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All American: Homecoming Season 1 Soundtrack

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The soundtrack to All American: Homecoming Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Start Over’ (S01E01)

21 February 2022
8 songs

1. Safe Place – RuthAnne
[0:01′] Simone is saying goodbye to her baby (that’s been adopted), before she goes to College.
2. My Team – Dawdy
[0:03′] Damon and JR are playing baseball.
3. Golden Hour – Casey Kalmenson
[0:06′] Simone wants to tell her boyfriend how homesick she is, but she decides it is better not to bother him.
4. Champion (10,000 Hours) – Light League
[0:09′] The boys are training. Damon has an argument with the coach.

5. Get It – Dancsak
[0:21′] Simone returns to her room because she forgot her robe, but she finds the door closed.
6. Commandments – Kah-Lo
[0:24′] Convinced by Keisha to come, Simone is having a good time at the party. Damon apologizes to his friend.
7. When You’re Gone – Bryan Adams & Melanie C
[0:30′] Simone is playing tennis, but she’s not in her best shape. Damon is playing at a baseball game, and his team loses.
8. Separate – Mustafa
[0:41′] Amara makes the students a lovely meal and they all enjoy it, deciding they need to have this type of dinner each week.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Under Pressure’ (S01E02)

28 February 2022
9 songs

1. Get Litt – Kidd Kenn
Starting song / Damon and Simone randomly meet and realize college is starting the next day.
2. Vibrations – CRSB
[0:03′] Simone’s coach asks her to talk. Simone is not allowed at the Tennis Club anymore until she gets another physical exam.
3. Humaning – Julian Xtra
[0:05′] Damon is practicing. Keisha sends Cam out of her room.
4. Ball Out – Haydee, Koda Kids & Inno Thakid
[0:09′] The boys are training. Damon has an argument with the coach.

5. To The Bank – Tre Wright
[0:18′] The boys are playing basketball. Damon talks a bit too much.
6. No Dayzz Off – Kairo & Sha’Ki
[0:25′] Damon helps Simone train for tennis on the soccer field.
7. Will Not Be Beat – Soulplusmind & Janaé E.
[0:35′] Simone got her physical exam in time for the Queen of the Court Tennis competition.
8. BrickxBrick – Daphne Willis
[0:31′] Simone and Thea compete against each other in a tennis match.
9. Expectations – Kayla Erhardt
[0:34′] Simone and her friends celebrate her entering the tennis team.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Under Pressure’ (S01E03)

7 March 2022
4 songs

1. My People (We Ready) – Hidden Citizens Feat. Bryce Fox
Starting song / Simone does really well at training. Her colleagues gift her a new pair of running shoes.
2. This Cross of Mine – Jessica Childress
[0:37′] Nathaniel comes to talk to Keisha, thanking her for what she did, but asking her to not do it again so Nath can fight her own battles.
3. F.T.W. – TruRebel Migs
[0:39′] Jr tells Simone his secret: he thinks Damon might be his brother.
4. Come Get Her – Rae Sremmurd
[0:41′] Nath and Keisha teach Thea to pole dance.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘If Only You Knew’ (S01E04)

14 March 2022
10 songs

1. Look Easy – Bobby Saint
Starting song / The colleagues are talking in the lobby when Jr messages Simone to meet her in private.
2. 10/10 – SHEE
[0:08′] Jr plays baseball with his father. They ask Damon to play as well
3. All About Freedom – O-M
[0:14′] The party started. Damon asked Erica to come with him because Simons’s boyfriend is in town.
4. I’m on Cloud 9 – Spilt Milk
[0:14′] Amara meets her editor at the party. They chat when Marcus shows up.
5. Find You Some Way – Nick Kingsley & Tylor Maurer
[0:18′] Amara was talking with one of her college friends when Simone and Jordan showed up and started chatting with them.
6. Power – OTTO BLUE & Beacon Light
[0:24′] The games started: Simone and Thea played tennis while the guys play baseball.
7. Built For This – Black Prez Feat. KID SOMETHING
[0:29′] Damon apologizes to Jr and gets back his enthusiasm for the game.
8. I’m In Love (w/ Ian Alxndr) – Terrian & Ian Alxndr
[0:34′] Simone and Jordan have a real talk after their dinner. Jordan accepts Simone’s friendship with Damon.
9. Soul Holiday – Chewii
[0:37′] Kim apologizes for the way he acted with Keisha. He also tells her he decided to postpone his brain surgery.
10. Reassure Me – Charlotte Jane Feat. Jordan Mackampa
[0:40′] Damon tells Simone he is ready for searching for his birth parents.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Truth Hurts’ (S01E05)

