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FBoy Island Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  101  | Scene descriptions: 99 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 4 August 2022
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The soundtrack to FBoy Island Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 HBO Max series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 1
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 2
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 3
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 4
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 5
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 6
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 7
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 8
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 9
FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 10

Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Do You Like Cats?’ (S02E01)

14 July 2022
13 songs

1. Queen – Stella Mwangi
[0:03′] The three girls are waiting for the boys to join them at the house.
2. Mas Queso – FLOYD WONDER
[0:07′] All of the 13 boys introduce themselves one by one to the girls.
3. Go Crazy – Sincerely Collins
4. Women of the Revolution – Oliver Price
[0:14′] The girls do their hair and make-up for the party.
5. Big Henny Intro – Xavier II & Danny Rad
[0:15′] The girls and the boys all dance together at the party.
6. Magic – Dylan Rockoff
[0:23′] Mia and Peter are kissing for the first time.
7. Gyal Whine for Me – DJ Hertz feat. Lovlion
[0:24′] The girls arrive at the boys’ villa to spend the afternoon together.
8. Weekends – Soul Brown feat. NAFTA LD
[0:26′] Louise and Benedict go for a boat ride together.
9. Do It – Spank
[0:28′] Tamaris and Jabriane are sandboarding.
10. Moody Boy – Kari Kimmel
[0:35′] Mia and Peter are talking about how their date went.
11. It’s a Lot – Nathan Bodiker, Reynard Tarleton & Ty Noam Frankel
[0:40′] The girls and boys prepare for the first elimination.
12. plot line – Emlyn
[0:49′] The host, Nikki, says goodnight to the guys, after the first elimination.
13. Girls Around the World – SaraoMusic
End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘6’3 Down Under’ (S02E02)

14 July 2022
8 songs

1. Munny Munny Munny – Taylor Smith
[1:57′] The boys are dancing in the sand.
2. Kiss For You – Circuit Shaker & Vicky Harrison & Oliver Price
[0:06′] Tamaris and Tom are kissing for the first time.
3. Epa Boom Boom – Zalento feat. Juan Vicente
[0:07′] Louise and Mercedes are riding a camel on their date.
4. Clap Back – Jhay C feat. Shari Short
[0:12′] The girls arrive at the boys’ villa to have a few drinks together.
5. Drip Too Hot – Remark
[0:25′] Louise, Mia, and Tamaris get out of the pool.
6. Play To Win – Tyrone Briggs
[0:27′] The boys get together for the next elimination.
7. One Way Ticket – Leo Eli, Michael Mlakar & Claire Ridgely
End credits song
8. Brother – River

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘You’re Goofy’ (S02E03)

14 July 2022
8 songs

1. Fuego – Manwell
[0:01′] The boys and girls gather for a dance lesson.
2. Sexy – Francella Fire
[0:03′] Nikki welcomes the three new guys to the villa.
3. War Ready – Gullie Lamont & Darnell Knight
[0:09′] Nikki congratulates everyone after their dance lesson.
4. Dangerous – Soul Brown, Tru-Hef
5. Epa Boom Boom – Zalento feat. Juan Vicente
[0:14′] Mia and Kian go for a ride on the boat for their first date.
6. What Kind of Fool? – Dylan Chambers
[0:19′] Tamaris and Casey are doing pottery together.
7. Hola – Ty Frankel feat. ANADIE
[0:38′] The boys gather for another elimination night.
8. Girls Around the World – SaraoMusic
End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘I Did Not Say That’ (S02E04)

21 July 2022
11 songs

1. Sunset Fever – Vermair
[0:01′] Nikki welcomes the guys to an episode of The Douche Tank.
2. Getting To Know You – Baobab
[0:14’] The guys are preparing breakfast and coffee in the morning.
3. Vivid – Charlie Kaye & Daniel Marantz
[0:16′] Louise and Nick go ziplining on their date.
4. Ready Set Go – Aiden J
[0:17′] Nick and Louise try ziplining for the first time together.
5. A World Awaits – The Hip Abduction
[0:21’] Tamaris and Niko are on a boat watching the whales.
6. Too Late – Las Venus
[0:21′] Mia and Braydon kiss at the end of their date.
7. Feeling Electric – MUSZETTE
[0:23′] Tamaris and Niko kiss on their boat date.
8. Keep It Moving – Flyana Boss
[0:31’] The guys are confronting Austin about what he said.
9. Surrender – DiRTY RADiO
[0:32′] Tamaris is talking with Mia and Louise about Niko.
10. One Double O – Austin Blaize Moses, Nathan Bodiker & Ty Noam Frankel
[0:35′] The guys take their seats for elimination night.
11. Ladies Ladies – SaraoMusic
[0:48′] End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘I Heard You Were a Snake’ (S02E05)

