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Riverdale Season 7 Soundtrack

Songs:  163  | Scene descriptions: 145 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 20  |  Last episode: 23 August 2023
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The soundtrack to Riverdale Season 7 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2023 Netflix TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

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Riverdale Season 7 official OST album tracklist

Season 7 • Episode 1: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen: Don’t Worry Darling’ (S07E01)

29 March 2023
10 songs

1. playRock Around the Clock – Bill Haley and His Comets
[0:01’] Starting song.
2. Round And Round Hitler’s Grave/ Treat Me Nice/ I Beg of You/ That’s All Right/ (Volume II) – Elvis Presley
[0:04’] Archie’s mother forbids him to take the car to high school.
3. playLady Sings The Blues – Billie Holiday
[0:06’] Veronica makes her entrance on this song.
4. playKeep Smiling – Buzz Salton
[0:11’] Betty has dinner with her family and talks to them about the article written by Toni.
5. playBye Bye Blackbird – Peggy Lee
[0:20’] Cheryl and her brother are at home listening to this song. Penelope comes to see why her children are upset.
6. playSee You Later Alligator – Bill Haley and His Comets
[0:21’] Archie and Veronica have dinner together at Pop’s.
7. playStrange Fruit – Billie Holiday
[0:28’] Betty looks at the newsletter Toni gave her.
8. playBaby Please – The Moonglows
[0:35’] Veronica walks out the high school door and finds Archie and Julian waiting to drive her home.
9. playA real Hero – College & Electric Youth
[0:40’] Tabitha kisses Jughead to make him forget what happened in the past.
10. playRiverdale – Blake Neely
[0:41’] End credits.

Season 7 • Episode 2: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen: Skip, Hop, and Thump!’ (S07E02)

5 April 2023
9 songs Going to Days – We Are Dark Angels
[0:01′] Cheryl reads an announcement about the school sock hop to the students .
2.playCount Ten – Al Hazan
[0:05′] Archie and Betty are in her room, Betty tries to teach Archie to dance.
3. playBe Mine – The Innocents
[0:05′] Betty changes the record and teaches Archie how to slow dance.
4. playBaby Lets Make Some Love – The Penguins
[0:07′] Cheryl finds Midge in one of the cars in the parking lot while checking to see that people are purchasing sock hop tickets.
5. playTeenage Love – Jerry Fuller
[0:07′] Music plays over the radio when Betty and Kev are talking in the car. Betty suddenly kisses him but he doesn’t seem to like it and claims he doesn’t want to catch a cold.
6. playThe Scarlett Empress – College
[0:31′] Betty enters the hallway and is about to approach Archie when she is stopped by Kevin.
7. playStrange Love – The Native Boys
[0:25′] At the sock hop, Kevin has another flirtatious talk with Clay before excusing himself as Betty was waiting for her punch.
8. playTutti Frutti (feat. Drew Ray Tanner) – Riverdale Cast
[0:36′] The band begins to perform live on stage and everybody starts dancing.
9. playOnly You (feat. Drew Ray Tanner) – Riverdale Cast
[0:38′] Veronica approaches Archie and expresses her appreciation for his poem, but he prefers to dance with his mother, so she dances with Julian. Ethel arrives at the party covered in blood, telling Jughead that something terrible has occurred.

Season 7 • Episode 3: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty: Sex Education’ (S07E03)

