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Echo 3 Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  56  | Scene descriptions: 58 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 13 January 2023
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The soundtrack to Echo 3 Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Apple TV+ series.

Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 1
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 2
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 3
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 4
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 5
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 6
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 7
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 8
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 9
Echo 3 Season 1 Episode 10

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Flyaway’ (S01E01)

23 November 2022
7 songs

1.Bridal Chorus “Here Comes the Bride”
[0:06’] Amber walks down the aisle and gets married to Prince.
2.Waltzing In Dreamland – Alan Moorhouse
[0:06’] The newlyweds dance and entertain the guests. Eric invites Amber to dance.
3.I Love You Alone – Sherrell Townsend
[0:07’] Bambi goes out to talk to his mother who was just lighting up a cigarette.
4.Till the Rivers All Run Dry – Don Williams
[0:08’] While dancing, Eric asks Amber if it’s too soon to talk about a baby.
5.Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Frankie Valli
[0:10’] Amber dances with Prince, then her mother comes and hugs her.
6.Baby Where You Are – Ted Lucas
[0:47’] Bambi goes out to talk to his mother who was just lighting up a cigarette.
7.Omaha – Mantis
[0:51’] Bambi gets out of the bar when Prince calls him to ask if he has heard anything from Amber.

Season 1 • Episode 2 ‘Tora Bora in the City’ (S01E02)

23 November 2022
6 songs

1.Mi Teresita (Little Waltz) – Gabriela Montero
[0:01’] The little girl asks for her parents’ help to find her lost hairbrush. Ernesto tells his wife that he received a call from Amber’s father-in-law and asks her to use her sources to find more information about the missing woman.
2.La Cumbia Sampuesana – Aniceto Molina
[0:04’] (Bogota, Colombia) Violeta goes to the house of congress to meet the senator.
3.Asi Es La Vida – Trio Oriental
[0:07’] The kidnappers take Amber to a safe house in Bogota.
4.Joya – Masilva
[0:08’] Violeta goes to meet Enrique in her attempt to convince him to release the American woman.
5.Bogotá Mi Barrio – Todo Copas
[0:26’] Graciella and Fami arrive at the safe house where the kidnappers have a little party, then they meet with Amber.
6.Dame Vente – SPKILLA , Paramba , & Kels
[0:39’] Bambi and Prince get in a taxi cab, then start searching the neighborhood to get to Amber.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘The Gambler’ (S01E03)

23 November 2022
3 songs

1.Don’t Be Shy – TIESTO & Karol G
[0:06’] Prince and Bambi attend a party where they plan to talk to the General.

2.Fresa – ChocQuibTown
[0:29’] The song plays in the bar that explodes after a message is delivered to one of the guerrillas.
3.Semilla de Odio – Soffy Martinez
[0:31’] The troops back off after the kidnappers threaten to bomb more places.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Upriver’ (S01E04)

2 December 2022
6 songs

1. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers) – Cast
[0:11’] Eric sits next to Prince’s hospital bed, humming the lyrics to this song.
[0:13’] Prince remembers the moments spent with his wife when he is in the shower.

2.Si, Si, Si – Abelardo Carbono & Quantic
[0:14’] The song starts playing when the motorcycle passes by Bambi as he exits the forest.
3.O Tempo – Flaviola e o Bando do Sol
[0:20’] In the evening, Bambi goes to the bar to get a drink and starts a conversation with the bartender.
4.Me Engañas Mujer – Cholo Berrocal
[0:24’] Bambi hits on the bartender and asks her to sleep with him.

5.Los caminos de la vida – Los Diablitos
[0:27’] In the morning, Bambi wakes up beaten up at the bartender’s house.
6.Berceuse En Re Bemol Mayor Op.57 – Sondra Bianka
[0:38’] Reese sends Prince a photo of herself at ballet practice, and he responds with a photo of his injured back.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘We Reject Your Influence’ (S01E05)

9 December 2022
7 songs

1. playEl Ciclon – La Sonora Dinamita
[0:01′] The song starts playing right after the title card when Javier drives his truck.
2. playTe Quiero Mucho – Los Coyotes
[0:01′] Javier brings Javi a box of fish, which he immediately begins cleaning and cooking.
3. playLa Seria – Guerrero
[0:10′] Valentina is worried at work and talks to herself before the boss arrives to pick up the drugs and asks if she wants to go to Colombia.
4. Down by the Bay – Cast
[0:13′] Amber sings the lyrics of this song while staying in her cell.
5. playJuanita Ae – La Misma Gente
[0:14′] Tomas arrives in Colombia and goes to see Tariq to update him on Amber’s situation.
6. playTe Llevaré Al Altar – Los Pamperos
[0:40′] Amber works with the other inmates to conceal the drugs inside coconuts before Hildy arrives to inform her of an escape plan.
7. playMatiela Suto – Killabeatmaker
[0:49′] Valentina informs the guards that Amber has gone missing, and they set out to find her.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Habeas Thumpus’ (S01E06)