21 July 2022
7 songs

1. Sexy – Marc JB
Starting song / The boys and girls are playing ping pong by the pool.
2. Boss – LOCS
[0:05’] Garrett introduces himself to the girls.
3. This Is How We Do It – HAPPY BOY
[0:11’] Casey and Tamaris are kissing on the couch.
4. Coming Alive – Daniel Farrant & Nick Kingsley
[0:12’] The boys are hanging out by the pool.
5. Worth the Weight – Maggie Szabo
[0:30’] Nikki and the girls are talking about the upcoming elimination.
6. Lunatic – Cecilia Gault
[0:33’] Nikki welcomes the boys to the elimination night.
7. All In My Head – Le Shuuk & Switch Off
[0:43′] End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘I Was a Piece of Sh*t’ (S02E06)

21 July 2022
7 songs

1. Loyalty – Stevie Gold & Izzy Warner
[0:01’] Mia puts on some make-up while talking about her past relationships.
2. Fly Like Superstar – Samuel Rupert Cole Sutton & Alexander David Bachell & Michelle E Charles
[0:02’] Mia is talking about Peter.
3. Sure Feels Good – Nick Kingsley & Daniel Farrant
[0:03’] The boys and girls are playing volleyball at the beach.
4. Believe It – Tre Wright
[0:07’] The girls and Nikki are stalking Braydon on TikTok.
5. Freaky – Marc JB
[0:24’] The guys are dancing in the pool.
6. Came Here To Fight – Gullie Lamont & Darnell Knight
[0:28’] The guys take their seats for elimination night.
7. Girls Around the World – SaraoMusic
[0:38′] End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 7: ‘Kiss That Yogurt’ (S02E07)

28 July 2022
9 songs

1. Paradise – Hotline
[0:02′] The boys and girls are gathered to play a game of “truth or burn”.
2. Love Love Love – Hollywood Hippie Feat. Easy McCoy & JildyT
[0:09′] The boys had to eat a lot of hot peppers in the game they played. Tamaris asks Nick to have a chat with her.
3. All I Want – Worlasi
[0:11′] Mia asks Peter on a walk, to talk about his intentions with her.
4. Irish Dream – Sharon Farber
[0:14′] Asante funnily draws Tamaris, and they both laugh it off.
5. Take Me Over – Rupert Pope & Giles Palmer
[0:17′] Finding out he is a Fboy, Louise asks Nick about his intentions with her and the rest of the guys in the house.
6. Blessing – 5 Alarm
[0:22′] Louise asks Mercedes to talk with her and give her some explanations.
7. I Want It – The Biggest Band In The World
[0:27′] Some girls gathered to paint together.
8. Forever Summer – We Are Rome Feat. Benj Heard
[0:29′] The girls have to eliminate a nice boy and a Fboy again.
9. Focused On Me – Raphael Lake & Eric Brooks
[0:35′] End credits

Season 2 • Episode 8: ‘Tom’s Journal’ (S02E08)

28 July 2022
8 songs

1. For You – Alibi Music
[0:01′] Ben is upset to be leaving and tells Jaden he will miss him.
2. Physical Domination – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
[0:02′] The girls decide to have a date with multiple guys, rather than one-to-one dates.
3. Rise Up – Sharde
[0:03′] Mia feels a bit awkward having a simultaneous date with three guys.
4. Sugar Time – The Fun Machine
[0:06′] Mia is having a hard time choosing one guy.
5. WantYouToWantMe – DMAV
[0:07′] Louise and the three guys she chose went on a golf date.
6. Night Sky – Conor Simpkins, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante & Michael Robert Irving
[0:09′] The other guys can’t believe Louise is really into Mercedes.
7. Nights In Cabo – Miles Lianson, Mia Mayer & David Jane
[0:29′] It is time for the girls to make their final eliminations before the finals came.
8. Girls Around The World – SaraoMusic
[0:40′] End credits

