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The soundtrack to A Christmas Mystery, a 2022 HBO Max movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 7 full soundtrack songs, 1 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 6 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 5 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. play I Am Very Happy – Andrea Litkei, Ervin Litkei
[0:07′] The kids leave the museum and head to the bus that takes them back to school. Kenny and Violet discuss pie flavors and he asks her if she wants to go sledding over break. Harrison offers to walk Kenny home.
2. play XMAS Forever – Taylor, Karin Elisabet Fransson, Rebecca Dorothy May Lewis, Travis Lee Ference, Brad Parsons, Stephen Lee
[0:08′] The song plays over the radio when Violet rides in the car with Maddie after she picks her up from the museum.
3. play Drive Slow – Johnny Flamingo
[0:09′] Maddie drops off Violet at the station and she starts working on her science project for the winter break.
4. play Old-Fashioned Christmas – Jack Huddle
[0:12′] Kenny and Harisson have dinner with their father. Mr. Martin goes to the museum and finds out that the sleigh bells are missing.
5. Silent Night Fantasy – Public Domain, Michael Patrick Flood
[0:51′] (1 Day until Christmas Eve) Terry arrives at the station, finds Violet sitting at the desk, and assures her that they are going to solve the case. Before she leaves, Violet passes by Mr. Bottoms’ cell.
6. play Step Outside – Emer Aine Landers

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Trailer songs (full tracks)
Ring Those Bells - Juliet Roberts

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A Christmas Mystery  Film information
A Christmas Mystery Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Comedy, Family, Mystery
Release date (wide): 24 November 2022
Runtime: 1h 27m
Production: ESX Entertainment
Distributor: Warner Bros., HBO Max
Director: Alex Ranarivelo
Stars: Violet McGraw, Oscar Nuñez, Beau Bridges

IMDB: A Christmas Mystery

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