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All American Season 5 Soundtrack

Songs:  20  | Scene descriptions: 20 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 7  |  Last episode: 28 November 2022


The soundtrack to All American Season 5 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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All American Season 5 Episode 7

Season 5 • Episode 1: ‘Ludacrismas’ (S05E01)

10 October 2022
2 songs

1. Ordinary People – D-Luv
Starting song / A montage with the characters of the series
2. play Love Can Be Lonely – Jeremy Lister
[0:39’] Ending scene / Spencer is breaking up with Simone.

Season 5 • Episode 2: ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique’ (S05E02)

17 October 2022
4 songs

1. playThe Best – Erica Banks
[0:21’] Spencer and his friends arrive at a fraternity house party.
2. playI’m So Sexy – Kaya Ka$h
[0:24’] Coop arrives at the house party and says hello to Spencer and the boys.
3. playI Got It – Hew G. & Bianco
[0:33’] Spencer is trying to get it together in the bathroom before having sex with Neasha.
4. playFeel Good – Shai Fellah
[0:38’] Jordan is asking Spencer what happened the night before at the party.

Season 5 • Episode 3: ‘Feeling Myself’ (S05E03)

24 October 2022
0 songs

There are no songs for this episode.

Season 5 • Episode 4: ‘Turn Down for What’ (S05E04)

7 November 2022
7 songs

1.Feeling Good – Bobby Saint
[0:02’] Everyone is gathered for D’Angelo’s pre-wedding dinner party.
2.Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon
[0:14’] Grace, Laura, and Denise are having fun and dancing with the strippers at her bachelorette party.
3.Why I Love You – MAJOR.
[0:31’] Grace is walking down the aisle.
4.Cupid Shuffle – Cupid
[0:32’] Grace and D’Angelo are dancing with their guests.
5.Splash – Lady Bri
[0:33’] Carter is about to remove Grace’s garter and throw it to the guys.
6.You Are The Reason (Calum Scott) – Cast
[0:37’] Patience is singing at Grace and Carter’s wedding.
7.Playing tricks – Thuy
[0:38’] Spencer and Olive are trying to sort things out between them.

Season 5 • Episode 5: ‘I Need Love’ (S05E05)

14 November 2022
3 songs

1.Looks Good On U – Star Club
[0:15’] At the speed dating interview, the girls ask the guys uncomfortable questions; Jordan admits to JJ that he has a crush on Layla.
2.Soul of a Woman – Johnny Gill
[0:31’] Spencer prepares a romantic dinner for his girlfriend but she thinks that everything is a little too much.
3.I Smell Smoke – Mista Kingz
[0:32’] Eric meets with Billy Baker at a restaurant in town.

Season 5 • Episode 6: ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down’ (S05E06)

22 November 2022
2 songs

1. Fire and Ice – Patience
[0:11’] At the studio, Patience plays this song for her friends and does a little dance in front of them.
[0:25’] Gia asks the staff to play the track so Patience can rehearse before the director shows up.
2. Watch Me Go (feat. Tneek) – Daniel Lobel
[0:20’] Spencer does several video calls in his attempt to recruit some players for the team.

Season 5 • Episode 7: ‘Hate It or Love It’ (S05E07)

28 November 2022
1 song

1.Changes – The Careful Ones
[0:38’] The song starts playing when Layla leaves Clay’s office assuring him that Patience is fine. Patience goes through the comments on the photo she posted. Olivia opens her gift and starts eating the cupcake. Spencer talks to J in the locker room.

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All American Season 5  TV information
Production: Berlanti Productions, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Television
Distributor: ITV2, The CW Network
Directors: Michael Schultz, David McWhirter, Kelli Williams
Stars: Daniel Ezra, Samantha Logan, Michael Evans Behling

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