21 March 2022
12 songs

1. Boom – Reah
Starting song / Simone and Thea play tennis.
2. Blackout – Scott Dudley feat. I.AM.EM & Corey English
[0:03′] Amara is training at the gym when Coach Marcus arrives and interrupts.
3. Move – Stefflon Don
[0:15′] Simone grabs JR and they talk about his behavior.
4. Best Of Me – Desi Valentine
[0:28′] Marcus prepares a picnic for Amara and they kiss; Cam tries to convince Keisha not to give up on her choreography dreams.
5. We Got High – Limes
[0:18′] Keisha feels sorry and texts Cam.
6. Un-Thinkable (Alicia Keys) – Cam
[0:32′] Cam sings in the background and Keisha dances in front of the camera.
7. Trying Not To Cry – Kina & Cavetown
[0:35′] Simone leaves a voicemail for Devon when he appears; the power comes back on.
8. Trend Setters – Olivier Bibeau
[0:37′] Thea goes on a date with Kevin.
9. Diamonds And Bands – Jermain Brown / Knight Ryder
[0:14′] Nathaniel meets J.R. and they talk about how their parents got divorced.
10. My Name – ALIBI Music
[0:20′] Simone grabs JR and they talk about his behavior.
11. I’m The Man (Gettin’ Cash) – TAYLOR Z
[0:22′] Nathaniel and JR are playing cards; JR gets upset and leaves the table when Nathaniel tells him to stop acting like a fool.
12. Chains – Maps
[0:31′] Keisha feels sorry and texts Cam.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Family Affair’ (S01E06)

28 March 2022
8 songs

1. Take Control – BNGRS Feat. LATASHÁ
[0:01′] Simone is training at the gym.
2. Great Great Great – Mr. Phelps Feat. Cinder Shine
Opening title
3. Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) – Mitchell Edwards
[0:17′] Keena and her friend watch the video of her dance rehearsal.
4. Down For Me – Will Gittens
[0:33′] Simone and Damon are kissing.
5. Five Reasons – NineOneOne
[0:40′] Keena’s friend tries to call her.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘Family Affair’ (S01E07)

11 April 2022
8 songs

1. Made It To The Top – Universal Production Music
Starting song / Damon gives an interview. He meets Jr and asks him about the results of the DNA test. Simone and the other players are training under Thea’s guide.
2.In The Moment – JS aka The Best
[0:04′] Kesha was talking to Amara. Marcus comes and tries to talk to Amara, but she doesn’t want to talk with him until he tells her the truth about the reason they broke up.
3. Knock it out – Yung Joc
[0:07′] Jr and his friends organize a BBQ. Jr is stressed out, wanting to impress the people coming to the BBQ.
4. The Heat – Marvin Brooks, Kataem & VUU
[0:10′] Simone is training for her tennis game. Her opponent comes to say hi.
5. Stoke The Fire – Zest Music
[0:11′] Simone’s game started. A voice that sabotages her comes into her mind.
6. Make It Work – Moxxi
[0:24′] Simone has another tennis game. The voices in her head sabotage her again and almost make her lose.
7. Own This Life – MOR
[0:36′] Keisha and Cam discuss their relationship status. She tells him she can’t be with him
for the moment, and he accepts to still be her friend.

8. The Best Ain’t Happened Yet – Chiiild
[0:41′] When Jr and Damon became friends again, the DNA results came in. It turns out they are not brothers by blood.

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Just a Friend’ (S01E08)

18 April 2022
5 songs

1. Remember Me – Tamara Bubble
Starting song / Nathaniel, Simone, and Keisha sign up to volunteer for an event that is just about to begin.
2. Long Time Coming – Relaye
[0:15′] Jr talks with his ex-teammates wanting to get back on the team but they refuse him. Simone and Damon come back to the campus after visiting Damon’s family.
3. At My Worst – Cast
[0:31′] Cam and the girl who won a date with him get up on the stage and sing.
4. Better – Khalid
[0:34′] Damon asks Simone for a dance. They almost kiss, but she realizes she can’t be with him.
5. What We Call Life – Jordan Rakei
[0:38′] Keisha hoped to spend her night with Cam, but he decides to go catch up with Gabrielle. Simone calls Jordan and asks him to come to see her.

Season 1 • Episode 9: ‘Ordinary People’ (S01E09)

25 April 2022
9 songs

1. Just Can’t Tell At All – 5 Alarm Music
Starting song/ Nathaniel, Simone and Thea are discussing about Thea’s aunt.
2. Dreamworld (Radio Edit) – FRDRK
[0:01’] Thea and Jordan are going to have brunch. There they find out that Amara is going to resign.
3. Back Quick – ALIBI Music
[0:14’] The DJ plays this song at the party right when Nathaniel arrives.
4. Hail the King – Relaye
[0:18’] This song is playing at the party while Damon arrives.
5. Hrs and Hrs – Muni Long
[0:19’] This song is playing while Simone and Jordan are having dinner. Right after, Jordan invites Simone to dance with him on this song.
6. Down – visii
[0:24′] Thea speaks with Damon about what happened.
7.Good Part – Melody Edward
[0:26′] This song is playing in the restaurant while Simone and Jordan are having dinner.
8. Love U – Lewis Dransfield
[0:30’] Simone, Jordan, Nathaniel, Marcus and Keisha surprise aunt Amara with a video in which they praise her.
9. Sunsets – LHITNEY
[0:38’] Simone and Keisha are talking about Jordan and their relationship issues.

