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Better Things Season 5 Soundtrack

Songs:  64  | Scene descriptions: 64 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 25 April 2022
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The soundtrack to Better Things Season 5 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 tv show, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Better Things Season 5 Episode 2
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Season 5 • Episode 1: ‘F*ck Anatoly’s Mom’ (S05E01)

28 February 2022
7 songs

1. Galaxy Song – Monty Python
Starting song / We see Sam doing her daily activities.
2. Call The Doctor – Doctor Ross
[0:06′] Sam and Max came to see a house for rent in Hollywood. Max wants to rent it.
3. La Tortuga Dub – Los De Abajo
[0:08′] Max decides where her stuff will be in her new home.
4.Been Worryin’ – Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino
[0:15′] Sam and Maryon end up hating the same person. They go separate ways afterward.
5.Sweet Tooth Boogie – The Bones of J.R. Jones
[0:24′] Sam and her son meet one of her friends and her son.
6.La Ballade D’elle Et Lui – Fleur Offwood
[0:28′] Sam’s friend passes out on her lap in a cab.
7.Fire Water Burn – Bloodhound Gang
[0:32′] Sam breaks down something in her house and then leaves.
End credits.

Season 5 • Episode 2: ‘Rip Taylor’s Cell Phone’ (S05E02)

28 February 2022
9 songs

1. It’s A Great Big Beautiful Morning – Michael Brown, Original Cast Of A Birthday Garland For Mr. James Cash Penney
Starting song / Sam enters a random shop. She meets Marty, one of her idols, at a flower shop.
2. No No – Psychic Wheels
[0:04′] Sam calls Phil to ask for advice. Phil tells Sam her daughter was in the hospital without her knowing.
3. Kings Of Sport – Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra
[0:07′] Sam goes for a fitting. One of the employees guides her.
4.S.O.B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
[0:08′] Sam checks out the whole clothing store and tries on different items.
5. Addressed To Me -Surgeons In Heat
[0:17′] Sam cooks dinner and arranges the table. Max massages her, saying she won’t manage to make it to dinner.
6. Mercy Train – Blues Saraceno
[0:21′] Sam ends up spending the night alone, eating the dinner she made for the whole family and drinking by herself. She listens to this song.
7. Black Night – All Good Things
[0:21′] Second song Sam listens to while eating.
8. Say You Love Me – William Parnell, Dale Davis, Ashley Kingsley, Adam King & Ade Omotayo
[0:21′] Sam receives a package.
9. Young Girl – Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
End credits song

Season 5 • Episode 3: ‘Oh, I’m Not Gonna Tell Her’ (S05E03)

7 March 2022
4 songs

1. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate
[0:02′] Rich drives Max to Sam’s house. Sam brings doughnuts to the classes, but the teachers keep them because sweets are not allowed in class.
[0:28′] Rich gets the skull out of Sam’s house.
End credits.

2. Be My Guest – Manhattan Brothers
[0:13′] Sam leaves the school after her book reading, which was a mess.
3. Barbecue Bess – Lucille Bogan
[0:16′] Sam gets in her car and on her phone. She has a lot of missed calls from Max and some videos with what is going on at home.
4. Honey, I Love You – Funk, Inc.
Sunny and Jeff revealed to Sam that they are together.

Season 5 • Episode 4: ‘Ephemera’ (S05E04)

14 March 2022
6 songs

1. Path Of Righteousness – Yellowman
[0:04′] Sam drives her daughters to school. They talk about their dad’s new girlfriend.
2. Too Late For Tears – Andrea Litkei & Ervin Litkei
[0:13′] Duke and her friend are out in search of a gift for her friend’s mom. They discover interesting things in a vintage shop.
3. Love Never Dies – Benny Hester
[0:18′] Sam and Frankie take a tour into a cemetery where a lot of important people are buried. They also go to see Frankie’s grandfather.
4. Mary Moon – LABRYS
[0:26′] Frankie teaches Sam how to use the correct pronouns. Phyllis laughs talking to a man on Facebook.
5.What Goes Around Comes Around – Arthur Monday
[0:27′] Realizing she is home alone, Sam prepares herself a cocktail.
6. 817 Oakland Avenue – Charlie Parr
[0:32′] Max moves back home for a while. Sam offers her a cocktail.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 5: ‘The World Is Mean Right Now’ (S05E05)

21 March 2022
7 songs

1.Poj, Igraj, Garmoschka – Cosmonautix
[0:01′] Sam is cooking in her kitchen.
2.Spell – Emily Reo
[0:10′] Sam goes outside to relax.
3.Tracing Outlines – Abracadabra
[0:19′] Joe gives Sam pieces of advice regarding her house.
4.Say What You Will – James Blake
[0:29′] Sam is in bed, not able to sleep, and surfs the web on the phone.
5.Baba Hanuman – Krishna Das
[0:30′] Sam keeps trying to fall asleep and her dog comes to sleep with her.
6.Doing Our Thing With Pride – Al Dos Band
[0:33′] Sam goes out to train, by climbing stairs.
7.Better In The Morning – Birdtalker
Ending credits song

