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Pistol Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  63  | Scene descriptions: 73 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 31 May 2022


The soundtrack to Pistol Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Pistol Season 1 Episode 6

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Track 1: The Cloak of Invisibility’ (S01E01)

31 May 2022
14 songs

1. Moonage Daydream – David Bowie
Starting song / A montage with people around the world
2. Dance To The Music – Sly & The Family Stone
[0:03′] Steve and his friend run away from the police.
3. Bang A Gong (Get It On) – T-REX
[0:08′] The band decides that they are going to have a unique style.
4.Je t’aime.. moi non plus – J. Birkin & S. Gainsbourg
[0:11′] Steve tries to explain to Viv why he tried to steal.
5. I’ve Got The Music In Me (2008 Remastered version) – The Kiki Dee Band
[0:13′] Steve goes to a party.
6.Big Spender – Shirley Bassey
[0:14′] Steve has flashbacks from his childhood.
7. Who Are You – The Who
[0:15′] Steve has an existential crisis.
8. (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding
[0:17′] Chrissie wants Steve to impress her by playing a song on the jukebox.
9. It’s Caper Time (The Self Preservation Society; The Italian Job/Soundtrack Version) – Quincy Jones
[0:20′] Steve explains to Malcolm how the Cloak of Invisibility works.
10. Starman – David Bowie
[0:23′] Steve tries to persuade Chrissie to sing with him.
11. 歌劇『蝶々夫人』 ~ある晴れた日に – Coro del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Orchestra del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Renata Scotto & Sir John Barbirolli
[0:27′] Malcolm and Viv talk about Steve.
12. Silver Machine – Hawkwind
[0:29′] Steve gets kicked out of his house by his mom.
13. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
[0:42′] Steve decides to leave his band behind.
14. My Boy Lollipop – Millie
[0:44′] Ending credits song

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘Track 2: Rotten’ (S01E02)

31 May 2022
15 songs

1. You Don’t Own Me – Lesley Gore
Starting song / Jordan goes through town in a provocative dress.
2. I’m Eighteen – Alice Cooper
[0:07′] John auditions for the band.
3. Jeepster – T.Rex
[0:13′] John and Steve talk about the rehearsals of their band.
4. An American Trilogy – Elvis Presley
[0:17′] Steve looks around the place Malcolm rented for his band.
5. All Day And All Of The Night – The Kinks
[0:19′] Steve meets with Jordan and her friends.
6. No Fun – The Stooges
[0:20′] Steve practices with his new guitar.
7. No Fun – Cast
[0:27′] The band plays a cover of “No Fun”.
8. Roadrunner (The Modern Lovers) – Cast
[0:28′] The band plays a cover of a song.
9. Wreck A Buddy – The Soul Sisters
[0:28′] A party starts at the band’s rehearsals.
10. Wrong’em Boyo – The Rulers
[0:29′] Steve asks Jordan about Chrissie.
11. Shang-A-Lang (Bay City Rollers) – Cast
[0:32′] People sing a song together.
12. Pills – New York Dolls
[0:33′] John’s mate goes to see Viv.
13. I’m A Lazy Sod (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:46′] The band performs at a local school.
14. Recollection – Rick Wakeman & The Enflish Rock Ensemble
[0:48′] A fight begins when the music stops.
15. Shang-A-Lang (Instrumental Version)
[0:49′] Ending credits song

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Track 3: Bodies’ (S01E03)

31 May 2022
9 songs

1. When I Need You – Leo Sayer
Starting song / A nurse and her patients listen to this song
2. Substitute (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:03′] The band starts playing.
3. They say I Am Different – Betty Davis
[0:09′] Chrissie comes to visit Steve.
4. Road Runner – Bo Diddley
[0:11′] Pauline tries to find out where John from The Sex Pistols lives.
5. Fuck This Fuck That – DeadBeatVillain
[0:18′] John gets angry and throws a mug at a wall.
6. Anarchy In The U.K. (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:26′] The band sings their new composed song.
[0:28′] The band sings their new song in a prison.
7. I Can’t Stand the Rain (Tina Turner) – Cast
[0:31′] Chrissie plays guitar and sings.
8. Bodies (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:49′] The band performs this song on stage.
9. Night Doctor – The Upsetters
[0:53′] Ending credits song

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Track 4: Pretty Vaaayc**t’ (S01E04)

31 May 2022
11 songs

1. Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols) – Cast
Starting song / The tv operator announces the band warming up, then they perform this song; Malcolm talks about anarchy.
2. St. James Infirmary Blues – Cast
[0:06′] Steve and Chrissie sing this song while playing the guitar together; with scenes of them having sex.
3. Pretty Vacant – Sex Pistols
[0:09′] The gang pushes the van up the hill, then they argue about who sits in front.
Continues when Malcolm makes holes in the ceiling; the band performs in Doncaster.

