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Selling Sunset Season 5 Soundtrack

Songs:  106  | Scene descriptions: 105 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 11  |  Last episode: 6 May 2022Next Season >
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The soundtrack to Selling Sunset Season 5 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist from the Netflix TV Series.

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Season 5 • Episode 1: ‘Game Changer’ (S05E01)

22 April 2022
14 songs

1. Comedown – BEAUZ & Nightro Feat. Tyler Shamy
[0:05′] The whole group enters the pool and has fun.
2. Glitterati – Gotta Get to It
[0:09′] After the scene where the girls talk about Jason and Chrishell’s relationship, Christine is going to a broker’s open sale.
3. Yeah We Do It Like – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
[0:13′] The girls get to know each other and then go on to inspect the house.
4. Top Of The World – Zayde Wølf
[0:14′] Different locations of Mykonos are presented. A chef is cooking shrimps. Chrishell and Jason are enjoying a cocktail by the pool.
5. Good Life Summer Kiss – Vanacore Music
[0:15′] The whole group is sitting at the table, enjoying their dinner.
6. Ready Set Go – Danger Twins
[0:16′] Amanza joins the group in Mykonos for the girls’ birthday party.
7. Happy birthday to you – sung by the group
[0:18′] Amanza brings each birthday girl a cake and sings them Happy Birthday with the rest of the group.
8. Lady Renegade – Jules Larson
[0:20′] Emma arrives at a house she wants to sell and meets a potential client there.
9. Feel Good Real Good – Red Red Lips
[0:23′] Different locations of Los Angeles are presented. Vanessa and Nick talk about their date last night.
10. I Like It, I Like It – THE K!X
[0:26′] Different locations of Mykonos are presented. The group talks about last night’s dinner.
11. Cool – Niklas Edberger & Anders Kampe & Henrik Wikstrom
[0:26′] The group arrives at the pool and are having a drink.
12. Born to Be a VIP – Richard Macklin, Sebastian Truman & Eloise Weeks
[0:29′] The girls are going on a walk and arrive at a store where they try on hats and take photos.
13. Ob$E$$Ed – THE K!X
[0:32′] Maya presents Christine with the house and her favorite parts.
14. Bad Energy – Kiki Halliday
[0:35′] Emma talks about getting fewer listings.
End of the episode

Season 5 • Episode 2: ‘New Blood’ (S05E02)

22 April 2022
7 songs

1. Simple Thing – Juliet Roberts
Starting song / Davina asks about Vanessa’s whereabouts. Maya responds by saying she has been to Mexico with her boyfriend. Chrishell arrives at the agency.
2. Show Me You – Foxxi
[0:05′] Different locations in Los Angeles are presented. Christine meets Jason at a cafe.
3. Livin Lovin Life – HONEYCRISP Feat. Tina Parol
[0:08′] Christine presents Chelsea to Jason and talks about her personality.
4. Get What You Want – Saint Middleton & Yacht Money
[0:12′] Emma presents Chrishell with the house and its unique features.
5. Take A picture – Red Parker
[0:18′] Chrishell takes a picture of Emma on the edge of the pool.
6. Go Go Girl – VANYO & Tina Parol
[0:33′] Mary is happy about her promotion.
7. Showstopper – Kali J
[0:36′] Amanza arrives at the office and sits at another desk. Christine walks in and they are all silent.

Season 5 • Episode 3: ‘Coming for All Your Coin’ (S05E03)

22 April 2022
8 songs

1. Right Here Right Now – TINKA
[0:03′] Mary and Amanza talk about Christine and how she affects everyone’s mood.
2. Get Lifted – Hot Kicks
[0:04′] After the scene where Mary and Amanza talk about Christine.
3. Confident – Shenna
[0:08′] After the scene where Christine tells Chelsea about the new house she wants to sell and how it would be a good chance to introduce her to Mary.
4. DO IT MY WAY – Alltop X Sarah Reeves
[0:08′] Different locations in Beverly Hills are presented. Emma arrives at the construction site.
5. Give It to Me – Animal Island
[0:13′] After the scene where Emma and Micah talk about their families.
6. All Eyes On Me – Mizzi
[0:15′] Chrishell presents Brett with a house. She tells him that it would be better to lower the price.
7. Gold Rays – Summer Kennedy
[0:24′] Chelsea and Christine put together the plan for the dinner and are wondering which of the girls from the office will show up.
8. A Little Bit Dangerous – CRMNL
[0:36′] Heather is supposed to meet with Christine to talk, but Christine is running late. When she does arrive and Heather tells her it’s not ok to start a conversation like that, Christine becomes rude.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 4: ‘Bad Bitches Don’t Cry’ (S05E04)