16 December 2022
6 songs

1. play Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead
Opening song / Prince has sex with Reese, then they talk on the couch.
2. play La Casa en el Aire – Bovea y Sus Vallenatos
[0:02′] Bambi walks down the street with a drink in his hand, then he lies in the hammock where he falls asleep.
3. play Sólo Tu Amor – Elastic Bond
[0:03′] Bambi relaxes in the hammock until a car approaches and he wakes up.
4. play Vamo A Dale Duro – Ghetto Kumbé
[0:22′] Bambi and Prince reconcile, then they sneak into the stadium and think of a plan.
5. play Pepas – Farruko
[0:29′] Bambi attacks one of the guards and they carry him to the bathroom where they steal his clothes. Bambi gets on stage and asks the DJ to stop performing.
6. play Baila – Richard Vission, Brian Matrix
[0:31′] After slipping the substance into Momo’s drink, Prince and Bambi exit the stage.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘Red Is Positive, Black Is Negative’ (S01E07)

23 December 2022
1 song

1. play Ribbon Of Darkness – Connie Smith
[0:21′] After discovering the guns inside the suitcase, Margaret goes to the bathroom, turns on the shower, and plays this song loud on the speaker while the man continues to watch the football game on TV. The song continues as the armed men enter the house.

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Family Matters’ (S01E08)

30 December 2022
4 songs

1. playStay On Course – Second Child
[0:04’] Amber has a flashback of driving with Prince in the car, listening to this song on the radio.
[0:22’] The song repeats when the flashback continues.
2. playThe Man Comes Around – Johnny Cash
[0:15’] When Margaret wakes up in the car, she takes a sip of her beverage, tosses the cup, and then gets behind the wheel.
3. playBiggie Smalls – STRFKR
[0:21’] Amber reminisces the moment when she was at a party and Prince jumped in the pool’s freezing water.
4. playTake You There – Sean Kingston
[0:21’] Amber remembers how she and Prince were sitting on the railing at the party when she first struck up a conversation with him.

Season 1 • Episode 9: ‘Scorched Earth’ (S01E09)

6 January 2023
2 songs

1. play La Chona – Los Tucanes de Tijuana
[0:03’] The people at the party are having fun while looking at the fireworks. Magnetto – Stefficrown
[0:10’] Bambi is giving his team directions to sneak out past tower one.

Season 1 • Episode 10: ‘Heat’ (S01E10)

13 January 2023
14 songs

1. playEl Malo – Aventura
[0:01′] Opening song. Prince brings the breakfast to Amber.
2. playTe Llevare Al Altar – Los Pamperos
[0:11′] The song plays when Violeta gets mad at the driver as he would not understand that Colombia attacked Venezuela first.
3. playHombre Al Agua – Lucho Bermudez y Su Orquesta
[0:11′] Violeta gets off the car and goes to talk to Bambi and Amber before they leave.
4. playEl Tísico – El Cholo Berrocal
[0:20′] At the restaurant, Ernesto watches the news about the war on his phone before Violeta shows up.
5. playGatas En La Disco – Nicky Jam
[0:26′] Amber watches a group of men dancing in the street.
6. playPluma Y Cana – Gustavo J. Alcantara-Ramirez & Rafael H Sarmiento-Rengifo
[0:26′] Amber continues to walk down the street and passes by a group of people dancing meanwhile Bambi and Prince are looking for her.
7. playImpromptu No. 2 In E Flat Major, D 899: No. 2 Allegro – Ronan O’Hora
[0:32′] Violeta enters the theatre where a man plays the piano on stage, then goes to talk to the President.
8. playDi Que Es Así – Carmita Jiménez
[0:39′] As they attempt to escape the soldiers, Bambi, Prince, and Amber keep moving through the mall before stopping to remove their weapons from their bags.
9. playPedro Navaja – Willie Colón & Ruben Blades
[0:41′] A man sings this song when Bambi, Prince, and Amber keep moving while trying to avoid the soldiers. The official version of this song begins soon after.
10. playNo Puedo Olvidar – Roberto Conrado
[0:45′] The troops walk through the marketplace in search of Bambi, Prince, and Amber.
11. playAmigos O Enemigos (feat. Jahzel) – Ty Frankel
[0:45′] Bambi and Prince walk with the guns in their hands, making their way through the crowd while protecting Amber.
12. playLa Chica Loca – Matt Hirt, Francisco Leon Rodriguez & Marc Ferrari
[0:45′] The soldiers place metal bars in the marketplace in order to block Bambi, Prince, and Amber’s way.
13. playInocente – Freddie Munoz
[0:46′] A lady is having her nails done while the troops are still pursuing Bambi, Prince, and Amber as they continue to run through the crowd.
14. playBailando – Yma America & Tico Pierhagen
[0:47′] People dance to this song in the marketplace and play cards at the bar before the soldiers start shooting.

Echo 3 Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original music composed by Christopher Young
Not yet released

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Echo 3 Season 1  TV information
Echo 3 Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Apple, Keshet Studios
Distributor: Apple TV+
Directors: Claudia Llosa, Pablo Trapero, Mark Boal
Stars: Michiel Huisman, Luke Evans, James Udom

IMDB: Echo 3

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