Season 5 • Episode 6: ‘San Francisco’ (S05E06)

28 March 2022
4 songs

1. Trouble – Copywrite
Starting song / Sam is driving and looking around.
2. Mangoane – Manhattan Brothers
[0:06′] Sam grabs something to eat while talking to Ana.
3. I Due Evasi di Sing Sing (Bossa Per Gloria) – Ennio Morricone
[0:23′] Sam receives a drink from a lady at the bar and decides to talk with her after some time.
4. Greatest Debt To My Mother – Henry Brooks
Ending credits song

Season 5 • Episode 7: ‘Family Meeting’ (S05E07)

4 April 2022
5 songs

1. The Coffee Cola Song – Francis Bebey
Starting song / Pamela is on the phone while sitting on the toilet.
2. The Sea – Sierra Ferrell
[0:12′] Pamela goes grocery shopping.
3. See Myself In The Mirror – Tony Pops
[0:15′] Max and her friends put on make-up and have fun.
4. Like Crying Like Dying – Fleetwood Mac
[0:30′] Jason plays guitar again and sings this song.
5. Count The Tear Drops – Corrina Repp
[0:37′] Pamela puts a blanket on Max and sleeps next to her.

Season 5 • Episode 8: ‘Jesus Saves’ (S05E08)

11 April 2022
6 songs

1. Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) – Billy Ocean
[0:02′] The girls in the Fox family danced during an online class where their teacher began dancing.
2. England Swings – Roger Miller
[0:03′] Sam, Duke, and Phyllis are in an elevator. A gut recognizes Sam and tells her he loves Filthfy Moms.
3. Mad Hatters Cabbage – Tony Stevens Band
[0:04′] Phyllis and Duke go with Sam to get her English citizenship. Duke films everything. Sam runs into an old friend, who used to work for her.
4. Zwolf Variatianen – Mozart
[0:16′] Chaya was playing the piano when another guest comes with a snake and scares her.
5. Now & Then – Lily Kershaw Feat. Goody Grace
[0:18′] Frankie tells Max some hard truths. Frankie appreciates it, and they go to make Max’s luggage.
6. England Swings – Roger Miller
[0:32′] The flight attendant gets Sam out of first class.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 9: ‘England’ (S05E09)

18 April 2022
7 songs

1. Ugly Little Sunflower – Charlie Abbott
Starting song / The girls in the family explore London while Duke films everything.
2. Manuelo (Jul. 1, 1946) – Eileen Barton
[0:06′] Phill and the rest of the family go to meet one of Phill’s old friends. They cheer together and remember stories from their youth.
3. Everything You Know Melts Away Like Snow – Daniel Norgren
[0:12′] Phill tells stories about her mother and the rest of the family listens closely.
4. Humbug Mountain Song – Fruit Bats
[0:13′] The Fox family enjoys the streets of London. Sam gets a phone call from home about her dog being sick.
5. When They Fight, They Fight – The Generationals
[0:31′] The family goes with Caroline to throw her mother’s ashes in the river.
6. Head Of Roses – Flock of Dimes
[0:34′] The rain just stopped. Duke is watching a rainbow. Phil was about to go for a walk when Lester surprises her and accompanies her on the walk.
7. Now Is The Hour – Cast
[0:44′] Sam announced to the whole family that Phill and Max are going to remain in England. She goes to have a talk with her brother and finds Phil singing when they come back.

Season 5 • Episode 10: ‘We Are Not Alone’ (S05E10)

25 April 2022
9 songs

1. Woke Up Looking (Gideon Irving) – Cast
Starting song / A montage that imitates the song’s video.
2. Chaise Lounge – Wet Leg
[0:02′] Sam is in her car, vlogging.
3. Le Soleil Sur La Peau – Jean-Jacques Debout
[0:11′] Sam records what she has to do while she is on the toilet.
4. I Know The Place – Connie Van Dyke
[0:14′] Sam decides to release the fish she had in a bowl.
5. Do You Belive in Rapture? – Sean Alan
[0:22′] Sam gives a speech at Sunny’s wedding.
6. Little Black Flies – Eddie 9V
[0:26′] The guests are talking with each other.
7. Mizuko Jizo – Midori Hirano
[0:34′] After watching a movie, Max is creating a figurine out of clay. Meanwhile, Sam is putting up a ‘for sale’ sign.
8. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (The Unofficial England Football Anthem) – Monty Python
[0:39′] Sam drives and sees a falling star; A montage with all the characters saying goodbye.
9. 2 Heads – Flock of Dimes
Ending song / End credits song

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  1. I would like to know the artist and name of a song in Season 5 Episode 7. It is at minute 32 and the the young man is playing guitar and singing in Sam’s living room. It starts out “You took me by surprise, I could see the whole world smiling in your eyes”. It is very short, but beautiful.

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