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Brotherhood Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  11  | Scene descriptions: 12 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 11 May 2022
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The soundtrack to Brotherhood Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix series.

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Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Ties’ (S02E01)

11 May 2022
2 songs

1. Ratamahatta – Sepultura
[0:13′] Cristina is driving very fast because she is being chased by Darlene.
2. Olhos Coloridos – Sandra de Sá
[0:27′] Cristina is having a smoke and a drink while listening to music and singing along.

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘Just Dust’ (S02E02)

11 May 2022
2 songs

1. Chuva de Cristal – Cassisno
Starting song / Food is being prepared for the prisoners. A member of the Brotherhood is getting a new tattoo.
2. No Pagode do Vavá – Grupo Raca
[0:06′] A member of the Brotherhood enters the DA’s and distracts the doorman until Cristina sneaks in.

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘Two Weights, Two Measures’ (S02E03)

11 May 2022
1 song

1. Vou Festejar – Beth Carvalho
[0:43′] Cristina is driving Faisca to another place.

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Like Garbage’ (S02E04)

11 May 2022
4 songs

1. Hoje Tem Pagode – Magno Vito & Ordep Lemos And Serginto Rezende
[0:14′] Popcorn broke into the medical house.
2. Perseguição Infernal – Filosofia de Rua
[0:17′] Cristina is reading a book while smoking and the Brotherhood are planning their escape.
3. Essa Tal Liberdade – Só Pra Contrariar
[0:30′] Ivan and Cristina sing a song together when she went to visit him in prison.
4. Bou Sair Por Ahi – Ordep Lemos
[0:33′] Darlene put into motion the plan of kidnapping the Secretary’s child.

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘Sentence’ (S02E05)

11 May 2022
0 songs

There are no songs for this episode.

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘Siblings’ (S02E06)

11 May 2022
2 songs

1. Lágrimas Negras – Gal Costa
Starting song / A scene in which Cristina, Marcel, and Edson are kids is shown.
[0:48′] Marcel and Cristina sit next to Edson’s body and Cristina is crying.
2. Respeito É Pra Quem Tem – Sabotage
[0:07′] Ivan is walking on the street, keeping a low profile.

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