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The Last Rifleman Soundtrack (2023)

Songs:  6  | Scene descriptions: 6 timelines
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The soundtrack to The Last Rifleman music, a 2023 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 6 full soundtrack songs. View all song names, who sings them, stream 6 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 6 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. playDon’t Fence Me In – Gene Autry
[00:19’] Unbeknownst to the van driver, Artie climbs into the back of the van and leaves the nursing home.
2. The Mission/Gabriel’s Oboe – Crouch End Festival Chorus & The City of Prague Philarmonic Orchestra
[00:29’] Artie is on a coach. He sits behind a youngster who browses through the playlist on his phone. He notices Artie looking at the phone and tells him that Ennio Morricone is a music composer. Artie replies that he knows that because he met the maestro in Verona. The youngster is impressed and asks to shake the hand that shook Ennio Morricone’s.
3. playIce Cream Sundae – Inhaler
[00:33’] Tony McCann, a journalist at the Irish Journal receives a call. He listens for a few seconds then writes Artie Crawford’s name on a notepad.
4. playBlue Lights – Pat Damn Smyth
[00:35’] Rory, the youngster he met on the couch, asks Artie what his mission is. Artie looks like he is about to pass out. Identifying the diabetes symptoms, the lorry driver instructs Rory to give Artie a Coke.
5. It’s a Long Way to Tipperary – Pierce Brosnan and Jürgen Prochnow
[01:03’] The German man on the coach tells Artie he was 14 when he graduated into the Hitler Youth and felt proud back then because people would salute him in the street and treat him like he was a hero. Artie tells him that he murdered innocent men. The German starts to sing this song and Artie sings along in a soft voice.
6. Amazing Grace – The Pipe Band
[01:27’] Seated in a helicopter, Artie watches the Normandy British Memorial site as they fly away. After that, he is taken to a hangar where bagpipe players and troops pay tribute to him. He breaks out in tears. Artie gives an officer a salute in return as reporters cover the event.
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The Last Rifleman  Film information
The Last Rifleman Soundtrack (2023)
Movie Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Release date (wide): 5 November 2023
Runtime: 1h 39m
Production: Wee Buns, Ripple World Pictures, Ingenious Media
Distributor: Paradiz
Director: Terry Loane
Actors: Clémence Poésy, Pierce Brosnan, John Amos

IMDB: The Last Rifleman

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