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Bring Back Alice Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  55  | Scene descriptions: 60 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 12 May 2023
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The soundtrack to Bring Back Alice Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 HBO Max TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Bring Back Alice Season 1 Episode 1
Bring Back Alice Season 1 Episode 2
Bring Back Alice Season 1 Episode 3
Bring Back Alice Season 1 Episode 4
Bring Back Alice Season 1 Episode 5
Bring Back Alice Season 1 Episode 6

Season 1 • Episode 1 (S01E01)

14 April 2023
16 songs

1. playBut U (feat. Izzy Bizu) – Voost & Parx
Alice is doing a live stream on the beach.
2. playFerrari – Florence Nevada
[0:02’] Alice and her friends are having fun on a boat before they get in a car and do drugs.
3. playRollin – Podhajski
[0:02’] Alice and her friends arrive at a party on a boat.
4. playWe Control – Lilly Palmer
[0:04’] Alice and her friends are dancing at the party while doing drugs.
5. playSerpent Power – Aetherboy1
[0:09’] Tomek and his friend are chasing one of his clients who refuses to pay him.
6. playHighlight Play – Alexander Hitchens, DubXX , & Tezo
[0:18’] Students are arriving at school as Alice’s friends meet up.
7. Thicc – Hank Saunders & PsychoYP
[0:21’] Tomek is brushing his teeth before he calls Luka.
8. playOk – Emie Nathan
[0:24’] Alice’s parents are taking her home as fans start running after their car.
9. playWhere Is She – Forxst
[0:30’] Mikey and Monika are driving to Alice’s place.
10. playTake A Breath – James George & Jennifer June
[0:31’] Alice, Mikey, and Monika are sitting down, listening to music, and chatting.
11. playWith You I’m Alive – James George & Jennifer June
[0:34’] Mikey and Monika are sitting in the car after they left Alice’s house.
12. playAddiction – Podhajski
[0:35’] Tomek is at a party watching Paula dance.
13. playSeduction – Podhajski
[0:38’] Tomek and Paula are dancing together after they took shots and drugs.
14. playAfterglow (feat. Poszukiwacz 303) – aetherboy1
[0:46’] Tomek steals someone’s car.
15. playFall Away – John Winston & James George
[0:50’] Monika is watching a video of Alice as she eats ice cream.
[0:52’] Ending credits.
16. Na dachu – Blazej Kafarski

Season 1 • Episode 2 (S01E02)

14 April 2023
13 songs

1. playYesterday’s Pain – Lorn
[0:03’] Intro song.
2. playDumb Love – NEIL FRANCES
[0:04’] Tomek is released from the police station as Paula is waiting for him outside.
3. Games – Universal Production Music
[0:08’] Tomek is in a car repair station when he receives a text.
4. playBreak a Heart – Nicola McCollum, Eamonn Downes & Mark Coupe
[0:09’] Alice’s father is driving Alice to Milena’s house.
5. playCyborg – SaraoMusic
[0:13’] Mikey is training in his room before he receives a Facetime from Monika.
6. playPictures – imasleep
[0:16’] Alice and Mikey are making plans in the car while he’s driving.
7. playTime Of Our Lives – Ashley Clark & Matthew Simon Clark
[0:17’] Alice’s friends are sitting by the beach chatting before Alice and Mikey show up.
8. playColour To Colour – Seyr
[0:20’] Alice and her friends are drinking on the beach.
9. playPatolove – Zdechly Osa
[0:25’] Tomek breaks into a car and drives off with Paula.
10. playFruit – ABRA
[0:30’] Paula puts on a song and Alice starts dancing.
11. playCan You Hear Me – Universal Production Music
[0:37’] Monika is going downstairs after seeing Alice and Mikey together.
12. playCircles (Unmixed) – Apparat
[0:43’] Alice and her friend group are having fun on a boat and they go skinny dipping.
13. playOn the Catwalk – Delphine Dupont & Gérôme Gallo
[0:45’] Alice receives her phone and laptop back and gets ready to record herself.
[0:46’] Ending credits.