Season 1 • Episode 10: ‘Move On’ (S01E10)

2 May 2022
7 songs

1. MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X
Starting song / Different places of the university are shown.
2. Double Up – ALIBI Music
[0:06′] Keisha and Simone turn around to avoid one of her ex-girlfriends.
3. Closure – Vibetonova Feat. Maya Amara
[0:09′] Keisha is giving directions to a colleague, then calls for another colleague.
4. Keep On Walkin – Sasha feat. Celly Cell Thug
[0:11′] Simone and Maya are having a tennis match.
5. Wolves – Jensen McRae
[0:27′] Thea is on the tennis court and calls the director’s office.
6. Flowers – Marz Fay
[0:31′] Keisha is trying to talk to her ex-girlfriend, but she doesn’t make it easy for her.
7. Family (Acoustic) – Jordan Rakei
[0:40′] Keisha is calling the therapist to reschedule a session. Jay and his mom talk to Damon about his adoption.

Season 1 • Episode 11: ‘What Now?’ (S01E11)

9 May 2022
7 songs

1. Hold Me Steady – Boundary Run
Starting song / Simone can’t stop thinking about her breakup. Damon remembers his mother’s confession.
2. Pick Up The Pace – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Robyn Barker Johnson
[0:10′] Simone is training by herself, letting out her feelings.
3. Planted (Vulnerability) – Norelle
[0:11′] Thea and Damon have a date. They go to the spa center, and she helps him stretch his muscles and relax.
4. Nobody Love Like Us – Am!r
[0:16′] Simone realizes Damon and Thea are dating.
5. If You Wanna – Montythehokage
[0:30′] Damon goes to Thea’s room to thank her for her advice. They decide to be a couple.
6. Lose Anything – Rachel Chinouriri
[0:35′] Nathan organizes a funeral for Simone’s relationship. They go through their
memories together.

7. Gassin It – Hunnit Feat. CHEL
[0:41′] Amar found out what is actually going to happen with the university, and tries to solve the problem.

Season 1 • Episode 12: ‘Confessions’ (S01E12)

16 May 2022
7 songs

1. Play So Much – ALIBI Music
[0:05′] Jr asks Damon how he’s feeling. Damon is afraid to tell his mother the truth he found out, about him and Jr being brothers.
Continues when Damon asks the coach about his actions.

2. Elevate – Soulplusmind & NdotJay
[0:07′] Keisha tells Cam she wants to have a word with him, but when his friend comes she decides to leave them alone.
3. Come On – Rachel McGoye
[0:16′] Keisha tells Cam she wants to be with him, but he thinks they are better as friends.
4. Go Girl – Lionel Fabert Feat. Meeko Cicero
[0:17′] Simone plays tennis against one of her teammates. She manages to beat her.
5. My Name – ALIBI Music
[0:19′] Ralph tells coach Marcus he figured out that he was Amara’s source. Seeing he can’t get to him, Ralph leaves.
6.Monster – Mega. & Kwini Rene
[0:31′] Thea plays against her worst enemy. She fails at first but manages to win the game.
7. My Love – Adam Robert Thomas
[0:35′] Simone just found out she didn’t make it into the top 6, and won’t be playing tennis for Bringstone this year anymore. Amara asks for an emergency meeting.

Season 1 • Episode 13: ‘Irreplaceable’ (S01E13)

23 May 2022
6 songs

1. Save You – B3autiful Cr3atures Feat. Maggie Szabo
[0:00′] Amara, Jr, and Damon cam to look for Marcus at his apartment. After the boys leave, Marcus tells Amara he is, indeed, home.
2. The Last Day – M.K.Sol
[0:16′] Damon tells his new coach the truth: he is his wife’s child.
3. Ring The Alarm – Tenor Saw
[0:20′] The boys perform to raise money for their college.
4. Underdog – Lionel Fabert Feat. Louis Lepine
[0:28′] The boys play one last baseball game for Bringston.
5. Play To Win – Tyrone Briggs
[0:29′] Marcus decides to show up for Bringston’s last baseball game.
6. Not Alright – Nightengale
[0:38′] Damon tells Jr and Jesse that Jesse is his actual biological father.

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