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Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Soundtrack

Songs:  100  | Scene descriptions: 108 timelines  |  Airing date: Finished  |  Episodes: 10  |  Last episode: 18 August 2022

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The soundtrack to Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 music, view and listen to all the songs from the 2022 HBO Max TV series, listed by episode, with scene descriptions and timelines, entire tracklist.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 1
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 2
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 3
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 4
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 5
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 6
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 7
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 8
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 9
Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 10

Season 2 • Episode 1: ‘Ain’t Sh*t Sweet’ (S02E01)

4 August 2022
11 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst
[0:02’] Intro song
2. It’s Givin – Latto
[0:03’] Amanda and her girlfriends meet up for brunch and drinks.
3. Simmer – Mahalia feat. Burna Boy
[0:08’] Jerrold and Cheryl arrive at The Plant Chica to look at some plants for their place.
4. MAGIC – Vince Staples & Mustard
[0:11’] While having a coffee, Rob asks his girlfriend about them moving in together.
5. Pull Up – Koffee
[0:15’] Uncle Chunky is having a barbecue at his house.
6. Let’s Get It – Cheyenne Jolene & Tomas Altamirano
[0:16’] Marcus and David arrive at the barbecue.
7. We Can Freak It – Kurupt
[0:22’] Everyone is dancing and having fun at the party.
8. Buss It All Down – Tee Grizzley
[0:23’] Jerrold and Keilan meet up at the bar to sort things out.
9. Elevators – Renni Rucci
[0:26’] Everyone gets ready for Bri’s launch party.
10. Slim Waist – Erica Banks
[0:31’] Everyone welcomes Bri as she enters the room.
11. vent – Baby Keem
[0:42′] End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 2: ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Medium Ugly’ (S02E02)

4 August 2022
9 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst
[0:02′] Intro song
2. Balance My Lows – Dreezy feat. Coi Leray
[0:03’] P’Jae’s mom and sister are cooking together.
3. My City – ELHAE & Masego
[0:07’] Bri and her friend talk about what happened at her launching event.
4. Church – Mariah the Scientist
[0:11’] Jay and his girlfriend are having a coffee while gossiping about Bri’s event.
5. Still Omw – Blxst
[0:15’] Cheryl and Myami meet up to shop for some fabric materials.
6. pink panties – Baby Keem
[0:17’] Bri arrives on the field to do some exercises with Marcus’ help.
7. End Of The World – IAMDDB
[0:21’] Rob is waiting for his girlfriend at the coffee shop.
8. Zoom – Leikeli47
[0:26’] Amanda meets up with Tylynn to talk about their fight.
9. Go – Cat Burns
[0:30′] Ending song / End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 3: ‘Tylynn & the Termites’ (S02E03)

4 August 2022
12 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst
[0:03′] Intro song
2. Slidin’ – Yhung T.O.
[0:03’] Jaylenn is setting his goals for the day.
3. Like That Bitch – Saint Bodhi
[0:05’] Myami and Cheryl are out waiting for Ty to join them for brunch.
4. Gravity – Day Sulan
[0:09’] P’Jae picks up Bri from her house.
5. Okay – Rucci
[0:12’] Rob and Amanda are waiting for Ty and Jaylenn to join them at the bar to clarify things.
6. sons & critics freestyle – Baby Keem
[0:16’] Amanda, Becky, and Candiss have a meeting about the upcoming event.
7. Mando – &tupid Young feat. Mozzy
[0:21’] Amanda tries to tell her parents she and Rob are moving in together.
8. Real Real – Nana feat. Kent Jamz
[0:25’] Rob is seeing the club where his comedy show will be held.
9. Crush – DUCKWRTH
[0:27’] Ty arrives on her date with Jay.
10. On My Mind – Young Rog
[0:29’] Amanda helps Rob carry his things into their new apartment.
11. 2x Freestyle – Ncognita feat. Tundra
[0:32’] Myami pulls up to Becky’s place to sort things out.
12. All The SMOCE – Kent Jamz feat. GoodJoon
[0:35′] End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 4: ‘Accents & Good Times’ (S02E04)