12 April 2023
13 songs

1. playTaboo – Gene Summers
[0:02’] Penelope notices her daughter’s new artwork and walks over to the table, where she suggests that Cheryl get herself a boyfriend.
2. playWoojamacooja – Helen Humes & Her Orchestra
[0:06’] The song starts playing right after the title card. Toni invites Cheryl to the coffee house where she will put on a little performance that night but she declines.
3. playI Wish I Didn’t Love You So – Tab Hunter
[0:08’] Clay asks Kevin if he has plans, then invites him to an open mic at the Dark Room.
4. playHiding My Tears with a Smile – The Clickettes
[0:16’] Cheryl kisses Archie unexpectedly and asks him to walk her to school the next day.
5. playLittle Things Mean a Lot – Jayne Mansfield
[0:19’] Everyone stares at Cheryl and Archie as they walk in the hallway holding hands.
6. playA Certain Smile – Jerry Fuller
[0:27’] Betty plays this song while she gives Archie another lesson on how to behave with a girl.
7. playTaquila Hop – Jack McVea and His Orchestra
[0:28’] At the party, Veronica suggests they should play the game called „Post Office”.
8. playMilkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet – The Pied Pipers
[0:32’] As Ethel goes upstairs, Alice tells Dave that she has already called Social Services so Ethel will return to school the next day.
9. playI Don’t Want Your Kisses (feat. Tony Caro) – Al Hazan
[0:33’] Jughead and Veronica sit on the couch and talk. She asks him whom is she dating but he replies that he doesn’t have time for that.
10. playTo Tell The Truth – Bobbie and The Boys
[0:35’] Betty and Kevin are making out when she notices that he is not enjoying the moment.
11. playI’m a Woman – Mickey Champion
[0:36’] Archie makes out with Cheryl by the fireplace.
12. playHoo Doo You Baby – Jack McVea & Christine Chatman
[0:38’] Betty gazes out her window at Archie while writing in her diary.
13. playRiverdale – Blake Neely
[0:41’] End credits song.

Season 7 • Episode 4: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One: Love & Marriage’ (S07E04)

19 April 2023
12 songs

1. playThe Inbetween Years (feat. Dick Stewart) – Al Hazan
[0:02′] Cheryl tells Archie that the lie is keeping her safe from her family and wants him to keep it up. Kevin returns the book to Betty, explaining that he wants to wait until marriage to have sex.
2. playI’ll Not Forget You – The Morrie Morrison Orchestra
[0:06′] Archie and his mother have dinner with the Blossoms at their mansion.
3. playUnchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers
[0:08′] Archie and Cheryl kiss on the bridge after reminiscing about his late father. Toni invites Betty to the Dark Room, where she sees Kevin slow-dancing with Clay.
[0:38′] Cheryl informs Toni that she has decided not to leave. Toni hands Cheryl a romance novel and tells her to read it and see if it sparks something in her. Archie starts writing a poem for Betty. Jughead and Veronica kiss for the first time.
4. playWhat’s It All About – Little Leo
[0:09′] After assisting Jughead on his release from prison, Veronica tells him to the diner.
5. Fantasy in F Minor, Opus 49 (Vienna Concerts) – Cast
[0:19′] Kevin is playing the piano when Betty comes in and tells him that she saw him with Clay in the Dark Room.
6. playA Teardrop From Heaven – Nolan Strong & The Diablos
[0:20′] At the diner, Archie and Cheryl are both slurping from their milkshakes before talking about marriage.
7. playHey Dig – Chuck Higgins
[0:22′] Veronica invites Jughead to stay over at the Pembrooke.
8. playSlow Walking Cat – Luca Pirozzi
[0:28′] Fangs tell Toni that the Klumps forbade him from ever seeing Midge again.
9. playFashion House – Peter Dennis
[0:29′] Veronica redecorates Jughead’s train car, then offers him a room at the Pembrooke, which he respectfully declines.
10. playWho Do You Suppose – Connie Conway
[0:31′] Archie looks at a postcard from California, while she sits in her room staring at a postcard from Niagara Falls, which is the dream location for the wedding. Archie and Cheryl discuss how getting married is a poor decision.
11. playYoung At Heart – Frank Sinatra
[0:37′] Betty confronts Alice about giving Kevin the pin. Archie is waiting for Cheryl at the bus station. Cheryl shows up and informs him that they can’t leave together since she is not the right girl for him.
12. playRiverdale – Blake Neely
[0:41′] End credits song.

