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Reservation Dogs Season 3 Soundtrack

Songs:  98  | Scene descriptions: 58 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 27 September 2023< Previous Season
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The soundtrack to Reservation Dogs Season 3 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Hulu series.

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Reservation Dogs Season 3 official OST album tracklist

Season 3 • Episode 1: ‘BUSSIN’ (S03E01)

2 August 2023
5 song

1. playFly So High (Alternative Chorus) – SATV Chorus
[0:03’] Rita gets car sick and tells the driver to stop the music.
2. playCigarettes and Roses – Blaine Bailey
[0:07’] Rita and the kids ride on the bus together.
3. playNana – Kikagaku Moyo
[0:11’] Bear listens to this song on his headphones when he goes to the public bathroom.
4. playGet Well – Jay Som
[0:19’] The group continues to travel without Bear.
5. playCold Damn Vampires – Zach Bryan
[0:23’] Bear walks by himself after the group leaves him behind.
[0:25’] The group arrives at the destination and meets up with their relatives. They realize that Bear is missing.

Season 3 • Episode 2: ‘Maximus’ (S03E02)

2 August 2023
2 songs

1. playFaraway Skies – Dean Johnson
Opening song.
[0:20’] In the evening, Bear and Maximus watch the sky and talk about the stars. Later, they get inside and make spaghetti soup.
2. playEarly Blue – F.J. McMahon
[0:26’] Bear rides Maximus’ vehicle and takes care of his plants.
[0:28’] Bear continues his journey.
End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 3: ‘Deer Lady’ (S03E03)

9 August 2023
7 songs

1. play Fractions – Mali Obomsawin
[0:00’] Opening song / Title card.
2. play How Lonesome Can I Get – Durwood Daily Haddock
[0:04’] At the diner, a woman asks the waitress for two whole pies.
[0:07’] Bear enters the diner and asks for a phone charger and a glass of water. The woman invites him to sit with her.
3. playStart All Over – Durwood Daily Haddock
[0:09’] The woman asks Bear if he is a good man; he replies that he tries to be.
4. Jesus Loves Me (This I Know) – Cast
[0:13’] The children sing this song while the nuns are watching them.
[0:23’] The woman stabs the old man in the back.
5. play Memory Bound – Ron Mcginnis
[0:13’] The woman enjoys her cherry pie while talking to Bear. Later, she offers to take him home.
6. play Lineage – Mali Obomsawin
[0:15’] The woman stops at the ranch and asks Bear to wait for her in the truck.
7. playThere There – Mali Obomsawin
[0:24’] The woman returns to the truck after killing the old man.

Season 3 • Episode 4: ‘Friday’ (S03E04)

16 August 2023
2 songs Livin’ It Up – Hybrid Wolf Pups
[00:12′] The nurse films herself in her office.
[00:13′] Cheese enters the office to check if his glasses are ready, and the nurse asks him to film her while dancing.
2. play Washita Love Child (with Eric Clapton) – Jesse Ed Davis
[00:20′] The song plays in the final scene of the episode. End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 5: ‘House Made of Bongs’ (S03E05)

23 August 2023
11 songs

1. play I’m On Fire – Dwight Twilley Band
Opening song / Title card.
2. playRockin (All Night Long) – Fanny
[00:03’] A friend asks Maximus if he wants to spend the summer with him. Bear replies he does not want to be a burden for anyone.
3. play Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy
[00:06’] The teenagers get in the car and drive to the Sonic Drive-In, where they have lunch in the parking lot.
4. play Call Me the Breeze – J.J. Cale
[00:09’] The teenagers have fun at the party.
5. play Going Ahead Full Speed – Bridge
[00:11’] At the party, Maximus starts feeling dizzy after getting high.
6. play Cheree – Suicide
[00:14’] The teenagers dance at the party. Brownie gets high and drinks alcohol.
7. play You’re Gonna Miss Me – 13th Floor Elevators
[00:15’] Brownie takes more drugs from the bag and shares them with the others.
8. play Mind Flowers – Ultimate Spinach
[00:17’] Bucky and Maximus stand by the water and chat, visibly affected by the drugs.
9. playRolling with My Baby – Silverhead
[00:18’] His friends inform Maximus they want to leave. Brownie asks Maximus if he’s got his car keys and if he can drive. Hesitantly, Maximus tells Brownie he can drive.
10. play Yeti Talks to Yogi (Improvisation) – Amn Duul II
[00:22’] While the others sleep, Maximus stops the car as he sees a UFO.
11. play Fly – J.K & Co.
[00:25’] They return to the car after convincing Maximus that there is no UFO. End credits.