22 April 2022
9 songs

1. What You Came for – Ophelia X
Starting song / Different locations in LA are shown. Heather tells Christine she left her kids to come to meet her and she is being rude.
2. Wilderness – IVESY
[0:04′] Heather tells Christine she is not welcomed to her wedding because she is not being supportive of the two. Christine replies by telling her she will do her best to regain her friendship.
3. That New Thing – lunaluxe
[0:04′] Mary announces that Davina is with a client, so she won’t be able to attend. She then starts the team meeting.
4. We So Fly – Emma Kern
[0:12′] Christine is trying on a dress, that she loves. Chelsea also tries multiple dresses.
5. Glow – JoyBird
[0:15′] After the scene where Christine and Chelsea try on dresses for the party and talk about Chrishell’s comment on Chelsea’s work experience.
6. We Make It – James Hutchinson & Adele Roberts
[0:18′] Emma brings her client to the house to show him her renovation ideas.
7. Blinded – Kenz¡
[0:22′] After the scene where Jason, Mary, and Emma talk to Jamie about the costs of upgrading the house and the selling price.
8. Revelling – Thomas McNeice & Carly Connor
[0:32′] After the scene where Chrishell and Chelsea talk about her work experience and her affiliation with Christine.
Amanza and Christine discuss their exchange of messages.

9. Twisted Game – LÒNIS & Shelly Fairchild
[0:38′] After the scene where Christine argues with the rest of the group over her behavior.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 5: ‘Do You Think We’re Friends?’ (S05E05)

22 April 2022
7 songs

1. Game Changer – Shadow Island
[0:04′] After the scene where Emma tells Chrishell about the developer she has been going out with.
2. Yeah We Do It Like – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford & James Cocozza
[0:13′] Amanza welcomes Davina and Mary into the house. They start talking about Davina’s insistence on an answer.
3. Midnight Dream – Calica
[0:22′] Micah tries the empanadas and eats a cricket.
4. Thing of Beauty – Summer Kennedy
[0:22′] Micah and Emma enjoy a couple of shots of alcohol and decide on a favorite.
5. Got The Magic – Louis II
[0:25′] Brett and the girls hurry to clean the mess because the potential buyers are about to arrive.
6. Your New Best Friend – CALVIIN
[0:27′] Chrishell shows the real estate agent the house and her favorite spots.
7. Hold You – Dita
[0:39′] Mary leaves Christine alone at the table after talking about her behavior, and how if she wants to keep her job she has to get along with everybody.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 6: ‘Step Up or Step Out’ (S05E06)

22 April 2022
9 songs

1. Watch Me Go – Hot Kicks
[0:00′] Starting song / The girls are talking about tattoos.
2. Get On My Level – Vanacore Music
[0:05′] Chelsea arrives at a cafe to have a chat with Christine.
3. Green Light Go – Peter Verdell Feat. Homebody
[0:10′] Mary visits Romain at the construction site.
4. Oh Wow! – ZBRAS
[0:11′] Romain shows Mary the kitchen and living room.
5. Sabotage – Emma Kern
[0:13′] After the scene where Mary and Romain argue about not having enough time for themselves.
6. Get Up – San Fernando Ramblers
[0:13′] Mary and Maya admire Emma’s outfit.
7. I Am Stronger – Shadow Island
[0:22′] Amanza praises Vanessa for her work and encourages her to keep going.
8. Never Seen This – Zombi Knves
[0:27′] Chelsea and her husband are out for a dinner with Jason.
9. Ready for War – Juliet Roberts
[0:33′] Chelsea promises to sell the house as soon as possible and Jason promises her a spot in the firm if she succeeds.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 7: ‘It’s Getting Personal’ (S05E07)

22 April 2022
10 songs

1. 10/10 – SHEE
Starting song / Mary’s new listing is presented.
2. What Ya Gonna Do – Shangrii-La
[0:01′] Mary is hosting an open house and invites her colleagues with potential clients.
3. Power – Last Night Riot
[0:04′] Heather tells Chelsea she is being cautious of who she lets get close to her.
4. Keep It Sweet – Adele Roberts & Thomas Foley
[0:05′] Christine arrives at a cafe to talk with Davina.
5. New New – Georgia West & The Underground
[0:10′] Jason and Chrishell meet his mom at a cafe for a talk.
6. I Know What I Want – Flyers
[0:13′] Emma and Chrishell meet Micah at the new property. He gives them details about the property.
7. Cycles – ANNALIA
[0:18′] After the scene where Micah and the girls talk about the pricing they want to set.
8. Ready To Roll – Danger Twins
[0:25′] Maya is at one of her listings and is waiting for a potential client.
9. Beautiful – Svrcina & Sansol the Artist
[0:28′] Maya ends the house presentation and is considering slowing down and eventually focusing only on her family.
10. Nightmare – Sunchaser
[0:33′] End credits

Season 5 • Episode 8: ‘She’s Your Problem Too’ (S05E08)

