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Good Trouble Season 4 Soundtrack

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The soundtrack to Good Trouble Season 4 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist

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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 2
Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 3
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Season 4 • Episode 1: ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ (S04E01)

9 March 2022
11 songs

1. That’s My Life (C’est Ma Vie) – Heartbreak Kid
Starting song / Recap of the previous season
2. Ghost – LUC
[0:01′] Mariana goes to meet with Evan; Davia goes to meet Dennis; Malika goes to meet Isaac; Callie meets with Jamie.
3. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
Intro song
4. Blah Blah Blah! – Anna Volpe & Soulplusmind
[0:05′] The fire alarm turns on and Sumi runs to try to put it out.
5. Goin’ On – Somme
[0:05′] Malika receives flowers, she remembers when she met with Isac and he told her to get back together. Later she reads the card and finds out the flowers are from Dyonte. Mariana receives a text from Evan.
6. Unfair – Rayana Jay
[0:13′] Malika walks into the room and finds flowers and a note from Angelica; Mariana meets with Evan at the cafe where they talk about his turtle.
7. We Should – Lawrence Mace & Rayana Jay
[0:18′] Mariana talks with Evan at the cafe; Malika meets Isaac at the basketball court.
8. Rollercoaster (feat. Leo Napier) – Blookah
[0:19′] Malika and Isak play basketball together.
9. Pretty Face – Yuki Dreams Again
[0:27′] Dennis serves his clients at the table when Davia arrives.
10. Terrible Times – Foreign Fields
[0:28′] Davia remembers talking to Dennis about their relationship.
11. Back & Forth (feat. Vince Staples) – Emotional Oranges
[0:36′] Everyone starts dancing; Kelly pulls Joaquin on the dancefloor and Mariana grabs Callie to dance together.

Season 4 • Episode 2: ‘Kiss Me and Smile for Me’ (S04E02)

16 March 2022
18 songs

1. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
Intro song
2. Girlfriend – LACES
[0:06′] Everyone gets ready for dinner and the grown-up conversation that they’re going to have. The song continues when Kathleen arrives.
3. Fever – Las Palmas
[0:09′] Davia tells Gael that Matt dumped her; Alice arrives home taking everyone by surprise.
4. That’s Dope Bro – Kali J
[0:17′] Mariana makes a toast to Callie and everyone takes a shot.
5. Don’t Waste My Time – Cy Dune
[0:17′] Davia adds Callie to the Coterie Biatches Group Chat; Joaquin asks Dennis about his past at the Coterie; Kelly says goodbye to Callie and hugs her.
6. Dunes (feat. Lawrence Mace) – Nakeyo
[0:19′] Malika gives Callie a moonstone for new beginnings and starts crying as she says goodbye to her.
7. CHLORINE – Liza Owen
[0:18′] Mariana talks with Evan at the cafe; Malika meets Isaac at the basketball court.
10. Animal – J-MAN
[0:22′] The girls take another shot, Alice takes off the wall the framed picture of Sandra Bullock and gives it to Callie as a goodbye gift.
11. Body – HIGH HØØPS
[0:23′] Stef and Lena ask Mariana about how she feels now that Callie is moving away.
12. Sensual – TVÅ
[0:23′] Jude talks to Callie about her leaving and says goodbye to her; Stef talks with Lena about her feelings about Ka’Maya.
13. Rock Party Anthem – LMFAO
[0:28′] After Callie’s speech, everybody starts dancing.
14. Morning Sun – Jordan Max
[0:33′] A flashback of Joaquin going to the Coterie after his mother tells him about the place.
15. Sensual – TVÅ
[0:23′] Jude talks to Callie about her leaving and says goodbye to her; Stef talks with Lena about her feelings about Ka’Maya.
16. It’s OK – Live Maple House Sessions – Nightbirde
[0:36′] Mariana hugs Callie before she leaves for the airport; the housemates hug Mariana when she comes back into the house.
16. Bottle – Broken Anchor & Brad Gordon
[0:39′] Jamie gets on the same plane as Callie.
17. Sugar Rush – Flownn
18. Sleepwalking – Hypnotized Remix – Zagar, Kama, Hypnotized

