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Derry Girls Season 3 Soundtrack

Songs:  109  | Scene descriptions: 113 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 7  |  Last episode: 18 May 2022
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The soundtrack to Derry Girls Season 3 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 tv show, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the TV Series.

Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 1
Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 2
Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 3
Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 4
Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 5
Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 6
Derry Girls Season 3 Episode 7

Season 3 • Episode 1: ‘The Night Before’ (S03E01)

12 April 2022
12 songs

1. Caoineadh Cú Chulainn – Bill Whelan
Starting song / A picture with 5 teenagers can be seen on a wall and an armed man is looking at a car on fire.
2. I’m Gonna Get You (Original Flavour Mix) – Bizarre Inc
Intro song
3. How Bizarre – OMC
[0:04′] After the scene where the woman lets the kids leave despite the man’s refusal.
4. Freed From Desire – Gala
[0:05′] The children are talking about their test results by the river.
5. Perfect 10 – The Beautiful South
[0:07′] The children are sneaking into the school to find out their test results.
6. Beat Goes On – The All Seeing I
[0:08′] As they enter the school and James is filming everything that’s happening, they hear a sound and two man appear.
7. It’s Oh So Quiet – Björk
[0:09′] A man is throwing away trash and is surprised by something he sees next to the garbage can.
8. Better? – Propellerheads
[0:10′] The children help the burglars carry the computers to the van. They make small talk.
9. Born Slippy (Nuxx) – Underworld
[0:13′] The children are detained by the police and taken in for investigation. The old man stops the car and buries the dead animal.
10. Loser – Beck
[0:20′] The policeman receives evidence from the surveillance cameras outside the school and releases the children.
11. Runaway – The Corrs
[0:22′] The cat meows and the old man tells it that’s all he could do for it.
12. Wannabe – Spice Girls
[0:24′] End of the episode

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘The Affair’ (S03E02)

19 April 2022
12 songs

1. Keep On Movin’ – Five
Intro song
2. Hot, Hot, Hot – The Merrymen
[0:03′] The bear and two children dance on stage.
3. You Might Need Somebody – Shola Ama
[0:06′] The plumber enters the room and the two women are surprised. He then greets them.
4. Summertime – The Sundays
[0:07′] The man tells the plumber the boiler won’t fix itself and leads him to it.
5. Children – Robert Miles
[0:11′] Gabriel gives his number to Mary, she hides it in her wallet but the little girl saw her. She now tries to tell her friends.
6. Praise You – Fatboy Slim
[0:14′] The children are driving to the address that Mary received to find out what is going on.
7. Ready Or Not – Fugees
[0:14′] The children arrive at the address and see Mary having a drink with the plumber.
8. I Wanna Be The Only One – Eternal Feat. BeBe Winans
[0:14′] The priest instructs the lady on how to put up the sign.
9. Got The Feelin’ – Five
[0:15′] The contestants rehearse backstage.
10. I’d Do Anything For Love – Cast
[0:17′] The girl starts singing this song and the plumber shoes up with his daughter and sits at the parents’ table.
11. All I Need Is A Miracle – Mike + The Mechanics
[0:18′] The children go on stage and the priest presents them to the crowd.
12. Who Do You Think You Are – Spice Girls
[0:19′] The children make their big entrance on stage and start dancing and singing.

Season 3 • Episode 3: ‘Stranger On A Train’ (S03E03)

26 April 2022
14 songs

1. Mmmbop – Hanson
Starting song / Ma Mary packs the food for the train ride.
[0:02′] Title Card
[0:24′] Final scene; end credits.
2. Riverdance – Bill Whelan
[0:03′] After they realize they are waiting for the train on the wrong platform, everybody runs to platform 2.
The song continues as Ma Mary realizes that Clare is missing; Clare arrives on the platform and starts screaming.

3. Feels Like Heaven – Urban Cookie Collective
[0:05′] Clare goes to the information booth to ask for help.
4. Remember Me – Blue Boy
[0:06′] Sister Michael arrives at the train station; Ma Mary and Sarah play board games on the train.
[0:20′] Sister Michael complains about the soundproofing.
5. A Life Less Ordinary – Ash
[0:08′] Aiden comes back and sits next to Ma Mary after the train stops.
6. Perfect 10 – The Beautiful South
[0:09′] Clare sits next to Sister Michael while they are waiting for the next train.
7. Sit Down – James
[0:13′] After Orla eats the crisps found in the bag.
8. Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) – LOS DEL RIO
[0:14′] Aideen dares Ma Mary to ask her about what happened.
[0:22′] Aideen notices that her bag of crisps is missing and argues with James about it.
9. Bitch – Meredith Brooks
[0:14′] Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah go to the toilet together.
10. Walkin’ On the Sun – Smash Mouth
[0:15′] The gang panics when Jordy looks for his bag.
11. High Noon – Beds and Beats
[0:17′] The train conductor pulls out a banana after Orla threatens him with the toothbrush.
12. I Wanna Be the Only One – Eternal
[0:19′] James puts on Orla’s boots and goes to swap the bags.
13. Breathe – The Prodigy
[0:23′] Aideen asks James about her bag of crisps; the gang arrives at the amusement park.
14. Place Your Hands – Reef
[0:23′] The gang boards Barry’s Big Dipper and get stuck.

