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Resident Alien Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  94  | Scene descriptions: 95 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 16  |  Last episode: 29 September 2022


The soundtrack to Resident Alien Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 tv show, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 1
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 2
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 3
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 4
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 5
Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 6
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Resident Alien Season 2 Episode 16

Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Old Friends’ (S02E01)

26 January 2022
10 songs

1. Space Oddity – David Bowie
[0:01′] After the recap of the previous episode, when Harry is with Max in a truck.
2. Bilgewater – Brown Bird’s
[0:02′] Intro song / After the discussion at the hospital between Henry and the doctor.
3. Free To Be You And Me – The new seekers
[0:11′] Mayor Ben walks down the street greeting people.
4.Don’t Make Me Blue – Elisapie
[0:15′] Kate is cleaning the blood from the house.
5.Get Real – Little Hag
[0:18′] A baseball game begins on the field that the spaceship is on.
6.Get Down – Avi Kaplan
[0:28′] After Harry is getting on the ship, trying to fly away.
7.Just Can’t Say I Can’t – The Dalhs
[0:30′] This song is playing as Harry remembers his first weeks on the planet.
8.All I See Is You – Lacey Hill
[0:36′] Asta and D’Arcy are riding a bike.
9.Can’t Be Saved – Leslie Lowe
10. End Of The Road – Noga Erez
[0:45′] Harry runs away with the octopus from the restaurant.
End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘The Wire’ (S02E02)

2 February 2022
7 songs

1.Don’t Be Looking In My Mind – Ross Watson
[0:11′] Harry is in the diner, thinking about who will clean the bunker.

2. Simplicity – Nahko And Medicine For The People
[0:12′] Asta and D’arcy are going for a ride with the boat.
3. Boots Of Spanish Leather – Nanci Griffith
[0:14′] The girls are relaxing on the boat.
4.Someone Call An Angel Down – Derek Miller
[0:16′] Asta and her father are discussing Harry needing other friends.
5. The Right Stuff – Chuck Hall & The Brick Wall
[0:25′] Ellen wins the hand at poker. Harry smashes the antique table.
6. Off You – The Breeders
[0:33′] Asta’s friend requests a dedication for her on the radio.
7. Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) – Limp Bizkit

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘Girls’ Night’ (S02E03)

9 February 2022
10 songs

1.Obstacles To Negotiate – Cary Morin
[0:03′] The Sheriff and the Deputy are having breakfast.

2. I’m Just Messin’ Around – Beach Day
[0:11′] The girls receive a message about their night out. D’Arcy invites Kate and her cousin to the girls’ night out.

3. Stuck – Little Violet
[0:16′] The girls are at the bar, having drinks and chatting.

4.City On Fire – Ill Bred
[0:26′] Asta tries to convince Harry not to seduce Kate’s cousin to steal her badge.
5. Lock It – Rare Essence
[0:27′] The girls decide to go to the “YACHT”.
6. Carnal Mind – Yabby You
7. Shitlist – L7
[0:32′] The girls leave the Mayor’s office, after checking some papers.
8. In My Head – Robert Edwards, Little Violet, Jamie Berry
9. No Man – The Diplomats Of Solid Sound
[0:37′] Harry breaks into the lab.
10. Suicide Is Painless – Johnny Mandel
[0:42′] D’Arcy throws fliers with “equal pay” from the helicopter.

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Radio Harry’ (S02E04)

16 February 2022
5 songs

1.Fingers To The Bone – Brown Bird
[0:01′] A van stops and grabs a man, who claims that he was abducted by aliens.

2.Into The Wild – Raye Zaragoza
[0:17′] Harry, Asta, Dan, and Asta’s cousin walk through the reservation.

3. Arnaq – Elisapie
[0:27′] Harry gets out of the tent and goes for a walk. He sees a White Bison.

4.Ton Vieux Nom – Elisapie
[0:32′] Asta is trying to help Sunny give birth, but the baby is stuck, so Harry helps deliver the baby.
5. Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying – Belle and Sebastian
[0:36′] D’Arcy is having dinner with her parents, she has a breakdown and leaves.

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘Family Day’ (S02E05)

23 February 2022
6 songs

1.Hoodoo – Dana Sipos
[0:03′] Harry is sitting on the mountain top, thinking about the other aliens.

2. Backyard Blues – Matt koskenmaki & David John Vanacore
[0:21′] Max and Sahara leave the restaurant and find Harry’s note.

3. Can’t You See My Smiling – McElroy Bros
[0:22′] The dog pees on Harry.

4.In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company – The Dead South
[0:23′] Harry lets Liza drive.
5. We Are The Same – Samantha Crain
[0:37′] D’Arcy gets Asta ice cream.
6. La Mer – Django Reinhardt
[0:43′] The Sheriff remembers the false memory of going fishing with his father.

