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Standing Up Season 1 Soundtrack

Songs:  75  | Scene descriptions: 38 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 6  |  Last episode: 18 March 2022

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The soundtrack to Standing Up Season 1 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 tv show, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.
Standing Up Season 1 Episode 1
Standing Up Season 1 Episode 2
Standing Up Season 1 Episode 3
Standing Up Season 1 Episode 4
Standing Up Season 1 Episode 5
Standing Up Season 1 Episode 6

Season 1 • Episode 1: ‘Give Us a Laugh!’ (S01E01)

18 March 2022
12 songs

1. Sabali – Amadou & Mariam
Starting song / Nezir is on the bike delivering food to the customers; he meets the other comedians in front of the club.
2. What Eva – La Fine Equipe feat. MR. J. Medeiros
[0:09′] It’s Aïssatou’s turn to get on stage
3. Edge Of The Universe – Senbei feat Shingo2
[0:32′] Nezir listens to music on his earphones when he gets a voice message from Aïssatou.
4. Don’t Stop The Groove – Sweet Opus Sounds feat. Rudey Barnes
[0:36′] After Nezir finishes his moment on stage.
5. So High – Mop Mop
[0:41′] Aïssatou sees the number of views that she got for her video.
End credits.

6. Zone – Teddy Jean-Jacques et Nolan Sanchez
7. GGB ( Hotel Room Drama) – Crystal Murray, Tidiane Diop, Clement Loubens & Martial Foe
8. Damn Cool – Richard P. Cracker & Pamela Wood
9. Come Come – Elias Wallace
10. L’Alpaga – Senbei
11. Chilly Soul – Marc Barachina Sanchez & Roger Rodes Sendros
12. Eyeyo Breto – Ilan Abou, Sylvain Lux, Zoubida Benabi

Season 1 • Episode 2: ‘A Successful Touch’ (S01E02)

18 March 2022
15 songs

1. Bint El Nass – Djamal Aladin
Starting song / A man is eating his sandwich; Aïssatou is ordering food for her and Nezir.
2. Radio Girl – Pi Ja Ma
[0:14′] Nezir and Aïssatou eat their sandwiches while walking on the street and chatting. Aïssatou is surprised by how many people stand in line to enter her show.
3. Damn Cool – Pamela Wood
[0:04′] After Pascot’s moment.
4. Lucia Di Lammermoor Il Dolce Suono – Luba Orgonasova et l’Orchestre symphonique de la Radio Slovaque Dirige par Will Humburg
[0:05′] Apolline arrives home; her mother arranges a bouquet of flowers in the vase.
5. Big Leagues – East Vs. West
[0:11′] Nezir arrives at Bling’s place; Bling mounts a shelf for his collection of sneakers.
6. La Sonnambula Come Per Me Sereno – Luba Orgonasova et l’Orchestre symphonique de la Radio Slovaque Dirige par Will Humburg
[0:19′] Apolline changes her clothes and greets Nathaniel Walsh.
7. Overdrive – Ferdous
[0:22′] Apolline leaves her boyfriend’s place after sleeping together.
8. Just Whistle – Jean-Sebastien Nouveau & Martin Duru
[0:22′] Aïssatou gives her husband a card with a love message on it.
9. Kick It Down – Justin Black & Francois Oxford
[0:27′] Apolline enters the club excited for her first appearance on stage.
10. Ulysses And The Sea – Papooz
[0:37′] Nezir leaves on his bike after he returns the bracelet to Apollina.
End credits

11. L’Alpaga – Senbei
12. Over The Limit (Instrumental) – Smokey Joe & The Kid
13. Cloud 9 – Tarn PK
14 Tearing It Up – Music House LTD
15. I Do It My Way – Get It Done Music

Season 1 • Episode 3: ‘Black Goes with Everything’ (S01E03)

18 March 2022
11 songs

1. Les Gens Heureux Dansent – Kcidy
[0:07′] Apolline joins Nezir for a walk and they talk about her first time doing stand-up.
2. Quel Bail – Younes
[0:13′] Nezir stays in bed and listens to music when he receives a message from Apolline inviting him to her house.
3. Hayah – Neumodel feat. Kiddy Smile
[0:16′] Bling panics and sends a message to Nezir to help him with some jokes; Nezir arrives at Apolline’s house.
The song plays again as Bling fails with the jokes presented and runs away from the meeting.

