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Extraordinary Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  63  | Scene descriptions: 65 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 25 January 2023
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The soundtrack to Extraordinary Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 Hulu TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Have Nots’ (S01E01)

25 January 2023
9 songs

1. play Bikini – Caroline Rose
[0:03’] Jen gets up from the toilet and sees that the boy in her room sneaked out without letting her know.
2. play History Eraser – Courtney Barnett
[0:05’] Jen sees a cat on her way home from the grocery store and decides to take it with her.
3. play Remove Your Mask – Wolfmother
[0:06’] Jen arrives home and sees Kash dressed up in a funny Halloween costume.
4. play All the Way Live – The Go! Team
[0:09’] Jen is on her way to meet up with a Tinder guy, Gordon.
5. play I Put a Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
[0:13’] Jen is trying to have sex with Gordon but things get awkward.
6. play This is my Film – Willow Kayne
[0:16’] Jen is trying to stop her new cat from waking up Gordon.
7. play Rill Rill – Sleigh Bells
[0:24’] Jen is feeling like an outsider while everyone at the party is showing their powers.
8. play Superstar – Pretty Sick
[0:28’] Jen is talking to her dad on the phone and complaining about not having any power.
9. play Sleeping Lessons – The Shins
[0:31’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Magic Bullets’ (S01E02)

25 January 2023
4 songs

1. play My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars – Mitski
Opening song / Jen is running into the grocery store looking for milk.
2. play That’s the Way (I Like It) – KC and the Sunshine Band
[0:06’] Kash is listening to music on his headphones while in his room.
3. play Whip It – Devo
[0:20’] Jen is taking dirty pictures in her room.
4. play Crown On the Ground – Sleigh Bells
[0:26’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Dead End Job’ (S01E03)

25 January 2023
10 songs

1. play END – CHAI
Starting song.
2. play Chaise Longue – Wet Leg
[0:04’] Carrie is having her lunch break when her manager arrives to talk to her.
3. play Figure It Out – Royal Blood
[0:05’] Sebastian is showing the guys his power.
4. play Sunspots – Julian Cope
[0:06’] Kash and his friend are continuing the power auditions.
5. play The Fight – Sia
[0:08’] Carrie’s manager brings her to a recording studio to pretend to be someone else.
6. play Money – Caroline Rose
[0:11’] Carrie and Jen are celebrating in the bathroom after getting their hands on a lot of money.
7. play Clap Your Hands – Sia
[0:12’] Jen is sitting on the couch eating sushi and drinking champagne.
8. play By Myself – FIDLAR
[0:15’] A singer is performing at the pharmacy.
9. play Meticulous Bird – Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
[0:20’] Carrie is preparing to sing at the recording studio.
10. play Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space – Spiritualized
[0:26’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Pet Project’ (S01E04)

25 January 2023
8 songs

1. play Riot Rhythm – Sleigh Bells
[0:07’] Jizzlord is staring at a dog he used to get in a fight with.
2. play I Fought the Law – The Clash
[0:08’] Jizzlord and Jen are running away after stealing the dog from the party.
3. play Higher Ground – TNGHT
[0:09’] Jizzlord and Jen are taking the dog to a nightclub.
4. High Roller – Michael Rheault & Miles Foxx Hill
[0:18’] Jizzlord and Jen arrive at a bar trying to figure out his past.
5. play High Tides – Sven Spieker, Shannon Nicole Colvard & Kendall Shelby Pennington
[0:18’] Carrie is complaining about her and Kash’s intimate life to Gordon.
6. play N.E.O. – CHAI
[0:19’] Gordon is trying to help Carrie have an orgasm.
7. play True Love Will Find You in the End – Headless Heroes
[0:24’] Carrie hugs Kash after she sees him standing alone at a diner.
8. play Higher Ground – TNGHT
[0:27’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘The Jen Show’ (S01E05)