Season 7 • Episode 5: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Two: Tales in a Jugular Vein’ (S07E05)

26 April 2023
7 songs

1. playPlease Pardon My Tears – Larry & Louis Crabb
[0:17’] Betty goes to the hair salon and asks for a new look in order to get the boys’ attention.
2. playShe’s Sweet – Harold Porterfield
[0:19’] Betty arrives at school with her new hairstyle and draws everyone’s attention.
3. playEye Ballin’ – Chuck Higgins
[0:21’] Archie takes Betty on a date at the local diner.
4. playI Got Stung – Elvis Presley
[0:21’] Archie invites Betty to dance but she starts feeling unwell.
5. playDarling Stay With Me (Remastered) – Al Smith & The Savoys
[0:25’] Archie is in a relationship with both Veronica and Betty at the same time.
6. playCoffee Break! – Sue Allen
[0:30’] Betty and Veronica go on a Valentine’s Day date together and see Archie with Cheryl.
7. playRiverdale – Blake Neely
[0:39’] End credits.

Season 7 • Episode 6: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Three: Peep Show’ (S07E06)

3 May 2023
9 songs I Feel So Good – Baby Washington & The Hearts
[00:02’] Betty is looking at Archie’s half naked body through de window. Too Darn Hot (RAC Mix) – Ella Fitzgerald
[00:06’] Toni arrived at Cheryl’s cheerleader group. Boogieology (1947) – Luke Jones and his Orchestra
[0:09′] Betty and Veronica decided to spend an evening together, just the two of them. Fatso (1959) – Manuel Armenta Orchestra
[00:16’] The boys are playing basketball while Evelyn sneaked into the dressing room. Juanita – Al Hazan
[0:20′] Jughead and Mr. Rayberry are having a discussion at Pop’s about their next writing topic. Lead Me Father – Johnny Cash
[00:20’] Archie is cleaning up the gym while Jughead is writing on his typewriter. Hey Speed Queen – Al Hazan
[00:26’] Archie is fueling a car when Julian arrives and tells him to fuel his car too and to put air into the tires. Lover’s Prayer – The Clickettes
[00:34’] Toni kisses Cheryl. Smoke Rings (feat. Mary Ford) – Les Paul & Mary Ford
[00:39’] After the woman told the principal about the book Jughead had written.

Season 7 • Episode 7: ‘Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Four: Dirty Dancing’ (S07E07)

10 May 2023
11 songs Tweedle Dee – LaVern Baker
[0:03’] Veronica receives a letter from her mother. She is informed she won’t receive an allowance anymore. Wondrin’ and Dreamin’- The Paris Strings
[0:09′] Veronica walks into the Babylonium where she is informed by Mr. Lemlee that she and Clay are the only crew members currently present at the theater. I Do Whatta Do – The Creel Sisters
[0:10’] Cheryl is dancing at the Riverdale grandstand. Betty does not want to be there and does not dance. Boogie Boo (1955) – Jimmy Madden
[0:14′] Jughead apologizes to Rayberry once more at Pop’s. When Oh When – Scatman Crothers
[0:17′] Veronica and Clay have joined forces to assist The Babylonium. Listen to Me Baby – Smokey Joe Baugh
[0:19′] Betty and Troy are dancing together. My Memories of You – The Harptones
[0:21′] Mr. Rayberry advises Jug not to give up writing. Let’s Make Love Tonight – Luvon Rivers
[0:33’] Kevin dances with a woman in her room. Jelly Roll Man – Bill Simpson
[0:34’] Archie and Betty meet in the diner. Ko Ko Mo ( I Love You So) – Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres, The Ray Charles Singers
[0:51’] At the Riverdale grandstand Hal and Alice announce America’s latest dance craze: the twirl. Hot Mama – Brother Woodman & The Chanters & Ethel Brown
[0:58’] Betty is at school, the boys look at her admiringly.

Season 7 • Episode 8: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Five: Hoop Dreams’ (S07E08)

17 May 2023
1 song

1. play Gee I Wish – Billy Red Love
[0:02’] The coach informs Archie that he will bring Reggie Mantle to play in the team.