Season 3 • Episode 6: ‘Frankfurter Sandwich’ (S03E06)

30 August 2023
5 songs

1. playThree Good Reasons – Jacob Tovar
[00:03’] Cheese goes on a field trip with his uncles.
2. play Rabbit – Hataalii
[00:05’] His uncle, Big, teaches Cheese how to fish.
3. play I Wish We’d All Been Ready – Larry Norman
[00:15’] Bill teaches Cheese how to start a fire the old-fashioned way.
4. play mostly chimes – Adrianne Lenker
[00:19’] Cheese suggests to his uncles to play a game where they would each hold a stick and talk about whatever they want and then pass it around. Cheese tells them he is a happy person. He gives the stick to Brownie, who confesses he is a sex addict. They all laugh. Big admits he’s been bottling up a lot of pain and made many mistakes. He starts to cry.
5. play Ignore The Days – Micah P. Hinson
[00:23’] End credits song.

Season 3 • Episode 7: ‘Wahoo!’ (S03E07)

6 September 2023
3 songs

1. playKetchup Potato Chips – Black Belt Eagle Scout
[00:04’] Bear listens to music over his headphones when his mother enters his room and asks to sit with him as she feels unwell.
2. Native – Sten Joddi & Joey Stylez
[00:21’] Bear tries the recipe he saw on TikTok for the second time. His mother turns off the radio and asks him about California.
3. You Got Under My Skin – Simon Joyner
[00:25’] End credits song.

Season 3 • Episode 8: ‘Send It’ (S03E08)

13 September 2023
5 songs

1. Angry – The Rolling Stones
[00:06’] Uncle Kenny shows up on the yellow bus, and the teenagers get in.
2. Rez Dogs Theme – Mato Wayuhi
[00:13’] While on the bus, Bear asks the others if they want to join their group so they can all be Rez Dogs.
3. Vulture Swarm – Little Barrie
[00:16’] Bear and Willie enter the building and start looking around while the others try to cut out the power.
4. I Come From the Mountain – Thee Oh Sees
[00:22’] Everybody manages to get out in time before the bus explodes.
5. East October – John Moreland
[00:24’] Uncle Kenny tells Big that he can’t let the kids take the heat, as they are a community, and everything they do serves each other.

Season 3 • Episode 9: ‘Elora’s Dad’ (S03E09)

20 September 2023
5 songs

1. Dance Song – Cast
[00:02’] After telling the interviewer that she wants to study mental health, Elora listens to him singing a part of this song.
2. playSocial Skills – John Fullbright
[00:07’] Rick listens to this song over the car radio when he realizes he is being followed.
3. playWords Come Easy – The Glaser Brothers
[00:09’] Rick takes Elora to the diner where he used to have breakfast. He tells her that she looks exactly like her mother.
4. playDaydream – Madame Zeroni
[00:19’] Rick tells Elora he has a surprise for her and goes to the other room to grab it. He shows her a photo of her as a baby.
5. playCodine – Gram Parsons
[00:30’] Having just met her siblings, Elora agrees to have pizza with them.

