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For All Mankind Season 4 Soundtrack

Songs:  25  | Scene descriptions: 18 timelines  |  Airing date: 22 November 2023  |  Episodes: 3  |  
Next episode: 1 December 2023 (TV Schedule)
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The soundtrack to For All Mankind Season 4 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the series.
For All Mankind Season 4 Episode 1
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For All Mankind Season 4 official OST album tracklist

Season 4 • Episode 1: ‘Glasnost’ (S04E01)

10 November 2023
5 songs

1. play For All Mankind Main Title – Jeff Russo
[00:10’] Intro song.
2. play Питер – Я Твой! by Bad Balance
[00:11’] Margo wakes up and gets dressed.
3. play Sunrise Transition – Jeff Russo
[00:21’] The astronauts install an anchor on the asteroid.
4. play Hurry to Watch – Jeff Russo
[00:25’] After the astronauts attach the asteroid to their ship and start moving the asteroid.
5. play When The Saints Go Marching in – Louis Armstrong
[01:01’] End credits.

Season 4 • Episode 2: ‘Have a Nice Sol’ (S04E02)

17 November 2023
7 songs

1. playThe Modern Age – The Strokes
Opening song / One of the astronauts on Hopper 4 informs Phoenix Control that they have a nice, clean separation and are out of the docking zone.
2. playFor All Mankind Main Title – Jeff Russo
[00:03’] Opening theme
3. playClint Eastwood – Gorillaz
[00:14’] Miles asks one of the astronauts to help him load a video mail from his family. He replies that the bandwidth is very poor and nobody downstairs has received d-mail, or video mail for weeks.
4. Air Du Sud – Patrick William
[00:27’] Aleida walks into a bar and spots Kelly. She approaches Kelly and informs her that she was the flight director when Kelly blasted off to Mars strapped to the top of an MSAM.
5. play Nuevo Ritmo – Alfredo Linares
[00:34’] An astronaut informs the crews that they have a good lock on VHS Command 3. The crew cheers and the controller congratulates the Commander.
6. playCallin’ Out – Lyrics Born
[00:44’] Samantha takes Miles to a clandestine bar. Ilya tells Miles that that is the place they go to when they want to forget about their troubles.
7. playSwan Lake (Swan Theme) – Tchaikovsky
[00:46’] Margo zaps TV channels and each channel shows scenes from Swan Lake ballet.
[00:51’] End credits.

Season 4 • Episode 3: ‘The Bear Hug’ (S04E03)

22 November 2023
5 songs

1. playFor All Mankind Main Title – Jeff Russo
[00:01’] Opening theme.
2. play American Dream – Eddie Waltman
[00:02’] The Soviet crisis is being shown on the news.
3. play Mass Romantic – The New Pornographers
[00:10’] Samantha and Miles go out for a drink.
3. play American Pig – The Go
[00:12’] Miles talks to Ilya about how well business is going for him and how does he manage to do it.
4. playFriendship Station – Le Tigre
[01:03’] Miles brings Ilya the broken piece from the North Koreans. A North Korean officer comes with Miles asking Ilya to find his wife.
5. playBullfinch – Jeff Russo & Paul Doucette
[01:08’] End credits.
For All Mankind Season 4 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 9 November 2023
Label: Madison Gate Records
Original music composed by Jeff Russo, Paul Doucette
1. play Montage
2. play Mars Colony
3. play Bullfinch
4. play Riot
5. play Eavesdropping
6. play Powdered Milk
7. play Changes Course
8. play Docking Procedure Test
9. play Discriminator Install
10. play Floating Conflict
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IMDB: For All Mankind

For All Mankind Season 4  TV information
Production: Sony Pictures Television, Tall Ship Productions
Distributor: Apple TV+
Directors: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Dan Liu, Lukas Ettlin
Stars: Joel Kinnaman, Wrenn Schmidt, Krys Marshall

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