Season 7 • Episode 9: ‘Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six: Betty & Veronica Double Digest’ (S07E09)

24 May 2023
8 songs Ain’t That A Shame – Fats Domino
[0:00’:50’’] Jughead sits at the counter in a diner. Lollipop – The Cordettes
[0:02’:30’’] Dr. Werthers asks Betty how often she thinks of sex and this song starts to play. Betty imagines herself kissing all the boys she bumps into. In her fantasy, she kisses Veronica as well. It Happened – Al Hazan
[0:12’] Reggie buys popcorn and Veronica asks 25 cents. She tells him he could ask her out for dinner. Swing Swing Swing – Richard Geere
[0:16’] Veronica calls Peter Roth and asks for readable prints for her cinema, but he tells her he does not have any. She then calls other studios and realizes soon it’s a sabotage from the other studios. Captured – Joan Joyce Trio
[0:25’] Dr. Werthers asks Betty about her most vivid sexual dream. She tells him she is in biology class teaching other students. He insists and asks which students, she says that it varies. Shake Around – Ray Smith
[0:37’] Veronica tells her colleagues about the new movie at her cinema. She entices them by saying that „The Crawling Eye” is a 4D experience. Flyin’ Saucers Rockin’ Roll – Billy Lee Riley
[0:41’] As the audience watches the film, they are astonished with excitement when Reggie and Archie suddenly appear out of the mist and haze disguised as enormous eyeballs.
8.playStart At the Bottom – The Newton Brothers
[0:57’] When Veronica tries to enter her apartment, the concierge tells her that her parents changed the door locks. She does not fret and goes to the cinema to sleep there.

Season 7 • Episode 10: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Seven: American Graffiti’ (S07E10)

31 May 2023
5 songs Little Cruisin’ Street Machine – Al Hazan
[0:02’] Archie gets his car back from uncle Frank. He and Reggie rush to the garage.
2.playYou Can’t Catch Me – Chuck Berry
[0:05’] Archie is driving the car, Reggie is next to him and they listen to this song. Party Time – The Ray –O-Vacs
[0:08’] Archie and Reggie arrive at school in the car with this song blasting out loud. Next Time I See You – Little Milton
[0:51’] Jughead and Tabitha are at Pop’s.
5.Tutti Frutti (feat. Drew Ray Tanner) – Riverdale Cast
[0:57’] Fangs signs autographs to fans. He is happy for Midge to have come to his gig. He shows her the card of the record company that signed him up, she is happy for him, they kiss.

Season 7 • Episode 11: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Eight: Halloween II’ (S07E11)

7 June 2023
8 songs

1. Drac’s Back – Billy Demarco & Count Dracula
[0:01’] Everyone is looking strange at Vee while she’s showing her Halloween costume.
2.It’s a Woman’s World – The Four Aces
[0:05’] Betty is looking at Archie and Reg while they’re fixing the car.
3.Voodoo Drums – Aki Aleong & Akim
[0:20’] Jughead and Ethel arrive at the Halloween party.
4.Dead – The Poets
[0:22’] Betty and the boys are doing trick-or-treat around the neighborhood.
5.Hell – Riverdale Cast
[0:23’] Cheryl arrives at the Halloween party ready to perform.
6.Rose Tint My World / Don’t Dream It Be It – Riverdale Cast
[0:30’] Toni, Cheryl, and the other Vixens perform together at the party.
7. Envenename los Labios – Doris de la Torre
[0:38’] Veronica is lying in bed crying and holding a picture of her parents.
8.Riverdale – Blake Neely
[0:41’] End credits song.

Season 7 • Episode 12: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Nine: After the Fall’ (S07E12)

21 June 2023
5 songs

1. See Saw – The Jaynetts
[0:10’] Elizabeth informs her mother that she will leave the house and live with her friend Veronica.
2.I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair (feat. Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Casey Cott & Karl Walcott) [from “Riverdale: Season 7, Episode 12”] – Riverdale Cast
[0:12’] At the sleepover party, Elizabeth and Veronica perform this song in front of the guys.
3.When the Caissons Go Rolling Along – Will Schaefer
[0:16’] The crowd cheers on the basketball team. Cheryl delivers a speech before inviting Archie to speak to the audience. Pididdle – Buzz Clifford
[0:19’] Elizabeth and Veronica go shopping for new dresses at Mrs. Andrew’s store.
5.Riverdale – Blake Neely
[0:41’] Ending credits song.

