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The soundtrack to Through My Window, a 2022 movie music, tracklist, listen to all of the 29 full soundtrack songs, play full OST music & 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 28 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 23 scene descriptions with timelines.

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1. Fantasia – Chico Blanco
[41′] Raquel is trying to sleep, when she hears this song playing from her neighbors’ house. After that, she finds Ares smoking in the yard.
2. Solo Con Mi Voz – Blanco Palamera
[7′] Raquel hides under the chairs on the football field, to watch Ares train. After that, it starts raining.
3. Hola, Mi amor! – Chavales
[15′] After Ares gets Raquel home safely, she is looking at his Instagram stories, while she is having dinner with her mom.

4. Doble Check – Axolostes Mexicanos
[19′] The song plays in the background after Ares leaves Raquel’s room, while Yoshi is shown delivering a sushi order.
5. So So – Ruslan Mediavilla Solovieva
[22′] After Raquel gets to the party, where she ends up seeing Artemis, who grants her access to the VIP Room.
6. Tech Love (Otra Vez) – Chico Blanco
[24′] After Raquel leaves the club to look for Ares, she finds him in the backstreet and they start making out.
7.Or Nai Long – VAN17NO6 & David Clean
[26′] After Raquel enters the club again, she meets with Ares’s younger brother, whom she orders a drink for, as his older brother wouldn’t allow him to drink.
8. Si No Te Vuelvo A Ver – Bea Pelea
[27′] After Apolo, Ares’ younger brother, gets drunk, Raquel and Daniela, sneak him out of the club to take him home, without his older brothers seeing him.
9. Quiero Que Vengas – Amaia
[30′] After Ares finds out that Raquel got his brother drunk, he spends the night in Raquel’s room, along with his brother who instantly fell asleep. Ares starts teasing Raquel.
10. Pulpito Reversible – Autotune Angel, Lopoint
[32′] After the night spent with Ares, Raquel tells her friend what happened, while Yoshi plays this song on his phone.
11. Invierno Nuclear – Adrian Montero Lopez
[34′] Raquel and Yoshi come to her house to study, where she sees the gift Ares got her, an iPhone, for taking care of his brother.
12.Sugar Mami – La Zowi y Albany
[43′] Raquel goes again to Ares’s house, this time to recover her necklace. There, she finds the brother throwing a pool party.
13. Cuanto Mas – Gabriela Casero Monge
[45′] After playing “Never have I ever”, Ares grabs Raquel and throws her in the pool with the rest of the people.
14. Buscame – Robie
[53′] After watching a horror movie with Yoshi, to forget about her recent experiences with Ares, Daniela invites Raquel and Yoshi to her party.
15. Yo Sigo Iual – Bad Gyal
[54′] Daniela is making out with a guy when a girl comes to them, kisses Daniela, and she follows her, leaving the guy by himself.
16. Lagrimas De Amor – Camela
[55′] Yoshi dances with Raquel on this song at Daniela’s party, and suddenly, Raquel leaves when she sees Ares kissing another girl.
17.Para que no duela – Albany & Goa
[56′] Yoshi, Raquel and Daniela break into the school’s pool, while Yoshi and Raquel hold each other. Yoshi jumps in the pool, Daniela presses a wrong button, and the water turns dirty. They leave laughing.
18.Quizz – VAN171NO6 y KILLMIYA
[1:00′] Raquel comes home drunk, stops in the middle of the road, and a car pulls next to her and asks if they can get her anywhere, while playing this song.
19.La Chica Vampira – PAPA TOPO
[1:15′] After Ares brings Raquel to a special place for him, the roof of a business building, he pleasures her. After that, there is a montage with them making out in various places.
20.I Hate U I Love U (Te Odio Te Amo)– Alba Casas Hernandez
[1:24′] After Raquel is ashamed of herself at Ares’ family company party, because she bumps into a waiter and falls in front of everybody when she sees her mom, she storms off home crying.
21. Te Brillan – Carino
[1:33′] Raquel arrives to the ball after having a fight with Ares. In the next scene, Ares runs to the ball and makes up with Raquel.
22. Dame Estrellas o Limones – FAMILY
[1:37′] After Yoshi punches Ares for breaking Raquel’s heart, Ares falls into the school pool, which is filled with bleach, which he is allergic to. Yoshi leaves him there and Ares struggles to get out of the pool.
23. Cancion De Pop De Amor – Carino
End credits song.
24.Cold Fear 20 – Cornelus Joh M Cor Bolten
25.Dime Que Me Odias – Depresion Sonora
26.Tocame El Culo – Rebe
27.Tricorder – Akron
28.El Deseo – Bea Pelea

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IMDB: Through My Window

Through My Window  Film information
Movie Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Release date (wide): 4 February 2022
Runtime: 1h 56m

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