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The soundtrack from Belle (Ryû To Sobakasu No Hime), a 2021 anime film, tracklist, listen to all the 30 full soundtrack songs, play 30 full OST music & 2 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, score, and credits used in the movie. Read 29 scene descriptions with timelines.

Belle official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 14 January 2022
Label: Milan Records
Original music composed by Taisei Iwasaki, Ludvig Forssell, Yuta Bandoh
1. U – Millennium Parade & Belle
Starting song / presentation of the U app.
2. Whispers – Kaho Nakamura
[4′] Suzu is taking the bus to school.
[16′] Suzu has created her U avatar and sings this song as Bell.
3. Slingshot – Miho Hazama & Taisei Iwasaki
[5′] Girls are gossiping about Ruka, being jealous of her beauty.
4. Memories of a Sound – Taisei Iwasaki
[8′] Suzu is having flashback memories from her childhood, of learning how to play the piano with her mom.
5. Blunt Words – Ermhoi
6. Gales of Song – Belle
7. Fleeting Days – Ludvig Forssell
8. Swarms of Song – Belle
[13′] Suzu is trying to sing this song, after running away from the party.
[19′] Bell becomes famous on the U app with her songs.
[22′] People are admiring Bell and saying she should be named Belle – ‘beautiful’ in french.
9. Alle Psallite Cum Luya – Ryoko Moriyama, Sachiyo Nakao, Fuyumi Sakamoto, Yoshimi Iwasaki, Michiko Shimizu & Kaho Nakamura
[24′] The school choir rehearses this song. Suzu is very anxious about having to sing in front of others.
10. Fama Destinata – Belle
[28′] Belle is holding the most anticipated concert in U.
11. Dragon – Yuta Bandoh
[30′] Someone opened the dome to sabotage Belle’s concert and the dragon came out.
12. Justian – Yuta Bandoh
[34′] Justian is trying to defeat the dragon in order to restore the peace in U, but he fails.
13. Unveil – Yuta Bandoh
14. Digital Ripples – Ludvig Forssell
[37′] Suzu and Hiro are trying to discover the identity of the beast.
15. Dragon’s Lair – Yuta Bandoh
[44′] Belle is searching for the castle of the beast. The song continues as she enters the castle and meets the beast, who yells at her to leave.
16. Lend Me Your Voice (draft) – Kaho Nakamura
[49′] Suzu is trying to compose a song for the beast because she is in love with him.
17. Social Warfare – Ludvig Forssell
[50′] Rumors that Shinobu and Suzu are together are threatening to ruin Suzu’s social life.
18. Assault – Yuta Bandoh
[55′] After Suzu gives up on the chance of being with Shinobu, Belle visits the beast again and observes a portrait of a woman. The song continues as Justian finds her close to the castle and threatens to reveal her identity if she doesn’t give in the information she has about the beast. The song continues as the beast saves Belle.
19. Lend Me Your Voice – Belle
[59′] Belle is singing this song for the beast. As she sings, the dragon and his Castel transform and they start dancing.
20. #UnveilTheBeast – Ludvig Forssell
[1:04′] People are trying to unveil the identity of the beast.
21. Authority and Arrogance – Ludvig Forssell
[1:07 ‘] Justian is explaining to Belle why authority is important in U and constrains her to reveal the location of the beast’s castle. When she refuses, Justian threatens again to uncover her.
22. Scorching the Facade – Yuta Bandoh
[1:18′] Suzu is called by Hiro to help the beast since the people in U found his castle and he’s in danger. The beast leaves Belle, saying he can’t tell the truth, and the castle burns.
23. The Truth Obscured – Ludvig Forssell
24. Lend Me Your Voice (humming) – HANA
[1:24′] Tomo is humming this song to let Suzu know that Kei is the beast.
25. Distrust – Ludvig Forssell
[1:27′] Suzu is calling Kei and Tomo and saying she wants to see them. Kei doesn’t trust that she is Belle or that she could help them.
26. A Million Miles Away – Belle
[1:33′] Belle revealed her true identity in U, showing everyone that Belle is Suzu, to gain Kei’s trust. She sings this song in front of everyone.
27. Pieces of the Puzzle – Ludvig Forssell
[1:37′] Suzu remembers the moment her mother died.
28. Faces in the Rain – Kaho Nakamura
[1:48′] Suzu finds Tomo and Kei in the street. As they hug in the rain, their father comes and threatens them. Suzu protects Kei and Tomo and the father runs away.
29. Skies of Song – Ludvig Forssell
[1:45′] Suzu is trying to find the address of Kei and Tomo. Ruka hears a song in the background of the recording of the video call and they manage to find their location. Suzu goes to rescue them from their abusive father.
30. A Million Miles Away (reprise) – Belle
[1:53′] Suzu accepts Shinobu’s proposal to have dinner. He appraises her for defending Kei and Tomo.
End credits song.
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U - millennium parade & Belle
Gales of Song - Belle

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Belle  Film information
Belle (2021) Soundtrack
Movie Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama
Release date (wide): 14 January 2022
Runtime: 2h 1m

IMDB: Belle

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