Season 4 • Episode 3: ‘Meet the New Boss’ (S04E03)

23 March 2022
9 songs

1. Le Désir – Remix – Gilles Douieb
[0:01′] (Opening) Davia does a burlesques number.
[0:39′] Davia does a burlesque dance at an audition.
2. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
Opening credits
3. Feel This Good – Anna Volpe & Soulplusmind
[0:02′] Malika tries to find the perfect outfit for her first day at work with Lucia Morales; as they have a drink, Malika tells Angelica about her first day; at work, Malika is shown around by Tracy who gives her more details.
4. Ghosts in the River – AG & Cece And The Dark Hearts
[0:07′] Joaquin sneaks into Alice’s room to search through her tenant files for information.
5. Yay Boy – Africando
[0:10′] At the ChickenChuckWagon, Joaquin gets burritos for himself and for Luca, before starting their interview.
6. Can’t Help Myself (feat. Mumbleton) – Blookah
[0:11′] As they eat their burritos, Joaquin talks with Luca about his life story and how he became homeless.
7. MmmHmm – LiTTiE, Chelsea Grams
[0:12′] Mariana, Ava, and Raisa make calls to get brand deals for Revitalize Beauty.
8. Looking for Knives – Dyan
[0:29′] Mariana attempts to reorganize Callie’s side of the room after finding a law book of Callie’s and puts her doll in a drawer.
9. Why’d You Let Me Go – Jordan Max
[0:36′] Malika and Angelica get intimate; Joaquin tells Luca that he believes his sister once lived at the Coterie then finds a letter in her bible.

Season 4 • Episode 4: ‘It’s Lonely Out in Space’ (S04E04)

30 March 2022
12 songs

1. Earthquake (Full Version) – Labrinth Feat. Tinie Tempah
[0:01′] The girls are in meetings, talking with Mariana through messages, whishing she was there with them.
2. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
[0:02′] Intro song
3. Split Ends – Abby Holiday
[0:03′] Mariana knocks on some doors checking if someone is there. Her sister called her but she didn’t answer.
4. Want Me – Guilty Empress
[0:08′] Kelly is brushing her teeth. A guy is watching her, and she chokes.
5. Down Drown – Lasse Boman
[0:11′] The Toast Truck got their truck on another truck’s spot, so they are asked to move when their sales were at the pick.
6. So Good – Grady
[0:16′] The Toast Truck moved its location and its sales are going great.
7. You & Me – Ed Patrick
[0:27′] Mariana leaves work after celebrating their success. She meets Evan in the elevator.
8. Follow My Heart – Kwamie Liv
[0:32′] Mariana was swimming when a guy came and interrupted her.
9. Show Out! – Tyrone Briggs
[0:35′] A guy painted the whole night. He let Yuri take credit for his work so he could charge more for it.
10. Quaranteen – Nané
[0:38′] A guy asks Kelly about a friend of Diana’s. Kelly tells him the friend is actually Diana.
11. Coastline – Ella Madux
[0:06′] Isabella and Gael discuss, but a guy from his work calls him and asks for help.
12. Had A Dream – Janell Rosa
[0:24′] Mariana and her colleagues have a drink to celebrate their success.

