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Cruel Summer Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  69  | Scene descriptions: 72 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 31 July 2023
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The soundtrack to Cruel Summer Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 Hulu TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Welcome to Chatham’ (S02E01)

5 June 2023
9 songs

1. play My Own Worst Enemy – Lit
[0:01’] Debbie and Megan are in the trailer. Her mother tells Megan that she wanted to travel with her and Lily.
2. play Spice Girls – Spice up Your Life
[0:02’] Megan watches TV. Isabella rushes in with a letter. The University of Washington informs Megan that they are pleased to welcome her to the class of 2004. They awarded her the Gates Scholarship for excellence in academics.
3. play Mercy – KMFDM
[0:03’] It’s the year 2000. Megan is at her computer with her headphones on.
4. play Every Morning – Sugar Ray
[0:04’] Opening theme.
5. play Jungle Gym Literature – Dan Darrah
[0:18’] Megan asks Isabella what made her choose Chatham over other places.
6. play Baby’s Day Out – Bangs
[0:24’] Megan walks to the pier. She looks at the information board and Parker tells her that none of that would have happened if Isabella hadn’t come to town.
7. play You’re My Christmas – Juliet Lyons
[0:46’] Isabella informs Luke and Megan that the bartender attends the same school as Brent and is smoking hot.
8. play Livin’ la Vida Loca – Ricky Martin
[0:49’] Isabella and Megan dance and sing.
9. play Rain – George Winston
[0:50’] Megan is visibly affected by Isabella hitting on Luke.

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘Ride or Die’ (S02E02)

5 June 2023
9 songs

1. play Smooth (feat.Rob Thomas) – Santana
Opening song / Isabella writes in her diary that people look at her like she’s an exotic creature from another planet.
2. play One Whiskey – G Tom Mac
[0:14’] Luke and Isabella are in the car. He asks her why she chose that town and she replies that she has always been more about people than places.
3. play One Week – Barenaked Ladies
[0:15’] Brent is grilling meat at the swimming pool party. He tells Parker that everyone knows she is a carnivore.
4. play Steal My Sunshine – LEN
[0:22’] Isabella is in a swimsuit. She walks to Brent and tells him that the drinks he is preparing look intense.
5. play Anything (feat. Littel Paul) – Shyan Selah
[0:32’] Isabella squeezes lime into her drink. Brent asks her if she needs help.
6. play Bitch – Alanis Morissette
[0:33’] Parker and Isabella go to Steve’s house to find the videotape. To destroy the tapes, they throw them on the floor and jump on them.
7. play Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs – Elf Power
[0:37’] Isabella accidentally spills soda onto Megan’s backpack and when she cleans it she discovers pills inside.
8. play She’s So High – Tal Bachman
[0:42’] Megan is in the swimming pool. When she resurfaces out of the water she says Marco. A second later fireworks whistle in the distance. She watches Luke and Isabella having fun.
9. play Barely Breathing – Duncan Sheik
[0:55’] Luke and Isabella are in the swimming pool. She tells him she loves night swimming.

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘Bloody Knuckles’ (S02E03)

12 June 2023
7 songs Doin’Time – Sublime
[0:04’] Luke and his friends play horseshoes. Isabella and Megan arrive by car. Referring to Isabella, Tim teases Luke and tells him his girlfriend is there. Let Me – Real Lulu
[0:07’] In the cabin, Tim tells Isabella that she and Luke can take the bed. She responds that he and Eric can have the bed, so they can consummate their love. Freightliner – Hot Water Music
[0:08’] At Shoreline Cafe, Megan writes on her laptop with her headphones on. On TV, there is news about Luke’s death. She removes her headphones to listen to the news. Ready to Rise – Vaughan Penn
[0:11’] Freddy shoots bottles as targets. Luke teaches Isabella how to use a gun and tells her not to wave a loaded gun around. Wide Open – London
[0:16’] Jeff takes a video of Megan. As he records her, he comments that she is top of her class and a model citizen. Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer
[0:22’] The friends toast marshmallows. Isabella suggests they play a game, so she can dig up dirt in case she wants to blackmail them in the future. Child (Your Blood and Mine) – Flesh
[0:34’] Megan is driving, Isabella is next to her. When they arrive at Megan’s house, her mother and estranged father kiss in front of the house.

