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Minx Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  77  | Scene descriptions: 81 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 8  |  Last episode: 8 September 2023< Previous Season
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The soundtrack to Minx Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Starz series.
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Minx Season 2 official OST album tracklist

Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘The Perils of Being a Wealthy Widow’ (S02E01)

21 July 2023
15 songs

1. playChildren of the Revolution – T. Rex
[0:01’] Opening song. Joyce gets out of the limousine and walks on the red carpet.
2. playClimbin’ the Walls – Sandord Clark’s
[0:02’] Doug smokes a cigarette. Title card.
3. playAfter the Hop (feat. The Turks) – Bill Pinky
[0:02’] The executives show Joyce several photos of famous women.
4. playJuan Jose – Cortijo y Kako y sus Tambores
[0:04’] Richie watches Arturo prepare the dough. Bambi thinks that they should ask Arturo if he wants to model.
5. playCorruption Is The Thing – Creations Unlimited
[0:06’] A woman poses for the camera wearing a Liberty Statue costume.
6. playBrand New Key – Melanie
[0:07’] Richie and Joyce arrive at Peregrine’s Reach.
[0:08’] The butler welcomes them.
7. playSurvival Song – Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen
[0:10’] Joyce and Richie enter the mansion and head to the studio room.
8. playLe nozze di Figaro Act II, K.492: Voi che sapete – Compagnia d’Opera Italiana, Antonello Gotta & Sonia Zaramella
[0:11’] Mrs. Constance shows up and asks Joyce and Richie to follow her.
9. playYour Love Is All I Need – Della Humphrey
[0:15’] Bambi and Shelly make out.
10. playGive a Damn – Benny Gordon
[0:17’] Joyce tells Richie that she considered reapproaching Constance about the interview.
11. playIt Must Be Love – Lady Fox & Foxettes
[0:18’] Bambi and Shelly chat after making love.
12. playQue Le Paso – Cortijo y Kako y sus Tambores
[0:20’] Doug shows up with flowers for Bambi.
13. playChrystal Illusion – Creations Unlimited
[0:22’] One of the kids finds a pair of underwear inside the cereal box.
14. playDestination – Morrison Kincannon
[0:24’] Joyce joins Doug at the Dog Show.
15. playYou Wear It Well – Rod Stewart
[0:28’] Joyce manages to close the deal. The group celebrates at the pub. End credits.

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘I Thought the Bed Was Gonna Fly’ (S02E02)

28 July 2023
8 songs

1. playChildren of the Revolution – T.Rex
[0:01’] Doug and Tina arrive at the premiere of his new movie.
2. playFunhouse – Pretty
[0:04’] Opening theme.
3. playIt’s My Way – The Jades
[0:06’] Constance asks Doug if everything is all right, and he replies that everything is fantastic.
4. playPrematurely – The Screaming Gypsy Bandits
[0:12’] Kevin hands Tina a movie reel. She tells him there were supposed to be six canisters, to which Kevin replies that Bob wanted to give the last three one more viewing. Tina tells Rich she will drive back with the first set.
5. Ode To Joy – Deep Throat
[0:13’] Joyce presents the absurdist cinematic spectacle: Deep Throat.
6. playIf It’s Alright, It’s Gonna Be All Night – The Soul Brothers Six
[0:20’] Bambi walks around the party with a tray of drugs.
7. playWait Like a Lady – Patti Dahlstrom
[0:24’] Kenny tells Shelly he loves her.
8. playNumber One – Bill Moss
[0:27’] Joyce types a letter on the floor.
[0:28’] End credits.