22 April 2022
8 songs

1. The Games – Chøppersaurus
[0:02′] Chelsea arrives at the office and Maya changes desks so she can be closer to Christine.
2. Watch Me While I Work – Photronique
[0:05′] After the scene where Chelsea invites everyone at the office to dinner to get to know each other better.
3. Gamechanger – Danger Twins
[0:10′] Chrishell talks to Jason about Christine’s comments on their relationship.
4. Just Watch – MIZZI
[0:10′] Chelsea meets up with two listing agents to present her client with a potential house.
5. Ain’t Seen Nothing yet – Shadow Island
[0:13′] Chelsea shows Ellie the house and its financial potential.
6. Do What I Want – Saint Cardinal Feat. Trella
[0:16′] After the scene where Chelsea convinces Ellie to buy the house.
7. Do Yea Do – I Am ORFA
[0:21′] Christine tells Chelsea she is excited about the party because Chrishell won’t attend. The girls arrived shortly after.
8. Burn Bright – Teddy Fontana
[0:34′] Chrishell talks about the pressure she feels regarding having kids knowing she is running out of time.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 9: ‘Sabotage in Stilettos’ (S05E09)

22 April 2022
17 songs

1. Microphone – Lady Bri
[0:00′] The girls arrive at Maya’s going away party.
2. Wild Thing – Nulabee Feat. Deanna Dilandro
[0:03′] The whole firm celebrates Maya and is having a good time.
3. Everything Is Comin’ Together – Samantha Smith
[0:06′] After the girls’ discussion on who is next to have children.
4. Knock You Down – burnboy & Brooke Williams
[0:06′] After Davina feels disrespected by Chelsea, she walks out of the cafe.
5. Just Livin’ – YUTOPIA and Tina Parol
[0:11′] Mary, Jason, and Amanza are previewing a house for Jason’s client.
6. Here We Go – Red Parker
[0:12′] The real estate agents show the three the house.
7. I’m Amazing – Ricky Cage
[0:12′] Jason and the girls are looking at the house by themselves.
8. Like a Woman – Sunchaser
[0:14′] Before the scene where Chrishell and Heather meet at a bridal store.
9. A Curious Thing – Jaymee Carpenter & Robert Kendall Forrey
[0:19′] Chrishell and Jason talk about wanting children and the responsibilities that come with it.
10. We Got It – Saint Middleton & Plappert
[0:19′] Chelsea and Christine visit a new house for one of Christine’s clients.
11. Large And In Charge – Push Pop
[0:20′] The listing agent shows the girls the house.
12. Flossing – SaraoMusic
[0:21′] Chelsea and Christine explore the house by themselves.
13. Won’t Back Down – WEDNXSDAY Feat. Sereda
[0:24′] Chelsea tells Christine about her argument at the cafe with Davina and that she can’t trust her.
14. This Is Magic – Taki Waki
[0:24′] Emma takes Mary to her new listing.
15. Better Than Ever Before – Shangrii-La
[0:26′] Emma shows Mary around the house, but Mary is worried about the total surface and price.
16. On the Run – Teddy Fontana
[0:29′] Emma tells Mary that one of Christine’s associates called one of her clients and offered money to work with Christine instead of her.
[0:31′] Mary informs Jason of what Christine has done to Emma.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 10: ‘Nothing Remains the Same’ (S05E10)

22 April 2022
10 songs

1. Made Of Love – Afternoon Diesel
[0:02′] Chrishell shares her thoughts on the wedding.
2. Can’t Help It – Tina Parol & Oh, Hush!
[0:02′] Christine and Chelsea talk about the ages of men they have dated.
3. In My Rearview – Kat Leon
[0:06′] Christine tells Chelsea she would like to quit this job and start her own firm.
4. Anything Is Possible – Louis II
[0:15′] Chrishell and her sisters talk about her having a baby and what are Jason’s thoughts on it.
5. New World – burnboy & Brooke Williams
[0:20′] After the scene where Mary and Jason wait for Christine to show up for more than 30 minutes and doesn’t answer her phone either.
6. Sitting Down Is Stupid – FLOYD WONDER
[0:21′] Vanessa and Davina are meeting for a coffee. Vanessa is still considering leaving for London to be with her boyfriend.
7. Mortal Blood – Summer Kennedy
[0:23′] After the scene where Vanessa tells Davina she would like to move to London.
8. Breaking You – ELIA EX
[0:27′] Amanza and Mary encourage Jason to have a baby, telling him he would be a great father.
9. Candy – The Venice Connection
[0:30′] Chrishell tells Emma Jason doesn’t want children so they broke up.
10. Arcade – Davina Michelle
[0:33′] Chrishell tells Emma she doesn’t know if she can keep working with Jason.
End credits

Season 5 • Episode 11: ‘The Reunion’ (S05E11)

6 May 2022
6 songs

1. We’re Back Again – OTTO BLUE & Tina Parol
Starting song / Different locations in Los Angeles are presented.
2. Falling Star – Raphael Lake & Royal Baggs
[0:24′] Moments from Jason and Chrishell’s relationship are presented.
3. Don’t Try – Extreme Music
[0:30′] Jason is telling Mary that family is not a priority at this point in his life.
4. Watch Me – Altitude Music
[0:45′] The girls’ wardrobes and accessories from all the five seasons are presented.
5. Just Give It to Me – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Susanna Lopez
[1:09′] Parts of the new show, based in Orange County, are presented.
6. Don’t Get Better – Lee Richardson, Jonathan Murrill, Tom Ford, James Cocozza & Susanna Lopez
[1:09′] Parts of an agent’s listing are presented.

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