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The soundtrack to Babylon music, a 2022 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 55 full soundtrack songs, play 48 full OST music. View all song names, who sings them, stream 7 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 41 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
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1. play O Sole Mio – Enrico Caruso
Opening song / Manuel drove Jack back home. As soon as he gets home, Jack plays some music.
2. play The Jazz Singer- Dirty Hands! Dirty Face! – Al Jolson
[1:10’] Manny went to a show, but he ignores it.
3. play Toot, Toot, Tootsie! – Al Jolson & The Vitaphone Orchestra
[1:11’] Manuel leaves the movie theater.
4. play Cavalleria Rusticana: Siciliana – Enrico Caruso
[2:16’] Nellie came to Manny with a lot of problems. He agrees to help her fix them.
5. play My Girl’s Pussy – Harry Roy & His Bat Club Boys
[2:28’] Manny and his friend got in a really weird place. Don brought them there to introduce them to a new actor.
6. play All I Do Is Dream of You (From “Crimes and Misdemeanors”) – Gene Kelly
[2:53’] After years, Manny and his family came to visit LA. He goes to see a movie.
7. play Singin’ In The Rain – Gene Kelly
[2:56’] Manny starts crying while watching new movies.

Babylon official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 9 December 2022
Label: Interscope Records
Original music composed by Justin Hurwitz
1. play Welcome
[0:05’] The party at Garbo’s is about to start. A woman is giving a man a golden shower.
2. play Manny and Nellie’s Theme
[0:09’] Manuel helps Nelly get into the party. He tries to introduce himself, but she doesn’t care.
3. play King of the Circus
[0:12’] After fighting with his wife, Jack makes his entrance at the party.
4. play Jub Jub
5. play Coke Room
[0:35’] Nelly got on set, looking at everything that was happening around her.
[0:49’] Manny managed to borrow a good camera and bring it to the set on time.
6. play My Girl’s Pussy
[0:17’] Miss Lady Fay Zhu is introduced, then begins her show.
7. play Idaho
8. play Voodoo Mama
[0:19’] Jack asks Lady Fey to make his friend feel better by giving him attention.
9. play Gold Coast Rhythm (Wallach Party)
[0:25’] A few people are still at the party location drinking and dancing, even though almost everyone else is gone.
[0:52’] Jack and Nellie are Both filming some very emotional scenes.
[1:34’] Nellie created chaos, and Jack enjoys seeing it.
10. play Ain’t Life Grand
[0:26’] A man told Nelly she is expected on set. She gets incredibly excited.
11. play Babylon
12. play Morning
[0:32’] Nelly wakes up and leaves her home as soon as possible.
13. play Kinescope Ragtime Piano
14. play Kinescope Erhu (Orientally Yours)
15. play Kinescope Circus Music
16. play Kinescope Organ Music

17. play Night on Bald Mountain
[0:38’] An action scene is being filmed.
18. play Herman’s Hustle
[0:44’] Nelly instantly understands her role and starts acting.
19. play Gold Coast Sunset
20. play Champagne
[0:55’] People involved in the movie shoot celebrate after a productive day.
21. play Wild Child
[0:58’] Nellie and the other viewers enjoy the premier of the movie she plays in.
22. play New York
[1:05’] Nellie and Manuel meet again. He is glad she still remembers him.
23. play See You Back in LA
[1:09’] Nellie gets to the hotel, telling Manny they’ll see each other back in LA.
24. play Red Devil
[0:10’] Some people at the party are having fun while others are talking about business.
[1:23’] Manuel is at a party. Jack introduces him to his new lover, Estelle.
25. play I Want a Man
[1:25’] People at the party do all sorts of different activities.
26. play Orientally Yours
[1:26’] Lady Fey is choosing a partner. She ends up choosing Nellie.
27. play Gimme
28. play Singin’ in the Rain
[1:38’] Jack got a role in a musical, but he doesn’t really want to do it.
29. play Pharoah John
30. play Meet Miss LaRoy
31. play Call Me Manny
[1:43’] Nellie and Manny finally fulfill their dream of working in a set together.
32. play Hearst Party
[1:50’] Manny pulled some strings to help Nellie get her reputation back by getting her into a fancy party.

33. play Damascus Thump
[2:02’] Jack is slowly losing his career. Manny is still trying to help Sidney shine.
34. play All Figured Out
35. play Nea Smyrni
[2:20’] Manny returns the money Nellie owned.
36. play Waikele Tango
37. play Toad
38. play Blockhouse
39. play Jack’s Party Band
[2:33’] Fey showed up at Jack’s party. She tells him about her moving to Europe.
40. play Gold Coast Rhythm (Jack’s Party)
41. play Levántate
[2:39’] Manny wakes Nellie up and tells her to get ready to leave for Mexico.
42. play Señor Avocado
[2:40’] On their way to Mexico, Nellie makes Manny stop for some dancing.
43. play Heyo
44. play Gold Coast Rhythm (Juan Bonilla)
[2:43’] Nellie and Manny decided they will get married and leave together from that moment.
45. play Te Amo Nellie
[2:45’] Nellie decided to leave while Manny went to ask for help.
46. play Gold Coast Rhythm (Sidney’s Solo)
[2:48’] Sydney joined a local band, so he would leave his life happier.
47. play Manny and Nellie’s Theme (Reprise)
48. play Finale
[2:57’] The party scenes from the beginning are played again.
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Babylon  Film information
Babylon Soundtrack (2022)
Movie Genre: Comedy, Drama, History
Release date (wide): 23 December 2022
Runtime: 3h 9m
Production: Paramount Pictures, C2 Motion Picture Group, Marc Platt Productions
Distributor: Paramount Pictures, Paramount Pictures International
Director: Damien Chazelle
Stars: Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Jean Smart

IMDB: Babylon

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