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Griselda Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  79  | Scene descriptions: 74 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 25 January 2024
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The soundtrack to Griselda Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2024 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix series.
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Griselda Season 1 official OST album tracklist

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Lady Comes to Town’ (S01E01)

25 January 2024
17 songs

1. playGriselda – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:01’] An injured Griselda arrives home at night and calls Carmen. Griselda informs Carmen that she and the children will go to Miami and will arrive in the morning.
2. playWest Coast – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:05’] Griselda and the children arrive in Miami.
3. playOne Kilo – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:10’] Griselda goes through her luggage and finds a packet of drugs.
4. playBluebird- Alan Hawkshaw
[00:10’] Griselda is at her friend’s travel agency and receives a package from the postman.
5. playMaria Isabel – Afrosound
[00:11’] Arturo’s men cut, weigh, and process the drugs.
6. playHot Stuff – Donna Summer
[00:14’] Griselda and her girlfriends go to a dance club.
7. playLiza … Liza – Elias Rahbani and His Orchestra
[00:15’] Griselda spills her drink on a man deliberately, so she can talk with him about the drug business.
8. playAlberto – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:22’] The man Griselda had met at the club beats her and steals her drugs.
9. playFernando – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:25’] Arturo tells Griselda that his brother Fernando wants her; she goes to Fernando’s house and it is implied that they get intimate.
10. playCharanga Pa’Gozar – Charanga Sensacion de Rolando Valdes
[00:26’] The man who stole Griselda’s drugs, Johnny, pulls his car over and Griselda watches him.
11. playOye No Me Beses – Charanga Sensacion de Rolando Valdes
[00:27’] Griselda follows Johnny into the bar.
12. playCarmen – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:31’] Carmen finds out about Griselda’s drug business; Griselda tells her friends she and the children will be out of her apartment by the following day.
13. playSueltame, Vieja – Los Guaracheros de Oriente
[00:32’] Griselda rents a car so she can move around Miami easier.
14. playMirando Al Mar – Jorge Sepulveda
[00:38’] Griselda sells her drugs to Eddie and he seals the deal by inviting her to a dance.
15. playSoy una Nube – Elia y Elizabeth
[00:41’] In a flashback, Griselda asks Fernando to take her home.
16. playEl Aguardiento – Los Graduados & Gustavo Quintero
[00:42’] Fernando drops Griselda in front of a bar; there she meets her husband Arturo.
17. playFor Your Love – Chilly
[00:45’] People dance in the club, Griselda walks straight to Amilcar and makes him try her drugs.
[00:48’] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Rich White People’ (S01E02)

25 January 2024
11 songs

1. playDario – Carlos Rafael Rivera
A man breaks into Alberto and Griselda’s home.
2. playCome and Get It – Ralph Robles
[00:02’] Griselda is at the airport and picks up the girls who have smuggled drugs from Colombia.
3. La Boheme – Act l – Love Duet– The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra
[00:16’] Arturo and Griselda go to Amilcar’s house; Griselda informs him she has the 10 kilos of drugs he asked for.
4. playWe’re Gonna Get Back Together – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson
[00:22’] Griselda’s smuggling girls relax by the swimming pool.
5. playAir – Ekseption
[00:26’] Griselda and her friend are at a party.
6. playLet There Be Drums – Sandy Nelson
[00:30’] June makes copies of a document and places them on the detectives’ desks.
7. playWatermelon Man – Mongo Santamaria
[00:38’] Griselda’s girls distribute free samples of drugs at a boat party.
8. playI’m so Thankful – Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed
[00:39’] Arturo tells Griselda he sold three kilos of drugs at the party.
9. play – Evolution of 909 – DJ Fernando do Miami Bass
[00:43’] German and Griselda become partners; he promises her to deliver ten kilos of drugs a week.
10. playMedellin – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:49’] Fernando tries to strangle Griselda and asks Dario to kill her son, but instead, Dario shoots Fernando.
11. playSalut – Joe Dassin
[00:52’] Griselda asks Dario to help her clean the mess.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Mutiny’ (S01E03)

25 January 2024
9 songs

1. playGloria – Umberto Tozzi
[00:01’] Gloria drives her car and listens to this song.
2. playYours Truly Love – Shirley Nanette
[00:07’] Griselda and Dario make love.
3. playOne in a Million – The Ovations
[00:07’] Griselda walks into the kitchen and pours herself a cup of coffee.
4. playLa Madrina – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:09’] One of the girls tells Griselda that the people in Colombia start to call her “La Madrina” (The Godmother).
5. Symphonie no.2 en ut mineur “Resurrection” – Eva Randova, Choeur Philharmonique Tcheque
[00:25’] Griselda visits Amilcar and tries to persuade him not to buy out of the business.
[00:45’] Amilcar and Rivi drive around when police blocks them and asks Amilcar to get out of the car. Amilcar manages to flee.
6. playAlberto – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:30’] Griselda asks Dario to kill the witness.
7. playLa Cigarra – Climaco Sarmiento
[00:41’] Isa hands out money to the girls and tells them that Griselda is about to become the new boss of Miami.
8. playGotta Go Home – Boney M.
[00:46’] Griselda and Arturo enter a club. German demands to speak with her. He informs her that Papo got Amilcar’s territories.
9. playFernando – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:55’] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Middle Management’ (S01E04)

