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Fantasy Island Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  37  | Scene descriptions: 39 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 13  |  Last episode: 8 May 2023
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The soundtrack to Fantasy Island Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Hulu series.

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Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Hurricane Helene/The Bachelor Party’ (S02E01)

2 January 2023
5 songs Cubanita – Carlos Jose Alvarez
Opening song. High – Craig Hardy, Carolyn Jordan & Alice Penrose
[0:08′] Tara and Jessica are dressed up and are going to the party. Living in a Daydream – Matthew Goodman & Matthew Bento
[0:11′] Elena talks with Javier about her highschool experience. Hold on – Raphael Lake
[0:37′] Tara and Jessica arrive at the prom and Jessica goes to dance with Ashton. I Care – Matthew Bento & Matt Goodman
[0:38′] Tara dances with her business partner at the prom.

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘Tara and Jessica’s High School Reunion/Cat Lady’ (S02E02)

9 January 2023
5 songs

1. playRecognition – Curtis Clacey, Chris Lewis
[0:05′] Elena tells Helene to choose a path, then she heads to the group of bachelors with Ruby.
2. Del Dinero (Vox) – Daniel Guzman Loyzaga & Onset Odit Bavastro
[0:10′] Elena drives Jay to her secret beach getaway.
3. playIt’s Ah Blessing To Know Yah – Yachaziel
[0:26′] Mateo and his date run through the streets to escape her husband.
4. Songbird – Cast
[0:34′] Ruby performs a karaoke version of this song at the beach party.
5. playSongbird – Elizabeth Moen
[0:37′] Javier hugs Helene after he finds out the truth about who she is. Elena watches them and shares a tear. During a cleansing ceremony, Ruby throws away the photos into the fire and swims naked into the sea.

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘Paymer vs. Paymer’ (S02E03)

16 January 2023
4 songs

1. playSalsa Brava – Juan-Carlos-Rodriguez & Iker Gastaminza
[0:01′] Opening song. The plane lands on the island with Dutch and Dolly who come to celebrate their anniversary.
2. playAll I Need – Bleeding Fingers
[0:15′] Dutch and Dolly kiss after having a long conversation on the beach. Ruby heads to the pool to talk to Helene.
3. playCanon In D – Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel & Steve Kofsky
[0:21′] Dutch and Dolly get married on the beach.
4. playAs Long as I Have You I’m Home – Imaginary Future
[0:37′] In the evening, Dutch and Dolly reconcile and confess their love.

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Mystery in Miami’ (S02E04)

23 January 2023
5 songs

1. playTo Myself (feat. Jessica Greenfield) – Matthew Goodman
[0:07′] The three ladies get in the car and start driving after finding the map.
2. playEvery Little Bit – Jackie James, Ian Curnow
[0:16′] Ruby walks down the street when she passes by a group of people who are about to attend a party and she decides to join them.
3. All These Girls – Selectracks Song Catalog
[0:20′] The three ladies arrive at the same party that Ruby is attending.
4. playI Feel the Heat – Joslyn Ripley
[0:21′] The three women have a difficult time locating Rosemary on the crowded dance floor.
5. playAs I Sail Away – Julian Emery
[0:33′] Ruby comes back from the party and meets up with Elena.

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘The Urn’ (S02E05)

6 February 2023
0 songs

There are no songs in this episode.

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘Forever and a Day’ (S02E06)

13 February 2023
0 songs

There are no songs in this episode.

