, Farewell
[0:10′] The football team sings this song, before playing their final match.
3. playWaterfall – The Stone Roses
[0:13′] Keeley brings presents to the members of the team.
4. playShadows- Future Island ft. Debbie Harry
[0:19′] Roy and Jamie meet up at a bar.
5. playIn Between Days – The Cure
[0:29′] Arlo presents the AFC Richmond team.
6. playA Beautiful Game – Ed Sheeran
[0:40′] Coach Beard presents a surprise video of the team, to motivate them.
7. playFather and Son – Cat Stevens
[1:08′] Ted’s flight departs, and Rebecca accidentally meets the pilot.
8. playFight Test – The Flaming Lips
[1:14′] End credits.

Ted Lasso Season 3 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 30 May 2023
Label: WaterTower Music
Original music composed by Tom Howe
1. playGoodbyes
2. playRebecca in Amsterdam
3. playDelete It
4. playBelieve It
5. playWe Care
6. playJamie and the Dutch
7. playLos Enemigos
8. playUncle Bernie
9. playTotal Footbal
10. playColin’s Journey

11. playKeeley & Nate
12. playZava Meets the Team
13. playZava Joins Richmond
14. playLondon Calling
15. playRoyal Gifts
16. playRupert Groove
17. playRestaurant Destroyed
18. playDiscord at the Dog Track
19. playDecisions
20. playRebecca Laments

21. playKJPR Shutdown
22. playGetting Big
23. playTurn to the Dark Side
24. playMs. Bread
25. playLost My Wings
26. playKids
27. playGood Mornings
28. playThat You Can Print
29. playFirst Half Ham
30. playFirst Goal

31. playTen Men
32. playTriangles
33. playWinning
34. playZero
35. playOffsides
36. playPush & Restructure
37. playJust a Sign
38. playFought & Lost – Sam Ryder
39. playHome – Brandi Carlile
40. playA Beautiful Game – Ed Sheeran
41. playSo Long, Farewell (feat. Toheeb Jimoh, Kola Bokinni, Cristo Fernandez, Phil Dunster, Billy Harris, George Montagu, Tom Hendryk, Stephen Manas & Tom Howe) (2:00)
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Ted Lasso Season 3  TV information
Ted Lasso Season 3 Soundtrack
Production: Ruby's Tuna, Universal Television, Doozer
Distributor: Apple TV+
Directors: M.J. Delaney, Erica Dunton, Destiny Ekaragha
Actors: Jason Sudeikis, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt

IMDB: Ted Lasso

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