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Virgin River Season 5 Soundtrack

Songs:  62  | Scene descriptions: 57 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 12  |  Last episode: 30 November 2023< Previous Season
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The soundtrack to Virgin River Season 5 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix series.
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Virgin River Season 5 official OST album tracklist

Season 5 • Episode 1: ‘A Second Chance’ (S05E01)

7 September 2023
5 songs

1. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:03’] Opening theme.
2. playWay You Move – Ben Wagner
[00:04’] Bert sips from a travel mug as he cruises down the road in his tow truck. He spots a man standing beside a pickup truck on the side of the road, pulls over, and asks him if he needs help.
3. playCrooked Tree – Huxlee
[00:26’] At Jack’s bar, the Sewing Circle ladies work at a table, and a young woman holds baby Chloe. Mel arrives, walks to their table, and Tara introduces her sister, Eva, to Mel.
4. playAlways – Ashe
[00:36’] Paige tells Preacher he showed her what a good man is. Her eyes glisten with tears as she leans forward and kisses him. She heads to the car and leaves.
5. playAnd Then The Quiet – Margot Todd
[00:41’] Jack spots a father walking with two young boys. He stares as they cross in front of him. Mel sews at the bar. Eva approaches her; Mel tells her she thought she could fix the rip in her robe, but sewing silk is not for beginners.
[00:44’] End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 2: ‘Songbird’ (S05E02)

7 September 2023
4 songs

1. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:03’] Opening theme.
2. playSongbird – Fleetwood Mac
[00:04’] Mel jogs down a forest path near the river’s shore. She stops and gazes at the snowcapped mountains across from the rippling water. She has a flashback of her and her sister Joey pulling a Fleetwood Mac record out of a crate.
[00:40’] Jack and Mel snuggle on the cabin couch. She thanks him for being a good sport at dinner.
3. playReady Or Not – Drakeford
[00:24’] Mel walks into the bar and asks Preacher if Jack is back; Preacher tells her Jack is still hiking with Brie.
4. playLily Tells Mel – Jeff Garber
[00:45’] End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 3: ‘Calculated Risk’ (S05E03)

7 September 2023
4 songs

1. playSeptember – Earth, Wind & Fire
[00:01’] Preacher faces a group and toasts to Jack and Mel. Later, a drunk Jack stumbles and falls. Adam appears out of nowhere and questions Jack about why he left him fall from the roof. Mel walks to Jack and touches his arm, but then Jack awakens and Mel tells him he had a nightmare.
2. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:03’] Opening theme.
3. playOur Days Are Numbered – Aquilo
[00:39’] Preacher counts receipts behind the bar, and Kaia walks in. She tells him she liked his sandwich a lot. Preacher offers her a tequila, and she asks him to join her.
4. playIn the Shadows – Amy Stroup
[00:46’] Brie finds out from Brady that fentanyl is shipped through the lumber yard. She asks him to leave.

Season 5 • Episode 4: ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’ (S05E04)

7 September 2023
3 songs

1. playGranted – My Brother and I
The sun rises behind the trees, and water ripples over rocks in a shallow creek. Jack and Mel cruise down a forest road.
2. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:02’] Opening theme.
3. playIt Must be Luck – Sons of the East
[00:39’] Doc grabs a framed wedding photo of him and Hope. He looks at it with a wistful smile. Doc blinks, and the image is obscured with shadows.

Season 5 • Episode 5: ‘Trial by Fire’ (S05E05)

7 September 2023
2 songs

1. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:02’] Opening theme.
2. playVirgin River in Danger – Jeff Garber
[00:39’] Brie’s mother informs her over the phone that there’s a wildfire in Virgin River.