Season 7 • Episode 13: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty: The Crucible’ (S07E13)

28 June 2023
5 songs Thank God It’s Friday (live in Worcester) – ICE NINE KILLS
[0:17’] Veronica tells her father he should watch their afternoon show and pick up dinner from Pops afterwards. Love Me Baby– Charlotte Hunter
[0:19’] Betty types a text for her newspaper column. She requests that readers send her letters to The Girl Next Door anonymously. WPLJ – Lord Luther
[0:28’] The FBI agent tells Veronica her father is not a good person. Devil’s Child – Jimmy Cicero
[0:30’] Jughead and Ethel sell their Pep Comics at the diner. A Teenager in Love – Dion & The Belmonts
[0:38’] Kevin and Cheryl walk arm in arm in the school corridor.

Season 7 • Episode 14: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-One: Archie the Musical’ (S07E14)

5 July 2023
10 songs Monday, Senior Year (feat. KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart in „Archie the Musical!”) – Riverdale Cast
[0:01’] Archie wakes up and sings this song. Then all the other cast members join him. We then learn that they are rehearsing Kevin and Clay’s musical. Archie’s All American (feat KJ Apa & Nicholas Barasch) – Riverdale Cast
[0:06’] Archie and Julian sing this song. Kevin tells them the composition is about Archie’s innermost dreams or desires. This is Love (feat. Casey Cott & Karl Walcott)– Riverdale Cast
[0:09’] Kevin tells Clay that his support is the only reason he gets through all that. Friday Valentine (feat. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch & Vanessa Morgan) – Riverdale Cast
[0:13’] Betty is at the diner with her friends. They sing this song. I Got Two (feat. KJ Apa) [Reprise] – Riverdale Cast
[0:17’] Kevin and Clay inform Archie that they wrote him another song. They tell him that strong musicals always have a romantic core.
[0:32’] Jughead comforts Archie and tells him his anxiety is about having to make a choice. Do You Know What It’s Like? (feat.Casey Cott, Karl Walcott, Madelaine Petsch & Vanessa Morgan) – Riverdale Cast
[0:27’] Kevin thanks Cheryl and Toni for coming back in. He tells them he and Clay heard their feedback, accepted the challenge, and wrote a new song. The Universe Inside (feat. Lili Reinhard & Camila Mendes) – Riverdale Cast
[0:38’] Veronica brings a new song her Hollywood friend Cole Porter wrote. She tells Kevin she hopes the piece is worthy of her and Beth’s complexities. Here I’m Is – Chuck Higgins & His Mellotones
[0:42’] Kevin and his parents are at the diner. He tells them he’s had a few speed bumps, but they are now jumping. His parents then tell him they will get a divorce. Prom Night (feat. Nicholas Barasch, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Abby Ross, Drew Ray Tanner, Karl Walcott & Daniel Yang) – Riverdale Cast
[0:48’] Julian rushes into the classroom, tosses the teacher’s books off the desk onto the floor, and the class sings this song. Finale (Our Song) [feat. Casey Cott, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camile Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Vanessa Morgan, Karl Walcott, Abby Ross, Drew Ray Tanner, Nicholas Barasch, Shannon Purser & Daniel Yang] – Riverdale Cast
[0:56’] Archie asks Kevin what song he played before. Kevin replies that it’s a song he wrote the night he and his mother had a long chat. Archie asks Kevin to play it for him. They sing this song together, and then the others join them.

Season 7 • Episode 15: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Two: Miss Teen Riverdale’ (S07E15)

19 July 2023
5 songs

1. Miss America Pageant („There She Is”) – Bert Parks
[0:07’] Betty signs up for the beauty pageant.
2. Now I Lay Me Down To Cry – The Vogues
[0:20’] Alice asks Midge how far along she is. Midge is surprised by the question, and Alice tells her not to lie because she recognizes the glow.
3. Legends of Hollywood – Ron Goodwin
[0:40’] The boys watch the beauty pageant at Pop’s Diner on TV.
4. Some Enchanted Evening (feat. Casey Cott) – Riverdale Cast
[0:41’] Kevin sings this song as the girls parade on stage.
5. Who Will Love Me as I Am (feat. Shannon Purser) – Riverdale Cast
[0:49’] Ethel sings this song on stage. The boys are pleasantly surprised by her beautiful voice.