Season 1 • Episode 3 (S01E03)

21 April 2023
11 songs

1. playYesterday’s Pain – Lorn
[0:02′] Intro song.
2. playSpitfire – FitnessGlo
[0:03′] Michal wins a basketball game against his teammate, as the students cheer him on.
3. playAcid Rain- Lorn
[0:04′] Ala walks through the courtyard to her friends, catching everybody’s attention.
4. playGhost of You – Curtis Harding
[0:11′] Ala takes the bus home from school.
5. playL’Elisir D’Amore – Una Furtive Lagrima – Gaetano Domenico Maria Donizetti & Public Domain
[0:14′] During the family dinner, Paula’s father is showing interest in her boyfriend, Tomek, by asking questions about his life.
6. playDuch – Kosa
[0:20′] Michael gets a threatening phone call from Kris, regarding the car.
7. playGangsta Protocol (as Heard In RV) – Green Screen
[0:24′] Tomek gets a visit from Ala while working at the car shop.
8. playWhere is She – Forxst
[0:36′] Monica puts an end to her secret relationship with Michal.
9. playSet It Off – Baby Bam
[0:44′] The basketball game is starting, where Batory is up against The Eagles.
10. playSirius – The Alan Parsons Project
[0:45′] Michal makes the two free shots, leading the team to victory.
11. playTime Warp (feat. Sami Chaouki) – Apashe
[0:47′] The police do a search in the boy’s locker room, finding drugs in Michal’s bag, which were planted there by Ala.

Season 1 • Episode 4 (S01E04)

28 April 2023
3 songs

1. playYesterday’s Pain – Lorn
[0:02′] Intro song.
2. playTrackstar – Eddy
[0:05′] Alicja arrives at Mikey’s apartment to talk to him about the case.
[0:09′] Alicja arrives at school and tells Monia the latest news about the proposal.
[0:47′] End credits song.
3. playUnuntrium – VTSS
[0:13′] Patryk is going to the club to give his boss the money from the drugs.

Season 1 • Episode 5 (S01E05)

5 May 2023
10 songs

1. playSick Bitch – Lsdxoxo
[0:01′] They show what all the characters are doing. Alicja sends them all a text with the time and place of the party.
2. playYesterday’s Pain – Lorn
[0:04′] Intro song.
3. playPhoney – Nate Connelly
[0:11′] After Alicja gets a flashback and mistakes a girl for Wera.
4. play000000005 –999999999
[0:11′] Alicja opens the door to the club and they all enter. This song is playing inside.
5. playAddiction –Podhajski
[0:15′] Alicja asks them if they should dance and they all go to the dance floor.
6. playCrazy Good Love – Marc Ferrari, Francisco Leon Rodriguez, Marcus Cohen & Matt Hirt
[0:22′] Michal arrives home and hears Tomek and his girlfriend getting intimate.
7. playWho You Got – Universal Production Music
[0:47′] Patryk steals his father’s car.
[0:49′] End credits song.
8. playDead of Night – Orville Peck, Louise Burns
[0:48′] Patryk gets flashbacks from the night of the incident and starts crying.
9. playRollin –Podhajski
10. playGlass – Hania Rani

Season 1 • Episode 6 (S01E06)

12 May 2023
5 songs

1. playGoodbye – Apparat feat. Soap&Skin
[0:01′] Alicja is talking to Wera (Weronika) about going to the police station.
2. playParis Madness – Samaran
[0:04′] Alicja and her friends arrive at the Itaka event about Wera (Weronika).
3. playMount Everest – Labrinth
[0:22′] Michal’s brother is burning cassettes and a hat before Michal, Janek, and Monia get arrested.
4. playYesterday’s Pain – Lorn
[0:45′] Alicja and Tomek found Wera and she is taken to the hospital.
5. playExulansis – all your friends
[0:47′] Ending credits.

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Bring Back Alice Season 1  TV information
Bring Back Alice Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Telemark
Distributor: HBO Max
Director: Dawid Nickel
Actors: Helena Englert, Sandra Drzymalska, Marieta Zukowska

IMDB: Bring Back Alice

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