25 January 2024
13 songs

1. playCentac – Carlos Rafael Rivera
Griselda plays in her mind the conversation with Rafa, where he tells her he is more afraid of her than of other drug lords.
2. playPanesso – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:05’] Dario sees German go into a store and then kills him. In another scene, Chucho throws an explosive device into Papo’s house.
3. playMammy Blues – Roger Whittaker
[00:13’] Isa dances to the song as one of Papo’s killers can be seen in the house with a machete.
4. playEl Sicario – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:20’] Griselda and Dario go after Papo’s sicario. Griselda takes a machete and wants to slit his throat, but then takes a pistol and shoots him in the head a few times, avenging thus Isa and Rigo’s deaths.
5. playMiss Blanco – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:25’] Griselda makes herself known to the other drug dealers.
6. playInvitation To The World – Jimmy Briscoe
[00:27’] A man tells Papo that they cannot get to her because she is very well-guarded.
7. playWar – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:29’] Griselda’s men get rid of her competition.
8. playLa Senorita Lola – Ray & His Court
[00:29’] Griselda’s men celebrate the killings of the other drug lords.
9. playOu La La – Grandpa
[00:38’] Diaz and June ask a man in a bar if he knows of a woman narco.
10. playSácalo Sácalo – Los Kintos
[00:41’] At Griselda’s compound, her men carry the drugs by the wheelbarrow.
11. playLullaby in Ragtime – Harry Nilsson
[00:46’] Griselda burns hundreds of kilos of drugs.
12. playFunky on the Bottom – Robert Edwards
[00:52’] Griselda arrives at a venue; Arturo tells her not to get too cocky about meeting Fabio Ocho.
13. playSerenata – Anima Sacra
[00:55’] End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Paradise Lost’ (S01E05)

25 January 2024
10 songs

1. playTalking In Your Sleep – The Romantics
[00:01’] Griselda and her entourage are at a club.
2. playDolce Vita – Ryan paris
[00:04’] Chucho and two of Griselda’s sons enter the club. They inform her about a drug shipment.
3. playSweet Baby Of Mine – Ruth Brown
[00:10’] Griselda has her hair done at a hair salon, as her men keep killing her competitors.
4. playLet’s Dance – David Bowie
[00:14’] Years late, Griselda gives a speech at Dario’s birthday party.
5. playDr. Beat – Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine
[00:17’] The guests dance at the party.
6. playGood Things – Pearl Dowell
[00:24’] The guests sing “Happy Birthday” to Dario. Dario then tells Griselda that Rivi is putting ideas into her head every day and they should just leave everything behind and go away.
7. playMala Madre Madhouse – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:36’] Griselda walks into a room and sees Dario talking with a woman. She gets jealous and takes a gun to kill the woman. Dario stops her and tells her she is a bad mother.
8. playSex Toy – Julie Sims
[00:44’] Dixon threatens a young man at the club with a gun and then, when security guards chase him, he goes to Chucho’s house and asks for help, but Chucho hits him and does not let him in the house.
9. playBlack Trombone – Serge Gainsbourg
[00:49’] Ravi attempts to Kill Chucho at Griselda’s order but he misses him.
10. playDo You Feel It? – Joe Cuba
[00:53’] Carmen takes on June’s deal to testify against Griselda.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Adios, Miami’ (S01E06)

25 January 2024
12 songs

1. playNa Na – Coke
Griselda and Martha get high.
2. playMartha Ochoa – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:07’] Rafa arrives home and searches for Martha.
3. playLa Zeneida – Armando Hernandez
[00:12’] Griselda meets her estranged son Dixon in California.
4. playEmeralds – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:14’] Griselda gives emerald necklaces to each of her sons.
5. playWest Coast – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:15’] Griselda watches her sons play on the beach.
6. playMatriarch’s Plan – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:21’] Griselda sits alone in a motel room; the detectives enter the room and arrest her moments before Rafa gets to her to kill her.
7. playJericho – Sister Rosetta Tharpe
[00:34’] Griselda goes to jail.
8. playHave Love Will Travel – Richard Berry
[00:37’] June reads an article about a prison scandal involving Rivi.
9. playMichael Corleone – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:38’] A man kidnaps Dario and Griselda’s son and another one kills Dario.
10. playEl Nino Canibal – Luna Monti & Juan Quintero
[00:39’] Griselda’s boys visit her in prison.
11. playThe Last Cigarette – Carlos Rafael Rivera
[00:44’] Griselda remembers the time her boys played on the beach.
12. playWho Knows – Marion Black
[00:45’] End credits.
Griselda Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 19 January 2024
Label: Netflix Music
Original music composed by Carlos Rafael Rivera
1. playGriselda
2. playWest Coast
3. playWar
4. playDario
5. playAmilcar
6. playMatriarch’s Plan
7. playFernando
8. playPanesso
9. playCentac
10. playLa Madrina
11. playEl Sicario
12. playMartha Ochoa
13. playJune
14. playMiss Blanco
15. playCarmen
16. playOne Kilo
17. playMala Madre Madhouse
18. playExtraordinary Amounts of Cocaine
19. playAlberto
20. playGente Rica
21. playRivi
22. playEmeralds
23. playViuda
24. playMedellin
25. playQue Juntos Hagamos Oro
26. playMichael Corleone
27. playFarewell
28. playNada Nunca Se Acaba
29. playThe Last Cigarette
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Griselda Season 1  TV information
Griselda Season 1 Soundtrack
Production: Grand Electric, Latin World Entertainment (LWE)
Distributor: Netflix
Director: Andrés Baiz
Actors: Sofía Vergara, Alberto Guerra, Juliana Aidén Martinez

IMDB: Griselda

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