Season 4 • Episode 5: ‘So This Is What the Truth Feels Like’ (S04E05)

6 April 2022
11 songs

1. Cherry – Chair Model
[0:01′] Davia starts asking her friends and family to describe her in a word. She does this exercise for her acting class.
2. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
Intro song
3. Easiest Thing – Jean Deaux
[0:02′] Malika and Angelica are having an intimate moment. Angelica asks Malik out to dinner, but she already has plans with her friends.
4. Je T’aime Aujourd’hui – Mademoiselle Nineteen
[0:07′] Isabella and Gael go to a baby sitting class.
5. Ride This Light – Valid Illusion
[0:15′] In the scene before, the girls find out Mariana and her coworkers won the pitch. Together with Mariana, they start working on a new plan. Malika goes out on a date with her new girlfriend.
6. Voodoo Girl – Vanessa Contenay-Quinones
[0:17′] Davia dances at home by herself, practicing her character for the acting class.
[0:19′] Davia shows the dance she practiced and her new character to her team.
[0:28′] Davia practices her dance and goes to show it to her acting class with confidence.
7. Some Things Never Break – De Lux
[0:18′] Joaquin wakes up Luca to tell him about a job opportunity.
8. Soaked In Gold – Geoffroy
[0:20′] After finishing the job Joaquin found him, Luca goes back home and starts practicing Davia’s dance.
9. Sweet Salvation – Michael Logen
[0:26′] After seeing his ex with her new baby and husband, Dennis leaves the hospital and goes for a walk.
10. The Way It Goes – Silver Smile
[0:32′] Malika comes to her girlfriend’s bar. She tells her the truth about the night before.
11. A Flaw In The Iris – Death And Vanilla
[0:39′] Evan finds Mariana crying. He asks her about the decisions she took in their earlier meeting.

Season 4 • Episode 6: ‘Something Unpredictable, But in the End It’s Right’ (S04E06)

13 April 2022
18 songs

1. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Cast
[0:01′] Dennis sings at his karaoke party;
Continues as everybody sings along with Dennis.

2. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
Opening credits
3. My Man (Edit) [feat. Nicki B the Vagabond] – Crush Club
[0:02′] Isabella tells everyone that Dennis is on his way; Davia comments on Isabella’s party costumeJoaquin asks Mariana about Evan; Kelly notices that Alice and Sumi are dating again; Davia notices that Malika has brought two dates to the party.
4. Torn (Natalie Imbruglia) – Cast
[0:09′] Mariana sings this song at the karaoke party.
[0:12′] Continues when Joaquin watches Mariana as she sings at the party.
5. Power Up – The Sea Suns
[0:12′] Davia talks to Dennis about the growing closeness with Isabella; Dennis thanks Davia for helping plan his karaoke birthday party with Isabella.
6. Stupid Girl (Garbage) – Cast
[0:13′] Davia sings this song at the karaoke party; Angelica asks Malika how she feels about Dyonte and Tanya.
7. Let’s Talk About Sex (SALT-N-PEPA) – Cast
[0:15′] Alice sings this song at the karaoke party.
8. All Star (SMASH MOUTH) – Cast
[0:15′] Alice sings this song at the karaoke party.
9. Queer (Garbage) – Cast
[0:16′] Kelly sings this song at the karaoke party.
10. From the Bottom of My Broken Heart (Brittney Spears ) – Cast
[0:16′] Sumi sings this song at the karaoke party; continues as Gael talks to Davia about Dennis; Alice lies to Malika about her relationship with Sumi.
11. Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix – LOS DEL RIO) – Cast
[0:18′] Isabella sings this song at the karaoke party.
12. How Bizarre (OMC) – Cast
[0:19′] Dyonte sings this song at the karaoke party.
13. Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus) – Cast
[0:19′] Joaquin sings this song at the karaoke party.
14. Finally (Cece Peniston) – Cast
[0:19′] Angelica sings this song at the karaoke party.
15. I Will Buy You a New Life (Everclear) – Cast
[0:20′] Gael sings this song at the karaoke party; Dennis has flashbacks from his previous life.
16. Freedom! ’90 (George Michael) – Cast
[0:32′] Dennis and Davia sing this song together at the party.
17. More Than Words (Extreme) – Cast
[0:34′] Dennis and Davia sing this song together; Joaquin sees his sister in the photo montage.
18. Cigarettes Silhouette – Sidney Bird
[0:37′] Dyonte asks Malika to be his primary; Mariana takes out Callie’s look-a-like doll from the box, then calls her.

