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Challengers Soundtrack (2024)

Songs:  25  | Scene descriptions: 16 timelines
Challengers (2024) on IMDb
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The soundtrack to Challengers music, a 2024 movie, tracklist, listen to all of the 23 full soundtrack songs, play 16 full OST music & 2 trailer tracks. View all song names, who sings them, stream 7 additional tune playlists, scores, and credits used in the movie. Read 16 scene descriptions with timelines.

Song credits - additional film music - songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie.
Listen to full soundtrack songs (where available)

1. playSound the Trumpet – Toronto Children’s Chorus, Simon Preston, Jean Ashworth Bartle & Benjamin Britten
Opening song.
2. playHot In Herre – Nelly
[00:26’] At the party, Patrick and Art stare at Tashi’s photos and her trophy. Later, they watch her on the dancefloor.
3. playTime Will Crawl – David Bowie
[00:29’] After chatting with Patrick and Art, Tashi takes photos with the trophy.
4. playUncle ACE – Blood Orange
[00:41’] In the motel room, Tashi makes out with Patrick and Art.
5. playFolk Song Arrangements: O Waly, Waly – Toronto Children’s Chorus & Jean Ashworth Bartle
[01:14’] Tashi sits beside a tree, crying after a training session.
6. playPensiero Stupendo – Patty Pravo
[01:28’] It plays softly in the background during the storm scene.
7. playPеcado – Caetano Veloso
[01:40’] Tashi and her husband are making out in their bedroom. At midnight, she leaves the house and goes to see Patrick.
Challengers official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 26 April 2024
Label: Milan Records
Original music composed by Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor
1. playChallengers
[00:02’] Tashi watches the tennis match.
[01:57’] The same scene repeats towards the movie’s end.
2. play“I Know”
[00:08’] Tashi encourages Art before the match, then they leave the locker room.
3. playYeah x10
[00:23’] The crowd cheers for Tashi as she enters the field.
4. playL’oeuf
5. playThe Signal
[00:53’] Art and Patrick are training and discussing sleeping with Tashi.
6. playBrutalizer
[01:04’] Tashi makes out with Patrick in his room.
[01:30’] Patrick spots Tashi at a table, then notices her wearing an engagement ring. They end up making out.
7. playStopper
8. playBrutalizer 2
9. playThe Points That Matter
[01:34’] Art and Patrick are having a conversation in the sauna room.
10. playLullaby
11. playFinal Set
12. playPull Over
13. playFriday Afternoons, Op. 7: A New Year Carol
[01:51’] Tashi and Patrick make out outside the car.
14. playFriday Afternoons, Op. 7: A New Year Carol (Part 2)
15. playChallengers: Match Point
16. playComprеss / Repress
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Trailer Video
Watch the trailer

1. Challengers Official Trailer
2. Challengers Official Trailer 2
3. Challengers Final Trailer

Trailer songs (full tracks)
1. S&M - Rihanna (Challengers Official Trailer & Challengers Final Trailer)
2. Maneater - Nelly Furtado (Challengers Official Trailer)

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Challengers (2024)  Film information
Challengers Soundtrack (2024)
Movie Genre: Drama, Romance, Sport
Release date (wide): 26 April 2024
Runtime: 2h 11m
Production: Frenesy Film Company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Pascal Pictures
Distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), United Artists Releasing, Amazon Prime Video
Director: Luca Guadagnino
Stars: Zendaya, Mike Faist, Josh O'Connor

IMDB: Challengers

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