Season 2 • Episode 7: ‘#Happy’ (S02E07)

20 February 2023
5 songs

1. playLie Better – BB St. Clair
[0:10′] Amber and her family return to the hotel resort after snorkeling.
2. playBailamos – Andrea Rocha
[0:13′] Ruby goes to check up on Javier and asks him about what happened between him and Elena.
3. playPlain Old Fashioned Love – Tin Pan Caravan
[0:18′] In the evening, Amber has dinner with her husband. He offers her a bracelet as a gift, then they dance together before Amber sees Dan trapped under the dancefloor asking for help.
4. playPop Goes the Weasel – Sons of Pythagoras
[0:29′] Amber finally finds an unlocked door and finds her real family there.
5. playUnder Your Wing – Brianna Lea Pruett, Alan DiPerna, Eliot Curtis, Michelle Lee, Scott Tarango & Sean Sullivan
[0:38′] Elene opens the envelope and reads the note before throwing it into the fire. Amber and her family pose for one more photo before leaving the island.

Season 2 • Episode 8: ‘Walk a Country Mile’ (S02E08)

6 March 2023
1 song

1. Gotta Walk a Country Mile – Cast
[0:06’] At the bar, Elene is singing the lyrics of this song to her father.
[0:18’] Beau takes the stage and begins performing in front of the audience, but soon panics and rushes off.
[0:29’] Shay plays the song on her phone so Elena can hear Beau’s wonderful voice and admits to lying to him.

Season 2 • Episode 9: ‘Gwenivere of Glendale’ (S02E09)

10 April 2023
2 songs

1. playRun With the Sun – Nick Kingsley & Hannah Hart
[0:04’] Gwen arrives at the resort and is overjoyed to see her suite.
2. playStay Lost With Me – Reed Pittman
[0:38’] Gwen and Lance reunite and kiss on the pier. In the evening, Elena talks to Ruby about Isla.

Season 2 • Episode 10: ‘War of the Roses (And the Hutchinsons)’ (S02E10)

17 April 2023
1 song

1. play Must Be Magic – Richard Macklin, Eloise Weeks & Sebastian Truman
[0:42’] Elena and Javier decide to make an effort to become friends. Ruby plays golf and makes her first hole-in-one.

Season 2 • Episode 11: ‘Peaches & The Jilted Bride’ (S02E11)

24 April 2023
1 song

1. Time 4 A Holiday – Robbie Nevil
[0:07’] Laura is noticing that her hotel room looks identical to her teenage room.

Season 2 • Episode 12: ‘Girlboss, Interrupted’ (S02E12)

1 May 2023
5 songs

1. play Picking Up – KONG
Starting song. / Elena is on the beach and asks a boy if he saw Ruby.
2. playCourageous – Nick Kingsley, Hannah Hart
[0:03’] Elena gives Courtney some sweets and tells her to take them twice a day.
3. playNo Puedo Mas – Andrea Rocha
[0:13’] Julia and Courtney have a drink at the beach bar.
4. Silent Night – artist yet unknown
[0:26’] On the beach, Courtney visualizes a memory from her past where she is with her daughter at Christmas time.
5. playHold Onto Hope Love – Amy Stroup
[0:41’] Javier tells Elena that he loves her, too.

Season 2 • Episode 13: ‘MJ Akuda & the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wives Club’ (S02E13)

8 May 2023
3 songs

1. play Take You Higher – Rhys Fletcher, Georgina Daisy Birch & Rusty B
[0:08’] Brooklyn meets Gavin at the beach bar. He asks her if the massage was good.
2. play You Took Me Dancing – Annie Drury
[0:38’] Ruby gives MJ a letter for her siblings and her wedding ring. MJ tells Ruby that her mother’s name was Ruby, too.
3. Feel Like Dancing – Sam Harris & The World Culture Band
[0:43’] Ruby proposes a toast and tells Elena, Javier and the island employees that they are not her friends, but her family. They all dance on this song.

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Fantasy Island Season 2  TV information
Fantasy Island Season 2 Soundtrack
Production: Happier in Hollywood, Fox Entertainment, Gemstone Studios
Distributor: Fox Network
Director: Adam Kane
Actors: Roselyn Sanchez, Kiara Barnes, John Gabriel Rodriquez

IMDB: Fantasy Island

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  1. S2, E12 Girlboss, interrupted
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