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The soundtrack to The Cellar, a 2022 movie music, tracklist, listen to all of the 25 full soundtrack songs, play 25 full OST music & trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 20 scene descriptions with timelines.

The Cellar official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 15 April 2022
Label: MovieScore Media
Original music composed by Stephen McKeon
1. Dark Wonder
[0:04′] Ellie goes inside the house; Brian shows Steve his room and the huge library, then they check out the cellar.
2. Main Titles
Opening credits
3. Game
[0:11′] Ellie asks Steve where did he find the skull, then they check out the rest of the things found in the closet.
4. Keira
[0:53′] Brian goes into the cellar to look for Keira’s phone; Keira goes to see Dr. Fournet.
5. The Hidden Room
[0:13′] The wind blows under the door while Ellie watches a movie on TV, then the electricity goes off.
6. The Ten Steps
[0:15′] Keira tells Ellie to go down into the cellar to check the circuit breaker and to count each step so it can help her calm down.
7. Police and Father
8. A Mother’s Tears
[0:29′] Keira checks out her daughter’s social media, then she goes into the cellar and finds the writing on the stairs.
9. Hell on the Wall
[0:31′] Keira uses the black light in the cellar and finds creepy drawings on the wall.
Continues as Steven goes to his parent’s room in the middle of the night.

10. Ball Roll
[0:34′] Keira sits in the bathroom and calls her daughter’s number, then hears her voice and goes to the cellar.
11. Late to School Again
[0:46′] Keira does some research on the house.
12. Voices from the Drain
[0:42′] Erica tells Keira the meaning of the symbols; Keira picks up Steven from school; she googles „leviathan”, turns on the gramophone and Steven starts counting while heading to the closet.
13. The House at Night
[0:40′] After Keira calls to find more information on the previous owner of the house, she takes photos of the symbols above the doors.
[0:48′] After the power goes off, Keira thinks Steven got locked in the cellar and she sees a strange eye when she looks through the keyhole.
14. Leviathan
15. The Demon Eye
16. Dr. Fournet
[1:00′] Keira argues with Brian about the meaning of the symbols; Steven sees Ellie’s figure inside the closet; Keira goes to meet Rose.
17. It Was Just Counting
18. Abacus First Move
[1:08′] Brian checks the symbols by himself; Keira calls Dr. Fournet.
19. Keira Explains Kaos
[1:11′] Brian shows Keira what he has found out about the door symbols.
20. Miss Featherstone
[1:13′] Keira turns on the gramophone for Brian; the drone leads Steven to the cellar and he disappears.
21. It’s the Whole House
[1:16′] Keira and Brian follow Steven’s voice and find him in the closet.
22. Revelation
[1:19′] The creature comes out of the cellar and Keira hides; Keira runs into the cellar to search for Ellie.
23. Baphomet
24. The End
[1:27′] When the family reunites and they all start counting.
25. End Credits
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Category: Horror Movie Soundtracks

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The Cellar  Film information
The Cellar (2022) Soundtrack
Movie Genre: Horror
Release date (wide): 15 April 2022
Runtime: 1h 34m

IMDB: The Cellar

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