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘An Alien in New York’ (S02E06)

2 March 2022
7 songs

1.Bilgewater – Brown Bird
Intro song

2. I Think We’re Alone Now – Tiffany
[0:21′] D’Arcy is singing karaoke when Ben enters the bar. He asks to borrow an ATV. She says she can give him one only if she drives.

3.Dearest – Bee Gees
[0:12′] In the scene before, the octopus died in Harry’s hands. He remembers all their good moments together while eating the octopus.

4.Wild Boy – Snotty Nose Rez Kids Feat. Polo Brian
[0:14′] Harry searches for the other alien like him, but to find him, he has to walk through busy streets and gets annoyed by people.
5. Our Song – Joe Henry
[0:30′] D’Arcy and Ben are smoking in his bedroom. She falls asleep in the middle of their conversation.
6.Sentinel – PIERS BARON
[0:41′] Harry is incredibly high. Asta is talking to a woman who seems to personally know

7.Everybody’s Talkin’ – Harry Nilsson
[0:43′] Harry seems to be getting back to his alien form.
Ending credits song

Season 2 • Episode 7: ‘Escape from New York’ (S02E07)

9 March 2022
6 songs

1.Bilgewater – Brown Bird
Intro song

2.The Right Amount – EJ Sara
[0:03′] Goliah’s curator shows Asta how she figured out Henry is an alien.

3.Pretend We’re Dead – L7
[0:15′] After Asta tells Henry she saw Goliath’s dead body. Henry tells her they have to leave immediately.

4. Evil Ways (As Featured In “A Cold One Or Two” Reese’s Commercial) – Blues Saraceno
[0:20′] D’arcy and Kate meet at the gym and work out together.
5. Long Division – Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers
[0:30′] Kate and D’arcy discuss their lives, and what would happen if D’Arcy was also pregnant.
6.Here & Gone – Mississippi Twilight
[0:40′] The Sheriff thinks he found some evidence about Goliath.

Season 2 • Episode 8: ‘Alien Dinner Party’ (S02E08)

17 March 2022
6 songs

1.Bilgewater – Brown Bird
Intro song

2.Ghosts of Houston Street – Raye Zaragoza
[0:05′] D’Arcy convinces Ben to try some stuffed eggs, even though he thought he wouldn’t like them. Henry managed to hide the alien baby.
3.Wannabe – Taylor Kingman
[0:10′] Ben’s girlfriend doesn’t know how or if she should tell him she might be pregnant.
4.Vampires – Logan Staats
[0:18′] Ben’s girlfriend takes a test and finds out she is pregnant. D’Arcy encourages her to tell Ben.
5.If It Wasn’t Broken – Sunny War
[0:25′] Asta asks Henry how long it will be till the baby alien comes back.
6.The Boy With The Arab Strap – Belle And Sebastian
[0:43′] When he finally found Goliath, the baby alien came to attack Henry.
End credits

Season 2 • Episode 9: ‘Autopsy’ (S02E09)

10 August 2022
4 songs

1. Bilgewater – Brown Bird
[0:03′] Intro song
2. It’s My Way – Buffy Sainte-Marie
[0:07′] After Asta stitches up Harry’s bullet wound, he says that he is feeling better already; D’Arcy finds the car of the dead man.
3. Better Days – Lacey Hill
[0:30′] D’Arcy meets Eliott and apologizes to him by purchasing all the dessert items at Dan’s diner.
4. Happiness – Molly Drake
[0:43′] Asta feels guilty and refuses to assist Harry with the autopsy, so Harry erases her memories of the night she pulled the trigger; Jay waits outside the diner for Asta to show up.
End credits

Season 2 • Episode 10: ‘The Ghost of Bobby Smallwood’ (S02E10)

17 August 2022
5 songs

1. Wrong Side Of The Law – Cary Morin
[0:15′] The women are in the bar, and the blonde one is telling D’Arcy that Brenda is very annoying.
2. Dancing With Sue – Wyatt C. Louis
[0:27′] D’Arcy is moving the excavator so her friend can continue digging up artifacts from that area.
3. Johnny Law – William Elliott Whitmore
[0:31′] The detectives found important evidence for the case, some items belonging to Sam.
4. Don’t Let Us Get Sick – Warren Zevon
[0:34′] Kate and Ben are talking on the phone, so the man can confess his feelings for her without panicking or being afraid to.
5. My Heart Falls – Olivier Noel Andres & Eric Boroian
[0:42′] Asta is writing a letter to her child that turned 18 years old. She’s confessing that she’s happy he found out she’s his mother.