Season 2 • Episode 9: ‘Man-Cision’ (S02E09)

4 August 2022
15 songs

1. Amor MIA – Orchestra Willy Hoffman
[0:04′] Mickey talks about Ben and tells him that he deserves to win.
2. Elegante – Hugh Burns
[0:19′] Tamaris takes Niko back and they kiss.
3. Can’t Imagine – Meaghan Smith
[0:21′] Tom talks about his feelings after Tamaris has eliminated him.
4. Free – Coconut Kingdom
[0:30′] Tamaris goes on a mega date with Niko.
5. I’m The One – Tammy Infusino
[0:34′] Louise and Mercedes go for a swim, then pop a bottle of champagne.
6. Keep Going Up – BHAVIOR
[0:38′] Mia takes Peter on a 24 hours date.
7. You Can Come Back – Mark G Hart & Stephen Emil Dudas
[0:40′] Benedict, Casey, and Danny get bored on the island while the other guys are on a date.
8. Made For Loving You – Linda Roan & Andy Powell
[0:40′] The guys talk about Niko, Peter, and Mercedes while they are on their 24 hours dates.
9. Before It’s Too Late – 5 Alarm
[0:41′] Niko and Tamaris kiss on the boat as the sun sets, then have dinner together.
10. Be Mine (Remix) – Naomi August
[0:42′] After Tamaris has dinner with Niko.
11. Pretty Poison – VHPR
[0:42′] Peter and Mia arrive at the restaurant for their final date.
12. WOMAN’S GAME – Universal Production Music
[0:47′] Mia and Peter spend the night together.
13. They Know – 5 Alarm Feat. Mo Shakray
[0:50′] Mercedes shows his vulnerable side in front of Louise.
14. Be Together – Jeff Lewis
[0:51′] Louise and Mercedes spend a romantic night together.
15. Bombshell – Halestorm
[0:53′] End credits

Season 2 • Episode 10: ‘The Men Have No Idea’ (S02E10)

4 August 2022
16 songs

1. LazyBaby – Dove Cameron
The song plays right when the episode begins.
2. Habanero Pecker – Magnus Hyden
[0:01′] The guys meet to talk about what might have happened last night.
3. Crazy – The Hip Abduction
[0:08′] Casey and Tamaris go horseback riding.
4. It’s Yours – Charles Stephens III & Mayila Jones
[0:13′] Louise and Benedict go on their 24 hours date; Benedict gives Louise a back massage.
5. By My Side – Raphael Lake & Thomas Collins & Darryl Farris
[0:18′] The other guys sit alone at the villa while the girls are with their dates.
6. Slow Motion – Devyn De Loera
[0:18′] In the evening, Mia and Danny have drinks at the pool.
7. Crush – Hunnah
[0:20′] Mia and Danny get in bed together.
8. Electricity – Cody William Falkosky & Jason Zachary Parris
[0:24′] Benedict and Louise start dancing after having a conversation by the fire.
9. Ain’t It Crazy – Cut One & Kye Sones
[0:25′] Tamaris and Casey talk about what Zack said about him.
10. Outer Space – Preston Hutto
[0:28′] Tamaris and Casey get in the hot tub and open a bottle of champagne.
11. Moving – Amy Swift
[0:29′] The guys play poker at the villa and talk about the girls.
12. Power – MUSZETTE
[0:33′] The girls get ready for the big night.
13. Pretty Poison – VHPR
[0:43′] Louise has to choose between Benedict and Mercedes.
14. Power Struggle – Klaus Badelt
[0:49′] When Mia has to choose between Peter and Danny.
15. I Lost Myself In Loving You – Jamie Miller
[0:51′] Mia talks to Danny after choosing Peter over him.
16. Treat Me – Chloe
[1:02′] At the end of the episode, when everybody celebrates.
End credits

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FBoy Island Season 2 Soundtrack
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