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Top Gear Season 33 Soundtrack

Songs:  17  | Scene descriptions: 22 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 4  |  Last episode: 20 November 2022< Previous Season
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The soundtrack to Top Gear Season 33 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Top Gear Season 33 Episode 1
Top Gear Season 33 Episode 2
Top Gear Season 33 Episode 3
Top Gear Season 33 Episode 4

Season 33 • Episode 1 (S33E01)

31 October 2022
6 songs

1. play Top Gear Theme Song
Intro song.
End credits.

2. play Wild – Ben Cocks
[0:08’] The boys head north to put the pick-ups to the test.
3. play Peiho Flow – Audio Android & Damon Baxter
[0:09’] The boys talk through the walkie-talkies as they drive.
4. play Jellyfish Walker – Cavendish Music
[0:19’] The boys get back on the road and drive to Bangkok.
5. Mystic Bliss – Kenji Takamoto
[0:39’] After racing in Bangkok, the guys head up north to a remote hill village.
6. play Unforgettable – Ben Cocks & Sid Narbom
[0:45’] Following their minor incident, the boys continue to drive to the village, carrying the cargo as the locals do.

Season 33 • Episode 2 (S33E02)

6 November 2022
10 songs

1. play Top Gear Theme Song
Intro song.
[0:59′] End credits.
2. playBargeboard – Universal Production Music
[0:17′] The boys ride on the Autobahn at night.
3. playParis – Marie Baraton
[0:21′] The boys go to Paris to test the microcars.
4. playBig Band Bossa – Gilles Douieb & Jacques Leon Mercier
[0:26′] The song plays when they head to the Arc de Triomphe, the busiest roundabout.
5. playA Little Cha Cha – New Ballroom Dance Orchestra
[0:27′] The guys head onto the Champs-Elysees.
6. playSeuls Au Monde – Selectracks Song Catalog
[0:29′] The guys head to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica.
7. playMes Amis – Selectracks Song Catalog
[0:31′] The contest begins and they all drive through the town to take selfies with the celebrities.
8. Level Up – AXS
[0:35′] Freddie passes by Chris while he is still stuck in traffic.
9. playA Touch of Elegance – Thierry Caroubi
[0:38′] The guys meet up at the Eiffel Tower after the treasure hunt ends.
10. playRoll like This – Gary James Crockett & Jason Glover
[0:41′] The guys test the supercars on a road in Austria.

Season 33 • Episode 3 (S33E03)

13 November 2022
2 songs

1.playTop Gear Theme Song
Intro song / Opening theme
[0:56’] End credits song
2. playWild Dog Running – All Good Folks
[0:17’] Freddie gets back in the race car and starts to feel more familiar with the track.

Season 33 • Episode 4 (S33E04)

20 November 2022
1 song

1.playTop Gear Theme Song
Intro song / Opening theme

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Top Gear Season 33  TV information
Top Gear Season 33 Soundtrack
Production: Framestore
Distributor: BBC Worldwide, Netflix
Directors: Brian Klein, Phil Churchward, Nigel Simpkiss
Stars: Richard Hammond, Chris Harris, Andrew Flintoff

IMDB: Top Gear

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