[0:20’] Repeats when they sing this song in another concert.
4. Boogie Nights – Heatwave
[0:13′] The band arrives at the ballroom where they will have to perform next, then go out to eat.
5. Problems (Sex Pistol) – Cast
[0:14′] The band gets on stage and interrupts the North Yorkshire Hairdressers’ Association event.
6. Satellite (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:16′] After interrupting the event, the band continues to sing on stage.
7. Pablo Picasso – The Modern Lovers
[0:32′] Chrissie brings the newspapers to Steve while he is in bed with two other girls.
8. X Offender – Blondie
[0:36′] The two fans get off the train excited that they are going to see the band.
9. Milk And Honey – Lizzard
[0:41′] After Malcolm gives a speech in front of the band, telling them that they need to stick together no matter what happens.
10. EMI (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:44′] The two girls finally get to see the band live.
11. Ever Fallen In Love – Buzzcocks
[0:55′] End credits

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Track 5: Nancy and Sid’ (S01E05)

31 May 2022
6 songs

1. God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:04′] The band performs this song on stage; the band talks to the press in front of the Buckingham Palace.
[0:14’] The band listens to this song on a record with Johnny’s parents.
[0:30’] Repeats after the band goes to meet with Branson.
[0:47’] The band performs on a boat down the Thames river; Sid and Nancy reunite.
2. Submission (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:08′] The band announces that they have written a song about submission, then performs it on stage.
3. Re-Make/ Re-Model – Roxy Music
[0:18′] At the Speakeasy, Sid talks to Chrissie, meets Bob Harris, and starts a fight.
4. Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols
[0:32′] The band records this song in the studio for their first album.
5. Hotel California – Eagles
[0:45′] At the airport, Nancy comes back to thank Chrissie for what she did for her, then gets on the plane; Sid comes out of the hospital.
6. Kid (The pretenders) – Cast
[0:52′] Steve grabs his things and leaves Chrissy’s place /
End credits.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Track 6: Who Killed Bambi?’ (S01E06)

31 May 2022
12 songs

1. I Washed My Hands in Muddy Water (Elvis Presley) – Cast
Starting song / The band sings this song while on the bus after they arrive in the USA, then visit an Elvis Presley souvenir shop.
2. Liar – Sex Pistols
[0:04′] Before Sid makes a scene on the bus because of his drug addiction.
3. 007 Shanty Town – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
[0:05′] Sid takes some Valium, then they go to buy two inflatable dolls.
4. New York – Sex Pistols
[0:06′] The band takes a group photo in front of the bus.
5. Holidays In The Sun (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:09′] The band performs in Longhorn.
6. Jesus Loves Me, This I Know – Cast
[0:13′] The band gets high while traveling by bus; Sid sings this song in a small church.
[0:51′] End credits
7. Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:20′] The band performs in San Francisco.
8. No Fun (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:21′] The crowd shouts and Johnny comes back on stage.
9. You Need Hands (Max Bygraves) – Cast
[0:21′] Malcolm sings this song while playing the piano.
10. Brass In Pocket (The Pretenders) – Cast
[0:31′] Chrissie sings this song in the rehearsal room at Covent Garden.
11. My Way (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:36′] Sid changes the lyrics, then records the song.
[0:44′] Repeats when Dave injects himself drugs and starts having hallucinations about Sid.
12. No Feeling (Sex Pistols) – Cast
[0:49′] The band performs on Christmas Day in 1977.

Pistol Season 1 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original music composed by Rick Smith & Karl Hyde
Not yet released

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Director: Danny Boyle
Stars: Toby Wallace, Sydney Chandler, Anson Boon

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