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Springing a Leak’ (S02E04)

19 June 2023
8 songs

1. playFly Away – Lenny Kravitz
[0:01’] It is the summer of 1999. Megan examines herself in the mirror and puts her hair up in a ponytail. She tells Isabella they always do the same things in the summer: go to the marina and hang out at the cove.
2. playAll Star – Smash Mouth
[0:04’] Isabella and Megan sunbathe on the beach, and Luke and Jeff play frisbee.
3. playThere’s You – David Hardin
[0:07’] Jeff and Megan make fake IDs on the computer to get into the club. He asks her what town she wants to be from, and she replies Seattle.
4. playSomething to Believe In – Christopher Lewis & Beck Goldsmith
[0:10’] Megan tells Isabella she wishes she could rewind to that night and not see her mother and father kiss.
5. playProject 90’s – Gianni Ingrosso
[0:16’] Megan and Isabella manage to get into the club. The bouncer asks Luke what’s his zodiac sign and because he cannot answer, he and Jeff are not permitted to enter the club.
6. playAmsterdam – Pillbox
[0:28’] Megan is on the bed and listens to this song on the headset. Her mother enters the room and asks Megan if she knew Luke was running away.
7. playSupergirl – Freakbeam
[0:33’] This song plays in the car. Jeff asks Megan if she drank, and Megan tells him she had rum and coke.
8. playGotta Be Me (60) – Christian Allan Salyer?
[0:35’] Luke, Isabella, Megan, and Jeff drink beers. Jeff asks Megan if she wants to go for a walk.

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘All I Want for Christmas’ (S02E05)

26 June 2023
5 songs Slide – The Goo Goo Dolls
[0:02’] Isabella writes a letter to Isa. She informs her that she has had the most epic summer. Christmas Time Is Here – Sara Noelle
[0:02’] Megan gifts Isabella a photo album for Christmas. Isabella tells Megan that the present is amazing. Ears – Cinerama
[0:09’] Isabella asks Megan if Jeff is meeting them later. Megan replies that he is spending the day with his family on Whidbey Island.
4.O Skank All Ye Faithful – Oliver Offensive & Vince Vile
[0:16’] The town celebrates Christmas in July. Megan told Trevor he did not need to see that much of Chatham. All The Small Things – Middle Kids
[0:54’] Megan and Isabella eat gingerbread. Isabella tells her the photo album is one of the best presents she has ever received.

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘The Plunge’ (S02E06)

3 July 2023
13 songs You Get What You Give – New Radicals
[0:01’] It is the summer of 1999. Isabella compliments Megan on her look and then tells her she broke up with Luke. Go Devil – Freakbeam
[0:03’]   Megan tells Isabella she can no longer attend the Chatham Plunge because of a school paperwork deadline. Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home – Elf Power
[0:06’] Megan and Brent organize Luke’s birthday party. Jesus Spoke – The Pinetops
[0:08’] Guests are having fun at the party. Jeff tells Megan she killed it, as usual. Come On, Come On (Please Let Me See It) – Tommy 16
[0:13’] Jeff invites Megan to join him on his family vacation on Whidbey Island. TV Show – Milkbar
[0:17’] Luke and Isabella get into the cold water. High Atop the Silver Branches – Elf Power
[0:18’] Isabella wishes Luke a happy birthday. Sky’s the Limit – Bill Baylis, Simon Stewart & Julie Tulley
[0:20’] Jeff asked Megan if she wanted to team up with him for Luke’s first annual beer pong tournament. She initially said yes, but Megan switched teams when Luke asked her to play with him. The Climb (Prologue) – As the City Sleeps
[0:28’] The friends play beer pong. Luke and Megan stumble and fall on top of each other. Open Wide – Long Hind Legs
[0:30’] A stripper arrives at Luke’s birthday party. Megan is visibly upset. Genie In a Bottle – Christina Aguilera
[0:40’] The girls dance to this song. Megan invites Luke to the dance area to dance with her.
12.Head Above Water – Area
[0:47’] Megan lights the candles on the cake when Luke walks in. She tells Luke he is not supposed to be in the room, but he notices the cake and asks her if she baked it. Tumbler – Freakbeam
[0:49’] Jeff tells Megan it’s unfair for him to be used as a practice run.