Season 3 • Episode 4: ‘The Haunting’ (S03E04)

3 May 2022
14 songs

1. A Change Would Do You Good – Sheryl Crow
[0:03′] When the gang gets in the van after putting the luggage in the trunk; when Joe brings the flowers for Mammy’s grave.
2. Professional Widow Remix – Tori Amos & Armand Van Helden
[0:04′] Before the gang enters Donegal, they are pulled over and James is asked for his driving license.
3. Rollercoaster – B*Witched
[0:05′] Before the gang stop the van to ask for directions.
4. We Like To Party! (The Vengabus) – Vengaboys
[0:06′] When the van starts moving and James asks the girls to pull the handbrake.
5. Walking On The Sun – Smash Mouth
[0:08′] After Orla finds the key and they get into the house.
6. Remember Me – Blue Boy
[0:10′] Ma Mary, Aunt Sarah, Granda Joe, and Gerry go to search for Carlos Santini.
7. Men In Black – Will Smith
[0:10′] When Ma Mary, Aunt Sarah, Granda Joe, and Gerry enter the medium’s house; Clare makes broth for dinner and brings it to the others.
8. Where Do You Go – No Mercy
[0:12′] After the glass smashes and the gang gets scared; Carlos Santini starts talking about his gift of communicating with the dead people.
9. Tubular Bells (Two Sides Excerpt) – Mike Oldfield
[0:15′] Back at the house in Donegal, the gang looks for the broken glass.
10. Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer
[0:18′] James tells Erin that he likes her and they kiss.
11. Block Rockin’ Beats – The Chemical Brothers
[0:20′] Sister Michael arrives in Donegal.
12. Ready Or Not – Fugees
[0:24′] The gang leaves the house in Donegal; Erin tells James that she thinks Michelle is right and she apologizes to him.
13. Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
[0:24′] Granda Joe reaches under the sink, takes out the red tin, and finds the lost razor.
14. Black is the Colour – Cara Dillon
[0:25′] At the end of the episode; end credits.

Season 3 • Episode 5: ‘The Reunion’ (S03E05)

10 May 2022
16 songs

1. Forever In Blue Jeans – Neil Diamond
Starting song / Aunt Sarah sits in the kitchen and reads „The Russian Revolution”.
2. Close To You (Carpenters) – Cast
[0:03′] The band sings this song on stage at the school reunion event.
3. Stuck In The Middle With You (Stealers Wheel) – Cast
[0:06′] Aunt Sarah and Ma’ Mary dance together as the band starts playing this song.
4. Keep On The Sunny Side – Johnny Cash
[0:07′] Flashback from 1977 when Aunt Sarah and Ma’ Mary went to the disco together.
5. Ladies Night – Kool & The Gang
[0:08′] Young Aunt Sarah and Ma’ Mary enter the disco and the nun separates the girls from the boys.
6. Le Freak – Chic
[0:10′] Montage of the girls dancing at the disco in 1977 and back in present.
7. Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre
[0:13′] Ma’ Mary starts shouting Janette’s name until she turns around and talks to them.
8. Alternative Ulster – Stiff Little Fingers
[0:17′] Back in the present, the ladies go to the bathroom and discuss the conversation they had with Janette.
9. 48 Crash – Suzi Quatro
[0:18′] Ma’ Mary gets out of the bathroom after she decides that she is going to tell the truth about Janette.
10. I Feel Love – Donna Summer
[0:19′] Young Mary encourages the girls to do what they feel and start a rebellion.
11. My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
[0:19′] Back in the present, Joe and the others still gossip about Janette’s husband, then Rob goes and gives him a kiss hoping that he will talk.
12. Teenage Kick (Undertones) – Cast
[0:21′] Everybody runs to the place where they have to dig up the box.
13. The Countess Cathleen/Women of The Sidhe – Bill Whelan
[0:22′] The girls start digging for the box.
14. White Riot – The Clash
[0:22′] Flashback from 1977 when the girls get matching tattoos and take pictures of them, then bury the evidence.
15. You’re In My Heart (The Final Acclaim) – Rod Stewart
[0:24′] The girls open the box and aunt Sarah realizes that there is a different group of girls in the photo.
16.Crazy World – Aslan
[0:25′] End credits

Season 3 • Episode 6: ‘Halloween’ (S03E06)