4 August 2022
16 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst
[0:03′] Intro song
2. Snatched – Big Boss Vette
[0:03’] Candiss and the other girls are preparing to leave for their New York event.
3. In This B*tch – LightSkinKeisha
[0:04’] The girls arrive in New York.
4. F.N.F. (Let’s Go) – Hitkidd & Glorilla
[0:05’] The girls arrive at their accommodation in Harlem.
5. IDK – Bella Blaq
[0:08’] The girls are choosing their bedrooms.
6. Backstroke – 2FeetBino
[0:18’] Jay arrives at his cousin’s apartment, Keilan.
7. High My Name Is – Jae Stephens
[0:23’] Bri meets up with Petiri for dinner at a restaurant.
8. Wet Wet – Asian Doll
[0:27’] The girls are getting ready for Petiri’s friends to arrive.
9. The Best – Erica Banks
[0:30’] The boys and girls are taking a group photo.
10. Pose Ta – Arson, Mayila Jones
[0:31’] Everyone is having fun and drinking at the house party.
11. Womp Womp – KaMillion feat. IamZoie
[0:33’] The girls are dancing at the party.
12. Sweet Distraction – Ivana Lukic & Lewis Amoroso
[0:33′] Becky and Joel are talking in private at the party. Joel gives her his number.
13. House Party – Rucci & Wallie the Sensei
[0:34’] Everyone is dancing while taking videos.
14. Juice – lyla
[0:35’] Bri and Petiri are kissing at the party.
15. Wake Up – Kash Doll
[0:35’] The girls wake up with hangovers after the party.
16. Talk My Shit 2 – Lebra Jolie
[0:40′] End credits song

Season 2 • Episode 5: ‘Y’all Weird AF’ (S02E05)

11 August 2022
11 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst
[0:02′] Intro song
2. LEMONADE – Vince Staples & Ty Dolla $ign
[0:04′] The song plays right at the beginning of the episode.
3. Mismatch (The Remix) – Bino Rideaux feat. Young Thug
[0:06′] The guys meet at a barbecue to chat and relax.
4. Spring, Summer – Lebra Jolie
[0:10′] In New York, Bri talks about the event that she will attend with Petiri that evening; the ladies arrive at the event to ensure everything is all right before the guests arrive.
5. Dancing Queen – Baby Tate
[0:14′] The guests start arriving at the event.
6. Who The Fuk – Dess Dior
[0:15′] The special guests arrive at the party.
7. On My Own – KAS & Erick Lottary
[0:19′] The boys are on their way to the stand-up comedy show.
8. Bag – Abhi The Nomad & Charlie Curtis-Beard
[0:25′] The song plays after the stand-up comedy show ends.
9. Hold U Down – pineappleCITI
[0:30′] The guys meet to have some drinks and talk about the comedy show.
10. Riot – Nardo Wick
[0:32′] At the bar, after Rob starts an awkward conversation that gives bad energy to the whole group.
11. Zero Tolerance Pacman da Gunman, Nipsey Hussle & Mozzy
[0:35′] End credits

Season 2 • Episode 6: ‘B*tch, What’s the Tea?’ (S02E06)

11 August 2022
10 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst
[0:02′] Intro song
2. Cherries – Hope Tala & Amine
[0:03′] The song plays at the beginning of the episode when Petiri and Briana hang out and talk about the party.
3. [Admire Her] – Bas & Gunna
[0:05′] The song plays after Petiri leaves Briana’s house. The girls pack up their luggage.
4. F**k Em Up Sis – Renni Rucci
[0:09′] Myami records herself saying that everybody should be on her team.
5. WILLY – nobigdyl. & Andy Mineo
[0:14′] The song plays when Jay is in the car and says that he is a scholar and reads every day, then meets the other guys at a barbecue.
6. We Don’t Sell Dope – Drelli
[0:18′] Jerrold and P’jae meet with Rob and they talk about the comedy show.
7. Confidence – Bee-B
[0:23′] Myami and Rebecca are on the way to the bar where they are going to have a blind date.
8. Fake Love In LA – Blxst & Arin Ray
[0:27′] Amanda prepares a special picnic on the beach for Rob and apologizes to him.
9. Be Forreal – Blxst
[0:30′] Jay accepts to go to the couples therapy sessions and become a better man.
10. Decided – Odunsi (The Engine) Feat. !tems
[0:35′] End credits

Season 2 • Episode 7: ‘Spring BAEcation’ (S02E07)