Season 7 • Episode 16: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three: Stag’ (S07E16)

26 July 2023
5 songs

1. play W-0-M-A-N – Etta James
[0:06’] Tony takes pictures of Cheryl, then sits next to her on the sofa, and they both have their photographs taken by the camera that Tony sets on self-timer mode.
2. play Somebody Told Me – Little Milton
[0:08’] After many years without speaking to each other, Betty calls her older sister, Polly.
3. play Diamonds And Pearls – The Videls & The Paradons
[0:31’] Archie and Reggie go to a lady of the night. She tells them it seems she hit the night’s jackpot.
4. play Wouldn’cha Know (Instrumental) – Stan Zabka Orchestra
[0:32’] Veronica introduces Polly Amorous to the stage.
5. Rose’s Turn (feat. Lili Reinhart & Madchen Amick) – Riverdale Cast
[0:32’] Polly performs for the girls in the audience. They are all very excited to see Polly.

Season 7 • Episode 17: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Four: A Different Kind of Cat’ (S07E17)

02 August 2023
8 songs

1. play Come On – The Sharps
[0:02’] Jughead and Veronica walk hand in hand into school.
2. play Fine Little Baby – Dick Penner
[0:04’] The school bell announces the start of classes. Cheryl and Toni develop photographs in a darkroom.
3. play Vignette – Jack Shaindlin
[0:13’] Josie McCoy wants to have her first test screening at Veronica’s theater.
4. play No Doubts About It – The Tiffanys
[0:15’] Archie returns to Twyla, but she does not let him in. Tony takes pictures of Betty.
5. play Be Bah Bo Beep (Instrumental) – Stan Zabka Orchestra
[0:25’] Archie reads his poem at The Dark Room bar.
6. play Great Balls of Fire (feat. Drew Rat Tanner) – Riverdale Cast
[0:26’] Fangs perform this song on stage for Josie McCoy.
7. play I’m a Different Kind of Cat (feat. Ashleigh Murray) – Riverdale Cast
[0:28’] Josie performs this song on stage with Fangs at the Bongos.
8. play Moving Uptown (feat. Ashley Murray) – Riverdale Cast
[0:52’] While Clay and Kevin replace the movie reel, Josie performs for the audience.

Season 7 • Episode 18: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Five: For a Better Tomorrow’ (S07E18)

09 August 2023
2 songs

1. play Walkin’ You Home – Tony Butala
[0:57’] Ethel and Jughead are at Pop’s. Ben arrives to pick her up.
2. play Nothing Can Stop Me Now! (From the „Riverdale”) – Mimi Hines
[0:59’] Jughead recounts that Ethel was the first to leave Riverdale.

Season 7 • Episode 19: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Six: The Golden Age of Television’ (S07E19)

16 August 2023
4 songs

1. playRockin’ Robin – Bobby Day
[0:10’] Cheryl challenges Evelyn to a dance-off.
2. playOh So Blue – Ken Davis
[0:29’] At the local diner, Archibald tells Jughead that he doesn’t think he will see his dad again.
3. playOnly You – The Platters
[0:34’] The whole group watches a montage on TV.
4. playTell Me (feat. Saoirse Ronan) – Johnny Jewel
[0:41’] The song plays in the episode’s final scene when Jughead finishes writing and says goodbye to Riverdale.

Season 7 • Episode 20: ‘Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Goodbye, Riverdale’ (S07E20)

