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1. __Awake – Fay Wildhagen
[0:01′] Amalie is working at her computer.
2. Can’t Take It Back – Daniel Mark Farrant
[0:06′] Amalie and her boyfriend have an intimate moment.
3. Très Belle – Amara feat. Bianca Costa
[0:10′] Amalie quits her job in order to go to the dancing contest.
Second ending credits song

4. FlodbØlge – Sushi x Kobe
[0:14′] The dance crew arrives at the contest.
5. Best – Chelson Mechale Strong
[0:15′] A dance crew practices their dance for the contest.
6. Chopin: Nocturne in E Minor, Op. 72, No.1 – Hélène Grimaud
[0:20′] Amalie’s mother takes her to a ballet show.
7. Likolo – Faily Ipupa feat. Ninho
[0:23′] “Illicit” tries a new choreography for the dance contest.
8. Chopin: Berceuse In D Flat, Op.57 – Hélène Grimaud
[0:28′] Amalie’s mother tells Amalie that she has seen the video where she dances.
9. Quelques Gouttes Suffisent – Arsenik
[0:30′] Amalie practices alone a modern dance
10. For Andrea – SKAAR
[0:31′] After receiving a text from her mother, Amalie goes for a walk.
11. Last Dance In Paris – Anders Johan Greger Lewen
[0:40′] After being kicked out of the dance crew, Amalie goes to a bar.
12. I Feel Space – Lindstrøm
[0:48′] Amalie is introduced to a private party at ‘The Anarchy’.
13. Oh Love – Emilie Nicolas
[0:55′] Amalie is at an audition for a dance class.
14. No Humans – Emilie Nicolas
[0:58′] “Illicit” talks with the staff members to prepare the stage for them.
[1:18′] “Illicit” try a new choreography on the stage.
15. In For The Kill – La Roux
[1:00′] Amelia dances with her new friends.
16. Plus Vite Que Les Balles – Ministère A.M.E.R
[1:03′] The dance contest is about to begin and the crews are preparing for it.
17. On The Come Up – Mofak feat. Temu
[1:08′] “Floor Fighter” dances in the contest.
18. Get Down – Gonzy
[1:09′] “Raw-Nez” dances while all the other crews watch.
19. Baby Girl – Mofak
[1:15′] One of the girls from “Illicit” dances solo
20. You’re The One – Kaytranada feat. SYD
[1:17′] Amalie is dancing solo.
21. Blow (English Version) – Saian Supa Crew
[1:18′] Sarah Bee responds to Mikael’s dance.
22. At First Sight – Kate Havnevik
23. Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) – Buraka Som Sistema Featuring Pongo
[1:20′] “Illicit” wins the dancing contest and receives the prize.
First ending credits song

24. You Don’t Know – Legove
25. Good1234 – Apollo G’eeze and Kate Havnevik
26. Baile Break – Nobunaga & Fleg
27. The River – Kate Havnevik
28. Nobu Horns – Nobunaga
29. Flip Like this – Charles Darnell Gilbert
30. Up Tha Box – Stephen Raskin
31. Acid Funk Blaster – AI Wikinson
32. Stack Em Up – Joseph Allen Drayton

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Runtime: 1h 28m

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    do u have the clean version song when the four of them battle to the final

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