Season 2 • Episode 7: ‘It’s the End of the World’ (S02E07)

10 July 2023
5 songs Creep – TLC
The song plays over the radio when Megan and Isabella wake up in the morning. Butterfly – Crazy Town
[0:23’] Megan and Luke arrive at the party and cheer to the new millennium. Luke wonders if something crazy is going to happen at midnight. Funk 3 (Get Next To You) – Novie
[0:34’] At the party, Jeff tells Megan that Luke was looking for her earlier, then records her saying she will take charge of her destiny as a resolution for the new year. Glory Box – Portishead
[0:36’] After telling Isabella that she wants revenge on Luke, Megan approaches him and kisses him passionately in front of his friends. Colorblind – Counting Crows
[0:38’] As Luke and Megan sit by the lake, they hold hands and kiss each other for the first time.

Season 2 • Episode 8: ‘Confess Your Sins’ (S02E08)

17 July 2023
9 songs Absolutely (Story of a Girl) – Nine Days
[0:02’] Megan and Isabella are on the bed. Megan giggles and tells Isabella it was even better with Luke than she thought it would be and thanks Isabella for everything.
2.Before – JAGGER
[0:07’] Megan and Luke kiss. She tells him she used to think it would be weird to kiss him because she’s known him since he was a baby. Ready to Go – Republica
[0:14’] The friends are at a car wash event. Parker has a poster sign that reads, „Honk if you’re horny” Jeff records the fundraising on camera and says it is a senior kickoff event. Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind
[0:24’] Tucker gives money to Jeff, and Jeff offers him a videotape. Tucker tells Jeff he has been dying to see it, and Jeff replies he should not tell anyone he got it from him. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus
[0:35’] Brent tells Tucker he would never guess what he just got. He then tells him he has the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape. Signals You Send – Swim
[0:47’] Brent approaches Isabella. He tells her that now that her relationship with Luke is over, she should consider being with him, but his proposal revolts Isabella, and she tells him she’d rather eat glass. It Was Easy – Ilya
[0:48’] Megan washes a car, and Isabella walks to her. When Isabella asks Megan how it’s going, she replies that her fingers have started to pucker. You So & So – John Wesley Harding
[0:56’] Debbie and Steve kiss on the couch, and Megan and Luke are in another room. She asks Luke if their parents believe they are stealthy; Luke replies that his father has always liked Debbie. Lovefool – The Cardigans
[0:58’] Isabella puts a Polaroid photo from the car wash event on her wall.

Season 2 • Episode 9: ‘The Miseducation of Luke Chambers’ (S02E09)

24 July 2023
4 songs

1. play Only Wanna Be With You — Hootie Blowfish
[0:01’] Luke is sitting on the couch watching a video recording of his family from years ago.
2. play Bitter Sweet — The Verve
[0:03’] Intro Song / Luke is thrown into the pool by his brother Brent while he was floating in the pool.
3. play Kmb — Lost at Last
[0:18’] Megan and Luke are preparing for a Halloween party.
4. play In the End — 2WEI & Edda Hayes
[0:35’] Luke escaped and is walking in the woods at night time.
[0:38’] Megan can’t sleep and keeps moving in bed.

Season 2 • Episode 10: ‘Endgame’ (S02E10)

31 July 2023
1 song

1. play Dragula (from „Haunt”) – Lissie
[0:41’] Isabella goes to the lake at night and finds Luke on the shore. He is still alive but needs help. Isabella looks around and steps on his head suffocating him, then pushes him into the lake.

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Cruel Summer Season 2  TV information
Cruel Summer Season 2 Soundtrack
Production: Iron Ocean Films
Distributor: Freeform, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu
Directors: Bill Purple, Kellie Cyrus, Alexis Ostrander
Stars: Olivia Holt, Chiara Aurelia, Froy Gutierrez

IMDB: Cruel Summer

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