Season 5 • Episode 6: ‘Heroes Rise’ (S05E06)

7 September 2023
3 songs

1. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:02’] Opening theme.
2. playSomehow – The Band Willa
[00:32’] Brie tells her mother she loves her. They watch news footage of evacuees fleeing Grace Valley. In Virgin River, fires tear through the forests, and clouds of smoke waft into the evening sky. Residents are gathered together, and Bert distributes bottles of water. A plane releases water over the fires, and all people cheer.
3. playHow To Save a Life – Ruelle
[00:39’] Jack enters the tent and asks Mel what’s going on. Mel cries and embraces him. She sobs on his shoulder and tells him she is sorry. End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 7: ‘From the Ashes’ (S05E07)

7 September 2023
3 songs

1. playWe’ll Make It Through – Ray LaMontagne
Scorched trees wither in a forest clearing, and a welcome sign perches outside the charred remains of a burned building. Smoke rises from a patch of trees. Brie returns to Virgin River.
2. playSurvivors – Tim Baker
[00:35’] The sun shines over the mountains. Citizens arrive at the park carrying boxes. Tables are set up beneath a large tent. Doc takes a box from a man, Muriel sorts clothes, and Lizzie readies a roll of raffle tickets as Denny arrives.
3. playPreacher And the Teacher – Jeff Garber
[00:45’] End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 8: ‘Sous la pleine lune’ (S05E08)

7 September 2023
6 songs

1. playExactly How I Feel – Lizzo
Mel slides backwards across the floor to the music. She dances and lip-syncs to the music. She flips her hair, swings her arms, and then sings into a spatula. Jack watches her from the door.
2. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:02’] Opening theme.
3. playLet Down – Michigander
[00:16’] In the forest, Kaia glances at Preacher. Sitting on motorbikes, they put on the helmets. Kaia races ahead and Preacher follows her on an uneven forest path.
4. playCameron & Muriel – Jeff Garber
[00:30’] Muriel leans closer to Cameron and they kiss passionately. He tells her he is sorry and cannot be in a relationship with her because he promised Doc he would keep it more professional.
5. playDaydreamer – Roo Panes
[00:35’] The moon shines over Brie’s backyard. They drink to full moons and letting go of things. They clink wine glasses over a small fire pit. Ava tells the two to write on paper whatever is bothering them and then burn the notes.
6. playHurt for Me – SYML
[00:41’] End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 9: ‘Angel’s Peak’ (S05E09)

7 September 2023
8 songs

1. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:03’] Opening theme.
2. play Cameron & Muriel – Jeff Garber
[00:05’] Muriel informs Cameron they have a room full of patients. She tells him the coffee is ready and goes to pull the files.
3. playCatch Me If You Can – Nik West
[00:16’] At the ball game, the umpire tosses the ball to the pitcher. Mike steps up to bat and makes a hit. Brie is on the plate and hits the ball. Mike and Brie round bases and score.
4. playI Love the Rain the Most – Joe Purdy
[00:24’] Mel and Jack are lost in the woods. She is frustrated and asks what else can go wrong. Rain begins to pour down. They both begin to laugh.
5. playDoc’s Second Chance – Jeff Garber
[00:30’] Doc and Hope walk to Rose’s table. He tells Rose he is willing to put the past behind him. He mentions that he will always regret not having a chance to know Ryan but does not want to let that tarnish the gift of the second chance that he now has with Denny.
6. playJack and Mel Wait – Jeff Garber
[00:32’] Jack tells Mel he was lost and broken when he arrived at Virgin River. He confesses he repressed his brother’s death for years and fell into darkness.
7. playSongbird – The Band Willa
[00:36’] Jack exits the house with a cardboard box, and Mel sews on the porch. He asks her what she wants from Preacher’s new menu. She replies she would like one of everything.
8. playLily Tells Mel – Jeff Garber
[00:42’] End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 10: ‘Labor Day’ (S05E10)

