The Wolf and the Lion Soundtrack (2021)

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1. Sonate Pour Piano En Re Mineur “Tempete” Op.31 N 2 – Allegretto(Ludwig Van Beethoven) – Angela Hewitt
[0:49′] Rapha is playing music for the caged lion, in order to calm him down.
[0:53′] Rapha plays this song for the caged lion, while they are at the circus backstage.
2. Cirque Dreamer – 38eme Donne (Julien Rey)
[1:00′] The lion (“Monster”) is having his first circus show, while Alma is searching for him.
3. Let Us Away – Maria Hansen

The Wolf and the Lion official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 5 October 2021
Label: Long Distance
Original music composed by Armand Amar
1. Orphan
2. Fly Away
[0:02′] A lady comes into the classroom and tells Alma that her cab has arrived.

3. To Reminisce
4. Legacy
5. Trapped
6. Fallen from the Sky
7. The Rescue of the Wolf
8. The Encounter (feat. Hugo Gonzales Pioli)
9. That’s the Real Thing (with Mathieu Coupat)
[0:20′] Alma is watching the wolf mother feed her baby wolf and the baby lion milk.

10. Liying (feat. Hugo Gonzales Pioli)
11. Two Friends (with Anne Sophie Versnaeyen)
12. Playing Around
13. Capture
14. Looking for the Mother Wolf
15. Good Night
16. Our Tale Is Still Untold (feat. Anne Sophie Versnaeyen)
[0:33′] Alma goes into the yard to play with the wolf and the lion.
17. Dreamer and Mozart
18. Alma Is Hurt
19. Drugged
20. Circus (feat. Anne Sophie Versnaeyen)
21. The Escape of the Wolf
22. Together Again
23. Freedom
24. The Argument (feat. Anne Sophie Versnaeyen)
25. Breaking the Ice
26. Panic in the Supermarket (with Hugo Gonzales Pioli)
27. Hunt
28. A New Ally
29. Finding the Wolf
30. Alma’s Speech
31. The Wolf and the Lion (feat. Anne Sophie Versnaeyen)
Ending credits song
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The Wolf and the Lion Film information
Movie Genre: Family
Release date (wide): 4 February 2022
Runtime: 1h 39m

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Find My Away - Andrew Simple

Category: Family Movie Soundtracks

IMDB: The Wolf and the Lion

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