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Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘13,000’ (S02E01)

6 May 2022
4 songs

1. Kamanche Solo Tehran – Mark Eliyahu
[0:03′] Tamar walks on the streets while being followed by two men.
2. Tehran – Mark Eliyahu
[0:07′] Opening credits
[0:47′] End credits
3. Tinnitus – Mark Eliyahu
[0:32′] At the hospital, Tamar runs and almost gets caught in the process of helping the prisoner to escape.
4. Makot – Mark Eliyahu
[0:34′] After the prisoner is taken out of the hospital in an ambulance.
Continues when Barak wakes up in the ambulance and General Qasem talks to the press.

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘Change of Plan’ (S02E02)

6 May 2022
5 songs

1. Alalla Y’lali – Rachid Halihal
[0:02′] Faraz follows Milad and tells Ali to surprise him.
2. Tehran – Mark Eliyahu
[0:07′] Opening Credits
[0:49′] End credits
3. Kamanche Solo Tehran – Mark Eliyahu
[0:16′] After Faraz gets a visit from General Qasem; Taram gets out of the taxi and heads to a black car where she meets Marjan.
[0:47’] Marjan leaves the apartment; Faraz knocks on Nahid’s door and hears her crying.
4. Memories – Mark Eliyahu
[0:35′] Before Babak arrives at the apartment where Milad and Tamar are hiding.
5. Mastam – Liraz
[0:41′] When Tamar opens the door and lets Vahid come in.
The song plays again loudly while Babak is tied up in the other room and starts banging his legs.
Continues when Milad starts fighting with Babak.
Repeates when Tamar sees Babak dead in the other room.

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘PTSD’ (S02E03)

13 May 2022
5 songs

1. Saba – Mark Eliyahu
[0:02′] Milad starts crying and asks Tamar to go back to their original plan; Tamar gets her back and goes to the gym.
2. Tehran – Mark Eliyahu
Opening credits
End credits

3. Slow Voltage – Mark Eliyahu
[0:07′] Tamar is in the taxi cab looking at the photos on the tablet.
4. Makot – Mark Eliyahu
[0:27′] Milad and Tamar get followed by the police, they leave the car and hide inside an abandoned building.
5. Alalla Y’lali – Rachid Halihal
[0:33′] Faraz arrives home and finds his wife preparing a special dinner.

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘The Rich Kids’ (S02E04)

20 May 2022
5 songs

1. The Run Away – Mark Eliyahu
[0:01′] After Faraz is called for a morning meeting with Mohammadi, then his car is being bugged so his moves could be traced.
2. Tehran – Mark Eliyahu
[0:04′] Opening credits
End credits

3. Red Cup Energy – Inside Tracks
[0:11′] Tamar shows up at Vahid’s place during the big party.
4. Feelin Great – Universal Production Music
[0:22′] Vahid calls Peyman and they hear the phone ringing in Tamar’s bag.
5. Ey Kaash Maa – Aasopaas
[0:33′] Peyman plays this track when he gets in the car with Tamar.
Continues when Peyman stops the car and puts the phone in his pocket.

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘Double Fault’ (S02E05)

27 May 2022
6 songs

1. Tehran – Mark Eliyahu
[0:01′] Opening credits
[0:37′] End credits
2. Thunder – Mark Eliyahu
[0:06′] After looking at the photos on the tablet, Tamar takes her phone and goes to the balcony to call Vahid and ask for help.
3. Nostalgic – Mark Eliyahu
[0:15′] Milad returns to the prison cell after being beaten by the police officer and starts a conversation with his colleague.
4. Male Mani – Mahdi Shahnazi
[0:30′] The song plays when Peyman is at the tennis court.
5. Golden Sands – Daniel May & Marc Ferrari
[0:32′] Tamar talks to Peyman and tells him what happened between Vahid and her brother.
6. Tinnitus – Mark Eliyahu
[0:36′] While talking on the phone with Marja, Faraz sees Tamar going trough Peyman’s bag.

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