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The soundtrack to Sound of Freedom music, a 2023 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 9 full soundtrack songs. View all song names, who sings them, stream 9 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 11 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. play Long Gone – RT N’ The 44s
[0:21’] Tim sets up a trap and the cops show up at the diner where he is talking to the suspect.
2. play Peligrosa – Lila Downs
[0:33’] Miguel travels on the plane with his kidnapper, then he is taken to a nightclub to meet up with a woman.
3. play Braty Puti – DJ Blass, Tomasa Del Real, Eli Fantasy & Mista Greenzz
[0:50’] After talking to Tim, Vampiro goes to the club and informs his partner of a change of plans, and asks him to put on a bow tie as they are going to a classy part of town.
4. play Awa Didjen – Tinariwen
[0:53’] Tim gets on the motorbike and follows a man in town, taking pictures of him and the members of the cartel.
5. play Urge – Lila Downs
[1:04’] Paul travels to Cartagena. Tim introduces him to Vampiro and gives him more details about the plan.
[1:06’] The helicopter lands in Bogota. Tim and his crew meet up with the members of the cartel.
6. play Quien Es el Patron? – Systema Solar
[1:11’] Tim and his crew have drinks with the members of the cartel and get to see the kidnapped children for the first time.
7. play La Maza – Mercedes Sosa
[1:26’] Tim and Vampiro receive their badges, then head to the hospital.
[1:27’] Tim and Vampiro travel to Narino Provence.
8. Los Caminos de la Vida – Cast
[1:42’] A group of men play the guitar and sing by the bonfire.
9. play Pienso En Ti – Shakira
[1:54’] The little girl awakens in the hospital and is reunited with her father and brother.

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Sound Of Freedom  Film information
Sound Of Freedom Soundtrack (2023)
Movie Genre: Action, Biography, Drama
Release date (wide): 4 July 2023
Runtime: 2h 15m
Production: Santa Fe Films
Distributor: Angel Studios
Director: Alejandro Monteverde
Stars: Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, Bill Camp

IMDB: Sound of Freedom

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35 thoughts on “Sound Of Freedom Soundtrack (2023)”

  1. What’s the instrumental music sound/song that plays when Tim is with the gang/band of traffickers after being separated from Vampiro and is walking through the jungle?

    1. hello! at the moment, we are unable to identify the song playing in that scene. our team is still trying to identify the requested song. the post will be updated once it is found. thank you for your patience! 🙂
      got any details on the song or artist? share it with us in the comments. we appreciate your contribution! have a nice day!🎶

    1. hello! unfortunately, we couldn’t identify the song playing in that scene at the moment. we’ll keep looking for it and we’ll add it to our post as soon as we find it. thank you for your patience!
      meanwhile, if anyone has any information about the song and its artist, please let us know in the comments below. thanks! 🙂

  2. ChatGPT thinks the trailer song is Jennifer Hudson and the American Children’s Choir’s cover of “My Country Tis Of Thee” but I’ve not been independently able to confirm that so might be a hallucination.

    It is a wonderful cover of the old classic though!

    1. hello! at this time we cannot confirm that the song is used in the end credits. we will keep looking and update our post when we find something specific. thanks for the information. until then, if anyone has more information about this song, please let us know in the comments. many thanks!

  3. Ahh does anyone know what the name of the song/music is when the children are clapping after being rescued and the line is “hear that? that’s the sound of freedom”? I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find it! It sounds like beautiful female vocals… Please help xx

    1. Unfortunately, we were not able to identify the song either. It may not have been released yet. We will do our best to find it and update our post when we have it.

  4. I recognized Shakira’s voice in the last song (Number 9). I’m so proud of her for being part of this movie as a Colombian mother and famous artist! Thank you, Shakira!

  5. Hi! Where can I listen the song from the trailer? Female voice and children chorus. It is a version of My country tis of Thee, but can’t find it here.

    1. Anna Frogner Editor

      Hi! Unfortunately, we can’t identify it at the moment. It might not be released yet. If any of you manage to track it down, we would appreciate it if you would add it here!

    1. hello! we don’t have any details about the song used in the promo at the moment. we will keep looking for it. thanks for your patience!

  6. Near the beginning of the movie, when the first pedophile is at his computer there is a song playing. Does anyone know the title/artist?

    1. hello! currently, we are unable to identify the song or its artist. the playlist will be updated as soon as it is identified. thanks for your understanding! 🙂

  7. I live that they used La Maza. Such a philosophical poetry beauty of a song. I ven though it has been attributed political times given the author it is a fantastic song that makes us think who would we be if we had no purpose. We would be like a Maza sin cantera. A tool without purpose. Loved it.

    1. hello! there is currently no physical or digital soundtrack album for this movie. as soon as we find out about it we will let you know and update our post. thanks for understanding! 🙂

  8. At the end of the movie there was a song with subtitles: “We are not for sale” or “God’s children are not for sale” but I don’t see it listed here on the track list. Anyone know the name of this song or where I can find it I really want to play it. Thank you so much.

    1. hello! in our search for the end credits song from the movie, we found that it has not yet been released or is not available to stream. Whenever it becomes available, we will add it to our tracklist. thank you for your patience! 🙂

      1. The song that starts as soon as the credits roll? It has no lyrics right? Just the electric guitar? It’s such a badass riff, if you find it, please let me know! I love music like that!

      1. “THE HUMAN ELEMENT ” song was at the very end of movie and performed by RT and 44s. We just loved the song and would like know where we can listen to it…. we’ve scoured the internet for it to no avail. The credit with song title is at the very end of movie credits. Hope this helps.

      1. hello! the song is not yet released, so we were unable to identify it. we’ll keep an eye on its release and update our tracklist as soon as it’s available. thank you for your understanding!

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