7 September 2023
7 songs

1. playVirgin River Main Title – Jeff Garber
[00:06’] Opening theme.
2. playCome Back To Me – 3 One Oh
[00:24’] Preacher selects a song from the jukebox. Hannah asks him if it’s okay if he closes up by himself, and he replies it is fine. He tells her he will close out the register and join the others at the carnival. He wipes the counter, and Kaia enters the bar, informing him he will no longer leave California.
3. playSo Happy It Hurts – Bryan Adams
[00:27’] Rides spin and whirl at the carnival. Denny sits behind a water pistol at a game, Hope, Jo Ellen, and Lydia twirl in a giant strawberry cart, and Preacher tosses balls in a jug and wins a prize.
4. playWhat a Time to Be Alive – The Guest and The Host
[00:38’] Mel and Jack ride the Ferris wheel. She tells him she brought him on the ride to show him a different perspective. Fireworks begin to pop, and the crowd cheers. She asks him if they can take a detour on their way home.
5. playSomewhere Only We Know – Lily Allen
[00:42’] Mel takes Jack to a plot of land and informs him that he could build a house there. She mentions that Ava will sell the farm, and they could buy it. He tells her the idea is perfect and kisses her.
6. playJingle Bells (Female Vocal) – Geoffrey Peter Gascoyne, Anita Wardell
[00:43’] Mel makes a wreath at the cabin. She speaks with Joey on the phone, and Jack shouts that he hopes they are looking forward to their first Christmas in Virgin River. Joey informs Mel that she found a stack of lover letters from Virgin River addressed to their mother.
7. playMel Tells Jack – Jeff Garber
[00:45’] End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 11: ‘The More the Merrier’ (S05E11)

30 November 2023
4 songs

1. playJingle Bell Rock – Spotify Singles Holiday – MisterWives
[00:15’] People are shopping for Christmas gifts. Lark and Brady are ice skating.
2. playWhat Christmas Means To Me – Stevie Wonder
[00:21’] John prepares the gifts and talks about Christmas traditions with Kaia.
3. We Need A Little Christmas – Cast
[00:33’] The audience watches the stage performance live.
4. play Jingle Bells – Sugar & The Hi Lows
[00:41’] End credits song.

Season 5 • Episode 12: ‘Father Christmas’ (S05E12)

30 November 2023
6 songs

1. playWhite Christmas – Norah Jones
Opening song.
2. Silent Night – Unknown Artist
[00:25’] Charmaine gives birth to twins.
3. playIt’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – Michael Buble
[00:35’] The 44th annual Virgin River Christmas tree decorating competition begins.
4. playWe Wish You A Merry Christmas
[00:39’] Jack and Brie talk to their parents. They agree to spend the holidays together.
5. playI Heard The Bells On Christmas Day – Echosmith
[00:43’] Vernon looks at Hope and tells her that he wants to marry her all over again.
6. playHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Ingrid Michaelson
[00:50’] End credits song.
Virgin River Season 5 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 7 September 2023
Label: Netflix Music
Original music composed by Jeff Garber
1. playSongbird – The Band Willa
2. playDoc Meets Grandson
3. playHope Struggling
4. playDoc Wants Denny to Stay
5. playMel and Brie
6. playDoc and Hope Tent
7. playPreacher and the Teacher
8. playJack Drinking Theme
9. playJack and Char Make Nice
10. playBrady Is Sweet
11. playJack and Mel Wait
12. playJack and Char
13. playMel and Jack Talk Parenting
14. playJack And Mel Drive Back to Virgin River Into Main Title
15. playVirgin River In Danger
16. playA Day to Remember
17. playJack Fatherhood Theme
18. playCameron & Muriel
19. playDoc’s Second Chance
20. playJack and Mel Keep Going
21. playJack, Brady, and Melissa
22. playPreacher and Kaia
23. playMel’s Internal Theme
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Virgin River Season 5  TV information
Virgin River Season 5 Soundtrack
Production: Reel World Management
Distributor: Netflix
Directors: Monika Mitchell, Jem Garrard, Felipe Rodriguez
Actors: Martin Henderson, Alexandra Breckenridge, Tim Matheson

IMDB: Virgin River

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