4. Different Blue – General Elektriks
[0:24′] Nezir dances with the girls in the kitchen.
5. Le Renard Et Le Bouc
[0:25′] The girls go outside and continue dancing.
6. La Traviata Prelude – Giuseppe Verdi
[0:25′] Apolline is acting strange because of the drugs so Nezir goes home.
7. Give Your Love – Da Break
[0:39′] People are waiting in line for Aïssatou’s show.
8. Come & Get It – Slumb feat. CW Jones
[0:44′] Apolline goes home after failing the exam; Nezir looks at Apolline’s pictures on social media.
End credits

9. Happy House – Beds & Beats
10. Everyone Shake It – John Ross
11. VHS (Best Life Today) – Desmond Myers

Season 1 • Episode 4: ‘Go, Pistachio!’ (S01E04)

18 March 2022
11 songs

1. I Believe – Brett Piron, Marc Baracchina Sanchez
[0:05′] Nezir leaves Bling’s place and calls Aïssatou to tell her how it went.
2. Je Ne Sais Pas – Joyce Jonathon
[0:11′] Nezir is at the mattress store looking to buy one for his father.
3. Binti Suno – Jean Paul le Goff, Kakali Sengupta
[0:21′] Nezir takes Farah out on a date.
4. Baby Baby – Franck Hedin, Nathalie Loriot
5. Le Jour Ou – Bertrand Commere, Jean-Francois Berger
6. White Town – Thomas Le Ou
7. Static Attack – James Latham
8. Gas Station – Gary Royant
9. Alice – Oggy Nilz
10. Walk Away – Noel Sharpe
11. La Falda de Matilde – Santiago Ramirez

Season 1 • Episode 5: ‘A Streetcar Named Nezir’ (S01E05)

18 March 2022
12 songs

1. Cruisin to the Park – Durand Jones & The Indications
[0:07′] The morphine kicks in while Nezir goes to the dentist with Bling.
2. You and Me – Penny & The Quarters
[0:18′] Apolline goes home and uploads her video to the website.
The song plays again as Nezir takes a selfie and sends it to Apolline.

3. Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary – The King’s Consort
[0:20′] Apolline gets ready for her date with Nezir and says goodbye to her mom on her way out.
4. Rock Soul – Winston McAnuff
[0:28′] After Bling performs at the nursing home.
5. March and Canzona, Z. 860: I. March – The King’s Consort & Robert King
[0:33′] Apolline goes home, to tell the truth to her mom.
6. Heart & Soul – Roseaux, Olle Nyman
[0:46′] Aïssatou arrives home and gets to bed; Apolline and Nezir are having sex.
End credits

7. They Call Me a Struggler – Winston McAnuff
8. How Comes the Music – Winston McAnuff
9. Spy Mission – Andrew Kubiszewski
10. How it Works – Noel Sharpe
11. Cypres: Le Regne De La Mort – Panocha Quartet
12. Pimpin – Vincent Ifieri, Matthew Waugh

Season 1 • Episode 6: ‘Good Evening, Olympia…’ (S01E06)

18 March 2022
12 songs

1. Get High – Chet Faker
Starting song / Bling wakes up, collects the garbage, eats a healthy smoothie, and goes jogging.
2.Afro Trap pt.7 (La Puissance) – MHD
[0:17′] Aïssatou thanks Nezir for everything he did for her then the party begins and everyone starts dancing.
3.Symphony No. 9: III. Rondo-Burleske: Allegro Assai. Sehr Trotzig – Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
[0:18′] Apolline wakes up hearing loud music and goes to the apartment to check on her mother.
4. Joyeux Anniversaire – performed by cast
[0:30′] At Bling’s father’s birthday party
5.Original – Ty Frankel
[0:32′] Bling joins the others at the party and has a lot of drinks until the morning comes.
The song plays agin when Bling wakes up isolated in an amusement park and has no means of transport to take him to Paris.

6. Graveyard Ghost – Lydia Ashton
7. Walk Away – Noel Sharpe
8. Waste No Time – Brodi
9. Talk To You – TARN PK
10. Think About It (A) – Kelly Nova, Jason Petrin, Shelby Sanders
11. Operstica – Jesus Gluck Sarasibar
12. Queens – Cheyenne Melton

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