Season 2 • Episode 11: ‘The Weight’ (S02E11)

24 August 2022
10 songs

1. Let the Light Through – The Lowland Lakers
[0:07′] D’Arcy and Kate have breakfast at a local restaurant and talk.
2. Blues Got a Hold On Me – Nelson Adelard
[0:11′] Harry figures out another way to find the missing alien.
3. Broken Horse – Parachute Empire
[0:13′] Harry makes a deal with Max to pay him to do chores.
4. Mumbles – Oscar Peterson & Clark Terry
[0:15′] Max helps Harry with different chores in the house.
5. Fruits Of My Labor – Lucinda Williams
[0:19′] D’Arcy visits her former coach.
6. Moonlight – The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers
[0:24′] Eleanor pushes a man off a cliff to test some alien technology.
7. Divine Hammer – The Breeders
[0:32′] The baby alien runs away from Harry and is hit by D’Arcy’s car.
8. Simple Man – Logan Staats
[0:36′] Kate talks with her father about Harry.
9. Cypress Tree Blues – Robert Connely Farr & The Rebeltone Boys
[0:38′] Kate tells her husband that she is not pregnant.
10. Hold My Hand – Sam Burchfield
[0:43′] Last song in the episode, playing through the end credits.

Season 2 • Episode 12: ‘The Alien Within’ (S02E12)

31 August 2022
4 songs

1. Bilgewater – Brown Bird
[0:01′] Intro song
2. Cracklin’ Rosie – Neil Diamond
[0:20’] Harry has some trouble adapting around the house after shedding his human skin.
3. The Reaper (Don’t Fear) – Blue Oyster Cult
[0:31’] Before the girls bring Kate to the bridge to talk about not tearing it down.
4. Elk City – Samantha Crain
[0:35’] Kate carves her name with a knife on the bridge.

Season 2 • Episode 13: ‘Harry, a Parent’ (S02E13)

8 September 2022
6 songs

1. Without You – Harry Nilsson
[0:01’] The man catches his wife cheating on him in their bedroom.
2. Bilgewater – Brown Bird
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme
3. Shallows – Daughter
[0:14’] Asta confronts Dan after finding an old letter he sent to her mother when she was a child.
4. Cream of Canvas – The Pretty Flowers
[0:21’] Asta is cheering on D’Arcy as she begins the skiing contest.
5. Saints – The Breeders
[0:32’] D’Arcy climbs up to first place after her skiing performance.
6. Poison – SATV Music
[0:36’] D’Arcy’s car suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere

Season 2 • Episode 14: ‘Cat and Mouse’ (S02E14)

15 September 2022
4 songs

1. Bilgewater – Brown Bird
[0:03’] Intro song / Opening theme
2. What Can I Do? – Scout Niblett
[0:09’] D’Arcy hides her pills for her knee pain when her boyfriend enters the kitchen.
3. Sukie In the Graveyard – Bell and Sebastian
[0:17’] Peter follows Harry out to the diner and down the street.
4. One Fine Day – Brian Eno & David Byrne
[0:42’] D’Arcy shows Asta the pills she’s been taking.
End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 15: ‘Best of Enemies’ (S02E15)

22 September 2022
4 songs

1. Bilgewater – Brown Bird
[0:02’] Intro song / Opening song
2. Heartlight – Neil Diamond
[0:27’] Harry managed to get into the base and find his baby. He is having a moment of celebration.
3. Look At Miss Ohio – Gillian Welch
[0:31’] Asta and D’Arcy got in bed together, watching the ceiling and thinking about childhood.
4. Radio Song – The Felice Brothers
[0:41’] Harry ran away with his baby.

Season 2 • Episode 16: ‘I Believe in Aliens’ (S02E16)

29 September 2022
6 songs

1. Bilgewater – Brown Bird
[0:01’] Intro song / Opening theme
2. Alabama Quakes – Aaron Kaplan & Jamison Hollister
[0:09’] Harry eats pie at the diner and orders ten hamburgers to take home when Joseph shows up.
3. B.S. Poetry – Taylor Blackwell
[0:12’] Harry refuses to pay for the pie after he puts the fly inside it and rushes out of the diner.
4. Night – Atta Boy
[0:19’] Kate finds Ben in the kitchen as he was sleepwalking again.
5. I Forgive It All – Mudcrutch
[0:36’] After D’Arcy confronts Asta, she finds out about Harry’s identity; Asta goes shopping with her daughter.
6. Hitchin’ A Ride – Vanity Fare
[0:42’] The song plays in the final scene of the episode when Robert sits at a bus stop and gets abducted.
End credits

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