11 August 2022
9 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst Real
[0:05′] Intro song
2. NASTY GIRL – Kalisway
[0:05′] The song plays at the beginning of the episode when the girls go to the beauty salon.
3. Work 4 Me – Jean Deaux feat. Kari Faux
[0:13′] Keilan and Cheryl work out together at the fitness center.
4. Sl*t Him Out – Baby Tate
[0:19′] Briana records herself while wearing a face mask and a lip patch before meeting with the girls.
5. Flood My Wrist – LightSkinKeisha
[0:20′] The girls try on swimsuits.
6. Vamos – Mexican Institute of Sound Feat. BIA & Duckwrth
[0:25′] The gang makes videos of themselves preparing for the trip to Mexico; a montage of the gang arriving at the resort and talking about their vacation expectations.
7. Trepate – Breakfast N Vegas Feat. Saby Lo
[0:30′] After seeing their rooms, everybody changes into white clothes and gets ready for dinner.
8. R U That – Shenseea Feat. 21 Savage
[0:30′] Everybody shows up at the dinner table looking great in white outfits.
9. Believe – pineappleCITI
[0:38′] End credits

Season 2 • Episode 8: ‘Two B’s, No F*cks’ (S02E08)

18 August 2022
9 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst
[0:04′] Intro song
2. Wanted – Lila Ike
[0:06′] The people are at the beach, waiting for Petiri.
3. Sauce – Naika
[0:09′] They are all in the city, each holding their partner’s hand and shopping.
4. Ballin’ – Mustard & Roddy Ricch
[0:17′] The people are in the club in Mexico, partying and having fun.
5. Fantasia – Savila
[0:18′] One of the couples is organizing a breakfast picnic party for the others.
7. Real – Xcelencia & Harrison First
[0:23′] Petiri shows up with her partner at the party.
8. Life Of Sin – Yungeen Ace
[0:32′] Tylynn called the guy a sociopath and he wants an apology for it, as he is getting bullied online for it.
9. Show No Love – D3szn feat. Fredo Bang
[0:34′] End credits

Season 2 • Episode 9: ‘Have You Really Have, Though?’ (S02E09)

18 August 2022
12 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst Real
[0:01′] Intro song
2. High Notes – Griff Tyler
[0:02′] At the beginning of the episode, when Briana wakes up in the morning hungover and talks to Petrini about it.
3. Wonder Woman – WSTRN
[0:04′] The gang hangs out at the pool before the executive producer arrives.
4. Sammy Sosa – Michael Brun, LASTMONDAY & Ms Nina
[0:07′] The song plays after Robb leaves the villa.
5. Your Nothing To Me – Charzrd
[0:13′] P’jae and Briana hang out on the couch as they have not talked in a long time.
6. Penas Con Pan – La Dona
[0:15′] Rebecca, Amanda, and Briana have a conversation over a few drinks.
7. Duele Melao – Ela Vanilla Feat. Alex Kamero
[0:17′] The song plays when the gang goes to the salsa dance class on their last day in Baja.
8. Turn That Thang Up – E.G.O.
[0:18′] Briana and the others organize a surprise birthday party for Rob.
9. I Like – Rubi Rose
[0:20′] Everyone has a good time dancing and partying.
10. Tranquilo – Twin Palms, Kat Dahlia & Demarco
[0:24′] While the others are partying, Myami and Becky talk about Kyle and P’jae.
11. He In His Feelings – Rubi Rose
[0:29′] After the scene where A.Q. argues with Myami; Briana talks about her long-distance relationship with Petiri.
12. LOST YOU – Snoh Aalegra
[0:32′] The song plays in the final scene of the episode and continues during the end credits.

Season 2 • Episode 10: ‘Wait, that’s it?!’ (S02E10)

18 August 2022
9 songs

1. Gang Slide – Blxst Real
[0:02′] Intro song
2. Banco – Columbo Sounds & Xcelencia
[0:02′] At the beginning of the episode, when the group of friends gathers in the morning for breakfast.
3. Zulu Screams – GoldLink Feat. Maleek Berry & Bibi Bourelly
[0:06′] The song plays when everyone packs their things and leaves the resort.
4. Just Keep Goin’ – Tobi Lou
[0:06′] Jaylenn records himself on the plane saying that he doesn’t want to see tequila for the rest of his life; Briana meets up with Amanda and Rebecca.
5. Could’ve Been – Dri Jack
[0:12′] Candiss talks about her relationship with Keilan and then has a conversation with him in bed.
6. Hopped Off the Porch – Derrius Logan
[0:16′] The gang is on the way to the basketball event.
7. Legend – SOB X RBE
[0:21′] The song plays when the basketball game begins.
8. Shake It Up – Trippie Redd
[0:24′] When the basketball game ends, the gang goes to the after-party.
9. Program – Blxst & Bino Rideaux
[0:40′] End credits

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