17 May 2022
14 songs

1. Female Of The Species – Space
[0:00′] The first scene of the episode.
2. The Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim
[0:03′] The news that Fatboy Slim is going to perform at the Halloween Festival appears in the Derry Journal and on tv. Title card.
3. Soul Surfing – Fatboy Slim
[0:07′] After the group of older men show up and attempt to secure the final five tickets and James has to fight one of them outside.
4. Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix) – Beastie Boys
[0:08′] James rips off the concert tickets.
5. Angels – Robbie Williams
[0:08′] Erin, Orla, and Clare sit at a restaurant table when James arrives and tells them that Michelle didn’t want to come because she is upset.
6. Love Island – Fatboy Slim
[0:09′] Sister Michael arrives at the diner and sticks a poster with her nun’s suit for hire.
7. Dance The Night Away – The Mavericks
[0:12′] Michelle arrives with VIP concert tickets for the whole group.
8. Gangster Trippin’ – Fatboy Slim
[0:12′] The gang gets ready for the concert and they dress up as angels.
[0:13′] Continues after Clare’s dad arrives to pick them up in a tiny car instead of the van, but finally, he transports all five of the gang to the concert.
[0:15′] Repeats when the gang arrives at the concert.
9. Spybreak! – Propellerheads
[0:16′] Fiffy invites the gang to the VIP room.
10. Build It Up, Tear It Down – Fatboy Slim
[0:17′] Clare leaves the group and goes in search of the woman that she met at the ticket sale.
11. In Dust We Trust – The Chemical Brothers
[0:20′] The gang starts taking the clown masks off people’s faces in search of the woman that Clare likes; Security kicks out the gang after they start a fight.
12. Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim
[0:22′] Fatboy Slim gets on stage.
13. Praise You – Fatboy Slim (Cover)
[0:24′] The gang hugs Clare and supports her at her father’s funeral.
14. Praise You – Fatboy Slim
End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 7: ‘The Agreement’ (S03E07)

18 May 2022
27 songs

1. I Know Where It’s At – All Saints
[0:01′] (One Year Later) Orla walks in the college hallway, watches tv while sipping on her juice, then gets her photo taken.
2. Sunchyme – Dario G
[0:02′] Orla puts on her earphones and plays this song, then dances on the street with a bunch of kids.
3. Feels Like Heaven – Urban Cookie Collective
[0:05′] Joe reads „The agreement” and watches the news.
4. Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
[0:06′] Erin and Orla talk to Clare on the phone and ask her if he managed to make new friends.
5. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! – Vengaboys
[0:07′] Orla and Erin go into the kitchen to talk to Ma Mary as she is still fascinated by the microwave.
6. Time To Say Goodbye – Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
[0:09′] The gang watches a play at school.
7. Fly Like An Eagle – Seal
[0:12′] When Sister Michael finishes the speech after the play.
8. Beat Goes On – The All Seeing I
[0:12′] The gang talks about the Friday agreements.
9. Up & Down – Vengaboys
[0:13′] James reads the invitation to the birthday party.
10. Virtual Insanity – Remastered – Jamiroquai
[0:14′] James asks Michelle if he can have some of her crisps; Sister Michael goes to her office to talk to a priest.
11. Honey – Mariah Carey
[0:16′] When the little boy asks for a bar of dark chocolate at the store.
12. A Life Less Ordinary (2011 Remaster) – Ash
[0:17′] Joe presents the plan that he organized to the others.
13. Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) – Cornershop
[0:19′] The girls start getting the place ready for the party.
14. Don’t Speak – No Doubt
[0:23′] Sister Michael looks at the photos on the wall.
15. Just a Little Bit (Radio Edit) – Gina G.
[0:24′] Erin tells Orla that she is going to have the party without Michelle.
[0:38’] Repeats when Clare and the gang cheer that the party will go on.
16. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Bryan Adams
[0:25′] When Ma Mary tells Erin „Everything I Do, I Do It For You”, then she gets upset.
17. Bodyshakin’ – Radio Mix – 911
[0:25′] Clare gets dressed for the party.
18. Freed From Desire – Gala
[0:26′] Erin wonders where Clare is; Clare makes a mess in her room.
19. Would You…? – TOUCH & GO
[0:28′] Michelle and James ring the bell at Jenny’s house.
Continues when they get inside.

20. Dance the Night Away – The Mavericks
[0:29′] Erin goes outside and takes the little girl’s bike.
Continues when Erin arrives at Jenny’s house.

21. Firestarter – The Prodigy
[0:32′] Erin arrives at Jenny’s birthday party.
22. Linger – The Cranberries
[0:34′] Erin sees that Michelle is not having fun at Jenny’s party.
Continues when the gang leaves Jenny’s party.

23. Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
[0:37′] The gang sits outside and talks about Jenny’s party when Clare finally arrives.
24. Sound of da Police – KRS-ONE
[0:38′] Clare tells the gang how she ruined Jenny’s party by causing a blackout.
25. Proud Mary – Tina Turner
[0:39′] The song plays on stage at the party and everybody starts dancing.
26. Dreams – The Cranberries
[0:43′] When the polling begins; James records Erin and asks her how she feels being 18 years old.
27. So Young – The Corrs
End credits

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