Season 4 • Episode 7: ‘Take These Chances’ (S04E07)

20 April 2022
7 songs

1. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
Intro credits
2. Black Magic – Badwoods
[0:10′] Davia and Dennis search around L.A.’s homeless encampment Skid Row in order to find Luca.
3. Shut Up and Dance – Rookie
[0:15′] Joaquin goes to Mickey’s bar to ask Chris about his connection to Jenna.
4. M.A.T. – Nomos 751
[0:20′] Malika arrives home and finds Alice hunting for the ant queen.
5. Distance (feat. Geoffroy) – Insane (feat. Tech N9ne)
[0:23′] Luca auditions for a part in the burlesque show; Davia and Dennis watch him dance.
6. Hold My Breath – Mazde
[0:27′] Davia and Dennis return to the Coterie with Luca and help him with accommodation and food.
7. Getting to Know – Leisure Centre
[0:36′] Malika and Angelica drink wine by the pool; after they kiss they dive into the pool together.

Season 4 • Episode 8: ‘I Don’t Belong Here’ (S04E08)

27 April 2022
12 songs

1. Bel Ami – Kim Bingham
[0:01′] Opening credits
2. Ya Ya – Mike Sarge
[0:06′] Isabella and Gael try to put together a baby bed while Gael has been jinxed to remain silent.
Continues when they take a break to eat meatballs, then go back to work.

3. Eat Them Apples – Suzi Wu
[0:08′] Desi directs Davia and Luca to coordinate a dance number for their show.
4. Good Good Vibe – Goldenface
[0:09′] Desi compliments Luca on his dancing skills, then does the same with Davia and the other dancers; Davia and Luca talk about their comp tickets and who they’ll invite; Davia tells Luca about why she started dancing after being fired; Luca shows Davia the pictures he took of her on stage.
5. Streets – Wargirl
[0:17′] After Mariana brings up the subject of Davia’s recent weight loss and the eating disorder, then avoids her when she arrives home.
6. Stillness – The Invention of Flight
[0:19′] Isabella brings Gael some tea, then he continues to put together the baby crib.
7. Deleters (feat. Angus Andrew) – Holy Fuck
[0:22′] Joaquin searches the LA Sheriff Online ‘Unidentified Persons’ list for his sister when he receives a text from Jenna.
8. Joy In My Heart – Cast
[0:24′] Joaquin sings for Mariana the song that would make him and Jenna laugh when they were younger.
9. I’ll Take That as a Yes – Becca Lynn
[0:27′] Mariana, Claire, Rachel, and Gina welcome Ava and Raisa to OG Bulk Beauty but they tell them they can’t join them.
10. Neon Light – Las Palmas
[0:37′] Gael does a burlesque dance in front of Davia, then tells her that he is proud of her.
11. Dreams – Abby Holliday
[0:38′] Alice starts crying after she sits in bed next to Sumi; Joaquin gets another text from Jenna; Luca practices his dance routine in the storage room when Kelly comes in.
12. U&Me – Gang Signs
[0:40′] Kelly gets scared and makes Luca leave thinking that he is a squatter.

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  1. What song is playing in season 4 episode 18 when Davia and Dennis finally confess their love and kiss? Goes something like I’ll always love you more then you will ever know my heart will always have a place for you no matter where you go you will always have a home

  2. What was the last song played on season 4 episode 15 Mariana and Evan when he walks out the door and she goes home and cancels with Joaquin

  3. What song was playing, in the background, when Gael and Isabella were talking in his loft? She was telling him about dinner with her parents and he was telling her his feelings and gave her roses.
    It was around the 30 minute mark on myTV.
    Thank you…

      1. Thank you…
        If this helps some of the lyrics are “ I think I’m ready. Oh, it’s better to think so“
        “Cause I can’t take another break of my heart.
        But I hate the way I fall apart. All the air is gone and I am lost.”

        Good Trouble S4 E9

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