23 August 2023
6 songs

1. play You’re Gone but Still in My Heart – Johnny Randell
[00:13’] Betty goes to get her yearbook.
2. play God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – Vitamin String Quartet
[00:31’:05’’] Veronica, Betty, Archie and Jughead have a last ride in Archie’s car.
3. play You Got Me Reeling and Rockin’ – Roy Milton
[00:33’] Before Archie makes an announcement.
4. play We Belong Together – Ritchie Valens
[00:46’] After Betty passes away she gets to a place where she finds everybody young.
5. play Receiving the Jersey – Blake Neely
[00:49’] While jughead has a final speech.
6. play Riverdale – Blake Neely
[00:50’] Outro song.
Riverdale Season 7 official OST album tracklist, original motion picture score.
Original release date: 13 October 2023
Label: WaterTower Music
Original music composed by Riverdale Cast
1. playTutti Frutti (feat. Drew Ray Tanner) – Riverdale Cast feat. Drew Ray Tanner
2. playOnly You (feat. Drew Ray Tanner) – Riverdale Cast feat. Drew Ray Tanner
3. playHell (feat. Drew Ray Tanner) – Riverdale Cast feat. Drew Ray Tanner
4. playRose Tint My World / Don’t Dream It Be It (feat. Vanessa Morgan, Karl Walcott, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott & Camila Mendes) – Riverdale Cast feat. Camila Mendes, Casey Cott, Karl Walcott, Madelaine Petsch & Vanessa Morgan
5. playI’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair (feat. Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Casey Cott & Karl Walcott) – Riverdale Cast feat. Camila Mendes, Casey Cott, Karl Walcott & Lili Reinhart
6. playMonday, Senior Year (feat. KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Madelaine Petsch, Vanessa Morgan, Drew Ray Tanner, Abby Ross, Casey Cott, Karl Walcott & Nicholas Barasch) [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Abby Ross, Camila Mendes, Casey Cott, Cole Sprouse, Drew Ray Tanner, Kj Apa, Karl Walcott, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Nicholas Barasch & Vanessa Morgan
7. playArchie’s All American (feat. KJ Apa & Nicholas Barasch) [Archie the Musical] Riverdale Cast feat. Kj Apa & Nicholas Barasch
8. playI Got Two (feat. KJ Apa) [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Kj Apa
9. playFriday Valentine (feat. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch & Vanessa Morgan) [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch & Vanessa Morgan
10. playThis Is Love (feat. Casey Cott & Karl Walcott) [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Casey Cott & Karl Walcott
11. playProm Night (feat. Nicholas Barasch, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Abby Ross, Drew Ray Tanner, Karl Walcott & Daniel Yang) [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Abby Ross, Camila Mendes, Daniel Yang, Drew Ray Tanner, Karl Walcott, Lili Reinhart & Nicholas Barasch
12. playI Got Two (feat. KJ Apa) [Reprise] [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Kj Apa
13. playDo You Know What It’s Like? (feat. Casey Cott, Karl Walcott, Madelaine Petsch & Vanessa Morgan) [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Casey Cott, Karl Walcott, Madelaine Petsch & Vanessa Morgan
14. playThe Universe Inside (feat. Lili Reinhart & Camila Mendes) [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Camila Mendes & Lili Reinhart
15. playFinale (Our Song) [feat. Casey Cott, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Vanessa Morgan, Karl Walcott, Abby Ross, Drew Ray Tanner, Nicholas Barasch, Shannon Purser & Daniel Yang] [Archie the Musical] – Riverdale Cast feat. Abby Ross, Camila Mendes, Casey Cott, Daniel Yang, Drew Ray Tanner, Kj Apa, Karl Walcott, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Nicholas Barasch, Shannon Purser & Vanessa Morgan
16. playSome Enchanted Evening (feat. Casey Cott) – Riverdale Cast feat. Casey Cott
17. playWho Will Love Me as I Am? (feat. Shannon Purser) – Riverdale Cast feat. Shannon Purser
18. playRose’s Turn (feat. Lili Reinhart & Mädchen Amick) – Riverdale Cast feat. Lili Reinhart & Mädchen Amick
19. playGreat Balls of Fire (feat. Drew Ray Tanner) – Riverdale Cast feat. Drew Ray Tanner
20. playI’m a Different Kind of Cat (feat. Ashleigh Murray) – Riverdale Cast feat. Ashleigh Murray
21. playMoving Uptown (feat. Ashleigh Murray) – Riverdale Cast feat. Ashleigh Murray
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Riverdale Season 7  TV information
Riverdale Season 7 Soundtrack
Production: Berlanti Productions, Archie Comics Publications, CBS Television Studios
Distributors: The CW Network, Netflix
Director: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Actors: Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse

IMDB: Riverdale

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