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Poker Face Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  30  | Scene descriptions: 36 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 9 March 2023

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The soundtrack to Poker Face Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ (S01E01)

26 January 2023
3 songs

1. play Get Yourself Another Fool – Sam Cooke
[0:38’] Charlie is sitting by her trailer drinking a beer after talking to the police about Natalie’s death.
2. play Too Late for Tears – Andrea Litkei & Ervin Litkei
[1:02’] Charlie is sitting down at a bar and sending an email to the police about Kazimir Caine.
3. play Junior’s Farm – Paul McCartney & Wings
[1:05’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘The Night Shift’ (S01E02)

26 January 2023
2 songs

1. play Yesterday Is Here – Tom Waits
Starting song.
2. play The Goodbye Look – Donald Fagen
[1:01’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘The Stall’ (S01E03)

26 January 2023
6 songs

1. play Cash on the Barrell Head – The Louvin Brothers
[0:02’] Taff is greeting everyone as he arrives at the barbecue.
2. play Waiting for a Train – Jim Reeves
[0:06’] Taff and his brother George are having a beer while enjoying the sunset.
3. play The Vibration – Sonny Harris & The Soul Reflections
[0:08’] Taff is preparing to start his radio program at the local barbecue.
4. play Me Arrancae el Corazon – Celebracion Mariachi
[0:17’] Charlie is switching up radio channels while driving.
5. play Every Time You Put Me Down – Margaret Lewis
[0:38’] Everyone is giving condolences to Taff after his brother’s death.
6. play Just You & Me – Bobbie Chandler
[0:54’] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Rest in Metal’ (S01E04)

26 January 2023
1 song

1. play Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) – Christopher Cross
Starting song.

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘Time of the Monkey’ (S01E05)

2 February 2023
7 songs

1. play Any Other Way – Jackie Shane
Starting song.
[0:47’] The police manage to arrive on time and stop Irene and Joyce before they murder Charlie.
2. play Comin’ Down – Jackie Shane
[0:04’] Joyce and Irene are planning out how to kill the new arrival, Ben.
[0:30’] Charlie is watching as the officers arrive to pick Joyce and Irene up.
3. play Heywete – Tesfa-Maryam Kidane
[0:05’] Irene is trying to jump out of the window after Joyce wheels her to the bathroom.
4. play Guerilla Funk – Paris
[0:12’] Betty is asking Irene and Joyce to turn down their music.
5. play Hold On – Ngozi Family
[0:16’] Joyce and Irene are sharing their life stories with Charlie.
[0:49’] End credits song.
6. play Petit Sekou – Bembeya Jazz National
[0:18’] Joyce and Irene are telling Charlie about the time the police caught them.
7. play Blues Run the Game – Jackson C. Frank
[0:21’] Charlie leaves Ben’s room after he tells her that he has no visitors.

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Exit Stage Death’ (S01E06)

9 February 2023
3 songs

1. playJust Another Day In Paradise – Bertie Higgins
[0:01′] Michael is welcoming Kathleen to his mansion.
2. playThe Magic Flute-Overture – London Philharmonic Orchestra & Alfred Scholz
[0:08′] Kathleen, Michael, and the others are rehearsing for their big opening night.
3. playBroadway Baby – Elaine Stritch
[0:45′] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 7: ‘The Future of the Sport’ (S01E07)

16 February 2023
2 songs

1. playGiulia Mon Amour – Calibro 35
Opening song / Title screen.
2. playDrivin’ On 9 – The Breeders
[0:46′] End credits song

Season 1 • Episode 8: ‘The Orpheus Syndrome’ (S01E08)

23 February 2023
3 songs

1. playLonely People – America
[0:13′] Charlie arrives at her customer’s house, Arthur, to deliver his bag of hair.
2. La Giuditta: Part II: Lullaby: Dormi, O Fulmine Di Guerra – Gilbert Bezzina
[0:46′] Laura is burning all of Arthur’s maquettes and films from his workshop.
3. playFille du soleil – Francis Lai
[0:55′] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 9: ‘Escape From Shit Mountain’ (S01E09)

2 March 2023
3 songs

1. playRoll Up – Kovas
[0:05′] Trey is going out for a drive after finding out that his monitoring device isn’t working.
2. playTake a Giant Step – Taj Mahal
[0:16′] Charlie is getting caught up in a romance with a stranger from Magic Mountain.
3. playEverybody Here Hates You – Courtney Barnett
[0:58′] End credits song.

Season 1 • Episode 10: ‘The Hook’ (S01E10)

9 March 2023
6 songs

1. playSt. James Infirmary – Cab Calloway
[0:03′] Cliff proceeds to search for Charlie.
2. playLavender Blue – Sammy Turner
[0:06′] Charlie gets in the trunk of Cliff’s car.
3. playI’m In Love With My Psychiatrist – The Bernard Ebbinghouse Orchestra
[0:11′] Charlie and Cliff enter HASP Atlantic City.
4. playDon’t Think Twice It’s All Right – Burl Ives
[0:23′] After Cliff talks with Hasp.
5. playGet Up and Get It – Sooraj Krishnan
[0:31′] Charlie is on a party bus.
6. playWalk On – Neil Young
[0:52′] Charlie breaks her phone.

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Poker Face Season 1  TV information
Production: Animal Pictures, MRC Television, T-Street
Distributor: Peacock
Directors: Rian Johnson, Iain B. MacDonald, Janicza Bravo
Stars: Natasha Lyonne, Benjamin Bratt, Elijah George

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