Season 3 • Episode 10: ‘Dig’ (S03E10)

27 September 2023
6 songs

1. playWill The Circle Be Unbroken – George Jones
[00:01’] The K49 radio station presenter broadcasts that the community lost one of its members.
2. playMeet Me in the City – Junior Kimbrough
[00:09’] The funeral director drives his car and talks on the phone about how someone else’s penis is bigger than his.
3. play25 & Wastin’ Time – Vincent Neil Emerson
[00:22’] Bucky turns up the volume of the music and begins to dance. One of the women walks to him, and the two dance together.
4. playThe Weight – The Band
[00:24’] Kenny Boy and Ansel bring shovels, and the men dig Fixico’s grave. Inside the community center, the women cook dinner.
5. playLive Forever (Billy Joe Shaver) – Todd Snider
[00:33’] Willie Jack gets emotional speaking at Fixico’s grave. She thanks him for everything he taught her.
6. playIt’s So Easy (When You Know What You’re Doing) – Ted Lucas
[00:35’] Willie Jack throws a handful of dirt onto Fixico’s casket and then joins her friends.
Reservation Dogs Season 3 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 3 November 2023
Label: 20th Century Studios
Original music composed by Mato Wayuhi
1. playSwitch Lanes
2. playWelcome to the Spirit World!
3. playTeenie Talk
4. playRyan Juggalo Redcorn
5. playSpanish Conquistador Type Beat
6. playInner Journey
7. playBad Breakup
8. playLittle Hvshwa
9. playMad Maximus
10. playStar People Food
11. playCirca 1976
12. playIf Anything Happens…
13. playThey’re Here
14. playI Believe You
15. playHaircut
16. playForce-Feed
17. playDon’t Look Them in the Eye
18. playWanna Touch My Hooves?
19. playEvil Wolf
20. playWolf’s Den
21. playTooken
22. playCruelty of Nostalgia
23. playRun from Nuns
24. playDeer Kills a Wolf
25. playFor Koda
26. playIHS Blues
27. playLil’ Mike & Funny Bone Type Beat
28. playSour Sofkee
29. playPrescription Glasses
30. playBurn in Hell, Zombie Nun
31. playLearn to Be a Man
32. playBrownie Farts
33. playUnbreakable Bonds
34. playBigfoot & His Organtic Womanly Features
35. playCookie Is Home
36. playInterrogation
37. playElder Breakfast
38. playUncle Kenny Boy
39. playBone Thug Dog
40. playI’ll Be by Your Side
41. playExecution
42. playEasy Escape
43. playYour Turn
44. playSticks & Stones
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Reservation Dogs Season 3  TV information
Reservation Dogs Season 3 Soundtrack
Production: Dive, FX Productions, Film Rites
Distributor: FX Network, Hulu
Directors: Tazbah Chavez, Blackhorse Lowe, Danis Goulet
Actors: Devery Jacobs, D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Lane Factor

IMDB: Reservation Dogs

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    1. Ken Pomeroy is the artist. My nephew is her boyfriend and plays guitar for her. The song is called Cicadas. It’s not released yet but her other song on the episode releases on 27th. You can find a video of her singing cicadas live at earth day on YT. She’s incredible.

    2. Hi there! The song may not have been released yet, so we could not identify it. Our team will continue to look for it and update this post as soon as it is found. Thank you for your patience!

    3. The end song on credits is an upcoming release entitled “Cicadas” by Ken Pomeroy. Another song by Ken called “Pareidolia” was featured in this episode during the gas station scene. Pareidolia comes out this week, Cicadas release date is TBD.

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  2. Do you know what the the song was in S3 E3 when the deer footed spirit gets into the truck with Bear- she’s covered in blood and they drive away?

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    1. hello! we couldn’t identify the end credits song, as it is not yet released. we’ll keep looking for it and we’ll update our post when we find it. until then, if anyone knows anything about this song and its artist, please share it in the comments so we can check it out. thank you! 🙂

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