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘It’s Okay to Like It’ (S02E03)

4 August 2023
12 songs Get in a Hurry – Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed
The receptionist at BDP takes models’ photo portfolios and puts them on Doug’s office table.
[0:02’] Opening theme. Spinning Top Parts 1 And 2 – Piano Slim
[0:05’] Bambi shows the office to Annie Leibovitz and Rolling Stones journalist Simon. She shows them where Richie sits. She adds that Richie used to be in the studio but then Life magazine called him “America’s Picasso of the Pecker”. Sunshine – The Afro Blues Quintet Plus One
[0:07’] Three men inspect a male model’s foot and realize he has dead skin. They ask for a pumice stone but Carl Sagan tells them it is not a stone but a mineral slurry. Fireball – The Fireballs
[0:08’] A man chases tumbleweed on the photo shooting set. Mama’s Baby Again – Judy Brackin
[0:11’] Bambi tells Richie to take better care of himself. She gives him orange juice and speed. I’ve Got Your Man – Honey Ltd.
[0:13’] Shelly finds another woman’s jewelry in the bedroom. African Pop Session – Manu Dibango
[0:13’] Richie tells the models how to act for the photo shoot. Stop! (Don’t Worry About It) – Lonette
[0:15’] Constance tells Joyce she is glad Joyce sat down with Simon for the interview. I Got Your Number – Boz Scaggs
[0:21’] A man snorts cocaine. Joyce tells Jackson Browne that she did not spend enough time in the desert and that he is making a compelling case. Vancouver – Freedom North
[0:24’] Linda tells Joyce she could not date a civilian, only a musician. When Will I Be Loved – Jules Larson
[0:25’] Linda asks for a volunteer for the shakers. Joyce volunteers. Only After Dark – Mick Ronson
[0:29’] End credits.

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexiness’ (S02E04)

11 August 2023
7 songs

1. playSand – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
[0:01’] Joyce and Graham wake up late.
2. playShe Taught Me to Love – Andwella
[0:15’] The band is doing a photoshoot in the pool.
3. Clean Is Good – Dance
[0:17’] Joyce arrives to the party and heads immediately to the VIP section.
4. playHollywood Eyes – The Original Mantis
[0:19’] The male performers offer the ladies at club Minx a show.
5. playCha Tatch Ka – Bernard Estardy
[0:22’] The show continues with different dance performances.
6. play20th Century Boy – T-Rex
[0:23’] The male dancers put on a final show together as a group, dancing more intimately with the female audience.
7. playWhistle Stop – Jim Sullivan
[0:30’] End credits.

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘A Stately Pleasure Dome Decree’ (S02E05)

18 August 2023
7 songs

1. playLife Is Like A Maze – The Brothers of Soul
[00:02’] Joyce and Doug arrive in Las Vegas.
2. playCome and Get It – The Steppers
[00:02’] Title card / Intro song.
3. playCa’-Ba’-Dab – Soul Swingers
[00:08’] Dustin attaches the racket to his private parts and plays tennis with Shelly.
4. playSalt ’N’ Pepper – Step By Step
[00:15’] Doug plays poker with the others at the casino.
5. playLonely Weekends – Charlie Rich
[00:20’] Joyce heads upstairs and talks to George about what happened at the meeting.
6. playCrazy – Sam Shelton
[00:25’] A woman performs this song live on stage. Doug tells Joyce that Minx is going global.
7. playRovin’ Gambler (2021 Remaster) – Bobby Bond
[00:27’] End credits song.

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘This Is Our Zig’ (S02E06)

25 August 2023
12 songs

1. playSoul Skimmer – Alan Moorhouse
The scene shows what happened in the previous episode.
2. playGrits Ain’t Groceries (All Around The World) – Maxine Weldon
[00:02’] Intro song. Joyce is celebrating with Shelly, happy they found some time together.
3. playGettin’ Down – Eugene Blacknell & The New Breed
[00:04’] Bambi enters in the office to bring Richie’s brunch. She gives him a glass of champagne, lately discovering it had drugs, to help him be more inspired.
4. playIf you want it – James King & Anders Lewén
[00:05’] To be on the same page, Bambi takes drugs too. Doug is kissing Tina while she is doing her makeup, preparing for her mother’s retirement party.
5. playFor a Day Like Today – Lee Hazlewood
[00:06’] Joyce and Shelly are walking on the road, discussing the party preparation.
6. playRocky Mountain Runabout – Alan Hawkshaw
[00:08’] Shelly remains alone in the room, as Joyce needs to go attend President Simpson.
7. playRain Maker – Wiliam Farley
[00:08’] While Bambi is doing some exercise, Richie is switching music to find the perfect song.
8. playLady in Space – Klaus Wuesthoff
[00:08’] Richie is switching melodies as he can’t find the perfect one.
9. playCalifornia Dreamin’ – Women’ Chorus
[00:10’] After Joyce has his speech, The Night Owls make a recital.
[00:27’] End credits.
10. playThe witch – Mark Fry
[00:15’] High on the drugs, Bambi is dressing Richie like a woman.
11. playDo I love you? – Homestead & Wolfe
[00:19’] Joyce enters a room. She finds Sheila and the professor together.
12. playLove it’s been so long – frankie & Robert
[00:23’] In the car, Tina is proud for standing up to her mother at the retirement party. Doug asks her why she kept her promotion hidden from him.