25 January 2023
7 songs

1. play Absolutely Cuckoo – The Magnetic Fields
[0:01’] Starting song.
2. play How Did This Happen? – Bodega
[0:04’] Carrie is rehearsing her speech when Jen joins her.
3. Red Money – No Rules
[0:05’] Carrie and Jen find an old bottle of alcohol hidden at the school.
4. play Hell Yes – Beck
[0:08’] Jen is smoking in the school’s bathroom.
5. play I Know I’m Funny haha – Faye Webster
[0:19’] Jizzlord is showing Kash how many views his YouTube video has made.
6. play Mommy Can’t Sleep – XVOTO
[0:23’] Jen and her mom are arguing at school after her sister’s speech.
7. play We’re Going to Be Friends – The White Stripes
[0:27’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘The Real Powers are the Friends we Made Along the way’ (S01E06)

25 January 2023
9 songs

1. play Cracker Drool – Goat Girl
[0:03’] Jen is trying to write her application for the Discovery Clinic.
2. play Chaise Lounge – Wet Leg
[0:04’] Hannah and Jen are having a drink together while she writes all the applications for the clinic.
3. play You’re My Best Friend – Andrew Simple
[0:07’] Kash arrives to check up on Sebastian and sees that he’s preparing to leave for Florida.
4. play Opinion – Willow Kayne
[0:10’] Jen and Hannah are running away from the bar after cutting a drunk girl’s ponytail.
5. play Two Seater – Willow Kayne
[0:16’] Jen has a change of looks after meeting Hannah.
6. play Harley Quinn – Princess Nokia
[0:19’] Jen and Hannah are talking about finding more people that are like them.
7. play How Can I Help You – Self Esteem
[0:21’] Hannah and Jen are messing up with the clinic.
8. play Push – slowthai & Deb Never
[0:23’] Jen is running away from the security guard after Hannah left her alone.
9. play Gmf – John Grant
[0:23’] Jen is sitting alone in her room after seeing that Hannah got her powers.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘The Mercy Monarch’ (S01E07)

25 January 2023
6 songs

1. play Tums – TNGHT
Opening song / Jizzlord is drinking up different kinds of milk.
2. Shine Like Russia – Demaris
[0:09’] Jen arrives to register Jizzlord for the talent show.
3. play Western Isles – Peat and Diesel
[0:11’] Kash and his guys are following on with their mission.
4. play Alone – Heart
[0:16’] Jen is trying to teach Jizzlord how to dance.
[0:24’] Jen and Jizzlord arrive on the scene at the talent show.
[0:27’] End credits song.
5. play People I Don’t Like – UPSAHL
[0:21’] Jen calls her coworker Ange to ask her about some costumes.
6. play Always Forever – Cults
[0:27’] Jen and Jizzlord are kissing for the first time.

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘Surprise!’ (S01E08)

25 January 2023
10 songs

1. play A Better Son/Daughter – Rilo Kiley
Starting song.
2. play Makeba – Jain
[0:02’] Carrie and Kash are trying to convince Jen to host a party.
3. play Freek’n You – Jodeci
[0:06’] Jen runs into Gordon while at the party.
4. play Help I’m Alive – Metric
[0:07’] Jen is making conversation with a guy at the party when Carrie calls her.
5. play Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
[0:11’] Luke arrives at the party to check up on Jen.
6. play Keep You – Wild Belle
[0:16′] Jen tells Kash that Carrie wants to have a chat with him.
7. play Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – Soft Cell
[0:18’] Carrie is breaking up with Kash.
8. play Brave Face – Another Sky
[0:21’] Jen arrives back at the party looking for Jizzlord.
9. play The Good Times Are Killing Me – Modest Mouse
[0:24’] Jen is finally happy after getting the money to go to the clinic.
10. play Do You Realize?? – The Flaming Lips
[0:26’] End credits song.

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Extraordinary Season 1  TV information
Extraordinary Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Sid Gentle Films
Distributor: Disney+, Hulu
Directors: Toby MacDonald, Jennifer Sheridan, Nadira Amrani
Stars: Máiréad Tyers, Sofia Oxenham, Bilal Hasna

IMDB: Extraordinary

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