Season 2 • Episode 7: ‘God Closes a Door, Opens a Glory Hole’ (S02E07)

1 September 2023
9 songs

1. playCold Hard Times – Lee Hazlewood
[00:01’] Doug has a drink while talking to his parrot. Intro song.
2. playViva alleluja – Stelvio Cipriani
[00:03’] Tina and Joyce arrive at the ranch.
3. playThe Thing – Carleen & The Groovers
[00:07’] Constance, Joyce, and Tina test the girls in the wilderness to find a proper fit for the editorial of Minx International.
4. playLooking Good – James King & Anders Lewén
[00:11’] Shelly enters a room where people are having sex, annoyed that she can’t have a spot to work at the company.
5. playCloser to the Ground – Joy Of Cooking
[00:14’] Doug leaves the ranch angry the girls didn’t pay attention to his warning about Constance. Shelly is not satisfied with her work at the editorial.
6. playHouses – Elyse Weinberg
[00:16’] Richie coordinates the boys trying to take the perfect shot for the magazine.
7. playThe World Pt. 1 – Sandi And Matues
[00:17’] Joyce is concerned about the girls not being suitable for the job.
8. playI Want to Cry – Leo Nocentelli
[00:19’] In the middle of the photo shooting, an alarm starts and the boys walk away, panicked.
9. playLet The Sunshine In – Jennifer Warnes
[00:24’] Richie is using the mess created to get his shots. Joyce is indecisive about which girl should she choose to work with. Doug leaves the ranch after his breakup with Tina.
[00:25’] End credits.

Season 2 • Episode 8: ‘Woman of the Hour’ (S02E08)

8 September 2023
6 songs

1. playTumba – The Baton of Andre Brummer
[00:01’] Constance is talking with Archibald about bussiness and his lack of loyalty for it.
2. playA woman’s world – Teresa Brewer
[00:02’] Archibald is chased by Constance’s dogs.
3. playC’est les vacances – Sacha Distel
[00:03’] Tina is having a conversation in french with a young man from France.
4. playSmoke on the water – Deep Purple
[00:08’] Bambi is telling Joyce she can’t change his fifty dollars because he already always stays over the program.
[00:22’] Doung is taking Joyce’s place and helds himself the speach of the party.
5. playAll the young dudes – Mott the Hoople
[00:19’] Joyce is going down the stairs and grabs a drink enjoying the party.
6. play Doctor my eyes – Jackson Brown
[00:28’] The workers type the magazine done by Richie and send it as the original one all over the country.
Minx Season 2 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 21 July 2023
Label: Lionsgate Records
Original music composed by Jules Larson, Sam Shelton & Women’S Chorus
1. playWhen Will I Be Loved – Jules Larson
2. playCrazy – Sam Shelton
3. playCalifornia Dreamin’ – Women’S Chorus
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Minx Season 2  TV information
Minx Season 2 Soundtrack
Production: Feigco Entertainment, Lionsgate Television, Lionsgate
Distributor: HBO Max, Stan, Starz
Directors: Rachel Lee Goldenberg, Max Winkler, Shiri Appleby
Actors: Ophelia Lovibond, Jessica Lowe, Oscar Montoya

IMDB: Minx

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